Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini | November 29th - 30th, 2020 - healing old wounds, awkward changes, opportunities to make smart (and lasting) decisions


"Taste as much of this as you can. Swallow what you need and spit out the rest." - Taizan Maezumi


On Monday, November 30, 2020 at 4:29AM EST the Gemini Moon will oppose the Sagittarius Sun giving us this month's Full Moon - a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini.

Full Moons are times of culminations/illuminations. In Gemini this is about communication and learning, opinions and options. Gemini, ruled by fast-moving Mercury, is a sign of change; it holds the space of the crossroads.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon and Sun oppose from 8 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius. Happening on the Moon's nodes makes this one a lunar eclipse. Happening a bit far from the Nodes makes this a partial lunar eclipse.

During a Full Moon things come to light or to a conclusion.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moons are a bit different than regular Full Moons because the Moon is full but its light is blocked by the earth's shadow. So although things are still concluding and 'coming to light' other stuff is hidden, too. Nothing is exactly as it seems - plus we have Neptune squaring the Nodes now, adding to the confusion. At least he is direct by the time of this Full Moon!

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way.  


We get a re-set.

With a Lunar Eclipse a woman (Moon) might leave or bring news of a change of direction or ending.


This will relate to our Gemini house theme and the collective themes of communication, information, writing, siblings, transportation, our tech hardware, our local neighborhood. With the Moon in Gemini and Gemini ruling the North Node of our collective way FORWARD - whatever is reaching a peak, coming into the light or ending will move us in a forward direction.


The Moon sextiles Chiron. The Sun inconjuncts Uranus and conjuncts asteroid Diana. Mercury (ruler of Gemini and so ruler of this lunation) is sextiling (opportunity) wise Pallas and stable Saturn. 


The Moon sextiles Chiron - this Full Moon is an opportunity for healing. Maybe a healing conversation has happened. Maybe information that has come to light helped us work through a painful issue/situation. Maybe a new option opens up and enables us to feel better able to take care of ourselves/be ourselves. Maybe something has ended. This aspect is separating so the conversation has already happened. The information has been delivered. The papers have been signed.


The Sun is inconjunct Uranus. Here's that awkward rock and a hard place. Happening just hours before the Full Moon. Sagittarius/Taurus. We saw something like this on Friday when the Moon (in Taurus then) inconjuncted the Sag Sun. By the time of the Full Moon, early Monday morning EST, this Sun/Uranus aspect is waning, too. The destabilizing 'surprise', that isn't totally a surprise because Uranus is retrograde, has in a way already happened. Change is needed, but we don't want to "jump" (unless we are pushed, of course), because change here is best accomplished in a more 'controlled' manner. This might not be up to us, but we can choose (the Gemini Moon) our response. Resist any impulsive urges to just bolt. We need freedom and we need to have the basics/our bases covered. 


(The Sun is also past his conjunction with asteroid Diana, but this is still within orb - I thought this was interesting since history's most famous Diana - Princess Diana 'the people's princess' is featured in so many popular shows right now. Her natal Saturn was 27 degrees Cappy, so she would have been having her second Saturn return just as all these specials were airing - her persona and chart continuing to work their magic long after her death.)

Mercury has moved through his sextiles to Pluto and Jupiter. At the time of the Full Moon he/she is exactly sextiling Pallas and applying to a sextile to Saturn. All in play NOW. 


Gemini's energy can be kind of all over the place/unfocused, but these opportunistic Cappy sextiles bring stability/strength/the ability to prioritize what is most important. Mercury's sextile to Pluto is waning - so maybe a power situation has been decided. The exact sextile to wise warrior Pallas speaks of facts/information now being integrated with practical/maybe traditional strategies. We can use what we know in a smart way. As Mercury reaches Saturn things get even more solidified. Here is a serious conversation/plan/reality check/commitment. 


The sextile to wise Pallas (in serious Cappy) says choices/decisions made now can be practical, stabilizing and long-lasting. Use context. Perspective. Your natural/earned/learned skills. Think about your needs/your goals. This isn't about right or wrong - this is about being smart. Decide what is personally wise and personally practical.

There is also a wide Finger of God/Yod formation with Venus at the apex. So, we've got the Moon, Chiron and Venus - this likely speaks of Full Moon events (that Gemini stuff - so information, conversations, contracts, etc) that are stimulated as we heal old ego woundings/knowing we can take care of ourselves/knowing we can be ourselves/be ok if we are alone/forgive ourselves, etc - impacting our Scorpio house through Venus - pulling in relationship/financial/self-esteem/women situations - whatever we are merging or purging.

I usually say to 'get out and walk in it' during Full Moons, but am still a little superstitious of Eclipses. We don't want to hide under our bed, but we don't need to go looking for trouble either. Stay safe/sane. Know that Gemini Full Moons, in general, can make us more mentally antsy/nervous/irritable and this one is a more powerful Eclipse. It also offers choices/options/important pivot points - keep this in mind, too.

xo all

Neptune stationed direct yesterday, squaring the North and South Nodes. This also speaks of a reality check that dissolves the past/illusion and supports our efforts (through tension/frustration - it's not a smooth process, but squares can be very effective) to creatively move forward.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, November 27, 2020 - a powerful day of transformation, letting go of what we used to love/want, time to commit or quit, opportunity for change



The Moon moved into Taurus last night - the sign of her exaltation. We are nurtured through comfort, nature, feeling good feels especially good. Lacks of security/a soft space to fall - can be more acutely felt. She inconjuncts the Sun - this month's Waxing Inconjunct - meets a retrograde Uranus and then opposes Venus (in Scorpio). At the same time we have Venus moving into her exact opposition with Uranus. 

The Waxing Inconjunct - rock and a hard place during this month's lunar growth phase - is Taurus/Sagittarius. One way to look at inconjunct planets is that they are trine planets, but at different/awkward phases because, for example, planets in early Taurus will actually trine planets in late Sagittarius. Early Taurus - fresh off Aries courage and newness - wants to own something, be something, but the actual 'something' hasn't solidified yet and this works well with late Sag where we are maybe bored with the adventure and looking forward to the upcoming Capricorn grounding. It's like the point in our vacation where we are ready to go back to work. See what I mean?

But today with planets at the same degree of Taurus and Sagittarius the energies are not so complimentary. This is happening at 5 degrees - so again, early Taurus, here's the Moon - fresh with Aries courage and newness and wanting to solidify/own 'something'/get those seeds into the ground, but now early Sagittarius, too - here's the Sun - so just starting on that adventure (vacation). The Sun wants to explore/go where no man/woman has gone before and the Moon wants to hunker down, pull on some warm flannels and bake cookies. The inconjunct says no one is going to really win here. Adjustments are needed. The basics (Taurus) must be taken care of before the adventure, but we ignore the call to adventure at the detriment of the 'basics'.

At the same time the Moon is aligning us, emotionally, with change-maker Uranus and opposing Venus, Venus is reaching her exact opposition to Uranus. Whenever we have multiple aspects saying the same thing we know this is important.

Venus is in Scorpio - wanting to go deep, get to the bottom-line, get to the truth, merge/purge, bury what is dead. Uranus is in Taurus upending our security/resources/values. Oppositions are culmination points. So, HERE are the results. 

Secrets can come out. Financial/sexual truths faced. This can be chaotic. This can be liberating.  


Uranus is retrograde, so this is not new news, but if we have been lying to ourselves, something might hit us over the head now. Keep in mind Uranus is in Venus's sign - he is not only shaking up the status quo (and because Taurus likes things the way Taurus likes things this is probably not stuff that we want shaken), but also activating unusual desires in us, unexpected ways to invest/make money, new situations/people/things to LOVE.

At the same time, Mercury conjuncts Juno (22 Scorpio) and then sextiles Pluto (23 Cappy). Here's our way through these Moon/Venus/Uranus challenges. 

Mercury's meeting with Juno is the last of three. They met on September 30th and (with Mercury retrograde) on October 19th. Here's the final agreement/contract. Signatures are put on dotted lines now. Commitments made. Or what is dead gets buried. The intense conversation/confession/information - and we've been back and forth over this - within a close relationship, now through this sextile to Pluto (ruler of Scorpio, so both Mercury and Venus are answering to him) creates a powerful transformation. We are able to let go/move on. Or we are able to commit. Commit or quit. Cure or kill. There is a definite 'before and after' quality to this conversation/this paperwork/this agreement.

I think the liberating Venus/Uranus - with Uranus retrograde - allowing us to let go of what we used to love - in a way that connects us to the future. And that sextile to Pluto allowing this to happen in an empowering and opportunistic way. What a day and this energy is pulled into this weekend's Full Moon Lunar Eclipse so will be playing out for a bit ....

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, November 26, 2020 - power plays, excess, reality checks, limits, traditions challenged, faith, courage, finding the bright side, giving thanks



The Moon in fiery and independent Aries is put through her paces with pretty much nonstop squares to the Cappy planets. Our actions/personal ambitions/what we do to get what we want - challenged by rules/limits/authority/tradition. 


The power plays (square to Pluto) come in the a.m. followed by the excess (pie!), exuberance and clashing beliefs (her square to Jupiter) and finally by evening her square to Saturn - limits, reality checks (how much pie did we eat!). We make our annual 911 call on Uncle Freddie. Except Uncle Freddie is eating his turkey from a Swanson pan in front of the telly this year, so he's saved from spiking the eggnog again and spending another restless night in the slammer. Who says we can't find things to be grateful for this year? Not me!

The best news today is the Sun's trine to a retrograde Chiron. 


The Sun in Sag is hopeful/confident/doing his "sun" thing. 


The smooth trine (brakes off) to hurting/healing Chiron speaks of our vulnerability somehow allowing us to shine BRIGHTER. A weakness might be on display, BUT it is this very weakness/our Aries human-ness, that allows the LIGHT in, so we can feel BETTER. 


With Chiron in Aries (like our beleaguered Moon) here is our way through any lunar/emotional struggles. SAGITTARIUS (finally not Scorpio!). Faith. Hope. Courage. Embracing the stretch. Finding the bright side/the gold in the mud.

Today's aspects so perfectly represent the United States 2020 Thanksgiving - limits on what we want to do, new ways challenging old traditions - and a road through the morass. A high road. Faith. Hope. Courage. Optimism. Gratitude. Embracing the journey/stretch. Deciding what we are thankful for now.


Happy Thanksgiving America (and Happy Thursday to everyone outside the U.S.)!


xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, November 25, 2020 - feeling better by taking action, mushy cherry garcia, are we carrying around something that is dead and calling it a Louis Vuitton?


The Moon is in Aries. This is a warrior/worrier position for our dear Luna and we will feel better taking action. Working independently. Being around men. Her only aspect today an important conjunction with Aries ruler Mars at 6:39PM EST. We are acting on our feelings/feeling out our actions. Comforted by fresh starts and things that are moving fast. Our emotional life can be passionate/our home busy. 

This is the day Mercury inconjuncts the North Node. We dug into this pretty thoroughly HERE, so we won't rehash it. Keep this in mind.

This is also the day Venus inconjuncts a retrograde Chiron. We can be wounded/weakened by what we love/obsess about. We know the Sun is going to trine Chiron tomorrow, so we don't want to run away from today's pain/uncomfortableness/awkwardness. We get to tomorrow's smooth trine through today's painful inconjunct. No skipped steps this year. Everyone/everything gets a seat at the table. 

It could be a Venusian theme that hurts/weakens us - relationships (or their lack of intimacy), finances (maybe a large necessary purchase or an ending that nets us less than we were anticipating), self-esteem, beauty, women. There are as many ways this could show up as their are people/charts. Or it could be the depths of Venus's intensity in Scorpio that causes the pain - we are going farther, merging/purging - so we see more now. We know more. This knowledge/truth isn't always pretty. We might feel rejected/unloved.

Bottom line this is about us getting real with ourselves about what we want now/what we love now. Remember we have passed the point where we always died before. Everything can't go with us.

Seeing that Louis Vuitton bag as a dead baby cow's skin is part of waking up. Sorry if I've ruined your handbag forever for you, but it's true. And it's a choice (North Node in Gemini) what we are holding onto even when we think (Mercury, ruler of the North Node in Scorpio) we can't survive without it.

xo all


Our refrigerator stopped working last week. Luckily I had bought some ice cream (I never buy ice cream) and noticed the mushy carton. It is 16 years old, and we spent an inordinate amount of time this week trying to fix it/bring it back from the dead. Or hubs did. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to save our food and on the internet trying to find a new one that didn't cost four times the price of my first car. 


And, yes, I am one of those people (old before my time with my Mercury in Cap, 3rd house, I think) who compare all large purchases to the cost of a 1970something Mercury Capri (chocolate brown with a black top) that was already almost a classic by the time I bought it. I rode past it on my bicycle and had to have it, but was $100 short of the asking price and the guy wouldn't budge. I sent hubs (who was boyfriend then and barely a boyfriend really) back to negotiate with the guy. He came to my house that night with the keys - to car and heart (it was only a few years ago he admitted to giving the guy the extra $100). 


And, no, this doesn't really relate to today's energies, but then again maybe it does. 


Today, I have to buy a new refrigerator. No way around this.


I am going to have to spend more than I want to. When I got over the 'sticker shock' of refrigerator prices, the lack of in-stock refrigerators in New Jersey right now and lack of variety on Facebook Marketplace - I began to imagine my kitchen with a new refrigerator. One of those with the french doors. One of those with the ice makers/water dispensers. One of those with the freezers on the bottom. Instead of thinking 'this is the last thing we need right now!' I started thinking maybe this is a good thing. I even felt a little worried when it looked like hubs would actually get our old Maytag running.


Luckily there are sales now for the holidays. Luckily there is Facebook Marketplace. Luckily we have the money/good credit to buy one. Luckily I bought that carton of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia and pulled it out at exactly the right time to find it mushy, but still save the rest of our food. Luckily I know someone with an extra fridge in their garage who was willing to move all his beer. It pays to think about things like this when dealing with "sticker shock". And maybe other Venusian heartaches, too. Count our blessings. Keep this in mind.

Eclipse post next! I can't wait to look at the chart!

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Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 23 - 30th, 2020 - alot going on this week, jolts, rocks and hard places, opportunities, Full Moon in Gemini/Eclipse season!


MONDAY - Mercury trine Neptune, Sun square Ceres

TUESDAY - Venus opposes Black Moon Lilith

WEDNESDAY - Mercury inconjunct the North Node, Venus inconjunct Chiron

THURSDAY - Sun trine Chiron

FRIDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus opposes Uranus

SATURDAY - Mercury sextiles Jupiter

SUNDAY - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini, Sun inconjunct Uranus

We talked about MONDAY in the daily HERE.

On TUESDAY, Venus (in Scorpio) will oppose Black Moon Lilith (in Taurus). Lots of Venus this week!

Let's back up - Venus moved into Scorpio on Saturday. 


Scorpio Suns and Ascendants get more attractive (more beautiful and more able to attract what they want). Your Scorpio house (where is Scorpio hanging out in your natal chart?) gets more magnetic, too. Venus in Scorpio doesn't look like the more traditional beauty of Venus in Libra. Her beauty is dark and forbidding now. She doesn't flirt. She seduces. She doesn't want peace at any cost so much as she wants to feel what's really underneath all the phony smiles and superficial niceties. Here Venus pushes herself to the edge of life with compulsions, intimacy, jealousy, obsession and a struggle for real power. She goes into the dark corners that hold all our secrets and she coaxes them out into the open. There can be brutal and deep honesty here. If you are working through the unraveling of a relationship or financial quagmire - this energy will be your best friend. Venus will be in Scorpio until December 15th.

Her opposition now with uncontrollable Black Moon Lilith in Venus-ruled Taurus almost feels like a mutual reception. Lilith back in the Garden vs a dangerous Venus in Scorpio. Like they should just change spaces/houses and call it a day. Oppositions brings results/culminations/turning points. Our Venusian depths via mergings and purgings stirring up our instinctive rough edges around things we’re ignoring/denying/trying to not get too pissed off about. Finances. Resources. Relationships. What have we been ignoring? Or maybe this is about how far someone will go to get what they want? Or to survive/be liberated/maintain some taboo habit? We might notice how we use other people's energy and how they use ours now. Vampires do not really only come out in the night.  


(this is also the day we get our monthly lunar Waxing Trine - this month between a Sagittarius Sun and an Aries Moon - brave action, confidence/optimism - will move us forward!)

On WEDNESDAY  - Mercury (at 19 degrees Scorpio now) inconjuncts the North Node in Gemini (a sign Mercury rules). Our ideas/the information we receive/what we learn doesn't fit with where we want to go/what we want to happen. Our maybe this is our own refusal to look at the truth/dig for the facts/commit to something (or kill it) that is keeping us stuck. There might be a choice that needs to be made or maybe a specific detail that needs to be attended to or conversation had. Keep in mind the nature of inconjuncts is NOT one of resolution. What adjustments need to happen here?

THURSDAY - The Sun (at 5 degrees Sagittarius) trines a retrograde Chiron in Aries. Sag optimism and confidence will do much to heal old woundings around our self-esteem/ability to take care of ourselves/be respected for who we are. What are those lines - "the crack is where the light gets in". Here is the light through the crack and it's OK. We are OK. Exhale, allow yourself a healthy stretch into something a little bit outside your comfort zone. 

(the Moon in Aries will be facing off with the Cappy pile-up today, so there could be some tension/frustration - we'll talk about this when we add in the Moons in the dailies)

FRIDAY - Venus (at 5 degrees Scorpio) opposes a retrograde Uranus in Taurus and Mercury (YAY, good news!) starts to move through his opportunistic Cappy sextiles, beginning with Pluto. 

Venus/Uranus can bring sudden changes with relationships/finances. A disruptive/surprising (not totally surprising) result/culmination/liberation around an intense/intimate situation is possible. If we need a wake-up call - here it is. 

Keep an eye on your credit card because we can be attracted to unusual things when Venus aspects Uranus and then maybe they end up gathering dust in a closet. On the other hand, sometimes we need to make unusual investments to get us out of a rut/pull us into the future. Your call.


Happening at the same time we have Mercury - also in Scorpio - in an opportunistic aspect with Pluto (Scorpio's ruler) in serious Cappy - we could be reaching a deep understanding here. Words/conversations will be intense/transformational. Again, the way through this is through this. TRUTH. Knowledge is power.


We had this aspect back in early December 2019 - which feels like a lifetime ago (because it is). Back then, they sextiled Scorpio/Capricorn, too, but at 21 degrees. Now, the same drill, but they are at 23 degrees. Before 22 vs after 22 (the degree of the Saturn/Pluto palaver in January 2020 when "time ran out"). Past the place in the game we have always died before. 


See what kind of things you are dealing with/thinking about/talking about/learning as Mercury moves through these Cappy sextiles with Pluto, Jupiter, Pallas and Saturn (OPPORTUNITIES!) over the next few days. 

SATURDAY - Now, Mercury (in Scorpio) sextiles Jupiter (in Capricorn) at 25 degrees. Big ideas. Seeing the BIG picture. Confident communication. Opportunities. Bringing something out of the shadows and expanding on it. Good for commerce/finance. Ka-ching.

xo all - back with Sunday's Eclipse Post which will include some BIG picture plus some dailies.

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, November 23, 2020 - are we awake or are we still dreaming? bring an umbrella and maybe a box of tissues, and your paintbrush bring that, too - a very Pisces kind of day




If you got through Sunday without a rip-roaring row you get a gold star! Or through this weekend without something breaking down? Or breaking off? Maybe right in your hand? Pat yourself on the shoulder. Use both hands - give yourself a real pounding. 


Now it's time for a few deep breaths. Like, quite a few deep breaths. Like we'll turn ourselves into a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon - is that a thing this year?!- (if it is, I'll be Lucy) with all the oxygen we will be sucking in. 


Then let's pull on our boots. The ground is muddy. And we walk from here.


I will get the weekly up tonight, but let's take a look at MONDAY, so we (and I guess I mean me here) don't fall behind.


The Moon is in Pisces. She trines Mercury at 8:37AM EST, meets Neptune at 10:31AM EST, sextiles Pluto at 8:17PM EST and sextiles Jupiter at 11:46PM EST. All smooth aspects - good for creativity, compassion, meditation. The past can feel more real then the present.

At the same time Mercury (at 18 degrees Scorpio) trines Neptune in Pisces. 


Neptune is going to station direct at the end of this week. Since the end of February we have had almost nonstop (there were a few weeks in between Mercury and Ceres) retrogrades through Pisces. So confusion about our confusion. Lack of boundaries. The spreading of contagions (thought viruses and actual viruses). 


So now, just before Neptune stations direct, Mercury in the middle of his/her journey through intense Scorpio moves into a smooth trine with Neptune. Are we further down the rabbit-hole or can we see/hear/say what we are seeing/hearing/saying? Has Mercury dug up enough TRUTH for us to question our illusions? Not that the call to fantasy is anywhere near over (Neptune in Pisces for another five years), but once Neptune stations direct at the end of the week, life will be quite a bit less confusing.

At the same time, the Sun in 'the bigger, the better' Sag squares Ceres in Pisces. My God, more Pisces! Rain, water issues, lack of boundaries, tears? What can we expect of all this today?


The Sun in Sag will expand possibilities but a square to anything in Pisces is reason enough to slow down for a second look, to keep our feet on the ground/our boat tied to the dock. Sag/Pisces can create a kind of hyper idealism, so be cautious with big promises. With Sag's ruler Jupiter in sober Capricorn - things can also look worse than they actually are. Keep all this in mind today.


Ceres in Pisces accentuates/inflates the themes of both nurturing and loss/seasons of life. In Pisces, the final sign, the empty nest really is empty. The loss (whatever is out of our control) still hurts, but if Ceres isn't smother/mothering here, this can at least be gentle/gradual. But now, the Sun's square can bring something more immediate. A bright spotlight on something. Our attention via frustration/tension on what is outside our control/what is maybe ending. 


At the same time Venus is trining Ceres, so the solution lies in Scorpio (does the solution ever lie anywhere else?). Going deep. Balancing the books. Merging. Purging. Committing to something we've been half-assing. Not being afraid to look under the bed.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, November 22, 2020 - inspiration meets innovation, a break in our routine, moving ahead without the facts, stopped in our tracks, cruising for a bruising



The Moon is floating through Pisces now - she trined Venus while we slept (EST) and sextiles a retrograde Uranus (change is good) at 2:10PM EST. 

Mercury (at 15 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts Mars in Aries. 


The ground tilled for an argument/impulsive or angry words that might cut/hurt. Our ideas/thoughts and the actions we need to/want to take forming a 'rock and a hard place'.  Both needing to give a little bit. Our thinking might be skewed - in Scorpio, too fixed/obsessive. Our actions too selfish maybe. Mars has been sitting at 15 degrees Aries for so long already, almost waiting for Mercury to catch up, maybe the argument just stewing within him. Maybe the passion. Then Mercury comes in with the TRUTH he's dug up in Scorpio (intimate, financial, life/death), but Mars doesn't want to hear about it. He just wants to MOVE (he won't get off 15 degrees until the 24th). Or maybe there's nothing he can do about it - feet drying in cement as he is. So just plowing ahead without the facts isn't going to work.


Or that's the scene that is set for us. We can't win, but we might not have to lose either. Inconjuncts require adjustments on both sides. Inconjuncts are annoying.


Let's keep in mind the smooth lunar aspects - that trine to Venus (in Scorpio now, so more intense) - knowing our worth/what should be merged/purged, just watch your benjamins now. Money can move in and then out just as quickly. And there's that sextile (opportunity) with a retrograde Uranus - doing what we've done before, but doing it differently this time. Or bringing change to an old situation. Here is the pleasant surprise/chance encounter.


Inspiration meets innovation.

The Sun has moved into Sag yesterday and although it's a heavier than usual Sagittarius season ahead of us - with ruler Jupiter still in his detriment in Capricorn and the South Node in Sag - we should be able to sense the wider landscape even now/glimpse the blue skies. 

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, November 20, 2020 - taking action, especially independent action, will feel better than over-thinking/over-analyzing, long void Moon ahead - plan to chill out


The Moon, in Aquarius now so nurtured through ideas/groups/common goals/technology, squares a retrograde Uranus at 5:41AM EST, squares Mercury at 3:15PM EST, and goes void at 7:48PM EST off a sextile to Mars. She moves into watery Pisces at 11:06PM TOMORROW. So, void tonight and most of the day and night tomorrow - keep this in mind. A break from tech then can be particularly regenerating.

The squares to Uranus and Mercury can make us antsy today. Maybe apt to saying things we might regret later. Overthinking situations. Scorpio wants to focus/merge. Aquarius wants to think ahead/detach. Uranus in Taurus pulls in changes/disruptions with our resources/values/self-esteem.

The best aspect today is that sextile to Mars.


Action will feel good. Independent or innovative action will feel even better. 


Mulling things over/overthinking/thinking too far ahead will not feel so good. So, what needs to be done regardless? Mars is kind of sitting in place until November 24th. We are moving forward and getting our ducks in a row all at the same time. 


This is the last day of Venus in her home sign. Tomorrow she will replace the Sun in Scorpio as the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Collectively, they'll be no more energies in cordial Libra. Keep this in mind.

Tonight/tomorrow's long void Moon would be a good time to relax. Chill out. Nothing will come of anything during a void Moon anyway, and we have two planets changing signs, so keep your actions routine - it's not the time to launch anything. It is an excellent time to be creative. 


Time gets stretchy. 

xo all - we'll look ahead to the Eclipses this weekend, so stay tuned ...

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, November 19, 2020 - going deep and then taking responsibility for what we find there


The Moon continues her journey through sober Capricorn meeting up with all the Cappy planets. She conjuncts Pluto at 2:58AM EST, Jupiter at 4:42AM EST and finally Saturn at 10:51AM EST. At 11:15AM EST she squares Venus and then goes void off an intense and opportunistic sextile with the Scorpio Sun at 11:29AM EST. 


That's alot before lunch, so we'd better pace ourselves! She will be void until 3:25PM EST when she moves into lighter/higher Aquarius. 

Today's Waxing Sextile - Capricorn/Scorpio - asks us to integrate/harmonize the events of last week's New Moon in Scorpio.  


This Scorpian situation - the loss, death, financial, intimate story-line the dark Moon has asked us to walk with/move through/deal with gets some earthy traction through solid/stabilizing Capricorn. 


If we swim out of those dark Scorpian waters we can reach a shoreline. We can find some grounding. Just do the thing that is right there to do. Stand up. The opportunity (sextile) comes through combining the deep/intense with the sober/practical. Big girl pants on now is the key to this situation. Standing in our power. Taking responsibility. Being realistic. What would a Capricorn/grown-up/your grandmother do? 


Do some of that. 


At the same time - and keep in mind the Moon (in Cappy) is squaring Venus today - Venus squares Saturn (ruler of Cappy, strong in his home sign). Here's her final Cappy square (she has already squared Jupiter and Pluto) with both Venus and Saturn direct and in their home signs. 


Keep in mind what is happening this year because Venus (relationships/resources/justice/fairness/feminine) is a very BIG part of the 2020 storyline.


Venus is strong in Libra. When I wrote the weekly back on Sunday I wrote my usual Venus/Saturn - the wall/the no, feeling unloved/unwanted/old, and that might be true/trueish, but what else is true is we can't discount the strength of Venus in her home sign! There's still that Saturnian pressure, especially within our relationships, but we've got the divine Goddess in all her power, too!


While Saturn has spent 2020 holding court in Cappy - with a whole lot of energies answering to him. Venus (our love, relationships, money, resources, women) finally gets into her home sign after a hell of a year and she finds herself having to deal with this outer authority crap. No way around this. No way out. Financial crisis. Relationship imbalance. What's the girl to do? Well, alot actually. Venus (as us) is our divine Goddess energy and she is strong and stable in her home sign of Libra. She (as us) is fair, powerful, just, can attract what she needs - CATCHES MORE FLIES WITH HONEY - the most natural of feminine skills can be put to good use here.


Maybe we shouldn't be so fast to agree she is less powerful than Saturn - this keeps us stuck in the old game where we are agreeing something/someone else is more powerful/needed/stronger than we are! 

Keep in mind where we are. We are past the point in the game where we always died before. It is normal to be afraid/unsure, but we are going to have to 'feel the fear and do it anyway'. We don't have to get this exactly right. One right step will lead to the next. And then to the next. Life is no longer about 'what is going to happen' - it is about 'what we are going to do' - the happen part has happened. 

Stay in your power. Stay in your integrity. Saturn is weeks away from leaving Cappy for Aquarius and won't be back for 29 years. He co-rules Aquarius, so is looking forward to this new leg of his journey. Believe me, he (authority) is as sick of these rules/limits/kings as everyone else. Aquarius is co-ruled by Uranus and Uranus is in Taurus and will be during Saturn's entire transit of Aquarius and Uranus is answering to VENUS. These two energies are old friends, not enemies. It's a good thing we are only getting so far right now although we can't see that yet. Jupiter/Pluto is still in play until the 24th and that's when Mars finally gets off that 15th degree of Aries - this is powerful/transformational energy and we have access to this for all these days for a reason. 

For today we have that Scorpio/Capricorn sextile - go deep and then take responsibility for what you find there.

xo all


photo by the talented livingloudphoto

Today's astrology Forecast | Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 - the last word, news we should have seen coming, breakthroughs, breakdowns, red-tape, measure twice because this would be the "cut once" part



The Moon is void until 11:35AM EST when she moves into Capricorn.


Her only aspect today was a late night sextile with Venus (in Libra) while she was still in Sagittarius at 2:54AM EST. This is kind of a repeating aspect of yesterday's Venus/Jupiter. Then the square - frustration/tension - now, here's the sextile - opportunity. 


What do we have faith in now?

Mercury (in Scorpio) opposes Uranus (in Taurus). Buckle up. Here is news that shakes things up. Maybe also clears the air. This is the third time we are moving through this aspect - so some issue should be wrapping up. If we have been biting our tongue about something and now decide to speak up - I hope you have measured twice because this would be the "cut once" part.


We talked about this is the weekly:


Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus at 8 degrees. Surprising news/information. Abrupt/unsettling conversations/announcements/decisions. This can also be a breakthrough/breakdown. Liberation. Due to Mercury's recent retrograde - we are still walking old degrees and not quite out of the woods here - this is their THIRD opposition. Third time's the charm/three strikes we're out. We had the first on October 7th and the second (retrograde - where we were going back over whatever came out near the 7th) on October 19th. This is the #unexpected, #notunexpected news/information coming out. This will have its feet in our Scorpio house theme or the collective themes of - other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, merged resources, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction.  

Sometimes Uranus aspects hit early (plus this is in play for a couple days before and after), so this might have already happened. Any contact between our lower mind (Mercury) and our higher mind (Uranus) is an opportune time for mental breakthroughs - also breakdowns and over-thinking, so keep this in mind, too.

If news is delivered now, it will likely be intense/un-moving. 


This is Mercury, so drive safely. Check your oil. Back up your files. 


The Moon is in steady-Eddie Capricorn, flying unaspected, so sort of by the seat of her pants (and a Cappy Moon's 'seat-of-her-pants' is still pretty damn realistic and useful) - stay practical/common-sense. Embrace whatever hoops are required of you. Take the next step even if you feel you are drowning in red tape. 


Tomorrow is a better day!

xo all

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 16 - November 23, 2020 - relationship challenges, one more surprise, consequences for going too far, reality checks



It's forward ho folks - note although Mars is direct now, it will take him a few days to get back up to speed. If you have anything near the middle of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Cappy) - you will probably feel the push/pull of this the most!


We have Venus (home in Libra for just a few more days) hitting those last minute squares with the Cappy pile-up - reality checks - and opposing fiery Eris (me vs we) before diving (headfirst or maybe she will need to be dragged) into intimate Scorpio. Mercury will oppose anything-can-happen/future focused Uranus bringing one final bit of shocking news (!) and the Sun leaves Scorpio for the wider skies of Sagittarius. Keep in mind as Venus squares first Jupiter and then Saturn that something might appear better than it actually is for a bit leading to dashed hopes/a reality check/consequences later. 


Stay grounded. Do the right thing. Although direct now, Mars will be at the same degree until November 24th. Don't take too big a bite just yet.

MONDAY - Venus squares Jupiter and opposes Eris

TUESDAY - Mercury opposes Uranus (3rd time)

THURSDAY - Venus squares Saturn, Sun sextiles Saturn

SUNDAY - Sun into Sagittarius, Venus into Scorpio


On MONDAY - Venus in Libra squares Jupiter (in Cappy) and opposes Eris (in Aries) at 26 degrees.  If you have anything near 26 degrees in the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) - you will probably feel this strongest. 

Venus/Jupiter contacts are usually positive - even the frustrating square. But we can take something too far/expand too quickly/spend too much/want too much. With Venus set to hit restrictive Saturn after she gets past Jupiter (here's our lonely Thanksgivings in the U.S. folks) - something (relationship/career?) might seem to expand and then pull back. Overdoing might have consequences later. Stay grounded. Have hope. Have faith. But, keep one eye on that road block up ahead. Don't bet the farm. Don't overspend. Don't over-promise or depend too much on anyone else's.


Her opposition to fiery Eris - Goddess of Discord - at the same time speaks of the need to bring everyone to the table (even if the table is virtual and the faces on the screen stuffing themselves with cranberry sauce). Aries/Libra is a me vs we aspect. With an opposition from the firey "me" - we could be seeing someone else as selfish now. Keeping in mind the 'mirroring' structure of our relationships, there could be some important final lessons in Venus's last days in her home sign.

On TUESDAY - Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus at 8 degrees. Surprising news/information. Abrupt/unsettling conversations/announcements/decisions. This can also be a breakthrough/breakdown. Liberation. Due to Mercury's recent retrograde - we are still walking old degrees and not quite out of the woods here - this is their THIRD opposition. Third time's the charm/three strikes we're out. We had the first on October 7th and the second (retrograde - where we were going back over whatever came out near the 7th) on October 19th. This is the #unexpected, #notunexpected news/information coming out. This will have its feet in our Scorpio house theme or the collective themes of - other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, merged resources, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction.


On THURSDAY - Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Cappy at 27 degrees while the Sun in Scorpio sextiles Saturn. With the square to Saturn, maybe the answer is no. Or we say no. Or we say yes, but there are consequences/limits/conditions. Here's those consequences we talked about earlier.

The Sun's sextile to Saturn is opportunity. But it can feel heavy because of the square and also because, well, it's Scorpio/Capricorn. There are responsibilities here. A certain depth that needs to be plumbed. Something to be merged/purged before any payoff can be received later. With Venus squaring Saturn and restricting what we get, the solar sextile speaks of whatever this is being somehow manageable/necessary. We have to kind of acknowledge what we cannot have right now. The reality of a situation can't be ignored. We come back down to Earth. Big girl pants on. 


On SUNDAY - when TWO personal planets change signs on the same day we are sure to feel it. Venus leaves her home sign of Libra for the deeper/more intimate sign of Scorpio just as the Sun leaves Scorpio for the wider horizons of Sagittarius. 

Venus themes - women, love, money, our values and self-esteem - become more intense.

Scorpio Suns and Ascendants (Scorpio on the cusp of the first house of your natal chart) become more attractive - making them both easier on the eye and it easier for them to attract what they want.

For all of us, our Scorpio houses get more attractive, too ... and more complicated. Although the theme of whatever house is ruled by Scorpio in our natal chart is naturally complicated!

Honesty is recommended for the next few weeks because we will all be feeling our way through everyone's bullshit. While Venus is in Scorpio (through December 15th) we are charged with figuring out what we really want and why we want it. Much of this work will be done unconsciously.

Does the other person/situation make us stronger or more vulnerable?

We could be merging our resources (ruled by Venus) with other people's resources (ruled by Scorpio) - this could take the form of relationship commitments, sex, reproduction, mortgages, financing, cooperative ventures. Things along these lines that we might not normally consider we could be attracted to for the next month.

These attractions could easily lapse into obsessions, so stay frosty.

We could fill hours looking at expensive houses on the internet or other people on Tinder. If something begins to feel like, "we must get this NOW" we will know we have slipped over the edge. It will be time to ask ourselves what we are really looking for. With Venus (and let's not forget Mercury) visiting our Scorpio house the answers will be available to us if we seek them ... and maybe even if we don't.


The Sun moves into "bigger is better" Sagittarius.

Our beliefs, faith, travel, places outside our comfort zones, foreign issues or people, education, anything we are taking to a higher level, politics, religion, legal issues, weddings, the media and marketing - this is Sagittarius territory, Jupiter territory. Our Sagittarius house theme will also get a great big fiery spotlight. What we believe becomes much more important than what we know now. Just keep in mind not everything is as real as it seems with Sagittarius - there is a reason much of the season belongs to Santa Claus! 

With Jupiter (Sag ruler) in his detriment in Capricorn this year, and currently sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn (hang in there Sags, this squeeze is almost over) and with Jupiter ruling the South Node - his move into Sag might not feel as good as it has in other years, but -


bolder/expansive future potentials will become more and more visible as the Sun continues his journey through Sagittarius (until December 21st - "the day the world starts back up"). 


Hang in there.

xo all


back with some dailies and we will see what is going on with covid and start looking ahead to Eclipse season (first Eclipse next week) and what we might expect!

photo by the amazing LidiaVives

New Moon in Scorpio | November 14-15, 2020 - a powerful beginning connected to whatever karmically began to unravel in April 2019, rising from the tangled mess of our sweaty death bed sheets, preparing to get off the ark and deal with what is left of us, real opportunity



On Sunday, November 15, 2020 at 12:08AM EST the Scorpio Moon meets the Scorpio Sun at 23 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Scorpio. 

Coming just as Scorpio's ancient ruler, Mars, stations direct after a long retrograde and sextiling Scorpio's modern ruler, Pluto, who is just finishing up his final meeting with Jupiter and Pallas - this is a BIG one!

The New Moon is a time when the skies are dark. It is the time of beginning. The seed goes into the ground. The sperm goes into the egg. The secret spills out. You get the idea.


Scorpio is uber powerful, so be prepared to commit to anything you start now. Actually, commit as if your life depends on it, because maybe it does. We go all the way or we sit this one out (and this "sitting out" thing is not something you are going to want to do!).  There is no middle ground with a Scorpio New Moon.


Plutonian Scorpio learns and grows through loss. We go down into the underworld, and in the end, it's not so much about what we have brought back with us as it is about what we have left behind ....

Collectively Scorpio rules our 8th house of other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, power, loans, debts, taxes, death, inheritance, sex, reproduction, the resources you share with other people, the stuff that is hidden. The stuff we don't talk about in polite company. It's through the constructive traits of Scorpio - focus, truth, resourcefulness, passion, probing, deep perception - that we experience true intimacy. Scorpio is our only fixed water sign. 


It's potent energy for making deep and lasting changes and as this New Moon plays out over the next two weeks - a deep and lasting NEW START.


Let's unpack the chart! 


The Moon and Sun meet at 23 degrees Scorpio conjunct asteroid Deucalion and Juno. The rulers of Scorpio are Mars (ancient) and Pluto. Mars has just stationed direct in Aries - full steam ahead in his home sign. Pluto is at the uber "powered up" degree of 22 Cappy and sextiling the Moon. So, the rulers are looking GOOD. VERY GOOD. Jupiter and Pallas, having just passed over Pluto, are exactly sextile the Moon/Sun. The Moon trines Neptune in Pisces who is exactly conjunct asteroid Persephone and also conjunct asteroid Requiem. Requiem is exactly trining the Moon/Sun. Venus is semi-sextile and squaring Pluto.

The Moon is conjunct the Sun - a new chapter begins. They are conjunct asteroid Deucalion - Noah in Greek mythology. Son of Prometheus and husband of Pyrrha who was the daughter of Pandora. Deucalion (and Pyrrha) were charged with re-populating the world after Zeus's great flood. 

When looking at charts (Pallas conjunct my 8th house Moon) one of the things I am always doing is looking for things that seem to say the same thing. Sometimes they are not so obvious. But, right away here we see that a New Moon in Scorpio (death) conjunct Deucalion speaks of something being born through a great death/purging. This is also supported by that exact sextile to asteroid Requiem (remembrance of death) in Pisces (endings). 


Now, when Deucalion (the Greek Noah) and Pandora's daughter Pyrra went about re-populating the flooded world I guess they did some of this the old fashioned way, but through prayer they received instructions from Goddess Themis to "throw the bones of their mother behind them". Which through their great grief at the loss of their world, they proceeded to do quite literally - throwing rocks (the bones of Mother Earth) behind them which to their surprise turned into people. I'm not sure how well this 'rock-tossing' thing will work for us, I am almost certain to do some of this though (so don't be standing behind me anytime soon please).


This could also almost certainly be said to speak of 'putting the past behind us' now. Sextiling Requiem - prayers and acts of remembrance will be powerful, too.

We are starting from the beginning with something. There is likely a connection to something that was beginning to end back in April 2019 when Pluto and then Saturn crossed the South Node at 23 degrees Capricorn - where Jupiter and Pallas are now. Heavy karmic issues were starting to emerge (many were past life/familial DNA) and then maybe around September/October 2019, because Saturn and Pluto proceeded to station retrograde, something did end - see this post HERE for a refresher on that earlier April period - check April 4th and April 30th. We were coming into the time of the great humbling/the start of "time runs out" (of course the real start was 500 years before!). I would also suspect this is when the corona virus actually had its start. But for us personally whatever THAT was that was happening back in April 2019 and then maybe in October 2019, it has a connection to what is starting now. Back then we were talking about old debts we had incurred - from this life, from our past lives, from an ancestral inheritance - now it's time to trust you have paid them off, unblocked your future abundance. Back then, we had the South Node, Saturn and Pluto - a pretty dangerous lineup. Now, we have the Sun and Moon and Jupiter and Pallas. This is a lucky, expansive and wise new beginning we have EARNED.

We talked about this back in an early 2019 post - "we are pulled into our ancestor's stories (our past life stories, our childhood stories) so we can choose differently (we are them, but more than them), finish what they started, make the amends they needed to make and earn the rewards they were denied. If we have benefited through the abuse of Capricorn energy (hierarchy, power) either through our own actions, our ancestors' action or our past lives we could find those benefits wiped away. If this is happening to us, this is truly, truly our hold being released from something we no longer need to free them up for something BETTER."  


Well, here, and over the next couple weeks, (and in some way this started a month ago at the New Moon in Libra) THIS is where the "something better" can start to show up.


The Moon's EXACT sextile to the Jupiter/Pallas conjunction speaks of wisdom, confidence, LUCK - something like 'the harder we work, the luckier we get'. In Capricorn we can't just put things on auto-pilot and expect the best results. But I'm not talking sweat shop either. There will be efforting involved. We have to make a move forward. We have to work with what comes along. With Cappy we have to have some patience. But things started now will be longer lasting for our efforts. Expansive. Empowering. With Jupiter still in his detriment in Cappy, there probably won't be a million opportunities, but there will be SOMETHING. And it will be exactly the right thing that will take us to exactly the next right thing ... and so on.

The Moon is trining Neptune who is precisely conjunct asteroid Persephone. The trine to Neptune speaks of compassion/connection. It is an open portal to our past, our past lives, our ancestors, our dreams, our very powerful intuition. Prayer and meditation are very powerful now.


Persephone was the daughter of Ceres. Kidnapped by Pluto (although we might question if she hadn't just outgrown her role of daughter) - she went on to become the Queen of the Underworld. Her theme in our chart could be said to be something like 'maturity through crisis'. The exact conjunction to Neptune could speak of powerlessness or seeing ourselves as a victim of something. Happening in Pisces I believe we are looking at our past here/what we are ready to leave behind/put in our rear-view mirror. 

This is about self-empowerment. Real empowerment. Not the kind that can be taken from us through a pink slip, canceled contract or divorce decree. 

The challenge here is the Moon's ruler, Pluto's square to Venus. Relationship power struggles. Intensity. Maybe some kind of obsession. Jealousy. Manipulation. Venus in Libra likes things balanced/fair/polite and Scorpio requires more depth/more messy. The Moon's conjunction to Juno will help and we can work with this square. Charts without any squares or oppositions often don't amount to much because there is nothing to push off from. Scorpio always needs a little passion, a little fight to get it going. 

We can look ahead in this chart and see Mercury is going to oppose Uranus, Venus is going to square Jupiter, Pallas and finally Saturn. Mars is going to start moving faster and faster.  


Something is going to open up over the next couple weeks. Something birthed through this torched landscape; the resolution of some very old debts that have been marked PAID IN FULL.

xo all

As always New Moons are excellent times to plant seeds with our intentions.

Setting intentions for "Scorpio stuff" (or the stuff ruled by the house that holds 23 degrees Scorpio in our natal chart) during a Scorpio New Moon can be very powerful.

These intentions can include - empowerment, self-mastery, intimacy, reproduction, soul mates, financial partnerships, avoiding power struggles, secrets, psychology, charisma, restoration, forgiveness, obsessions, compulsions, strength, loans, debts, taxes, inheritances, contracts, revenge, jealousy and guilt.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a calm, centered frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive (meaning both certain and happy), clean and uncluttered space - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

 Know these things are already yours

xo all 

Jupiter conjunct Pluto | November 12, 2020 - the wizard of oz meets the man behind the curtain, rising from our sweaty death bed sheets, squeezing something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon



2020 has been/is a very IMPORTANT year. Ya' think?!


Astrologically we have had/are having an unprecedented (in our lifetimes) THREE different outer planet relationships getting realigned. Saturn/Pluto. Jupiter/Pluto. Jupiter/Saturn. Having any one of these in a year would be a big deal - next year we have Uranus/Saturn, for example. 


But, three DIFFERENT realignments in a year, is cray-cray and we have been feeling it!


First we had the BIGGIE on January 12th when Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in 500 years. We've talked about that often ("time ran out"). Thank the Gods/Goddesses that was a one shot aspect and didn't happen during their retrograde cycles or maybe we wouldn't even be here! That one is OVER, but, of course, we are still dealing with the ramifications as the patriarchy falls and power is consolidated at the same time - polarization!


Second, we've had THREE Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions (because of their retrogrades) - the first on April 5th, the second June 30th, and the final conjunction - the one that resets their relationship for the next 13 years, is TODAY. And this is the only one that happens on the exact degree (22 Cappy) of that Saturn/Pluto from January. Yes, the degree where "time ran out". ALL three have been conjunct Pallas.


THEN the final re-alignment (here's where the world starts up again) happens on December 21, 2020 (if you can believe it at 2:21PM EST) when Jupiter meets Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. This starts a new 20 year cycle (this is the first time they meet in "air" in 200 years). It's an indicator of immense change - that Jupiter doesn't meet Saturn in 'achievement' oriented Capricorn, but waits for 'advancement' oriented Aquarius is very telling. We are going to look ahead to this chart soon (it includes Mars conjunct Eris squaring Pluto - everyone gets a seat at the table or the table gets flipped!). 

In the meantime, let's take a closer look at today's chart for this final Jupiter/Pluto. 

Keep in mind Jupiter is our hope/our faith. He teaches us through expansion. He rules the sign of Sagittarius - teacher, guru, explorer, blowhard. Since last November, following a year when he was in his home sign, he has been in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn's sign and the sign of Jupiter's detriment. Think Santa Claus slaving away in Scrooge's backroom instead of the North Pole with his cute little elves. His transit from Sag to Cappy was one of the reasons I was writing "winter is coming" in late 2018 through 2019. It wasn't just my GOT addiction. 


Jupiter in Cappy tests our faith.

Pluto is the Grim Reaper. Think of the ultimate power. Life and death. Think nuclear war. And, eventually, rebirth/transformation because nothing ever actually dies. Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes here. Pluto transits are often repeats - we get the first hit that takes our feet out from under us. Then the second hit when we are staring at the leveled ground; in a sense we are dead. And finally the third pass, after which we rise from our sweaty death bed sheets (the phoenix, because of course we are not actually dead, although some part of us will be). Individually these transits are about personal empowerment. By that third pass our personal power is a match for that outer power that demolished us (although we might not feel this right away).

So, when Jupiter (who is in Cappy testing our faith) comes together with Pluto (who is in Cappy transforming us via his kind of kill or cure torture method - ack) - today, it will be for the third and final time - that rising from the sweaty sheets parts. We are kind of back where we were in April (and January and December 2007).


But we are not the same people we were back then.


The old us/old world is gone. 


The new us, and here's the exciting part, although it feels like we are a watermelon being squeezed through a hole the size of a lemon (because we are); the new us is BEING BORN. I would kind of picture us in the birth canal right about now.

If we look at today's chart we have Jupiter meeting Pluto at 4:38PM EST. Both are conjunct Pallas (wisdom, strategy). All three are sextile the Sun (leaders, governments, our ego, the way we shine), squaring the Moon (the people, home and family, our emotions), squaring Venus (what we want, our relationships, our money, our values, young women, beauty), squaring Mars (what we do to get what we want, our action, passion, conflict, anger, young men), conjunct Saturn (restriction, rules, reality, conservatism, old men). They are trining asteroid Pandora (one signifier for covid) and sextiling Neptune (compassion, connection, confusion, healing, illusions). Note - asteroid Wuhan (another signifier, ie stand-in, for covid) sits at 0 degrees Aquarius right now - the degree of this year's final BIG aspect on 12/21.


If you look at your own chart - this would be about an event/situation/storyline and you already know what this is because it's been playing out all year. This is your Cappy house event. This event now brings opportunities to your Scorpio house and your Pisces houses. It brings challenges to your Libra house and your Aries house. 


Jupiter expands Pluto (death), so the expired contracts, relationships, situations we are still attending to will feel like five ton weights on our backs. That has our attention, right?! Jupiter expands Pluto (power, big money) - this can be a good thing or a corruptive influence.


Pluto rules what's hidden, so Jupiter is expanding what's hidden. Secrets. Prejudices. Fears. Yes, death counts, but mostly millions more people who DON'T DIE and maybe more importantly figure out how much they DON'T WANT TO DIE. Strengths we didn't know we had. Buried treasure.

What have we learned since April? How have our beliefs changed? We might have come full circle with something, but we are not the same people who started walking that circle. 


What does this speak of in your own life?


All three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions have been conjunct wise warrior woman Pallas. She is strategic, recognizes patterns, can offer diplomacy and avoid all-out war. Jupiter (knowledge), Pluto (power), and Pallas (strategies) can be incredibly effective

Collectively speaking - governments/companies/systems (remember this is all happening in Capricorn) that feel like they are 'controlling us' can actually be doing what is smart and strategic. 


This might sound like an oxymoron, but maybe it isn't (and this isn't an excuse to stay in fear/numb and let someone else run our life - if that's what we are doing this whole thing is going to turn into a dystopian nightmare - this is a process that we are participating in - this isn't something being done to us even when it looks like it is). 


Without Pallas this is a whole different book; one we don't want to be reading. Without Pallas we are seeing boogeymen around every corner and monsters under the bed. This is why we ignore the Goddess energies at our own peril now.

At the same time we have Mercury (in Scorpio) opposing Black Moon Lilith at 2 degrees Taurus. This is a repeating aspect from the end of October. This speaks of a challenging conversation/information we don't want to deal with. Maybe a female/underdog energy saying/doing what she feels she needs to do for her own survival or to protect her resources - we will NOT be kicked out of the garden again. 


We'll have to see how this factors into the final Jupiter/Pluto/Pallas.


What has happened in your life since Jupiter met Pluto in December 2007 (Sagittarius house)? It's been a hell of a ride with something, right?! Now SOMETHING NEW is starting in your Capricorn house. Knowledge, power, strategy, wisdom - what are you going to do with this?

xo all


Keep in mind we have Mars stationing direct tomorrow - for the first time in Aries since 1941(!), at that time it was right before the Pearl Harbor attack - and a New Moon in scorched earth Scorpio on Sunday. This week/this final chapter of 2020 is just getting started!

photo by the talented TerriMo33

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, November 10, 2020 - what needs to be said, what needs to come out of the shadows, what's finished or needs to be, dealing with reality


The Moon is in Virgo. We are nurtured through service, organization, taking care of things, dotting our i's and crossing our t's. She opposes a retrograde Neptune at 3:42PM EST then goes on to sextile the Scorpio Sun at 4:53PM EST. Later she will start to trine the Cappy planets - Jupiter at 10:54PM EST and Pluto at 11:20PM EST (the trine to Saturn happens tomorrow). 


This month's Waning Sextile (opportunity) - Scorpio/Virgo - might speak of breaking something down (that is overwhelming/intense) into smaller, more manageable pieces. Bringing something out of the shadows and dealing with it by dealing with it. At the same time Mercury (Virgo's ruler) returns to Scorpio, so our conversations and communications go deeper/more real. This is the third time Mercury is walking these degrees, so whatever we are taking about, thinking about, reading - probably won't be about a totally new situation. With the Scorpio New Moon on Sunday promising new growth if we just clear the damn land, something should be completing here. 

This is also the day the Sun trines Neptune, so we have the Moon opposing Neptune as the Sun trines. Something here about fantasy/escape vs reality. Maybe we are lost in lalaland and need to come back to earth. Maybe we are trying to get to the bottom of things, but it's like dealing with trap doors and there is no bottom. Remember how life works - we will just see more and more of what we think we are seeing/what we are looking for. At some point we have to deal with the reality that is. With the Moon in realistic Virgo this can be that point. 

As Mercury returns to Scorpio he/she trines Ceres who has just returned to Pisces. These intimate/intense conversations/information can be delivered (again) in a compassionate/understanding way. 

Keep in mind with Mercury returned to Scorpio, after a long back and forth through Libra, we can also see situations as more dire/worse than they actually are. And the Moon in Virgo can be quite fussy at times. We don't need to toss the baby (who won't like this very much) out with the dirty bathwater. We don't need to scorch the earth to clear some land.

But if we're carrying around a dead rabbit and calling it our french poodle, if we are still tethered to an expired contract (and Mercury's back and forth through Libra and Scorpio should have cleared this up for us - we should know now) here is where a realistic and compassionate plan can be made to unwind something/finish it up. 

xo all


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Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | November 9th - November 16th, 2020 - Mars direct, Jupiter meets Pluto again, New Moon in Scorpio, INTENSE week ahead folks


This week is packed with intense aspects and transits. We'll unpack this with some dailies and a look ahead at the rest of 2020 and a BIG New Moon post.

MONDAY - Venus opposes Mars (retrograde), Ceres enters Pisces

TUESDAY - Sun trines Neptune, Mercury enters Scorpio

WEDNESDAY - Venus inconjuncts Neptune

THURSDAY - Sun inconjuncts the North Node, Jupiter and Pallas conjunct Pluto* (3rd time)

FRIDAY - Venus trines the North Node, Mars stations direct

SATURDAY - Sun sextiles Pluto then Sun sextiles Jupiter

SUNDAY - Mercury inconjunct Chiron, New Moon in Scorpio

MONDAY - Venus (15 degree Libra) opposes a retrograde Mars (15 degrees Aries)


Our male and female energies stand across the skies from each other from their home signs. Mars retrograde in Aries might have brought frustrating delays or actions that didn't get us anywhere. It's also been  about anger (old/hidden). So, when Venus, strong and direct in Libra moves into an opposition - what we want (Venus) is frustrating because we can't just go and get it or because we have been considering/re-considering our actions for so long we feel stuck. Or maybe we want to cooperate/relate, but maintain our own individuality, too. Our actions can push someone away or we could be the one who can't be pleased. There can be a relationship result/ending/turning point now or maybe an important 'air clearing' argument. Libra is a strategist and with Mercury at the very end of Libra we can still be civil, strive for balance/peace/cooperation. After today, Mercury will be back in Scorpio. So conversations are going to get deeper/more intimate (also more cutting/painful/empowering) as he/she moves through Scorpio again.

At the same time Ceres re -enters Pisces. Remember Ceres was at the January palaver with Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun when "time ran out" and she is following in Mercury's footsteps from earlier in the year retrograding back and forth through Pisces (viruses, spread of disease). Ceres is about mothering (maybe especially losses related to mothering like empty nests, death of important pets, etc), change of life issues, situations outside our control. In Pisces she is almost certainly bringing up the need to release what we cannot control. She can bring our attention to situations where we are smother-mothering something/someone ie over nurturing. She can bring our attention to situations outside our control (cycles of life) that need to be healed/released. She can bring our attention (and remember we have walked these degrees twice already) to situations that are draining us. She will be in Pisces until late February 2021.


TUESDAY - Sun (18 degrees Scorpio) trines a retrograde Neptune (18 degrees Pisces)


Neptune dissolves boundaries (sometimes even the ones we need!) and with the Sun in Scorpio we are fueled by going deep/intimate/getting to the bottom of things. The trine (brakes off) can enable true connection/intimacy or a no-holds-barred dive into something we are already obsessing over/are compulsive about. Keep in mind with Neptune the way he gathers up what we suspect to be true as if it is even if it isn't. This can be deep healing/spiritual breakthroughs or an unhealthy dive into something fantastical/illusive. It's a good time for a swim, just make sure there's water in that pool before diving in!

Mercury gets back into Scorpio - walking these degrees for the third time now. Libra's social niceties yield to Scorpio's tendency toward sharper more cutting tones. Deep conversations. Dealing with financial information/merged resources. Looking under the hood. We've been here before, so we know what we know now. The downside of this transit is mental obsessions, thinking the shadows of our shoes under the bed are actual monsters (and not just ugly shoes) or any tendency toward suspicion or jealousy. With the North Node in Gemini and answering to Mercury - Mercury's change of sign can have an even bigger impact. She/he will be in Scorpio until December 9th.


WEDNESDAY - Venus (18 degrees Libra) inconjuncts Neptune (18 degrees Pisces)

So, now it's Venus's turn to chat up Neptune.Venus (as us) in Libra wants love, peace, harmony, balance, but when she moves into this awkward aspect with confusing Neptune we could find ourselves in love with (attracted to) a lie or dealing with unrealistic expectations. Libra is an air sign so we have to stop and think. Does this make sense/cents? Save important interactions for another day if possible because we won't be seeing other people clearly now. Keep your credit card in your wallet.

THURSDAY - Sun (20 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts the North Node (20 degrees Gemini), Jupiter meets Pluto and Pallas - for the third time - this time with ALL planets direct on the HOT 22 degrees Capricorn.


The Sun is now inconjunct - that awkward rock and a hard place - our North Node path forward. The Sun in Scorpio wants to go deep/commit (or quit). The North Node is in mutable "a little of this and a little of that" Gemini. Scorpio is deep truth. Gemini is the facts that are maybe not always so factual. Inconjuncts require a give and take and then a knowledge that each side will need to adjust to the other.


At the same time Jupiter meets up with Pluto. Again. This is Jupiter and Pluto's third conjunction and the first happening on the uber HOT 22 degrees Capricorn from last January (before this year's three-peating Jupiter/Pluto - the last time these mega-players met was in December 2007, so Joe Biden would have been in between his election as Vice President and his inauguration). What was happening in your life in December 2007 - what has come full circle?

Keep in mind Jupiter expands and Pluto intensifies, demolishes and transforms. Pallas brings the wise strategies we need to get through this/for these energies to work TOGETHER effectively.


This is crisis/opportunity and pulls us toward Sunday's New Moon that Pluto rules. This is more power for the powerful, for better or worse. Truth can be exposed/magnified. We had this aspect back on April 4th (covid spiking in the states, financial stimulus - but we had Venus in Gemini trining Saturn then, too) and June 30th (with both planets retrograde - so, our second chance), so here's the final shot/the conclusion of whatever has been expanding since last April. Whether this is positive or challenging will depend on what we have done with the previous alignments.


We'll talk about this more as we move through the week.


FRIDAY - Venus (20 degrees Libra) trines the North Node (20 degrees Gemini) 


Venus themes (relationships, financies, self-esteem, women, beauty) progress smoothly. A relationship aligns us with the future. Send that email. Answer that phone. Here is more information/more choices. Watch for synchronicities and those "aha" moments. 

Mars stations direct. It may take him a few days to get moving, but here we go. We are back to July 25th when Mars stationed retrograde, so maybe something that got held up around that time can get going again. This retrograde period - to re-work or re-plan our actions, to curb our impulsivity/gather experience/manage our anger - has been necessary. 


From here on out, or really after Sunday's New Moon, the astro does not support backward motion. We need to move and grow, because while we are still living/sitting HERE, 2020 is pulsing/swirling forward, it’s a fight in a tornado for all of us baby, and keep in mind the most important news headline this Scorpio season (that you probably won't find on any news stand) - WE ARE NOT DEAD. 

SATURDAY - Sun (22 degrees Scorpio) sextiles Pluto and then sextiles Jupiter (23 degrees Cappy)


Here is where the Sun in Scorpio really starts to pay off - by sextiling the Cappy planets! This is all about stepping into our power/authenticity. Respect/confidence comes through going deep/intimate. Being fearless. If you have any power moves to make - and yes, I realize this is a Saturday, (this is in play Thursday/Friday, too) - well, this is the time to make them! Sun/Jupiter can bring luck/opportunity/expansion.


SUNDAY - New Moon (23 degrees Scorpio), Mercury (5 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts a retrograde Chiron (5 degrees Aries)

A New Moon in scorched earth Scorpio speaks of starting from the very beginning with something. I love that about Scorpio! 


We'll talk about this in its own post.

xo all - we'll also take a look at the rest of 2020 this week - because we still have some of the biggest astrology of 2020 AHEAD of us!

photo by the talented cristina-otero

Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, November 8, 2020 - relationship spotlights, needing an eraser or a lawyer or a paternity test, needing to have some fun


The Moon is in Leo now and the big news today is her square to the Sun (in Scorpio) this morning. This month's Third Quarter Square. At the same time we've got the Sun meeting Juno (16 degrees). 


Juno is about our relationships/commitments/contracts. The Sun shines a spotlight - of the intense/penetrating white hot variety - and closes out/begins a new cycle. Happening at the same time as this frustrating Third Quarter Square (which keep in mind is clearing the ground for the Scorpio New Moon on the 15th and we ignore this 'clearing out' part at our own peril) AND as we prepare for tomorrow's Venus vs Mars title bout we'll talk about in the upcoming weekly, makes this energy even more potent.

Scorpio/Leo is hidden truth/life and death power vs ego/kingly power. The Wizard of Oz vs the Man Behind the Curtain. Leo/Scorpio can also be fun/joy vs passion/intensity. What we do in public vs what we do in secret. Happening with the Juno/Sun conjunction speaks of contracts that need to be re-written. Maybe because one party has not held up their end (ie had the audacity, for better or worse, to change) or maybe the expiration date has come and gone. With Juno apt to do what she has to do to hold things together - maybe hidden compulsions, manipulations, jealousies need to be dealt with.


If things that were previously agreed upon (spoken and not) needs to rehashed - here is a powerful cosmic portal to figure out the new terms. 

Our relationships are at the very heart of these immense 2020 challenges/changes. Especially our primary relationships. Our partner is our biggest mirror. It is sometimes hard to see how changes in them are mirroring changes in ourselves, but they are. Good relationships can feel really good now. Expired ones can feel like they are eating us alive. Challenging relationships that help us create "oneness" with "the other" are incredibly powerful. A commitment to someone else is ultimately a commitment to ourselves (which is why the expired ones with the cracked fun-house mirrors are so deadly). The Moon in Leo says 'choose yourself", oxygen mask on your own face first. The Sun in Scorpio says "merge or purge", go big/deep or go home, commit or quit. 

So, what needs to change? 

xo all

The collective is given a choice - the King or the Truth? The daddy who tells us what we want to hear or the daddy who shows us what we need to know (although with Jupiter in Capricorn there is an inflated sense of seriousness/fear here, keep this in mind). The patriarchy is crumbling and getting stronger. This is happening within ourselves, too. So, which daddy is the real daddy? Is there a paternity test out there for this kind of stuff yet? What is happening now as Jupiter meets Pluto for the third and final time - will probably show us what we are unconsciously asking to know.

Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, November 7, 2020 - taking care of ourselves, angry outbursts, delays, cleaning things up, having some fun



The Moon, in Leo now, floats through most of the day unaspected, finally coming to square a retrograde Uranus at 5:49PM EDT - so there could be something #unexpected, #not unexpected tonight. The Moon in Leo turns our focus to children, romance, fun/recreation, our creative projects and natural spotlight. She also turns our focus to the "king". 

There are a bunch of persnickety (is this a word, I don't know why I am wanting to write it) aspects today including the Sun (at 15 Scorpio) inconjunct Mars (retrograde in Aries). We might find ourselves abruptly angry or angry over old situations (or delays). Take your time. Don't push. Avoid actions motivated by fear/anger. Try to avoid unnecessary altercations. Scorpio/Aries is passionate, but dangerous.


(Mars is slowed WAY down/stopped, expect delays and irritation because Mars in Aries isn't one for sitting still!)

One smooth aspect I see today is Venus sextile Hygiea (Hygiea by the way is no minor celestial body - she is the 4th largest asteroid in our Solar System), making this a good day to take care of ourselves. Clean up/air out our physical space. Do something healthy. Hygiea is in Leo, too, now (like our Moon) - so taking care of ourselves includes having fun. Try that.

Going to look ahead to the rest of the month tonight - Jupiter meets Pluto again, for the third and final time, something HUGE is wanting to happen next week. Buckle up.


xo all 

photo by the talented Rona-Keller