Jupiter conjunct Pluto | November 12, 2020 - the wizard of oz meets the man behind the curtain, rising from our sweaty death bed sheets, squeezing something the size of a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon



2020 has been/is a very IMPORTANT year. Ya' think?!


Astrologically we have had/are having an unprecedented (in our lifetimes) THREE different outer planet relationships getting realigned. Saturn/Pluto. Jupiter/Pluto. Jupiter/Saturn. Having any one of these in a year would be a big deal - next year we have Uranus/Saturn, for example. 


But, three DIFFERENT realignments in a year, is cray-cray and we have been feeling it!


First we had the BIGGIE on January 12th when Saturn met Pluto in Capricorn for the first time in 500 years. We've talked about that often ("time ran out"). Thank the Gods/Goddesses that was a one shot aspect and didn't happen during their retrograde cycles or maybe we wouldn't even be here! That one is OVER, but, of course, we are still dealing with the ramifications as the patriarchy falls and power is consolidated at the same time - polarization!


Second, we've had THREE Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions (because of their retrogrades) - the first on April 5th, the second June 30th, and the final conjunction - the one that resets their relationship for the next 13 years, is TODAY. And this is the only one that happens on the exact degree (22 Cappy) of that Saturn/Pluto from January. Yes, the degree where "time ran out". ALL three have been conjunct Pallas.


THEN the final re-alignment (here's where the world starts up again) happens on December 21, 2020 (if you can believe it at 2:21PM EST) when Jupiter meets Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. This starts a new 20 year cycle (this is the first time they meet in "air" in 200 years). It's an indicator of immense change - that Jupiter doesn't meet Saturn in 'achievement' oriented Capricorn, but waits for 'advancement' oriented Aquarius is very telling. We are going to look ahead to this chart soon (it includes Mars conjunct Eris squaring Pluto - everyone gets a seat at the table or the table gets flipped!). 

In the meantime, let's take a closer look at today's chart for this final Jupiter/Pluto. 

Keep in mind Jupiter is our hope/our faith. He teaches us through expansion. He rules the sign of Sagittarius - teacher, guru, explorer, blowhard. Since last November, following a year when he was in his home sign, he has been in the sign of Capricorn, Saturn's sign and the sign of Jupiter's detriment. Think Santa Claus slaving away in Scrooge's backroom instead of the North Pole with his cute little elves. His transit from Sag to Cappy was one of the reasons I was writing "winter is coming" in late 2018 through 2019. It wasn't just my GOT addiction. 


Jupiter in Cappy tests our faith.

Pluto is the Grim Reaper. Think of the ultimate power. Life and death. Think nuclear war. And, eventually, rebirth/transformation because nothing ever actually dies. Think of the Phoenix rising from the ashes here. Pluto transits are often repeats - we get the first hit that takes our feet out from under us. Then the second hit when we are staring at the leveled ground; in a sense we are dead. And finally the third pass, after which we rise from our sweaty death bed sheets (the phoenix, because of course we are not actually dead, although some part of us will be). Individually these transits are about personal empowerment. By that third pass our personal power is a match for that outer power that demolished us (although we might not feel this right away).

So, when Jupiter (who is in Cappy testing our faith) comes together with Pluto (who is in Cappy transforming us via his kind of kill or cure torture method - ack) - today, it will be for the third and final time - that rising from the sweaty sheets parts. We are kind of back where we were in April (and January and December 2007).


But we are not the same people we were back then.


The old us/old world is gone. 


The new us, and here's the exciting part, although it feels like we are a watermelon being squeezed through a hole the size of a lemon (because we are); the new us is BEING BORN. I would kind of picture us in the birth canal right about now.

If we look at today's chart we have Jupiter meeting Pluto at 4:38PM EST. Both are conjunct Pallas (wisdom, strategy). All three are sextile the Sun (leaders, governments, our ego, the way we shine), squaring the Moon (the people, home and family, our emotions), squaring Venus (what we want, our relationships, our money, our values, young women, beauty), squaring Mars (what we do to get what we want, our action, passion, conflict, anger, young men), conjunct Saturn (restriction, rules, reality, conservatism, old men). They are trining asteroid Pandora (one signifier for covid) and sextiling Neptune (compassion, connection, confusion, healing, illusions). Note - asteroid Wuhan (another signifier, ie stand-in, for covid) sits at 0 degrees Aquarius right now - the degree of this year's final BIG aspect on 12/21.


If you look at your own chart - this would be about an event/situation/storyline and you already know what this is because it's been playing out all year. This is your Cappy house event. This event now brings opportunities to your Scorpio house and your Pisces houses. It brings challenges to your Libra house and your Aries house. 


Jupiter expands Pluto (death), so the expired contracts, relationships, situations we are still attending to will feel like five ton weights on our backs. That has our attention, right?! Jupiter expands Pluto (power, big money) - this can be a good thing or a corruptive influence.


Pluto rules what's hidden, so Jupiter is expanding what's hidden. Secrets. Prejudices. Fears. Yes, death counts, but mostly millions more people who DON'T DIE and maybe more importantly figure out how much they DON'T WANT TO DIE. Strengths we didn't know we had. Buried treasure.

What have we learned since April? How have our beliefs changed? We might have come full circle with something, but we are not the same people who started walking that circle. 


What does this speak of in your own life?


All three Jupiter/Pluto conjunctions have been conjunct wise warrior woman Pallas. She is strategic, recognizes patterns, can offer diplomacy and avoid all-out war. Jupiter (knowledge), Pluto (power), and Pallas (strategies) can be incredibly effective

Collectively speaking - governments/companies/systems (remember this is all happening in Capricorn) that feel like they are 'controlling us' can actually be doing what is smart and strategic. 


This might sound like an oxymoron, but maybe it isn't (and this isn't an excuse to stay in fear/numb and let someone else run our life - if that's what we are doing this whole thing is going to turn into a dystopian nightmare - this is a process that we are participating in - this isn't something being done to us even when it looks like it is). 


Without Pallas this is a whole different book; one we don't want to be reading. Without Pallas we are seeing boogeymen around every corner and monsters under the bed. This is why we ignore the Goddess energies at our own peril now.

At the same time we have Mercury (in Scorpio) opposing Black Moon Lilith at 2 degrees Taurus. This is a repeating aspect from the end of October. This speaks of a challenging conversation/information we don't want to deal with. Maybe a female/underdog energy saying/doing what she feels she needs to do for her own survival or to protect her resources - we will NOT be kicked out of the garden again. 


We'll have to see how this factors into the final Jupiter/Pluto/Pallas.


What has happened in your life since Jupiter met Pluto in December 2007 (Sagittarius house)? It's been a hell of a ride with something, right?! Now SOMETHING NEW is starting in your Capricorn house. Knowledge, power, strategy, wisdom - what are you going to do with this?

xo all


Keep in mind we have Mars stationing direct tomorrow - for the first time in Aries since 1941(!), at that time it was right before the Pearl Harbor attack - and a New Moon in scorched earth Scorpio on Sunday. This week/this final chapter of 2020 is just getting started!

photo by the talented TerriMo33

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