Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | November 9th - November 16th, 2020 - Mars direct, Jupiter meets Pluto again, New Moon in Scorpio, INTENSE week ahead folks


This week is packed with intense aspects and transits. We'll unpack this with some dailies and a look ahead at the rest of 2020 and a BIG New Moon post.

MONDAY - Venus opposes Mars (retrograde), Ceres enters Pisces

TUESDAY - Sun trines Neptune, Mercury enters Scorpio

WEDNESDAY - Venus inconjuncts Neptune

THURSDAY - Sun inconjuncts the North Node, Jupiter and Pallas conjunct Pluto* (3rd time)

FRIDAY - Venus trines the North Node, Mars stations direct

SATURDAY - Sun sextiles Pluto then Sun sextiles Jupiter

SUNDAY - Mercury inconjunct Chiron, New Moon in Scorpio

MONDAY - Venus (15 degree Libra) opposes a retrograde Mars (15 degrees Aries)


Our male and female energies stand across the skies from each other from their home signs. Mars retrograde in Aries might have brought frustrating delays or actions that didn't get us anywhere. It's also been  about anger (old/hidden). So, when Venus, strong and direct in Libra moves into an opposition - what we want (Venus) is frustrating because we can't just go and get it or because we have been considering/re-considering our actions for so long we feel stuck. Or maybe we want to cooperate/relate, but maintain our own individuality, too. Our actions can push someone away or we could be the one who can't be pleased. There can be a relationship result/ending/turning point now or maybe an important 'air clearing' argument. Libra is a strategist and with Mercury at the very end of Libra we can still be civil, strive for balance/peace/cooperation. After today, Mercury will be back in Scorpio. So conversations are going to get deeper/more intimate (also more cutting/painful/empowering) as he/she moves through Scorpio again.

At the same time Ceres re -enters Pisces. Remember Ceres was at the January palaver with Pluto, Saturn, Mercury and the Sun when "time ran out" and she is following in Mercury's footsteps from earlier in the year retrograding back and forth through Pisces (viruses, spread of disease). Ceres is about mothering (maybe especially losses related to mothering like empty nests, death of important pets, etc), change of life issues, situations outside our control. In Pisces she is almost certainly bringing up the need to release what we cannot control. She can bring our attention to situations where we are smother-mothering something/someone ie over nurturing. She can bring our attention to situations outside our control (cycles of life) that need to be healed/released. She can bring our attention (and remember we have walked these degrees twice already) to situations that are draining us. She will be in Pisces until late February 2021.


TUESDAY - Sun (18 degrees Scorpio) trines a retrograde Neptune (18 degrees Pisces)


Neptune dissolves boundaries (sometimes even the ones we need!) and with the Sun in Scorpio we are fueled by going deep/intimate/getting to the bottom of things. The trine (brakes off) can enable true connection/intimacy or a no-holds-barred dive into something we are already obsessing over/are compulsive about. Keep in mind with Neptune the way he gathers up what we suspect to be true as if it is even if it isn't. This can be deep healing/spiritual breakthroughs or an unhealthy dive into something fantastical/illusive. It's a good time for a swim, just make sure there's water in that pool before diving in!

Mercury gets back into Scorpio - walking these degrees for the third time now. Libra's social niceties yield to Scorpio's tendency toward sharper more cutting tones. Deep conversations. Dealing with financial information/merged resources. Looking under the hood. We've been here before, so we know what we know now. The downside of this transit is mental obsessions, thinking the shadows of our shoes under the bed are actual monsters (and not just ugly shoes) or any tendency toward suspicion or jealousy. With the North Node in Gemini and answering to Mercury - Mercury's change of sign can have an even bigger impact. She/he will be in Scorpio until December 9th.


WEDNESDAY - Venus (18 degrees Libra) inconjuncts Neptune (18 degrees Pisces)

So, now it's Venus's turn to chat up Neptune.Venus (as us) in Libra wants love, peace, harmony, balance, but when she moves into this awkward aspect with confusing Neptune we could find ourselves in love with (attracted to) a lie or dealing with unrealistic expectations. Libra is an air sign so we have to stop and think. Does this make sense/cents? Save important interactions for another day if possible because we won't be seeing other people clearly now. Keep your credit card in your wallet.

THURSDAY - Sun (20 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts the North Node (20 degrees Gemini), Jupiter meets Pluto and Pallas - for the third time - this time with ALL planets direct on the HOT 22 degrees Capricorn.


The Sun is now inconjunct - that awkward rock and a hard place - our North Node path forward. The Sun in Scorpio wants to go deep/commit (or quit). The North Node is in mutable "a little of this and a little of that" Gemini. Scorpio is deep truth. Gemini is the facts that are maybe not always so factual. Inconjuncts require a give and take and then a knowledge that each side will need to adjust to the other.


At the same time Jupiter meets up with Pluto. Again. This is Jupiter and Pluto's third conjunction and the first happening on the uber HOT 22 degrees Capricorn from last January (before this year's three-peating Jupiter/Pluto - the last time these mega-players met was in December 2007, so Joe Biden would have been in between his election as Vice President and his inauguration). What was happening in your life in December 2007 - what has come full circle?

Keep in mind Jupiter expands and Pluto intensifies, demolishes and transforms. Pallas brings the wise strategies we need to get through this/for these energies to work TOGETHER effectively.


This is crisis/opportunity and pulls us toward Sunday's New Moon that Pluto rules. This is more power for the powerful, for better or worse. Truth can be exposed/magnified. We had this aspect back on April 4th (covid spiking in the states, financial stimulus - but we had Venus in Gemini trining Saturn then, too) and June 30th (with both planets retrograde - so, our second chance), so here's the final shot/the conclusion of whatever has been expanding since last April. Whether this is positive or challenging will depend on what we have done with the previous alignments.


We'll talk about this more as we move through the week.


FRIDAY - Venus (20 degrees Libra) trines the North Node (20 degrees Gemini) 


Venus themes (relationships, financies, self-esteem, women, beauty) progress smoothly. A relationship aligns us with the future. Send that email. Answer that phone. Here is more information/more choices. Watch for synchronicities and those "aha" moments. 

Mars stations direct. It may take him a few days to get moving, but here we go. We are back to July 25th when Mars stationed retrograde, so maybe something that got held up around that time can get going again. This retrograde period - to re-work or re-plan our actions, to curb our impulsivity/gather experience/manage our anger - has been necessary. 


From here on out, or really after Sunday's New Moon, the astro does not support backward motion. We need to move and grow, because while we are still living/sitting HERE, 2020 is pulsing/swirling forward, it’s a fight in a tornado for all of us baby, and keep in mind the most important news headline this Scorpio season (that you probably won't find on any news stand) - WE ARE NOT DEAD. 

SATURDAY - Sun (22 degrees Scorpio) sextiles Pluto and then sextiles Jupiter (23 degrees Cappy)


Here is where the Sun in Scorpio really starts to pay off - by sextiling the Cappy planets! This is all about stepping into our power/authenticity. Respect/confidence comes through going deep/intimate. Being fearless. If you have any power moves to make - and yes, I realize this is a Saturday, (this is in play Thursday/Friday, too) - well, this is the time to make them! Sun/Jupiter can bring luck/opportunity/expansion.


SUNDAY - New Moon (23 degrees Scorpio), Mercury (5 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts a retrograde Chiron (5 degrees Aries)

A New Moon in scorched earth Scorpio speaks of starting from the very beginning with something. I love that about Scorpio! 


We'll talk about this in its own post.

xo all - we'll also take a look at the rest of 2020 this week - because we still have some of the biggest astrology of 2020 AHEAD of us!

photo by the talented cristina-otero

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