Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 13th - where's that elephant and happy valentine's day

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We are in the season "between eclipses" (the eye of the storm) - that two week period we experience, usually twice a year, when things can change very quickly and energies (and emotions) can be intense. 

This month's eclipses (the next one is February 26th) are continuing some story from the September 2016 eclipse season and also wrapping up the New Moon energy from August 2015. Last week's eclipse launched a new chapter that will conclude with the August eclipse season.

What has "come to light" in your life - usually by way of something being eclipsed out or out of your way?

Seeing the higher perspective with whatever is happening is easier now - there is greater wisdom, and love, available to us. Our ancestors are standing right behind us. How can we translate this month's experiences into a better, happier life?

On Monday, the Virgo Moon is void until 3:43PM EST. We can get a lot of practiced and routine work accomplished. A good day for paperwork. Not a good day to launch something brand new or anything we want to lead to something else. Know distractions might come up and schedules can change.

The Moon is opposing fuzzy Neptune - making this an especially good time for us to be deluding ourselves. So stay grounded and don't bet the farm.

Late in the day Saturn (in Sagittarius) sextiles our Aquarius Sun - this is great energy for steady progress. We could get good advice or assistance from a father-figure or authority-figure.  A serious attitude and work ethic creates stability. Burning the midnight oil could be a good thing. If you can, sleep in Monday and work a later schedule - you will almost certainly get more done.

Some information may come to us now that will be important or resolve in about a week. There could be disappointments, but maybe just delays. Pay attention.

On Valentine's Day, there are a couple smooth aspects and relationships are front and center (actually this energy started Monday night) - does this surprise anyone? Commitments will be made. Gifts will be taken seriously- keep this in mind if you are doing something last minute.

The fly in the ointment is Jupiter's (retrograde in Libra) inconjunct to the wounded healer asteroid Chiron (in Pisces).

Whatever situation Jupiter has us revisiting could be a bit uncomfortable. If something is moving too fast or getting too big too fast we will feel the discomfort of the stretch of that now. 

Problems/weaknesses may come to light around what is out of balance or what is unjust. Situations where we are doing too much or too little need a re-evaluation. Expansion could be tempered (maybe temporarily). A careful assessment of what is growing is needed nowFocus.

The shadow of peace loving Libra is denial so Jupiter is showing us that elephant in the livingroom (now through June) by feeding him peanuts. Lots of peanuts. He is, or soon will be, too big to tuck behind the living room sofa. Yes, even one of those five piece sectionals from Pottery Barn. Whatever the situation it will require ADJUSTMENT.

Question : WHERE'S THAT ELEPHANT? Hints below. Check sun and rising signs.

Aries - this imbalance is about equal partnerships
Taurus - this imbalance is about work or health
Gemini - this imbalance is about self expression
Cancer - this imbalance is about home and family
Leo - this imbalance is about self-expression
Virgo - this imbalance is about love or money
Libra - this imbalance is about you
Scorpio - this imbalance is about stuff that is hidden behind the scenes
Sagittarius - this imbalance is about groups, friendship, something public
Capricorn - this imbalance is about career, public image
Aquarius - this imbalance is about travel, higher ed, legal, relocation, publishing
Pisces - this imbalance is about shared resources, intimacy, loans, taxes, investments

On Thursday, Mars (in Aries) sextiles (opportunity) Mercury (flying through Aquarius this week). It gets easier to walk our talk. Our words and actions are supporting each other. This is good energy to announce something new or hear about it and make things happen with it. Words and news could bring an opportunity with friends, the internet or a group cause. Be assertive. Also the Moon is in deep, dark Scorpio, focusing some of us on other people's resources (partner's income, our loans, taxes, investments), fertility issues, research. Initiate.

On Friday, the Moon goes void at 2:38 pm. There could be some surprising news now (yes, again). This is almost a 24 hour void moon ending with the Moon's move into Sagittarius on Saturday. On Saturday, the Sun moves into Pisces. I'll do a post about this!

Heads up -explosive energy coming next week! xo all

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