wizards vs muggles | straddling two worlds - stuff kicks up after Saturday, get some rest

KMag#57 by haania
February (the first eclipse season of the year) is a very important period of 2017. Can't you feel it?

Right now, we are in between two powerful eclipses - in between karmic events - straddling two worlds.

Eclipses are a kind of cosmic reboot; like when we download new software and have to turn our computer off and back on for the newly downloaded material to function properly.

Except in this case, we are the computer, and our connection to a changing cosmos gets "reset".

Eclipses are some of the most dramatic means life has to draw our attention to spaces that need to change. They allow us to move from one level to another in some area of our lives very quickly. They can have influence weeks before and sometimes kick in 1-3 months after they have happened (often to the exact day). They work in cycles astrologers call Saros cycles.

This month we have two eclipses and they are each part of a different cycle.

The first eclipse, on February 11th, was the Lunar eclipse (Full Moon, 22 degrees Leo) - this one had mostly easy aspects and was the first (since 1999) of the new Aquarius/Leo eclipses.

The next one (and last until August when we have another cycle of two eclipses that connect to the February 11th eclipse), on February 26th (New Moon, 8 degrees Pisces) is the final Pisces/Virgo eclipse. Here's a list of eclipse dates and polarities by Susan Miller. The eclipse on the 26th is a doozy.

On Saturday, the Sun moves into Pisces. Pisces is the ethereal realms. Ruled by Neptune, Pisces is about everything that cannot be physically held - everything mystical, everything magical, everything hidden. It rules water (I hope they've damn well fixed that dam) and has no boundaries. Pisces also rules imagination, compassion, intuition, escapism, addiction, dementia, lies, illusion, spirituality, things/people/situations put away and hidden from view.

We will need more meditation, more SILENCE, more sleep for the next month - keep this in mind.

At the same time that our Sun moves into this watery realm (I see it as us universally burning these themes as fuel - this is also going to make all of us much more sensitive) the Moon comes into its three quarter square position. This is called the waning part of the Moon. The Moon is moving into the last quarter of its monthly cycle - it is in its fall. The Sun, in Pisces, will be exactly squaring the Moon, in Sagittarius. And Pisces, currently housing the South Node and Chiron, is a very powerful space right now. Then Mars will trigger the Cardinal T-Square. Ouch.

We have had Saturn anchoring the situation and giving us some stability, but that aspect will start to fade this weekend. This sounds like Alice down the rabbit hole time to me.  Next week's astrology (including Mars squaring Pluto - issues over power, control. government, independence, rebellion, anger, the drumbeats of war) is rather gnarly. Then Mercury moves into Pisces and we really won't know what to think. Logic will be challenging. On the plus side we will have access to greater compassion and intuition. These things are not to be discounted. So, there's that.

The stuff we think can't go up another notch will go up another notch. More people will wake up.

And this will all lead us toward the eclipse on the 26th.

It's important to remember as we move through this year the future is an incomplete equation.

We are nine years into a Pluto in Capricorn cycle designed to dismantle our power structures. 

We have six years until Pluto moves into Aquarius. 

If we imagine this as a linear journey, and it isn't, we are in the home stretch. 

Chaos is the new normal. This entire thing is way more challenging if we try to control what is happening. The stuff ahead of us looks nothing like the stuff that is behind us. 

This is why it is all so tricky.

Not because it is all so bad, but just because it is all so NEW.

Remember our bodies crave what is familiar, not what is good for us.

My grandmother used to say "you will never know this little again". Think on that. If you can postpone major decisions/moves into after the next eclipse - do that. If you can't, know this is part of the 'fate-train' and do your best with the info you have.

Get some rest. Learn to meditate. Walk in the woods. Got to make some lockets. We'll talk later. xo


DancingMooney said...

Just sitting here quietly, excitedly, building DancingMooney a pretty new website... I am ready for rest though.

My friend did meet her new guy a couple weeks ago too, and they hit it off great! Then on Valentine's day his ex came into the picture... I think she's trying to be strong about it, but it's complicating things... hope they get better for her soon, she deserves it.

One day at a time. Stay the course. Positive thinking. Keep moving forward.

Did I tell you I started a gratitude journal this year? It's been uplifting so far, it will be interesting to look back later and see what I was writing down during different times.

Love to you Cat.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hey Janell- I love gratitude journals - I should start one again. I always found myself writing the same things in new ways! But that isn't a bad thing either. When I started on Facebook I thought it would be good to track what I was doing, but then I hardly ever post! A pretty new website sounds wonderful. "One day at a time. Stay the course. Positive thinking. Keep moving forward." - I need the tattoo. Supposed to be in the 60's here this weekend and I am so ready - even if I do nothing more than yard work and clean my car xo and have a nice weekend