Todays' Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 12, 2019 - the void Moon, creating space for what is truly ours to find us

The Moon (in Gemini) went void last night after reaching her monthly fullness and opposition to the Sagittarius Sun. She will be void all day today before she moves into Cancer at 6:23PM EST - turning our focus to home, family, mother, mothering issues, security, real estate situations.

Jupiter (in Capricorn) approaches his trine (brakes off) with Uranus (in Taurus) - exact on SUNDAY.
This is the only meeting we have between Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (fast change) while Jupiter is in Capricorn, and, in fact, we won't get another trine between these two planets until 2028! It is in play for the next few days.

Here is a lucky break.

Expansive change.

We will talk about this more tonight as we finish up the monthly - in the meantime, keep in mind Venus sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto - softening their hard edges, even as they straighten her backbone/resolve. There is something serious here. It is not business as usual.

Mars (in Scorpio) is trining Neptune (in Pisces) - it's sink or swim, so we want to be SWIMMING. Even if we can't see any land yet. Even if we need to CHANGE DIRECTION - we still need to just KEEP SWIMMING.

Mars (action) in positive alignment to Neptune (our dreams). Jupiter (optimism, expansion, luck) in positive alignment to a retrograde Uranus (innovation, change, the future, another chance).

This is good stuff.

Yes, Venus (as us) is feeling like the cheese in a toasted cheese sandwich BUT she is doing her job here, ensuring we are taking that love/money/values/beauty/self-esteem situation SERIOUSLY. Ensuring we are valuing our priorities.

The Moon is void all day and waning. Take a few hours to catch your breath. Something needs to be released. Mentally/emotionally/physically - what are we holding onto that is keeping us trapped? 

Santa wants to drop a present in our lap and all he asks - well, maybe it's not ALL he asks, he is in Capricorn after all - is we have a little space in our lap to receive it.

With Jupiter/Uranus this situation isn't going to turn out exactly how we had pictured (release beliefs, expectations, grief over what was/might have been), but it could turn out BETTER.

xo all

photo by the talented Santina

GEMINI FULL MOON | December 11, 2019 to December 12, 2019 - reality bites, choices dissolve, seeing the facts, adjusting our thinking, serious commitments around love and money, change is coming

On 12/12 at 12/12 AM EST, the Gemini Moon opposes the Sagittarius Sun at 19 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon.

The Gemini/Sagittarius polarity is mutable. It's flexible, adaptable and thrives on change.

Mutable signs are restless and prepare us for the change of seasons. They are the breakdown and break away before the breakthrough.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

(who also rules Virgo - Mercury was the messenger of the Gods and the Messenger God)

and Mercury rules our collective third house of day to day communication and language. She/he also rules commerce, contracts, siblings, neighbors, local travel, early education, transportation - stuff that creates movement. Its polarity sign is Sagittarius, where our Sun (and Mercury herself) is, rules the ninth house of the larger world aspects of movement. So big picture thinking and processes, philosophy, higher education, foreigners, long distance travel, etc.

During a Full Moon we always have the Moon and Sun in their polar positions with the Earth in the middle (that's what creates the full moon), so the energy we are working with is the play between the two signs - in this case Gemini and Sagittarius.

Full Moons bring things to a peak, to a culmination, to light or to a conclusion.  

Let's unpack the chart!

The Sun/Moon are squaring Neptune (separating), the Moon is inconjunct Saturn (and Venus/Pluto, so hitting on next month's and next year's big energies), the Sun is sextile Saturn and conjunct Pallas.

Gemini is the sign of the twins and sometimes during peak Gemini energy we can find ourselves mired in two choices, doing things twice or again, seeing double, etc.

With the Sun and Moon moving off the dissolving square to Neptune - it could be these choices we have been mulling over or working our way through aren't grounded/real/based in reality. Maybe a sacrifice has been required. Maybe our "choices" weren't really choices at all. Neptune showed us this last week if we were paying attention. Our real choices narrow and the Full Moon tells us this is a GOOD THING.

With the Full Moon exactly inconjunct (rock and a hard place) Saturn, and Saturn, along with Pluto bookending an uncomfortable Venus (and keep in mind Venus is back where she was in February 2019, so something from that time could be wrapping up/activated) - this could be the part of our Saturn/Pluto story where the money is tight or our self-esteem is taking a hit or we aren't getting the support we need/want, etc

- some reality could be biting us in the ass.

Inconjuncts ask for adjustments. With the Moon in airy Gemini (finally some air at an important Moon!) - we are asked to adjust our thinking. To bring our minds back to reality with some situation. To make a decision, even at a time when decision-making isn't easy!

With Pallas (wisdom/strategy) conjunct the Sun - we are asked to be wise now. 

With Pallas opposing the illuminating Moon we are confronted with the facts.

With Venus squeezed between Saturn and Pluto and back where she was last February (the degree not the 'monkey in the middle' part) - I am kind of picturing her mediating a truce between these big, bad boys as she attempts to soften next month's Saturn/Pluto conjunction by showing us now that - what we want is limited.

If we have been living in lalaland - here is part one of the bills coming due.

If we have been working hard and adjusting to what life has tossed into our lane this past year - here is where we take stock of where we are and what we have and make another decision or here is where we are called to make a commitment.

Either way Venus starts a new cycle with both Saturn and Pluto now - so what we are doing RIGHT NOW around Venus themes (love, money, our values, beauty, women and self-esteem) is uber important because we are getting a fresh start. This is also about the themes of the houses Venus rules in your natal chart - your Taurus and Libra houses.

Take whatever you are starting now seriously. Take the decisions you are making seriously.

The Moon is connecting to both Saturn and Neptune.

Saturn represents discipline, time and rules - he reigns over the material world; the things that give life structure. Saturn tells Neptune to, "sit up straight, obey authority, get a job, to pull himself up by his bootstraps." Neptune rules the metaphysical world. He represents our dreams, our imagination, the things that give life meaning. He asks Saturn to feel, to have a heart, to show compassion, to understand that not everyone at every moment has bootstraps to pull up.

We all carry both these archetypes and they work out their energies and move their stories forward through us.

On their own neither of these big boys would give us a functioning world. They need each other. And individually we need to balance both these parts of ourselves. We need Saturn's structure to bring the dream to life and we need the dream (Neptune) to give our life meaning and purpose.

The ruler of this Full Moon is Mercury (ruler of Gemini). He/she has just finished up a two month journey through Pluto territory (Scorpio) and is now in Sagittarius - the sign of her debilitation.

Mercury is sextiling Jupiter and trining Chiron. So, confronting these facts/hard truths/whatever this is for us - actually creates opportunities for expansion and healing.

Maybe because we stop wasting time/energy and diluting our focus on the wrong things!

Communication/information is key now. Gemini rules youth and youth is a time of great flexibility and newness - it's time to bring in some fresh air. Don't over think this. This is a Full Moon - maybe something needs to end before we can fully get excited about the new stuff.

Mercury in Sag is answering to Jupiter and Jupiter trines Uranus in just four days (this is in play now) - we are moving toward BIG change and the decisions we are making now are important.

More about this in the next post as we finish out the monthly. 

xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | December 10, 2019 - healing words, something is starting to get serious/firmed up, a need to make smart decisions

The Moon is void until 11:47AM EST (sleep in you won't miss anything important) and then moves into communicative, dual-minded and busy Gemini.

She opposes Mercury (freshly minted in Sagittarius) at 3:43PM EST (a disagreement). This is also the day Mercury trines (brakes off) a retrograde Chiron in Aries. The Sun will reach a 135 degree aspect with Uranus today creating a sesquiquadrate (imbalance - maybe a change of belief is needed). Venus is getting closer to Saturn - something is getting more serious, maybe a commitment is being firmed up (with the Gemini Full Moon building maybe we are deciding between two things).

Mercury in aspect to Chiron (in Aries) could bring up old wounds around our self-doubt/our wounded masculine. But, words can be medicinal now. Confident language creates courage. Maybe it is easier to say/hear the right thing (the Moon opposing in neutral Gemini could bring the emotional impact without the whallop).

One thing to keep in mind with Chiron (who was half animal after all and rather tempestuous) and the Sun's imbalanced aspect with Uranus as the Sun starts to move off his square to Neptune - is we don't want to be making foolish choices right now.

Keep in mind ALWAYS that pile-up of energies in sober Capricorn. Daddy's not only 'home', but he is following you around. ALL THE TIME. 

The energy is kind of wonky today, so stay focused on reality/the facts.

We need to be making smart decisions. With Mercury/Chiron it could be our story is helpful to someone else or theirs is to us, so keep your ears open.

xo all

My next post will be the Full Moon post and then we will finish up December!

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday December 9, 2019 - * HEADS UP * green light - a time to be applying our best efforts to get tangible results

You can see Sunday's energies HERE

I am putting Monday up early because there is some great lunar energy, with the Moon in mid to late Taurus - the sign of her EXALTATION, that you might want to find a way to benefit from.

First, late tonight (Sunday night) Mercury moves into Sagittarius. And even though he/she is in his "detriment" in Sagittarius (being Gemini's polarity sign) - this year with Jupiter answering to Saturn, I think as long as our words/ideas/communications (also sibling, local community and transportation situations) are grounded in reality, optimistic, yes, but also serious and not frivolous, this won't be a bad thing. At least the back and forth through the never ending layers of Scorpio is over. 

The Moon is waxing (growing) reaching fullness in just a couple days - so whatever we use Monday's energy for, it should be something either almost finished, almost culminated or maybe something we have already put some thought/action into.

We can use Sunday's Sun/Neptune square to pray/meditate on the best ways to handle Monday.

On MONDAY, the Taurus Moon will sextile Neptune (9:19AM EST - making the dream real) then move into smooth trines with the Cappy pile-up - Venus (11:07AM EST), Saturn (2:54PM EST) and Pluto (8:12PM EST).

So, think about the themes of your Taurus and Cappy houses - in my chart, for example as a Scorpio rising this would be between my 3rd house (communication, information, writing, teaching, learning, siblings, local community, transportation) and 7th house (partners, other people).

Collectively Taurus rules our 2nd house of money, values, self-esteem and Capricorn rules our careers, work in the world, our public persona/reputation - we can all use these themes.

MONDAY is one of December's best days for applying our efforts and getting tangible results. Taurus is our fixed earth sign - so the lunar energies work best for something practical, something we can hold in our hand - a real thing, more than a concept. Something that we want to be lasting and something that provides comfort, security, stabilization will be best.

So, what can you do on Monday to move something forward?

I am negotiating terms/costs on a lease for a building, so I know Monday is the day I want to talk again to the owner. Maybe you have something going on that could use a little astrological good timing. Monday is a green light.

xo all

If you have planets or points in the mid to later degrees of Taurus and/or Capricorn you will probably get the strongest results. Also note Monday's good aspects are lunar and fleeting - they only apply to Monday.

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, December 7, 2019 - power imbalances, transformation, what goes, what stays, the conversation moves on, focusing on comfort and security, no such thing as a sure thing

The Moon in Aries squares Saturn at 4:09AM EST then goes void off a square to Pluto at 10:05AM - she will be void for the rest of the day. This would NOT be the best day for holiday shopping. Especially big ticket items. The expensive sweater won't fit. The computer will need to be re-turned later.

That closing square to Pluto makes today's mood kind of chilly with power struggles (maybe the need to confront abuses of power), also transformative.

What are we keeping? What needs to go into the dustbin?

The good news (and we talked about this in the monthly HERE) - Mercury gets to 28 degrees Scorpio and begins walking NEW degrees. Bye-bye Mercury retrograde shadow - don't let the door hit ya'. New communications, information, ideas will begin to FLOW. Whatever got stopped up back in the middle of October can start moving again. Mercury also rules our local community, teaching, writing, siblings and transportation - as well as your natal Virgo and Gemini houses.

And we have Venus (in Cappy now) trining that retrograde Vesta (in Taurus). Here is us taking serious stock of what we already have and planning ahead so we have what we will need later. We attract what we want by taking ourselves (and our self-care) seriously and by valuing old resources/money/the stuff that used to keep us up at night. Our values/stuff based in reality are pulling this train forward now.

Mars is as strong as he will be for many months, Venus is deadly serious, Mercury has been back and forth over the details ENOUGH, the Moon is waxing (growing) - we are moving forward folks, and yes, nothing now is without some risk, nothing is unimportant, nothing will feel "for certain" - half the energies are answering to Saturn now - this month is no joke.

The Moon will be in Taurus late tonight into tomorrow and will start squaring Mars - we will probably be feeling very ambitious/passionate about SOMETHING.

The move is ours. The ball is in our court. Breathe. Know we came here for the emotional experiences - does that change your next move? What do you WANT?

xo all

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Astrology of December 2019 | the end of the line - part 1

This is a mega-important month kicking off with Jupiter's move into the hot zone and culminating with the Sun crossing the South Node - bye-bye Capricorn karma!

Let's see if we unpack the month all at once if we can make a little more sense of this than we can going week by week.

We have FIVE planets in Capricorn now, including Jupiter who left his home sign and moved into Cappy (for the first time in twelve years) just a few days ago - Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Ceres.

We are building toward a meeting of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020 - these bad boys haven't met in Capricorn in over 500 years (and other players make the January story even more complicated, although perhaps offer us, humanity, a way collectively and personally, through this challenge).

Keeping in mind it is not really possible to predict astrological happenings down to an exact date (we are already in the process of the January aspects) on January 12, 2020 we are going to have the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, Mercury (all at 22 degrees Capricorn) and the Sun (at 20 degrees). This is happening with Jupiter in Capricorn, two days after an Eclipse and while squaring (let's burn this whole thing down) Eris at 23 degrees Aries.

In the meantime, it is hard/impossible to look this far ahead because we have TWO eclipses - ie cosmic resets, anything can happen - before January 12th with the first coming on Christmas night conjunct Jupiter (instead of the usual 4, and the sometimes 5 eclipses we get in a year - we get 6 in 2020, so enough twists and turns to keep everyone from getting too settled in).

Even with all this Capricorn building to the most powerful 'winter' of our lives, keep in mind, until the Solstice on the 21st, we still have the Sun in Sagittarius!

There is still some time to take advantage of any of Jupiter in Sag's parting gifts! And there are still gifts that are going to show up.

The first week of December is HERE.

DECEMBER 7th - Mercury gets to 28 degrees Scorpio and begins walking NEW degrees. Bye-bye Mercury retrograde shadow - don't let the door hit ya'. New communications, information, ideas will begin to FLOW. Whatever got stopped up back in the middle of October can start moving again. Mercury also rules our local community, teaching, writing, siblings and transportation - as well as your natal Virgo and Gemini houses.

DECEMBER 8th - the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces at 15 degrees. There are a couple of challenging Neptunian aspects this month and this is one of them.

Situations could be confusing. We want to avoid thinking we have all the answers now because we don't. Holding a strong opinion, ie offering up a judgement now might not be such a good idea. Zip it. If we can stay open without judging there can be a powerful spiritual message now. Stay curious. Don't get locked into any one position here. Work through things in your imagination, but don't jump into anything that looks too good to be true.

This aspect can dilute our focus and sap our energy - even make us sick, so do whatever you do to avoid catching a cold, etc. Our boundaries are large and whisper thin. Squares are tension and frustration. Maybe between that greener grass/opportunity to expand our reach and lies/dishonesty/or our own wishful thinking/escapist tendencies/inability to grow a backbone.

At the same time, and here is the silver lining part, Venus sextiles (opportunity) Neptune. So now we have a clue what to do with this. Focus in on what is practical. This is a time for practical (Capricorn) magic (Pisces). Maybe Neptune softens Venus in Capricorn's hard edges and Venus (in stabilizing Capricorn) offers Neptune's 'dream' something real to hold onto.

A tricky day, but that Venus/Neptune sextile offers opportunities. 

Something to keep in mind with Venus is she is back where she was last February

The difference between now and then is since that time both Saturn and Pluto have gone through their retrogrades and stationed direct. 

We have been through karmic endings/the death that was postponed/the mess that needed to be cleaned up. 

Hopefully we are back here, older and wiser, humbled and streamlined.

(opportunities from last February can return now, too, with a new twist based on how we processed and moved through the 2019 energies)

DECEMBER 9th - Mercury FINALLY climbs out of the Scorpio muck (I am a Scorpio rising, so allowed to call Pluto territory muck, you might not be able to get away with this without getting popped by a Scorpio) and into the bluer skies/greener grasses of Sagittarius. The scope of information available to us broadens. All the little details we have been immersed in during Mercury's transit through Scorpio fade from view a bit. It's like we have applied a wide angle lens to our camera.  

There is more to see (know) but less to specifically look at.

People will start thinking and talking BIG. Making BIG plans. Using BIG persuasive language. It's a good time to sell your "whatever it is", but also a good time to be sold a bill of goods. Keep in mind that words and information could mislead us as our focus moves away from those pesky details and onto the larger landscape.

Mercury is considered in his detriment in Sagittarius because he/she rules Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini. It is Mercury's JOB to focus on the details and in Sagittarius he can't see the trees for the forest. But, I think this year he/she (as us) will be aided through the "forest" because Sag ruler Jupiter's wide lens is  tempered by Jupiter being in Saturn ruled Capricorn. The focus will be more on reality and actual results which will be a good thing, plus she helps extends Sag season a bit!

Also on December 9th, Jupiter will square Chiron - we are open to healing, or maybe the hurt gets so big we can't ignore it any longer - OUCH.

DECEMBER 10th - Almost immediately after entering Sagittarius, Mercury trines Chiron. Words are medicinal. Confident language brings courage. It is easier to say the right thing.

DECEMBER 11th - Full Moon in Gemini with the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune and inconjunct Saturn. Venus conjunct Saturn. So a rock and a hard place to Saturn with so much of our chart answering to him now including this Full Moon with Mercury ruler of Gemini in Sag and Sag ruler Jupiter in Capricorn! And many, many people's charts answering to him too - I'm talking to you Taurus risings, Gemini risings, Virgo risings, Libra risings, Scorpio risings (sort of), Sagittarius risings, Capricorn rising, Aquarius rising - who does that leave?

Not such a fun Full Moon. Money and relationship stuff is serious business. We are maybe needing to be like Saturn in order to feel the love (goal-oriented/business-like) and then not able to feel the love because we are like Saturn.

With that square to illusive Neptune from Gemini, we might not know if we are coming or going. This would NOT be the time to make an important decision. Of course look at the date, it could just be everyone is uber busy with the holidays and running out of time (Saturn)!

DECEMBER 13th - Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, Mars trines Neptune and Chiron stations direct in Aries. The trine is good for moving ahead with creative projects, support from behind the scenes (and behind the veils), healing, charity work. Chiron's direct station will be strongest felt by people with planets/points near 1 degrees Aries or the other cardinal signs. What have we learned about our wounded masculine energy since Chiron stationed retrograde in July? Venus meeting Pluto speaks of the rising feminine energy; claiming our power/claiming ownership. What are we stepping into now?

A powerful day.

And, of course, it's Friday the 13th!

And for the last few days we have been building toward DECEMBER 15th's uber powerful big aspect Jupiter trine Uranus - BIG CHANGE. We will talk about this tomorrow.  

Back tomorrow with Part II

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | December 6, 2019 - taking ourselves seriously, honoring what we value while still moving forward, courage and confidence, smooth pavements and roadblocks

The Moon continues moving through assertive and independent Aries today - squaring Venus at 5:57PM EST (tension  around what we need to do to get what we want and the rules/limits blocking us, a need to adjust our sails) and trining the Sun at 8:04PM EST.

This month's waxing trine (brakes off) with the Sun at 14 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon at 14 degrees Aries, is sandwiched between today's square to Venus (love, money, our values, self-esteem, beauty) and tomorrow's squares to Saturn and Pluto, all in "serious as a heart attack" Capricorn. If you are making important decisions now, I hope you are taking them seriously. 

The trine moves things forward through courage (Aries) and confidence (Sagittarius) or maybe through initiative (Aries) and faith (Sagittarius) or maybe this is really the same thing.

A trine is a 120 degree aspect in astrology. Two planets (or points) are forming one side of a triangle. They are working in harmony, stimulating each other toward increased activity and SUCCESS.

We want (and always have) some of these in our natal birth chart. They are our subtle super powers. We can't see through a wall, but maybe we can see when someone is bullshitting us. We can't leap tall buildings with a single bound, but maybe we can leap over obstacles without getting mired in indecision.

Or we could think of them like a tool we are carrying in our pack for this lifetime. We need a screwdriver. We pull it out without thinking, we use it, it works, we put it back. It's something that's there. And it's helpful.

Once a month, during the Moon's waxing (growing) cycle, the Sun and the Moon reach 120 degrees apart and form a trine.

So although Aries always trines Sag - courage and confidence, initiative and faith always work hand in hand - here is the time in the lunar cycle (and this is brief, but powerful energy and we will only get this particular trine once a year) when we get access to the tools we need to move this month's very particular New Moon energies FORWARD.

Of course, this year, all the Cappy energy, which is impacting ALOT right now (but not EVERYTHING) is squaring the Moon, because Capricorn squares Aries, so it creates a need, even with that smooth-flowing trine - to take certain limits/rules/authority/responsibilities into account now. With Venus there could be financial/resource limits or maybe a partner isn't on the same page with us, with Saturn rules/tradition/authority, with Pluto power - maybe somebody else is calling the shots or holds all the cards - or maybe it just look/feels like they are. We are approaching Sunday's square between the Sun and Neptune - everything is not exactly as it seems now. Stay open and flexible. Don't get to wedded to your beliefs.

At the same time we have the Sun moving through an awkward inconjunct to a retrograde Vesta moving through the middle of Taurus. Here is a rock and a hard place. The Sag Sun wants those greener pastures/to expand his reach, but here is this thing that we once were devoted to/held sacred/kept us up at night - this thing that must still be honored. Maybe it's a resource. Maybe it's what we have earned/valued.

With the Sun trining an Aries Moon (brave action) at the same time, we don't exactly want to let this stop us dead in our tracks, we want to keep moving with courage and confidence, but we don't toss the baby out with the bathwater and we DON"T (those approaching lunar squares to Saturn and Pluto) NOT - yes, I love double negatives -  take this seriously. So, take this seriously, don't move into something stupid, just to move.

What are our values? What's most important?

Maybe we can't have the adventure and keep all those benjamins in our piggy bank (for example), so what's it gonna be?

Mars is in Scorpio - very strong, in a sign he once ruled - and the Aries Moon is answering to him.

Let's keep moving forward.

Let's keep digging for truth, looking under rocks and shaking things out.

Tomorrow, Mercury, will reach fresh territory for the first time in nearly two months, we will know what we are looking for when we see it.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | December 5, 2019 - a long void moon followed by a second wind, nurtured by men, pushing through obstacles and moving forward

Our Moon in imaginative, spiritual and escape-prone Pisces went void off a trine to Mercury (at the final degrees of her 'third time's the charm' re-walk through Scorpio) at 3:14AM EST.

She will be void until 2:44PM EST when she moves into the 'fresh start' energy of Aries. So wrap things up early in the day, focus on practiced production rather than on starting anything brand new. Expect some wonk and do-overs. That closing trine - brakes off - to Mercury, deep in Scorpio, makes this a good day for deep communications (intimate/financial) or digging through the underpinnings of something.

In Aries, the Moon will have us nurtured/comforted through interactions with men, independent action, initiation, our passions/anger and impulsivity.

She will square Jupiter at 4:08PM EST. Life gets busier - is this possible, yes it is! - we get involved, push through obstacles, make adjustments and make things happen. Aries/Capricorn squares are the old making way for the new or the new making space for the old. Jupiter adds confidence and enthusiasm. We could feel some over-confidence, but maybe that's what we need now!

We have Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, Ceres and the South Node - all in Capricorn with Saturn and answering to Saturn. We have Uranus in Taurus (answering to Venus who's answering to Saturn, and even if we see Uranus as answering to Ceres, as I sometimes play around with, Ceres is also in Capricorn and answering to Saturn), so Saturn is dispositing Uranus. We have Mercury headed into Sagittarius in just a few days (answering to Jupiter who's answering to Saturn), so Saturn will disposit Mercury, too. Yes, it is Saturn's world and we just get to live in it!

It might feel like the heavens have decided we should skip the holidays and rush right into 2020 "New Year - join a gym and work extra hours to pay off the bills" mode. Maybe this is why so many people felt the need to put their holiday decorations up so early this year!

All this Saturn is not necessarily a bad thing (did I actually just write that?!), but it is all rather extreme what with Saturn being our daddy/authority figure and ruling the way we use and misuse our own authority, responsibilities and commitments. Alot of attention is tossed on what power/authority can (and cannot) do now, also on the finality/repercussions of choice we've already made.

Keep in mind though we still have the Sun in sunny Sagittarius for the next couple weeks (before he moves into, you guessed it Capricorn ... and although, yes the Sun in Sagittarius is answering to Jupiter who is answering to Saturn, the Sun is above getting disposited, although certainly some Cappy flavoring is added, but we will never  feel this anyway with all the other old-man Saturnian energy we are having to deal with), we are still fueled through optimism/through a focus on the greener grass over there.

Until a few days ago Jupiter was in his home sign of Sagittarius for the last year. Everyone was given opportunities in 2019 even as we've dealt with these Cappy endings. Jupiter in his home sign lived up to his end of the bargain even though I feel (and I may not be seeing this clearly or maybe I am seeing it perfectly clearly because transitting Neptune has been sitting on my natal Jupiter for what feels like forever) his squares to Neptune dissolved some of our "luck". Still, the opportunities have been there. And if we are feeling like we didn't take advantage/notice them, there are still some twists and turns ahead, folks, our "luck" has certainly not run out!

The Sun in ONLY halfway through Sagittarius. Is the glass half-full or half-empty - that is up to us! The field may have narrowed, but there are still open doors and doors still opening. Optimism and courage in the pursuit of something that expands our reach is still driving everything. Mars is nearing the middle of Scorpio - the ancient ruler of Scorpio, he is the strongest right now that we are going to see him for many, many months - it is a time to be moving things forward.

I don't want to see us beating our heads against the wall, but nothing is really 'dead in the water' while Mars is still in Scorpio!

Once the Moon gets passed the square to Jupiter and conjunction with Chiron tonight (maybe an old pain is triggered when we push too hard, this doesn't mean we give up, we can move past this quickly!) - we will almost certainly start to get a second wind.

xo all

photo by the talented DeBally

Today's Astrology Forecast | December 4, 2019 - intuition, connection, partnership challenges, connecting with our goals and ambitions, turning on the light

The Pisces Moon squared the Sagittarius Sun - this month's waxing square - while we slept (EST). This is tension/frustration/the need to adjust between our dreams and wisdom. The Pisces Moon answers to Neptune, in his home sign, and the Sagittarius Sun answers to Jupiter in serious Capricorn - our decisions/beliefs are important and we can probably feel the weight of them.

Looking ahead the Sun (and later in December, Mercury) is going to square Neptune - so even as we finish up Mercury's final walk over his retrograde degrees - he starts walking fresh territory in just three days - there could still be some adjustments needed with our thinking and our beliefs. Hands still in play. Big changes ahead with the eclipse. We still don't know what we don't know.

The Moon then meets Neptune (10:18AM EST) - deep emotions, creativity, spirituality, connection, we might want to escape from any challenging situations brought on by the waxing square, but let's see if we can't go with the flow here instead, offer connection instead of judgement. This afternoon the Moon will move through some opportunistic sextiles with Saturn (3:14PM EST) and Pluto (9:41PM EST). Focus, work, this is good energy to get things done, connect with our goals, authority and responsibilities in creative ways.

Venus (also in serious Capricorn) is going to square Juno, so there is some tension between love/money/our values/self esteem and our contracts/relationship agreements. With Venus in ambitious Capricorn (not her usual loving self) and Juno in diplomatic and partnership-focused Libra, love can be difficult. 

The Pisces Moon will increase our intuitive powers - pay attention to your dreams and imaginative meanderings, watch for signs. At the same time, with all the Cappy energy today, we will likely be connecting with our goals, career situations, authority. It's good - as long as we take things seriously and know there will be some adjustments needed (the squares).

The big news today probably happens while we sleep - that Sun square Moon - and even though we spend most of the day with the Moon having moved on - keep in mind the Sun will still be at 11 degrees Sagittarius (where they met at 1:58AM EST) keeping this energy active until tomorrow, we might have to stand up for what we believe in now or adjust our beliefs.

Sag/Pisces can amp up the creativity and imagination, but also the "lala" factor, so it would be a good day - especially now with this powerful Cappy stellium - to face the stuff we might usually try to avoid. Slay the boogeyman, who only really exists in the dark anyway ...

xo all
(working on a December post so we can see further ahead!)

photo by the talented emptyredhead

Today's Astrology Forecast | December 3, 2019 - third time's the charm, three strikes you're out, endings/beginnings, committing our hearts and resources and wallets, being strategic, following our passions

It's all good news for our Pisces Moon today as she sextiles Jupiter at 2:25AM EST (our dreams getting grounded in Jupiter's new earthy terrain), sextiles a retrograde Uranus at 8:43AM EST (change is good, creative opportunities with resources), trines Mars at 9:50PM EST (going deep, merging, moving forward) and finally sextiles Venus at 10:26PM EST (opportunities with love/money through imagination, connection, compassion).

We also have Mercury (yes, still in Scorpio and covering his retrograde degrees for the third time) sextiling Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn. Truth. Powerful conversations and ideas. We had this on October 19th and November 9th, so another third time's the charm/or three strikes you are out kind of thing. Good for communications with authority/steeping into our own power via important words. This could also be about another kind of Mercurian situation - a sibling issue, local community issue or transportation issue. Mercury in Scorpio is already answering to Pluto, so whatever we have been digging through gets intensified now.

At the same time Venus sextiles Mars - the girls and the boys can play nice in the sandbox. Opportunistic connections. What we want and what we have to do to get what we want are working together now.

Keep in mind Venus had to cross the South Node to get to Mars - so RELEASING old relationships/resources/financial commitments could be part of the picture here.

If we can access that Mars in Scorpio - what we are really passionate about - what we really want to be doing right now? who we really want to be doing it with? - we can move mountains through right action (and powerful language - the Mercury/Pluto sextile).

We have to see the truth though (maybe what is finished?) - THEN we have the power to attract what we want/need into our life through words and initiative. Know if we are experiencing an ending now/getting a no - it is undeniable there is something BETTER coming when we release this "thing we used to love's" stranglehold on us. If something is over - let it go. The NEW is right around the corner. 

Pallas is conjunct the Sun (at 10 degrees Sagittarius) shining a light on important patterns and strategies. The Sagittarius Sun fuels us with optimism and a look at the grand vision/greener pastures. Pallas can provide the wisdom to help us get there.

The Moon is waxing (growing) and unencumbered today. Socialize, make business contacts, get things out into the world. Take action. Speak your truth.

There is really NOTHING STOPPING US TODAY other than ourselves ie we aren't being truthful by refusing to see the obvious or refusing to release something that is over.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | December 2, 2019 - all day void moon, fated endings and meetings from the past, acting on our passions, authentic action flows smoothly, Jupiter helps to lighten up our Cappy load, the harder we work the luckier we get

Today's Aquarius Moon goes void at 7:27AM EST off a square to Mercury (in Scorpio) - tension between our head and our heart/inner stress. She will be void until 2:11AM tomorrow when she moves into spiritual and imaginative Pisces.

Mars (also in Scorpio and traveling the degrees Mercury walked during his recent retrograde) trines the North Node in Cancer. Actions taken now toward a more authentic future move things smoothly into place - and in fact with Venus sitting at the South Node (an ending or commitment around love/money/our values/self-esteem - what we once wanted/loved) - we can know our best path forward by what IS happening with the least amount of effort.

With Mars in intense and powerful Scorpio - it will be what we are most passionate about/where our authentic power lies - that is calling us home (back to ourselves).

With Venus conjunct the South Node (past) in Capricorn - we could be dealing with an ending or maybe something from the past (someone/something we once loved - even in a previous life or something an ancestor loved) is green-lighted through our responsible commitment - keep in mind Mars trine the North Node at the same time.

Remember releasing the negative South Node (Capricorn) while developing the POSITIVE gets us to that North Node future/gold. In this case - releasing fears, coldness, being all-business, ambitious to the point of losing our heart, workaholism - while developing responsibility, dependability, taking care of business, playing by the rules - gets us to a space that is more authentic and comfortable. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable - keep in mind that crab who must get naked for a while while outgrowing/molting his shell - might be scary, but it is the only way that offers real security/safety/a feeling of home and a place in the world now.

The big news today is Jupiter's move from his home sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn.

I wrote about it HERE.

The harder we work the luckier we get. This is in general of course and isn't to say we want to be beating our head (I just typo'd heart, so not our hearts either!) against the wall or working 24/7. We want to be working toward goals we are passionate about. Jupiter will bring the belief in ourselves and what we are doing - that makes us lucky so we connect with what we need to make things happen - we just have to bring the muscle and put the time in. 

For a great many people, Jupiter in Capricorn - working to grow something - is alot more comfortable than Jupiter in Sagittarius - jumping in and having faith it will all work out. Goals are our friend now.

To find your own gold you might be thinking about - what house does Capricorn rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house? What is the status of your natal Jupiter? What planets/points will Jupiter in Capricorn be contacting in your natal chart over the next year? Note - Capricorn opposes Cancer, squares Libra and Aries, trines (brakes off) Virgo and Taurus, etc.

Collectively, this transit - Jupiter through Capricorn - will be about our careers and public life.

xo all

photo by the talented tanja moss

Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of December 2, 2019 - fated situations, our luck changes, limits create focus and focus erases limits, serious conversations, our passion pulls us forward

SUNDAY - Waxing sextile with Aquarius Moon/Sagittarius Sun
MONDAY - Venus conjunct South Node, Mars trines North Node, Jupiter into Capricorn
TUESDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto, Venus sextile Mars
SATURDAY - Mercury leaves his retrograde shadow
SUNDAY - Sun square Neptune, Venus sextile Neptune, Jupiter square Chiron

December looks like a mini-me version of the entirety of 2020, so let's unpack the first week!

On SUNDAY, the Aquarius Moon moves through her monthly waxing sextile with the Sagittarius Sun. Here is opportunity (sextile) through growth and forward movement. Fueled by faith and optimism we move into the future/greater liberation/an increased ability to just be ourselves. This is also Jupiter's last day in Sagittarius!

On MONDAY, we have an important shift we are all likely to feel as Jupiter transits ALWAYS bring change and opportunity-

Jupiter leaves his home sign of Sagittarius - sniffle! - to join Saturn and Pluto and the South Node (and Venus for now) in sober Capricorn (a place he isn't very comfortable) for the first time since 2007 - what did you have going on in your life at the end of 2007 and into 2008 that was stabilizing and may still be active in your life in some way now? You may find some similarities in life-themes now as things shift.

Jupiter will be in Capricorn until December 2020.

In Saturnian territory, adventure-loving (and sometimes careless) Jupiter will become more limited, more sober, more ambitious. Our expansion/our abundance/our luck comes through our ability to get serious and focus in on one particular thing now. 

What also happens is that our Capricorn house - struggling under the weight of the impending Saturn/Pluto meet-up and challenging stuff already on our radar - can LIGHTEN UP or maybe the limits/restrictions might expand in some way.

In general it will be hard to know and will depend a great deal on the state of our natal Jupiter. 

For the most part, being in Saturn's house changes Jupiter - and Jupiter being in Saturn's house (Capricorn) changes Saturn's house. Think about the way a fun-loving nephew becomes more serious when visiting a cold-sober grandpa, but also the way the atmosphere in grandpa's house can lighten up with a visit from the fun-loving nephew.

It might feel like some doors are closing - because Sagittarius casts a wide net - but only so we can get focused in on the one door that is open. We can't move in just any direction anymore - although with Jupiter square Neptune (dissolving opportunities) for most of the year, we really didn't get the Jupiterian opportunities we otherwise might have, BUT we can, through attending to responsibilities/taking ourselves seriously/hard work EXPAND something in a more Capricorny way - built over time, more solid/practical, reality based.

So, the thing we dreamed up in 2019 will be the thing we get to build in 2020. By the time we get to the end of 2020 and Jupiter moves into Aquarius (at the same time Saturn does!) - we will have a solid foundation under whatever it is we will be working with for the next 12 years.

Collectively this will be about our careers/work in the world AND more importantly our natal chart Capricorn house theme. Jupiter can help ease any challenges in this house (Saturn/Pluto) and also expand - through increased optimism/wisdom - what will benefit by expansion.

Jupiter can and does expand things we don't want to expand (our waistline when in the first house for example), but I think with Saturn (and Pluto) in Cappy, too, excesses should get shut down quickly.

Taking things too far will probably not be an option any longer.

Yes, being in Capricorn can create some kind of delay or road block or just a splash of cold water for Jupiter - but, keep in mind there are advantages to limits, too!

When I first started making jewelry I worked exclusively with cork and people would ask me "how do you think of all these things to do with cork?" and I would say, "well, that's because it's all I do think about"- which isn't actually true of course I would also think about my daughter .. and my dog ... and sometimes nutella, but you get the idea. Creativity needs limits. If I say to you "make something", you'd be all over the place. If I said to you "make something out of a Cheerio's box", you'd come up with something amazing (yes, amazing, I have total faith in you).

Limits can create focus and focus can ERASE limits. That's Jupiter in Capricorn.

Happening at the same time, Venus conjuncts the South Node (maybe releasing what we used to love, old resources, what we used to get our self-esteem through, old values, etc - this aspect could also bring attractions from the past back onto our radar) and Mars trines the North Node (brakes off) - our actions creating opportunities that pull us forward and offer greater authenticity and a feeling of safety and comfort. With Mars in reflective and powerful Scorpio - the deeper we go, the deeper we'll go.

With multiple inner planets interacting with the South and North Nodes (our fate) - there is magic and synchronicity happening, so pay attention and keep moving.

The greater our commitment/passion for what we are going after and the more it points us in a more authentic direction (what feels like home) - the greater our chances of success now. 

On TUESDAY - Mercury sextiles Pluto and Venus sextiles Mars.

Doors open. Talks with authority/intimate conversations/financial communications can go smoothly. Mercury's aspect to Pluto is a repeating aspect - so like last week's sextile to Saturn, third time can be the charm here. Ask again. Say it again. Listen again. Venus sextiling Mars is great for socializing and romance. the boys and the girls are getting along. What we want is working together with what we need to do to get what we want. Again being committed and passionate gets the best results.

We will talk about the rest of the week in a couple days. We have five major aspects and a powerful planet changing signs in just the first couple days!

Heads up the Moon is void all day Monday - 7:27AM EST to midnight, so not the day to kick off anything brand new or send anything out into the world we need something to come of.

This is a mega-important month kicking off with Jupiter's move into the hot zone and culminating with the Sun crossing the South Node - bye-bye Capricorn karma!

Lots of stuff in the middle, too, including a big Solar Eclipse (with positive and supportive aspects for growth and change) on Christmas night.

Back daily with the Moons and a forward looking full December post in case December's workload gets me sidetracked!

xo all

photo by the talented Irina Joanne