the astrology of THE UNITED STATES ELECTION 2020 | does this election take us to the first female Vice President (President?) of the United States or does Trump rise from another set of sweaty death bed sheets



Astrology can be a good tool for forecasting. Patterns and archetypes can be studied (what happened last time these planets had these same contacts, what is a person with this energy more likely to do, etc). Seasoned astrologers can make educated guesses that are sometimes uncannily accurate. 


But not always. In some ways we are married to the future, but in other ways, since we are co-creating it as we go along via free will - we haven't put a ring on it until after we've put a ring on it.


With a Full Moon on 'anything-can-happen' Uranus on Sunday, Mercury stationing direct on Election Day and confusing Neptune squaring the Nodes of Fate - this is much more likely to be one of those 'not always' times. And with Mercury forming an exact square to Saturn from November 1st through November 8th it looks like the perfect storm for a bitterly contested election process.


And, of course, Trump being Uranus as we come off a Full Moon on Uranus and head into the Age of Aquarius (co-ruled by Uranus and with a stellium of Aqua planets on the U.S. Inauguration Day chart) - he is going to be very hard to beat. I wouldn't count him out no matter what the polls are saying.

Let's see what he's up against.


Biden is a late degree Scorpio; Sun sandwiched between Venus (conjunct ascendant) and Mercury all in his 12th house. I know some people read this Scorpio/12th house combination as 'secrets/hidden maneuverings' and there could be some of this, but what we know for certain, because he is old enough to have a great deal of public history, is great losses/grief/death/illness throughout his life (which is something else a pile up of Scorpio 12th house planets can show us). We know he lost his first wife and daughter in a car accident and later his oldest son to cancer. Should he win he would be coming into the Presidency during a pandemic with a nation dealing with grief, illness and death. His natal Uranus in the 6th house of health and conjunct his DC mirroring the U.S. chart (innovative healing, bridging the country and 'the other'). His mid-heaven is conjunct his natal Pandora. His natal Chiron (wounded healer) is at 29 degrees Leo, conjunct Trump's ascendant/Mars and also conjunct the position of king-maker fixed star Regulus when Biden (and Trump were born). Regulus has since moved from the sign of the king, Leo, into the sign of the servant, Virgo - currently at 0 degrees Virgo (known as the degree of the 'common woman') which is Biden's North Node. 


Is Biden's destiny to heal the nation and bridge us from 'the king' to the 'common woman'?

Kamala Harris (the common woman?) has a 27 degree Libra Sun (conjunct Venus, ruler of the United States 10th house on Election Day in the sign of partnership and women). Her natal Jupiter is exactly conjunct Trump's midheaven and conjunct the U.S. natal Wuhan/Pandora conjunction. Her natal Pandora (a stand-in for both the pandemic and the first human woman) is at 0 degrees Cancer in her first house. 0 degrees Cancer is the degree of last summer's final Eclipse. Transiting Pandora will be exactly conjunct her natal Pluto on Election Day (and opposing her natal Chiron). Her natal Pluto is sandwiched between her natal Uranus and Venus. She has a 21 degree Mars in Leo (3rd house conjunct asteroid Nemesis) and conjunct Trump's 12th house Mars. She is a Gemini rising with her North Node/Ascendant conjunction conjunct the transiting North Node and Trump's natal North Node/Sun/Uranus conjunction. Her descendant is conjunct Trump's Moon. Her Saturn is conjunct the U.S. natal Moon in Aquarius (the people, so if elected bringing stability for some and restrictions to others depending on their natal Saturn and how they relate to Saturnian limits). Kamala's natal Narcissus at 8 degrees Gemini is scheduled for an exact hit at the first Eclipse of this season - the end of November, but in play now. Keep in mind the United States has a natal 22 Cappy Narcissus - Pluto's position on Election Day and the "red hot"degree of Saturn/Pluto back in January - power being cemented and patriarchy falling (both happening at once), so Narcissus is playing his hand here, too. Kamala's natal Moon is conjunct the Inauguration chart's Moon - so is Biden's natal Moon.

We've talked about Trump's chart many times and I won't rehash it. We've talked about the short and long term transits that can negatively impact his health/career. He doesn't have the same transits he had back in 2016 when he won, but he does have the transiting North Node (destiny) exactly conjunct his natal North Node on Election Day which is BIG. He has a natal Narcissus conjunct the Inauguration day ascendant, again.


Whoever wins will have the massively crisis/opportunity riddled Inauguration Day chart to deal with.

With a 12th house exact Uranus/Mars conjunction squaring the 10th house (leader) Saturn/Jupiter in the January Inauguration chart there is a very real danger to whoever wins this election. This crisis/opportunity applies to the country, too, but keep in mind this applies to the country no matter who wins. Obviously this doesn't mean it doesn't matter who wins, because a different winner will bring his/her own strengths and weaknesses and impact the way this all plays out. But let's just say there are real challenges and opportunities ahead. Fingers won't be snapped and everything falls gently into place here.


The Uranus/Mars conjunction speaks not only of the possibility for chaos and violence on Inauguration Day (and if Biden wins, surely the event will be virtual a Uranian event in that sense), but also for INSPIRED/Future Focused ACTION (and in the 12th house innovative healing initiatives) for the term of the President's service. 


With the 12th house ruling endings and Trump's natal Mars/Ascendant and Uranus/Sun/North Node - it seems likely this would indicate his time as leader comes to an end. 


If he does win almost certainly he is weakened or significantly changed with this chart.


Not to be morbid, but if Trump were to win and something were to happen to Trump during his term (a second impeachment/illness, etc) or even during this current term before it expires, Vice President Pence - birth time unknown - has a 27 degree Chiron (wounded healer) in Aquarius exactly conjunct the U.S. natal Moon (the people). He could step up as a healer. His Mercury is also exactly conjunct the U.S. Mars and conjunct his Sun. He kind of blends into the background to me, kind of like faded wallpaper, but his chart actually says that he doesn't. Although without a birth time to place things into their proper houses it's hard to know just what we are seeing with him.


And, again, not to be morbid, but if Biden wins, this might speak of a transfer of power to Kamala Harris.

The Inauguration chart also has an exact Neptune/Ceres conjunction in Pisces (11th house) squaring the Nodes of Fate! Neptune transits bring confusion/delusion, but on a deeper level they are internal/cosmic upgrades connecting us to more sensitivity/compassion and eventually bringing us to the truths we couldn't previously see. And of course the chart has a quite unpredictable and future-leaning 10th house stellium in AQUARIUS. The Inauguration Day chart is a total 180 from the Election Day chart indicating alot of changes happening between November 3rd and January 20th and we know the astro backs this up!

The United States is a Saturn/Uranus country (natal trine) continually evolving through a back and forth dance between conservatism and liberalism and next year we (the world) have a series of Saturn/Uranus squares as the modern and ancient rulers of Aquarius battle it out.

With Uranus in Gemini on the DC (the unusual 'other' seen as the enemy) of the United States natal chart, Trump/Pence has probably been the perfect combination to usher us into these changing times (Age of Aquarius). Whether or not they have given us/taken from us - everything we are going to work out through them, remains to be seen, maybe even for another couple weeks.


My prediction is - the early returns go Trump's way and he thinks he can pull another rabbit out of his hat. But in the end, and yes, there could be protests and twist and turns, likely legal maneuverings and maybe even violence - the spoils will go to the actual winners; Biden and Harris and then onto Harris.

Because the Goddesses have a dog in this fight, too, and they are rising 


(and yes, emergent female leadership includes Amy Coney Barrett - everyone gets a seat this year).


The battle of the Gods is raging. If you know your mythology you might remember how Saturn threw the severed genitals (and it is Scorpio season) of Uranus into the ocean. Well do you remember what happened next? Aphrodite (Venus) rose out of the sea ....

xo all


Venus (ruler of the U.S. natal 10th house, women, partnerships, balance and fairness and that stationing Mercury) squaring Trump's natal Venus and on Harris's SUN on Election Day. 


Keep in mind though I thought covid was going to make Trump quite sick and he rose from his sweaty death bed sheets barely missing a beat - which is exactly what 2020 is designed for all of us to do, the rising from the sweaty sheets of fear part, not the 'not missing a beat' part, beats will be missed - so I certainly wouldn't count him out. 

photo by the talented trixypixie

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