Today's Astrology Forecast | Sunday, November 22, 2020 - inspiration meets innovation, a break in our routine, moving ahead without the facts, stopped in our tracks, cruising for a bruising



The Moon is floating through Pisces now - she trined Venus while we slept (EST) and sextiles a retrograde Uranus (change is good) at 2:10PM EST. 

Mercury (at 15 degrees Scorpio) inconjuncts Mars in Aries. 


The ground tilled for an argument/impulsive or angry words that might cut/hurt. Our ideas/thoughts and the actions we need to/want to take forming a 'rock and a hard place'.  Both needing to give a little bit. Our thinking might be skewed - in Scorpio, too fixed/obsessive. Our actions too selfish maybe. Mars has been sitting at 15 degrees Aries for so long already, almost waiting for Mercury to catch up, maybe the argument just stewing within him. Maybe the passion. Then Mercury comes in with the TRUTH he's dug up in Scorpio (intimate, financial, life/death), but Mars doesn't want to hear about it. He just wants to MOVE (he won't get off 15 degrees until the 24th). Or maybe there's nothing he can do about it - feet drying in cement as he is. So just plowing ahead without the facts isn't going to work.


Or that's the scene that is set for us. We can't win, but we might not have to lose either. Inconjuncts require adjustments on both sides. Inconjuncts are annoying.


Let's keep in mind the smooth lunar aspects - that trine to Venus (in Scorpio now, so more intense) - knowing our worth/what should be merged/purged, just watch your benjamins now. Money can move in and then out just as quickly. And there's that sextile (opportunity) with a retrograde Uranus - doing what we've done before, but doing it differently this time. Or bringing change to an old situation. Here is the pleasant surprise/chance encounter.


Inspiration meets innovation.

The Sun has moved into Sag yesterday and although it's a heavier than usual Sagittarius season ahead of us - with ruler Jupiter still in his detriment in Capricorn and the South Node in Sag - we should be able to sense the wider landscape even now/glimpse the blue skies. 

xo all

photo by the amazing emptyredhead

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