New Moon in Capricorn on January 1st - the party's over on Wednesday folks, time to get down to business (of course if you are reading this in December you can still party like it's your job)

capricorn locket by polarity

The Universe is all set to put the "new" in 2014 with a new moon in Capricorn on January 1st.

Capricorn is as earthy as an earth sign gets, is ruled by daddy Saturn and presides over the darkest time of the year so you know he is one serious dude.

I'd call him "sir" if I were you. I'm sure he shops at Barneys and carries a platinum card (that he has earned).

He is most decidedly not a trust fund baby and does not believe in the 4 hour work week.

This new moon is all about hard work, ambition, common sense, perseverance, efficiency, organization and responsibility. The goat is all business, folks and the goat gets results.

(these are not overnight results and he doesn't expect them to be either)

The stars don't often line up this well with the calendar so it's probably a good time to start paying attention.

For most people there will be no doubt about what they have to do (the steps may not be totally clear, new moons are dark and the season is dark, but we will definitely know what is not working) - we just have to set the intentions for change that set the wheels in motion.

I don't want to be a bubble buster and say the party's over, but .... the party's over. 

And if you are like me and screaming, "STOP! I haven't partied yet!", well, it's too late - the party went on without us. We missed it.

We have a cardinal grand cross now that really culminates in April - so I think something about the way we handle things now will be how they are played out in April. We've got a stellium of planets in Capricorn so this won't just be big picture stuff - it will be played out in homes and businesses everywhere. This will be relationship stuff or work/career/status stuff for most people.

And of course this new moon will finish up with the full moon in 6 months.

Capricorn is a restrained guy - he doesn't lose his cool, so let's try to keep ours, too, when things get challenging now.  New moon stuff is happening in the dark so we have to trust that stuff is happening we can't see - we just have to line up our energy with this field by doing the work - use common sense, get organized, do things in an efficient way, make responsible decisions, keep your word, produce quality work, get up early, do the thing that is right in front of you, finish what you start or don't start it at all.

Don't clutter up your life with loose ends now. Take care of your physical body. This isn't work til we drop stuff - nothing in the universe supports us hurting ourselves ever. This is about - don't spend two hours looking at Grumpy Cat on the internet (and yes, I mean the FAMOUS Grumpy Cat and not me, the original grumpy Cat) - spend two hours recharging with a hike - you can totally keep up with Grumpy Cat, but get your work done first, take care of yourself, your relationships and your business first.

This is first chakra security stuff. Capricorn rules bones, skin and joints.

So if you are not getting what you need from relationships or activities that you spend considerable amounts of time on, your body and mind (depression is here, too) will tell you now

Actually they have been telling you for a while - this is the new moon time for a new plan of action - you will have excellent universal support with any steps you take. 

First center physical problems like fatigue, skin problems and joint pain that are ignored (ie we don't look at what we are getting back from what we are giving our energy and time to) lead to worse stuff like arthritis, allergies and autoimmune problems. This is an excellent time to create new routines for physical stuff.

If you know what house almost 11 degrees Capricorn was hanging out when you were born (email me and I could look it up for you or google your chart - there are freebies online, you need a time of birth within 15 minutes for this to be totally accurate) you will see what area of your life you can best work with this stuff to get results.

If you know an area of your life that can use a Capricorn overhaul - that's certainly where this energy is for you.


Some Capricorn new moon affirmation areas to think about: security, time, self-discipline, your brand and image, ambition, opportunity, goals, delegation, releasing control, father figures, reputation, your bones, knees, skin and joints

Some I will be working with include:

1. I easily recognize, welcome and enjoy the work that leads to success.
2. I receive and enjoy positive recognition for my work.
3. I easily set personal and work boundaries that create time for me to do the things I love to do
- I shoot for 10 (see Jan Spiller's site for some ideas with these - she calls them monthly wishes, if wishes feels right to you and better than the word affirmation use that)

Get grounded - we're in an earth sign now, so this should be easier - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in cursive, we want the letters all connecting and flowing together, speak them out loud. I used to write my affirmations on strips of paper and put them into a bowl of rice so I can mix them around every now and then with my fingers if things got stagnant - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.

Lately I have been burning mine and releasing the ashes into moving water. I feel a little more connected with the finality of the results when I do this.  
Know these things are already yours.

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Check out my post on Create and Thrive about 3 Things to Do With The Space Between 2013 and 2014

more lessons from 2013 ....

So ... even though I like to think I am the kind of person who believes life offers up experiences and not lessons

(the thinking part of me knows this is true but the emotional part of me still channels grade school report cards along with the nervous belly and yearning for little gold stars)

if I said "experiences from 2013" this would be a whole other post ... and actually now that I write that, I probably need to write that post, too. It might be a lot more fun.

This not so fun series started here and here.

sullymac - boy wonder

3. The Etsy and doing it all lesson:

My "one woman show" business is not sustainable.

Before Etsy the idea of a 'one woman show' as a lasting business model was not on my radar. I did not think this was some kind of nobler thing or more important way of doing business. I did not think this was the way to a happier life or more money or doing more impactful work - I didn't think about it at all really.

After a decade in banking watching businesses survive, thrive, explode, implode and just drift away from passionate founders and another decade with my own business (much of that time with employees) I knew that businesses need systems and processes and checkpoints. I knew that businesses are investments and need to be cared for as such.

Somehow when Etsy came along I forgot all about this stuff I already knew.

I was like the young girl who scoffs at the friends who pine for their princes, but secretly practices her curtsies and tiara hair - I created exactly the business I would never advise another person to create.  

Maybe the business I had secretly always wanted - the one with me in complete control.

Every single thing I have sold in the last 7 years (over 25,000 or so things) have been designed, fabricated, finished, checked, packaged and shipped by me - every single show I've done was booked, planned, displays created, shipped, assembled, show floor worked, orders filled, customers followed up with by me, websites created, blogs created, social media and business relationships haphazardly maintained, over 1000 blog posts, a gazillion other things - only God knows how many customers corresponded with, how many balls made it into baskets, how many balls were dropped ...

Then Etsy announces that manufacturing is OK now and start promoting it in subtle and not so subtle ways and I feel kind of like ... well, an idiot. Because I knew this was not a sustainable model and I have worked myself into the ground with it anyway. There is no fault here. It is just an experience I will be creating in a new way in 2014. Just a leg of my journey - the next leg will be different.

(we all get lots of legs don't worry, it only looks like we just get two, there is a record breaking millipede with 750 - we are really more like her)

2. The "when you've got your health" lesson:

I will have to get back to this one because I am not feeling as healthy today as I would like, no doubt because I have put my health practices on the back burner for the last few busy weeks. I think I should write about this from a place of strength. Autoimmune stuff is tricky ...

(luckily for me, cats have nine lives and we always land on our feet ... and I've got all those legs remember)

1. The mothering is a gift lesson:

I come from a family with a long lineage of motherhood karma. Infertility, miscarriages, babies raised by aunts and grandmothers, babies born to unwed mothers - we have only one baby (she is almost 5 now) born to a mother and father who were married (to each other and before she was conceived) in 4 generations.

I am going to write a long post about this mothering/creation/karma stuff next week. With Jupiter in Cancer it is kind of divine timing to talk about this stuff, maybe someone can be helped by something with it.

I wanted to wrap this post up this week, so I can start a new leg of our journey next week. No telling where this new leg will carry us - another family inheritance is feet that tend to go in unintended directions and are also about two sizes too big so we always to keep our eyes open ....

xo all - Merry Christmas Week!

merry christmas!

full moon in Gemini today + Uranus goes direct = lights, camera, action

gemini locket by polarity
Today's full moon in Gemini is in a part of the sky that has a Grand Central Station feel of action

Lots of multi-tasking and movement with this one - just in time for everyone to be rushing about with last minute Christmas stuff, so try to stay centered.

If everyone puts a little energy into being the calm in the storm, the storm is definitely downgraded.

(maybe this is what happens when meteorologists are predicting blizzards and we only end up with a light dusting - of course on the other side of this is all those kids praying for snow days)

We also have Uranus finally moving direct again in Aries (if you have any major planets - Sun, Moon or Ascendent in Aquarius you will probably see something move forward now, maybe a big old something) and Venus is about to go retro (heads up, even for Aquarius, this could effect those moving ahead plans, see my last post).

Uranus will be in Aries until 2018 so we've got more revolutions and revelations coming, folks. In the negative this is kind of an erratic energy - the rebel without a cause stuff and the kind of brilliant inventiveness that leads to the breakthroughs that ask 'can we do this' but forgets to think about 'should we do this' ... Uranus is really always pushing us to give up the idea of success or failure and realize the real power is in the attempt at something new. Uranus loves the new and unique and always pushes us to try something else.

In the positive Uranus in Aries is some fierce stuff that can truly create real change. Uranus will not be led. Uranus likes a community of equals - Uranus asks us 'who is your tribe" - he loves cooperative ventures and collaboration (I posted a PDF on the right side of my blog on creative collaborations from a course I taught last year with Lisa Jacobs and Tim Adams - collaboration is something you might want to be thinking about).

This is not a 'safety in numbers' kind of energy. Any connections built on the fear of being alone or the fear of standing up for what you truly believe in and being yourself will surely be shown the door  during this cycle.

Uranus is very big on integrity; not just the honesty part but the definition that speaks of wholeness - what you see is what you get, walking our walk and talking our talk.

Uranus loves truth-tellers - so anything not in integrity will come up to be looked at and resolved or dissolved over the next few years. Uranus is the planet that opposes everyone's natal position when we are around the age of 42 - can anyone say mid-life crisis - in Aries I think the entire planet is going to have a mid-life crisis.

(this will not involve flashy cars and older husbands running off with younger girls or maybe it will for some people - but Uranus is much, much deeper than this)

We will just expect the unexpected - we have been doing this for the last few years anyway - and prepare for a thrilling and maybe a little bumpy ride - yes, our seat belts are gone now - seat belts are funny things, they may protect us from injury but they also prevent us from sticking our heads out the window - it's time to stick our heads out of the window, folks - we can comb our hair later.

(when I get to that Goddess series and those Goddess charts - I promise this will be soon - we will see how the Goddess Oya embodies the Uranus energy, but you can Google her if you are interested)

This full moon in Gemini is all about communication so things will probably come up now that has us thinking about the way we get our points across, the way we present our ourselves, the way we show up.

Get outside tonight and walk in that full moon- the energy is especially strong in the winter and this is our last full moon of 2013 - an excellent time for makers to wind up their seasons.

In my own life this 'way we communicate' has come home for me in a very big way. I am wrapping up my shipping tomorrow and then will be blogging again later in the week on all the mayhem here.
xo everyone

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn Approaching - heads up creatives

taurus locket by polarity - artwork by oksana grivina
Like Mercury, Venus is one of the inner planets.

She doesn't go retrograde as often, once every 20 months vs Mercury's three times a year, but we will notice it when she leaves the room for her 40 day sabbatical.

(it's like the wittiest, most attractive - the kind of beauty that attracts - girl goes home from the party and takes the party's liveliness and passion with her)

Venus always reminds us to honor our personal affections - she asks us - "what are you drawn to?"

(warning, shameless plug ahead -
it could be one of my polarity lockets)

Venus doesn't have 'likes' - she has passions.

Since the things we are drawn to and feel passionate about are our clues as to how we fit into this game called Life on Planet Earth (how we can make our unique contribution - the space that goes empty if we don't participate) - knowing where Venus is hanging out in your birth chart (the energy at play when you drew your first breath, the energy you are quite literally created from - yes, I'm going to dangle a lot of participles in this post, sometimes life is uncertain and things must dangle) is important. 

Venus energy brings things into relationship with other things - she is the energy that draws us to the right thing at the right time (maybe you to this blog post); the writer to the keyboard, the paint to the canvas, the thyme to the potato. She is also the energy that observes this attraction.

We honor Venus when we make things beautiful. She loves artists and we work with her energy all the time.

(remember the opposite of aesthetic is anesthetic .. the numbing of the senses - either we are living the creative life we were born for or we are still asleep)

Her festival is May Day, her day of the week is Friday - named for the Norse Venus, Freya - her color is emerald green, her metal copper - wearing copper or emerald during her retrograde feels like a good way to honor her absence.

She rules both Taurus and Libra (yes, the Goddess energy is like most women, capable of managing multiple energy streams at the same time) - with Taurus energy she rules the earthly realm - plants, flowers, nature's food - that which nourishes us body and soul - with Libra she presides over social interaction, relationship, art - everything that makes the world more beautiful.

She blends Taurus and Libra and reflects how we relate to the natural world - she is the reason we crave land and nature - a little place to call our own, gardens to work in, animals to love.

She balances Mars (although women are not really from Venus and men are not really from Mars, it is rather energetically accurate for the feminine and the masculine - it is not a man/woman thing though we all have both energies within us) which is why Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point

(I have been catching up with all his books on Audible this month in my studio while I work and have been falling asleep with his voice in my head)

observations that painting over graffiti and repairing broken windows in NYC were the real reasons for the declining crime rate makes perfect sense.

We dishonor Venus with vanity or idleness - this doesn't mean she wants us to be busy though. Busyness is often an excuse for dishonoring the very things we need to do to take care of ourselves (busyness dishonors our businesses, too).

Venus takes care of herself!

We dishonor Venus when we gossip or mistreat relationships - when we don't take care of our physical selves and surroundings, when we just live with the mess, when we pollute our bodies with crappy food, when we allow our values to become corrupted, when we ignore our passions - we are the caregivers of what we are passionate about in the physical world. 

Venus asks us to think about what part of the physical world; what part of nature attracts us and to embrace that - because that is literally the energy that brought us here.

She retrogrades in the sign of Capricorn on December 21st.

Common advice during a Venus retrograde is to not buy any luxury items (they will not bring us what we are wanting them to), like the Mercury retrograde advises us not to purchase communication/technology devices, not to make any drastic physical changes - so no dramatic haircuts, don't start home renovations - not the best time to start a new love relationship and since this retrograde is in Capricorn (the businessy energy) - not the best time to start business relationships either.

It is a good time for things from the past related to Venus to reappear (yes all retrogrades are "re" periods) in our lives - something that comes back to you now will most likely be more karmic clean up than opportunity though.

The day I wrote this post I had a customer call me I hadn't heard from in 4 years. She was closing her business and looking for something I had designed in my previous business that a customer of hers was wanting. We caught up for a few minutes (I couldn't help her with that old file) and she got another phone call in the middle of my sentence and exited my life as quickly as she popped back in (and as quickly as she exited the first time) - total Venus retrograde energy at play here.

I will pop up another post about this as it hits - I am happy the timing coincides with the end of our maker holiday season - after we have sent our beautiful offerings out into the world! If your age is divisible by 8 (she makes a complete journey every 8 years) this retrograde will affect you more.

xo all

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5 Things I Learned in 2013 ... #4

Yes, this is one of those count backward things like Letterman.

I have a friend who is a very judgey ... she is brilliant and a perfectionist and very organized and this judgmental thing she has going on has always driven me crazy.

A couple months ago this friend stopped cursing. She just woke up one day and decided cursing sounds terrible and ... well, she just stopped.

I was talking to her and a curse word slipped from my lips. I saw her blink - a long, hard blink. I slipped another curse word into my next sentence and there it was - that long, hard judgmental blink again.

(maybe some kind of involuntary reaction like the ex-smoker coughing around the cigarette)

I wondered if she was silently praying for me every time a four letter word escaped my lips.

I got annoyed.

I started sliding curse word after curse word into the conversation until I sounded like Carmella Soprano and had her blinking like a turn signal that needed a new bulb.

Soon she was rubbing her forehead and asking for an aspirin.

When I told hubby this story that night he said it was the meanest thing I'd ever done.

( I actually thought it was kind of sweet of him to think I had never done anything meaner than give a non-curser a headache - does he even know who he's married to?)

It did wake me up to the fact that as she was judging me I was judging her right back.

Which isn't really a surprise. I know the more we judge ourselves the more people we attract into our life who seem to criticize us. I know that judgments block energy, set up internal defenses and resistance and tend to hold negative patterns in place.

This lesson - which sounds simple and obvious and sort of stupid maybe - hit me over the head. Although I think of myself as a non-judgmental person, well except for people who litter or don't like animals, I mean we are totally allowed to judge them, of course, but I can be really quite judgy (and yes, I can spell this word with or without the 'e' since spell check assures me I am making this word up either way).

Discerning is ok. Discerning is a good thing. Judgey not so much.

Maybe this isn't really a lesson, but it did show me how I measure the world and mostly myself. I have seen her a couple times since our curse/blink off and she doesn't seem judgey at all to me now ... in fact I can clearly see the love there and feel compassion for her, which I know is mirroring the compassion I am feeling for myself .....

5 lessons I'm taking from 2013 ...

Top 5 lessons I learned in 2013

or the last 5 lessons I learned in 2013

(my short term memory is as holey as swiss cheese these days I blame GMOs which is not as crazy as it sounds read this)

or maybe I should say relearned since life is a spiral and we sometimes run into the same stuff again and again in different spaces and forms.

I know I have run into this one before.

I realize this is all a little heavy for December  reading, and this first lesson is a little dense ... maybe if you are reading this you could play some holiday music in the background to stay festive, so I don't kill your Santa buzz.

Anyhoo, a little vague (sorry) background info - a situation was brought to my attention about something someone was doing.

I had to decide whether to ignore the situation or push against it (ie take some kind of real world action).

I decided (after much back and forth with myself - my usual crazy person routine) that ignoring the situation was the higher action. Inaction was stating to myself that this was a situation I did not have to worry about - I trusted life to take care of me and what this person was doing could not threaten me. I was safe. I decided the decision to not take action would bring me more peace.

I ignored the situation. I did a little spell to release it. I withdrew my attention (mostly).

A few months later the situation winded its way back at me in a bigger way.

(This sometimes happens with things we ignore - this is not because ignoring - ie withdrawing our attention from something is intrinsically a bad thing - it is always best to focus on what we do want and not what we don't want. I think maybe it happens when there is something else the situation is showing us like maybe the inaction we thought was from higher ground was actually based in fear)

This time I thought - "well, I got no peace within myself by ignoring this situation so I will stand up for myself and push back".

So I pushed.

I told myself I didn't care about what results came from the push that I just needed to take action to stand up for myself.

(I had a memory from 7th grade. I was sitting in front of a new group of girls about a month after I moved to a new town, again - we moved every year, and this group was giggling and making fun of me and I turned around and said something back to one of the girls, which made me feel better for about 5 seconds, and they then proceeded to amp up the torture and make my life totally miserable for the rest of the year. This memory made me think that this time I needed to stand up for myself and see that my world wouldn't fall apart)

But, as soon as I pushed (and this was the kind of push without a delete key) I knew I had made a mistake.

I was pushing from a place of weakness - my push was stating to myself that I had something to fear from what this person I was pushing against was doing. I wasn't trusting life to take care of me even though I know that what is real can not be threatened and anything that can be threatened isn't real.

(the central and first Course of Miracles lesson)

I know that any belief I have will create the outcome of any action I take and I was acting against myself even though the push made logical sense.

(and I realize I am not telling you exactly what I am talking about here, but  you will have to trust me that most people, especially creative makers probably would have pushed).

I knew immediately that whatever the result of the push was (this part was outside my control anyway) - I wouldn't get peace from pushing.

The lessons (yes, there are lessons inside of lessons with this stuff - life is messy and I am not a paper towel kind of girl) I take from this experience of being faced with deciding between two actions and having neither action be the right action is:

#5. The action taken from a decision isn't what the decision is really about. 

Life doesn't present us with a good choice and a bad choice - that would make this entire game called life on planet Earth pretty boring since we would have the whole thing figured out by age 7. Life presents us with choices that prepare the field and allow us to move into different spaces. Neither space is perfect because then the game would be over.

So either choice could have brought me what I wanted, which for me these days is mostly peace, or neither choice could have brought me peace because it is me and not the choice that is bringing the peace.

Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." 

I was trying to solve a problem by looking at the problem. It's like the problem and the solution are two sides of the same coin. We can't have a problem unless a solution exists otherwise there would be no pattern the problem could be formulated from (no matter how many trains run over a coin it still has two sides) but we can't see the (solution) head of a coin by looking at the tail (the problem). 

(unless we are doing one of those squinty eye things looking at the side of the coin, but who wants to go through life with her faced all squished up like that)

The problem was never what this other person was doing, the problem was always how I was feeling. Maybe the problem hadn't resurfaced because I had chosen incorrectly the first time (when I had chosen to let it go) but simply to allow me to choose again and work out, within me, what making the opposite choice would feel like.

Anyhoo - I will try for some lighter lessons in the days ahead, this is December after all. But I did call 2013 my Year of Deciding (or was that 2012?) so this one is a biggie for me again

next lesson next week - have an amazing weekend everyone! xo

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New Moon in Sagittarius - expanding horizons (also if you read my blog and are a Sagittarius, you must post a comment because I am convinced I don't know any)

sagittarius polarity locket - aiming for the stars
We have a new moon tonight in Sagittarius!

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign that rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal stuff, higher education, good luck, faith, religion, prayer, optimism, problem solving, truth seekers - it also rules things like carelessness, taking shortcuts, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and hoping they will go away and physically our hips, liver, sciatica and upper legs/thighs.

It's a perfect time to be working with the energy of the positive stuff that Sagittarius rules and working to release the negative stuff.

So, for example, this is a great time to plan our vacation or set affirmations to travel on a regular basis next year.

Affirmations set now (especially stuff that will conclude by the Sagittarius full moon in June) for any of Sagittarius's "stuff" will have universal support. We are literally creating the affirmation within the energy that is needed to manifest it.

Coincidentally, I would like to say I planned it, but it just worked out this way - we'll just call it divine planning, my patent application for my new aromatherapy line was filed today (legal stuff is within Sagittarius's realm).

Some affirmations I am writing tonight are:

1. I easily take action on what my intuitive knowing tells me is the right path for me
2. I have more positive adventures in my life. I easily view life as a positive adventure (oops my pencil tip just broke on that one)
3. My patent application filed today is approved
4. I find the solution to ____ in a clear and straightforward way. I take right action on this.
5. I take action that leads to successfully detoxing my liver and maintaining excellent liver health

As always, write yours down - I used to use strips on paper and bowls of rice, so I could jiggle them around now and then - but this month I am feeling the urge to burn them and just know they are done. You don't have to make stuff happen with this, you just have to see what comes up and then take the action that feels right on that.

Trust the process. We have cast our spell.

People always say that affirmations "only work if you take action". And this is true, but not in the way most people think.

The affirmation is action.

It sets the energy in motion. Words are not just words. If done properly, in the right frame of mind, it lines us up energetically with the thing we are seeking. The new moon is a time of darkness but there is lots of hidden action in the dark.

(yes, even that kind, all creation starts in the dark after all)

Look at what kind of experiences have been coming your way lately. How have you called them into your life?

There is often a wave of resistance that arrives when we begin stepping into our power. This resistance can manifest as physical health problems, relationships that mirror our shadows, self-sabotaging "mistakes" or when it seems like “fate” intervenes and creates road blocks or sends us  back to “feeling and playing small” - back to square one.

This "upper limit" thing, set by familial programming and energy patterns (although I believe we came on to this planet vibrating at exactly the frequency that drew us to our family) that is so common when we are in the process of shifting our self-definitions and expanding our influence and responsibility. Something gets in the way, often something that appears to be outside our control - this is all illusion of course, but how do we work through this? How do we move outside our energy patterns?

A thing we can do right now and it sounds like a small thing but there are no small things - is to set a few affirmations within the energy of this new moon - it will just take you a few minutes. Do it tonight or tomorrow ... the more specific you can get the more specific results will show up. xo all

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greening turkey day plus we've got a green comet, folks

I read last summer that Americans throw away 20% of their weekly groceries.

That's a lot of food (and resources) being wasted.

We could change the world just by fixing this one thing.

Thanksgiving is our big 'stuff our faces' holiday and the 'stuff our faces' season is upon us so planning for those leftovers and planning our meals for ways that cut down on food wastage (is this a word - spellcheck is ok with it, but it just looks wrong) is a priority.

Some tips would be:

1. If we are cooking this year - give people food to take home. It's nice to have all those leftovers, but we know we will be totally sick of eating this same meal by Saturday, so maybe just let it go. I know it will be hard to wrap up those pie slices and mashed potatoes, but unless we know for sure it will be eaten by our family, be generous with this.

2. Puree leftover veggies and freeze in ice cube trays for juicing/blending later. I bought an expensive juicer last Christmas, but cannot bear to toss out all the leftover ground veggies - how can this be healthy when I am losing most of the vegetable/fruit in my juicer blades? I have gone back to my old blender which worked just fine in the first place when slushed down with ice cubes and now we are drinking everything again. 

3. Google recipes for whatever you have left when preparing the meal - we can bake chips with the brussel sprout outer leaves by baking with olive oil and sea salt and save the lemons and limes to grate later, etc.

4. There are some good holiday tips on Jules Clancy's blog here

5. Well, that's all I've got - remember waste less doesn't mean eat more - we just need to plan ahead and think about everything we are tossing out, "is there another way I can use this?".

OK- now on to the green lady comet.

It is kismet to me that on Thanksgiving we have a comet named Ison (discovered in September 2012) having a close encounter with the sun - check out the NASA info here. We have the Moon conjunct Ceres which is the Empress (earth mother) archetype and this wonderful comet Ison (Isis?) dropping magic dust (some astrologers believe comets emit brand new energy into our world when they pass by) to spread like fertilizer and wake us up to what we are eating maybe? It feels like everything is all about food and nurturing issues now - being mindful of what we are consuming (appropriate for the holiday shopping season, too).

As we create a more mindful world with less consumption and less waste, our bodies cannot survive in this new paradigm with our old habits and are literally demanding we become more mindful eaters - that we consume higher energy food (and probably less food than we used to), clean water, etc - truly I think everyone who isn't currently dealing with this stuff soon will be.

Every meal is an opportunity to nurture ourselves or self medicate. It's our choice.

This Thanksgiving we can stuff our bodies and emotions (yes, family stuff can be stressful, but only if that is what we focus on) or we can choose to eat mindfully and respectfully with grace and gratitude.

I am cooking for a very small group (my family is teeny tiny) and we have the beautiful baby Sully now, so much to be thankful for, but whatever your personal circumstances find the space to be thankful for what you do have - the energy of millions of people expressing gratitude is a very powerful thing to connect with. xo all

another favorite note from the universe ...

You see, Cat , even prayers that lack conviction, confidence and end in question marks like, "can I? may I? will I?" are answered with a happy face and a, "Sure! You bet! No question!"

However if you want action instead of answers .... prayers of declaration and exclamation especially those that end in "So be it! Hallelujah! And so it is!" conjure up the magic ....

It's just the way the system was set-up.

(hope everyone is having a nice week and is conjuring up some full moon magic, finishing up the last of my wholesale orders here and getting ready for a trunk show this weekend at a friend's shop in Phillie, but should be back on here soon with my year end countdown xo all)

Full Moon in Taurus on Sunday - a time to be all in

raceytay full moon polarity locket
Sunday's full moon in Taurus brings us full circle from the new moon in Taurus we had the end of last April.

Taurus is about comfort - material goods, finances, physical pleasures, beauty.

Taurus is a fixed Earth sign that does the work - step by step with patience and persistence (their reputation for stubbornness grows from this) - yes, at the end of the day they want to pamper themselves with the good stuff,

but they are willing to work for it and they are great practical manifesters (when they control their tempers - don't get a Taurus mad - they are the bulls with the horns after all).

Taurus also rules the throat so anyone with any muscular neck issues might be wise to wear a scarf now to keep the chill from causing tightness - I usually wear a light scarf even when working in my studio. I love the scarves Noelle makes here.

Sooo, we have this moon that launched last April reaching its fullness in a sign that relates to our values and security. We also have 3 planets that were retrograde until last week now moving direct. And we are currently in Taurus's mirror polarity energy of Scorpio (death- what we have to release to create the space for something new).

How does this all fit together? Well, different astrologers interpret this in different ways and we each have individual charts (a picture of the universe at the moment we were born and the very moment in time we are literally created from) that are triggered in different places. For example this full moon is 25 degrees Taurus so if our birth chart has any hard aspects to that, this moon will be more challenging.

For most this full moon will be about finances, values, commitments, time, contracts - what we are willing to be/do/spend/risk - how fully are we aligned with our core values? what are we committed to? what are we passionate about? how much beauty are we living with, how much do we need? how fully are we participating in this game called Life on Planet Earth? are we all in?

When I was a banker and closed on a business loan I would sometimes say to the business owner -''we are going to spend a lot of money and we are going to make a lot of money.”

This is a time to not hold back.

16 Last Minute Moves to Sell More and Stress Less on Etsy This Year (warning - if you are already tired have some caffeine before reading this, don't hate me)

My post today on the EcoEtsy blog - getting your groove on this holiday season:

1. Check your supplies. Get organized. YOU CAN'T SELL WHAT YOU DON'T HAVE. But, you don't want to overstock and make no money. This is tricky stuff even if we are working with historical data for our shop's sales. Maybe get yourself a magic 8 ball (I find this to be pretty effective).
Put yourself in your customer's shoes (this will give us a great excuse to buy those kick-ass boots we've had our eyes on) - and think GIFT.
Look at your makings, put on your new boots and think - "If I were buying this as a gift what would I need to know, how would I want this to look, how would I want this transaction to happen?"
2. Now hop over to Blugrin (Betsi) where there is a great tool to do QUICK EDITS.
bracchart3. Do you have variables set for your listings so customers can provide their CHOICES AT TIME OF PURCHASE?
We want to eliminate back and forth emails as much as possible plus I think people hesitate to purchase late in the season if they have to write in information - sometimes this can't be helped but if you can add a variable - get it in there. Remove all barriers to a customer's purchase.
Example - I sell a lot of bracelets, but not on Etsy and not as gifts, because sizing is tricky. I am  adding this chart into my bracelet listings
(although I will still offer the advice on how to measure)
as well as guarantee free shipping back and forth after the holidays for bracelets that do not fit.
It's a gamble and won't work for everyone, but after putting myself in my customer's boots, I think this will make them much more likely to order. How are your listings hurting your gift sale orders? Is there some kind of quick fix you can do to increase sales over the next few weeks?
4. GIFT CERTIFICATES - now that Etsy has instant downloads this is a no-brainer for everyone. If you are outside the country where most of your sales happen you need to do this.
HERE are some templates.
5. COUPON CODES FOR REPEAT BUSINESS - Etsy will email a thank you with a coupon code after you have a sale. If you are not using this - get this set up. Better yet, do this yourself and get them added to your mailing list at the same time. Sign up for a free account at Mailchimp.
6. SHIPPING - Etsy has added shipping profiles so get your listings linked & you can adjust quickly to priority shipping as we get closer to Christmas.
Let people know in your listings you can gift box, include a holiday message and ship directly to their friends and family - they just need to enter the shipping address of the recipient when they make their payment and provide their holiday message in the comments area of their order. I have people ask me to ship to someone else often and even if the address is not entered with their payment (giving me shipping protection) I usually go ahead and do it - use your own judgement with this.
The USPS shipping deadlines for 2013 are HERE
7. The word GIFT in listing titles and tags - I have heard Etsy isn't a fan of this since everything is a gift and it seems like a pointless tag, but I still think people search with it - just use it in a specific sense, not as a stand alone tag. If a customer searches 'teacher gift' and we have only tagged teacher we will not show up in the search so adding the specific tag and words in our title "teacher gift" could be a good idea (assuming of course, our item is actually a teacher gift).
8. SALES - If you like to shop sales, you can safely assume your customers do, too.
Black Friday through Cyber Monday is probably the best time to give your best offer.

Later on, customers will be more desperate and not so geared toward pricing. I don't mean this 'more desperate' in a bad way and some people are always looking for sales, but if customers are thinking your best offers are coming later they are less likely to shop early. Later on they will probably be less price conscious and you can always have a NICK OF TIME sale at the last minute to move out ready made stock.
Have a countdown to the sale. Make sure everyone knows the sale is coming - use your teams, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp, tell 2 friends, etc- create a sense of urgency - let people know this is your best sale of the year. Use coupon codes and tag with ON SALE or Cyber Monday Sale or whatever you think customers might be searching. People love FREE SHIPPING.

Update your banner AND avatar with this - customers looking at your item will have your avatar clearly visible this year!
9. READY TO SHIP - this makes a great category or tag to let people know it will be on its way FAST. Then actually ship it fast. Don't assume people need their holiday gift for Christmas - they might need it for the Christmas party 10 days before. Your ready to ship orders should go out the same day or the next day or don't bother labeling them ready to ship.
10. BEST SELLERS - get your best sellers into your featured items, but remember to show some variety here.
11. LIMITED OFFERS - do some limited offers on Facebook and Twitter - run a lunchtime sale with a free gift, etc. Have fun with this, go on Twitter and offer 50% off to the first person who tells you Frosty's last name (except use a question that actually has an answer) - don't worry that no one will answer you. You are sending your good energy out into the universe with this stuff - you are proclaiming, "Send me customers, I am ready for them!"
12. GUARANTEE - offer the best guarantee you are comfortable with then allow yourself to get a little uncomfortable and offer an even better one.
13. GO MOBILE - answer your emails immediately (you don't really need to sleep).

14. ORDER MOO CARDS FOR CUSTOMERS TO USE AS GIFT CARDS (or print your own) - don't assume the end user is getting your business card - they aren't. But if you make a mini TO and FROM card
sample gift card
and print your website on there discreetly - it will end up in the recipient's hands (include your regular business card for the buyer, too).

Moo cards are on sale until the 17th - and arrive fast so get on this. My card without my info (you can print your info on the back) is HERE.


a waxing autumn moon .... channeling our ancestral harvest energy to manage the season

Maybe because it is snowing outside my window this morning or maybe because the business we are in pushes Thanksgiving off my radar to free up the brain cells (and energy) I need to prepare for the Christmas rush, but I am feeling the need to embrace these last few weeks of autumn. Maybe you are, too.

We are in the middle of a wonderful waxing moon. A waxing moon means the moon is getting larger in the sky, moving from the new moon towards the full moon on the 17th. This is a time for new beginnings, to conceptualize ideas, to invoke. Mercury also moves direct so things will become more clear to us now and things will move forward with less back-steps and road blocks. 

Our ancestors prepared for winter in autumn - they brought in the harvest, readied the indoors to take care of them through the winter months they knew were coming - and these are exactly the things we do now.

I make about 60% of my income for the entire year in November and December - when things get crazy I channel my ancestral 'bringing in the harvest' energy and winter mindset. I bring some pictures of them into my workspace now and they whisper to me, "we are all depending on you Catherine, we love you, you can do this."

I much prefer inspiration from my grandmother and great-grandmother to Nike these days.

We are all fully immersed in Scorpio right now - the ideas of life and death are on our mind - for our ancestors, winter brought the year's highest risk of death and Scorpio gave them the courage to face this without fear. It was also a secretive time - you had to hide your harvest from animals, thieves and authorities who might try to claim it. So it is a time for hiding things and unearthing them.

(maybe the things we don't even know we have buried that come out in heaving sobs during yoga stretches)

 It's a time of unity (we needed diplomacy and tact to avoid war during harvest time) or a time of war (when the people who didn't know any better prevailed).

If you look at your own life (and the world) you will see these same patterns playing out now.

For now, for us - as makers - making art and businesses and lives - I think we are all artists and makers, as long as we take responsibility for the energy we are putting into the world - it is the time when new life is concentrated into seeds for next year.

In the hustle and bustle now as you bring in your own harvest, whatever that looks like in your own life, and prepare for your own winter, take the time to think about what you want to birth next year - your interest and attention and intention will create the seeds for this birth - being all over the map with your thinking will not create the strongest seeds.

(we don't want to manifest some GMO crap that might withstand the current pesticides but will do us in, in the long run - we are all in this for the long run)

You don't have to have all the answers or any answers at all, just think about what you want to invoke - the way you want to feel - you can't do this stuff wrong.

ok I'll shut up now .....

I'm not really armed.

I mean I have arms ... and legs ... and some wee part of my brain still functioning, at least functioning enough to know I have been AWOL.

I had a crazy experience at yoga

(and by 'at yoga' I mean doing a yoga DVD is my bedroom).

I did a kind of buttock stretch and started crying .. and I cried and I cried - it was .. well, I don't know what it was. Something must have come unstuck, something that has left me a little wombly.

(I know this is not really a word, but I think you will know what I mean - kind of like wobbly but with an extra does of ... something).

I tell hubs about this and ask him what he thinks this means and he says "google it".
"Google yoga made me whombly?"

I tell myself I've released something pinned up in my kidney, spine or liver - are any of these things back there? I imagine all the cells in my body dancing and releasing toxins.

Then I get into hub's truck yesterday because I forgot to renew my car registration again and have to drive his truck until I can get to the DMV or MVC or whatever we call it now and he has a huge, like 6 feet tall antenna on the roof and a huge, CB radio bolted to the floor.

(where did this come from? he claims he bought it last summer. did I live here last summer? how do I not know about this?)

It's like I am living in an alternate universe.

I think the wombly may have shifted me into a different timeline; one where I am married to BJ. I keep looking for the monkey.

(and if you are under 40, you will probably not know what the hell I am talking about here, consider yourself lucky)

Hopefully this dry spell will end soon and I will sputter out my usual nonsense, in the meantime I hope everyone enjoys their holiday tomorrow! xo all

New Moon in Scorpio and Today's Solar Eclipse (which I slept through)

by the amazing Lisa Falzon of Meluseena
Today's New Moon in Scorpio with Saturn conjunct is all about taking responsibility for our lives

or rebellious behavior if we have been overburdened

it's about self-empowerment, change, financial partnerships and avoiding power struggles, releasing the need to blame our parents and not blaming anyone who oversteps our boundaries when we haven't set any.

New Moons are great times to plant the seeds.

Everything starts with our intention so setting intentions for Scorpio stuff during a Scorpio new moon can be very powerful. This new moon will conclude with the Scorpio full moon in 6 months, so we can take a look then at how far we have progressed with the intentions we set now.

Scorpio stuff includes - secret stuff, buried stuff, unearthing things, politics, psychology, change, restoration, forgiveness, obsessions, compulsions, risk taking, intensity, commitment, self discipline, sex, loans, taxes, debts, inheritances, contracts for our business, jealousy, revenge, suspicion, guilt; lots of underworld stuff.

I usually list my affirmations here but this month mine are words I need to write and burn - all release and gratitude this time, here is a link to an example just work with the Scorpio stuff above to get the most bang for your buck with the moon!

(yes, I say things like 'bang for your buck' now, my vocabulary vacillates between a wise ass 10 year old and a 75 year old vacuum cleaner salesman these days) xo all

thyroids and hormones and cortisol, oh my ....

recycled cork & steel bracelet - handmade by me
I thought I would give a quick thyroid update since when I posted about this health stuff I got quite a few helpful emails from people dealing with similar auto-immune issues.

I am not going to put everyone to sleep with my current situation although I will update it at some point. I did decide not to have my thyroid irradiated ...

Anyhoo, for anyone dealing with this stuff these are some of the things I have been working with as I try to coax my body to stop making antibodies against itself.

(you might notice I have a lot of posts about working against our own self interests - this stuff is all connected)

1. Olive leaf extract -  a natural product that can be taken all year round (especially good for winters and for right now as we have moved into Vata season) to boost our immunity and manage viral infections.

2. I saw on WellnessMama's blog a while back that thermographic imaging is proving how grounding affects inflammation. I have instinctively felt this for a long time as I totally get flare ups when I am most ungrounded and it is nice to have some proof - this may not be totally scientific proof, but if we wait for them they will just turn grounding into some kind of pill with a gazillion nasty side effects.

I use my favorite grounding techniques and I decided to buy an earthing sleep system. We also unplug our wifi and cable while we sleep. I used to fall asleep with my Nook next to my head - not good. We have definitely noticed a difference in our sleep with this in a very short time. My acupuncturist believes sleeping is the key to all healing, so grounding while sleeping seems like an excellent idea.

3. Leaky Gut - this is caused by
  • a crappy diet high in sugar and low in fiber (which was my entire diet for most of my life)
  • deficiencies of zinc and omega-3 fats
  • overuse of antibiotics and hormones (think birth control pills here)
  • environmental toxins (research BPA!)
  • stress / anxiety (the parts of our brain that deal with this literally get thinner as we get older so the stress we could handle at 30 is harder to handle at 40 and 50 and 60 - if we don't deal with this stuff we are opening the door to dis-ease)
This should be a post all by itself.  I will write one soon, but google 'leaky gut' if you are dealing with any kind of auto immune issues especially if you are having digestive and mood and irritability issues.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar - alkalize! I drink this in the morning - yes, it smells like you are coloring easter eggs, but those were happy days right?! and my house smells like vinegar anyway from green cleaning products - you get used to it. The taste is not that different than lemon water. You can also use it in salad dressing, to wash your hair - not sure I would try that - and some say it smooths skin. I also continue with the lemon water although I do worry about my teeth a little.

5. Calm - hundreds of excellent reviews on Amazon can't be wrong.

6. Acupuncture - still going once a week although the fact it isn't covered by my insurance makes me crazy. I sold a table on Craigslist recently to pay for a few more weeks. 

I am about to do some lymphatic drainage massage and change up my exercise routine again, since the "routine" in my "exercise routine" has been ... erased ... who keeps erasing "routine" .... I blame Olive - her erratic, crazy behavior on walks always makes me feel like the Billy Ray Cyrus of dog parents. I want to write a post about how our pet's health is influenced by our health, too - I have seem some amazing connections with that lately. I guess that means I can't blame Olive though ...

Anyhoo, have a great weekend all - the wind is blowing like crazy here, am hoping I might end up in Oz for the new moon this weekend ....

print by embie online

Scalability and Our Handmade Business (Part IV) - what to do when we run out of hours

follow your bliss locket - shira sela and polarity
See the previous parts of this series HERE, HERE AND HERE.

If we scale our handmade business and the thing we love most is the making of our whosee whatsee, then chances are we won’t be doing the thing we most love as our production numbers increase.

That is when we either get real with ourselves, delegate stuff we don't want to do to free up time for us to make stuff, streamline our processes, figure out a way to make our hours for dollars the highest $ possible and decide that is enough

(yes, you can actually turn away business and survive)

or we train someone else to do enough of our production that we can produce greater and greater quantities without killing ourselves.

(no matter how popular our whosee whatsee, no product has a shelf life of forever anyway)

And yes, there will be a learning curve with this and yes, production will slow at first and yes, there may be weeks when we will be paying someone else more than we are making ourselves

(owners get paid last folks)

If we dream of a really huge order and our plan if we were to get that really huge order is to "do whatever it takes" which is the kind of un-planning many of us call planning (raises hand), well, this is the thinking we want something we don't really want stuff that just makes us and our business weaker.

We send life mixed signals. Mixed signals cancel each other out.

We don't get what we want because some part of us - the part that thinks we are not ready for it or thinks it will be too much work or knows we are out of our comfort zone with this - some part of us doesn't want it.

But, what if we actually made plans for that huge order and got ready for it - what if we made it feel welcome. What if we took the time to bring that unconscious part of ourselves that feels this is outside our upper limit into the game. We could write out a plan to adapt to sudden market changes. We could calculate exactly what supplies we need to buy to produce X amount of whosee whatsees, we would draw up orders for these supplies, we would find backup suppliers and production help, we would know exactly how many hours of production such a large order would take and we would have this information ready to go. We could make files marked 100, 250, 500, 1000 so a large order brings us to our sudden market change file and we would know exactly what supplies to order, our time frames and the steps we will take to make this order happen.

(we should also have pictures of our makings with white backgrounds ready to go, too - I have used Pixc for background removal - only $2 an image and they do an excellent, fast job)

This is the kind of action that attracts what we want- not just pinning pictures of what we will do with our earnings on vision boards (although if that helps with your focus do that, too).

If your business is going to scale you might have to speak in public - how can you get ready for that? Is there a public speaking class near you that you can take? If we hate networking, how can we get more comfortable with that? If you are a "go big or go home" kind of maker, then getting ready to go big is the surest way to make it happen. Just don't pigeon hole yourself - stay flexible and available to what life offers up as you take action.

If we are a maker who is more in love with creating a business than the actual making of the whosee whatsee we are producing is it possible to recreate our business in order to scale? 

Zappos shoes is the biggest online shoe retailer. If you haven't heard this story you might be surprised at how the founder of Zappos got started.

He didn’t start by stocking up huge amounts of shoes and investing in an expensive back end website. Instead he went to local shoe shops. He asked the owner’s permission to take photos of the shoes they sold and he put those photos online. When an order came in, he went to the shoe shop, bought the shoes and shipped them ... all by himself.

This is not a scalable business model. But with this model he learned that there was a demand for the service he had created. Then he recreated his business to scale.

Maybe if we are in love with the business creation more than the whosee whatsee creation we could think of our current business as a way to test our assumptions about what people want. Maybe we can then recreate our business to scale. If our love is the business making, then we can make anything.

Can we create a service from our makings business? What have we learned that other people might be willing to pay for? Can we create an add-on that would work with the "make it once sell it again and again" model? If we love the business making more than the making - can we turn our making into a kit and sell that? Less work always = scale. Should we stop thinking product and start thinking service?

The best of kickstarter 2012 is HERE - what we can learn from them? This is my favorite project right now.

To wrap this up our handmade business (without outsourcing production and I am not even going to get into that one with this post except to say it sounds like a very slippery slope to me) may never be able to create the kind of scale that has us lying on a beach during the month of November, but there are ways we can create scale and stay true to ourselves and our makings.

Uranus Pluto Square - or battling Gods will cause the house to shake - plus New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio

fox bracelet - cork and steel
If our birth charts are our contracts - our imprints of that moment we took our first breath - we literally are the universe at exactly that second -

then maybe we have set this all up already and just have to live it out, maybe some things we are going to encounter and deal with this go round are just not up to us anymore.

Of course, it is always up to us how we react and process things, the actions we take, the way we release things - not always so much the actual stuff it appears that we lose.

Some charts have a couple major themes, in other charts there is more going on as if we wanted to get a lot covered while we are here; to burn through a lot of old stuff.

When people suddenly appear to "lose it all" or life takes a total turn, often you can find in that person's chart a kind of integrated life - it's as if they decided OK when I am done with this (ie learned or experienced what I came into that experience to learn) move me right on to that.

Of course, the person living this thinks their life has just fallen apart.

(When I first started looking at charts when I was in banking, over 15 years ago, I looked at charts of many senior citizens because most of my clients were long retired and I didn't see many integrated charts - mostly all charts had a couple major themes. Now I see almost all integrated charts. Recently I saw a couple baby charts and they looked less integrated and I wondered if they would be growing up in a simpler time. So maybe simpler times are coming but what that looks like depends on what all of us do now. Freedom and oppression are both simple states in a way.)

Anyhoo, we have all been living with this intense revolutionary changes and karma burning stuff that is Uranus Squaring Pluto for a while now. This started in June 2012 and continues into March 2015. Right now we are in the exact peak energy of this. We have controlling Pluto and freedom loving Uranus engaged in a 3 year war! At their most extreme, Pluto digs in his heels and Uranus leaps without thinking - so many people are scattered and unsure of what direction to take. And because this is karmic for all of us - it is felt as deeply personal.

If we are tearing something down (Pluto is the phoenix rising from the ashes) we need to allow ourselves the space and the time to soul search and get clear on why. We can use the best of Uranus and the best of Pluto to create positive change. We don't want to throw out the baby with the bathwater now.

I had to do the exercise below for a class I am taking and thought it might be helpful to someone else to post it here - this is the place the current square hits your chart based on your sun sign, if you know your rising sign check that also.

If you are an Aries - Uranus/1st house of your identity vs Pluto/10th house of career - I don't think it is a coincidence that two Aries I know both told me the recent changes at Etsy made them feel like they were 'fired'. This square will be about male authority figures vs your own voice, staying true to yourself while fitting in with your career, breaking out on your own in some way vs maintaining the company line.

(and this is not a judgement that one way of being is better than the other way - there is no right or wrong with Pluto and Uranus - both sides will come away from this battle changed - if I was a betting woman I would bet on Pluto though)

If you are a Taurus - Uranus/12 house unconscious, fear, karma vs. Pluto/9th house education, philosophy - this is about dealing with unfinished business before moving into a new space, getting stuck in the past, old fears keeping you stuck, more compassion for yourself, probably hiding or leaving vs actually dealing with what is happening

If you are a Gemini - Uranus/11th house friendships, opportunities vs. Pluto/8th house sex, shared resources - this is the struggle of getting close with people, feeling safe with intimacy, the me vs us struggle of relationship, this can be about dealing with jealousy issues - when to fight for what you want, when to let go

If you are a Cancer - Uranus/10th house career vs. Pluto/7th house of relationships - you have the balance of work vs relationship, also the power struggle within a work hierarchy or a relationship, standing up for yourself within your career or a close relationship, career vs marriage issues

If you are a Leo - Uranus/9th house education, philosophy vs. Pluto/6th house health, work, service - this square for you will likely be about claiming your own power, tooting your own horn (time to roar Leo) , not saying yes to things you don't want, over-committing and not following through vs keeping your word, honesty, service to others vs your own health

If you are a Virgo - Uranus/8th house sex, shared resources vs. Pluto/5th house pleasure, children, art - you will be dealing with letting your walls down and trusting others, how you make money from your creative ventures, recognizing when you are being manipulated, revealing more of yourself through art, creation issues - children and creations that are like children to you

If you are a Libra - Uranus/7th house relationships vs. Pluto/4th house family, home, roots, physical structures - you might be dealing with pregnancy or children vs relationship, moving out of the space of needing your family's approval or working with how that approval fits into your life, becoming secure and rooted personally, changes in your relationship affecting your foundation

If you are a Scorpio - Uranus/6th house health, work, service vs Pluto/3rd house communication - you are dealing with your words literally creating your reality now - you need to be walking your talk now, thoughts literally making you sick, adjusting to change, letting go, allowing systems to work instead of being a control freak

If you are a Sagittarius - Uranus/5th house pleasure, children, art vs. Pluto/2nd house possessions, earnings, values - this square will be shaking out any fears about money, being creative in spite of money fears or needing to get serious about money, confidence issues, keeping a cool head, stepping into your power, handling the spotlight, finances vs creativity

If you are a Capricorn - Uranus/4th house family, roots, physical structures vs Pluto/1st house identity - you are probably dealing with your role in the family changing, moving, uprooting yourself or creating a new image for yourself, women shaking up your world, letting your voice be heard, identifying with issues involving women's rights and children's rights

If you are an Aquarius - Uranus/3rd house communication vs Pluto/12 house unconscious, fear, karma - so this square is about healing, the connection between the mind and body, the law of attraction, forgiveness, compassion, overcoming fears through communication

If you are a Pisces - Uranus/2nd house possessions, earnings, values vs. Pluto/11th house friendships, opportunities - the issues of your self worth vs what your friends think of you, standing up for yourself, not being dominated by someone, working freelance or in a less structured way, dealing with issues of your work in the world, working with technology or learning new technology

Realize these are the spaces in our lives where we may find more questions than answers right now and that is OK. We are all in this space between the old and the new and wheels that feel like they are spinning in sand will find something to grip - when Mercury goes direct and this latest exact square moves by mid November we should be able to be a bit clearer on all of this or it will just not feel as important.

AND we have a New Moon Solar Eclipse this weekend, but I will have to get back to that because I got carried away with this square - I blame Pluto! xo all