Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of December 23, 2019 - shifting values, stepping into our own authority, soul contracts complete, opportunity knocks, answer the door

... and just in time for Christmas, Eclipse season is here folks!

SUNDAY - Mars sextile Pluto, Venus squares Uranus
MONDAY - Sun squares Chiron
TUESDAY - Sun trines Uranus
WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY - New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn (4 degrees)
FRIDAY - Sun conjunct Jupiter

On MONDAY we are dealing with Sunday's aspects and the Sun (now in Capricorn) moving into a square with Chiron (in Aries).

Venus (in Aquarius) squares Uranus (in Taurus) - this activates our Aquarius and Taurus houses with tension/challenges/a need to adjust. With these planets in each other's signs the square is sharper, more powerful. Breakdowns. Breakthroughs. A sudden break-up. Unexpected relationship/money situations. Changes (Uranus/Aquarius) to what we want/own (Venus/Taurus).

Our values (Venus) shift (Uranus). 

Venus is flying through Aquarius, so this is fast change forced by uncomfortable situations.

At the same time, Mars (in Scorpio) sextiles Pluto (in Capricorn). We are awakening. Empowered. Our passionate/deeply felt actions align with power/authority/transformation and this creates opportunities.

The Sun squares Chiron - ego wounds, father wounds. Challenges with authority. Insecurities. Conflict. There are rules/limits here. There is alot going on now.

On TUESDAY, our Cappy Sun trines Uranus. This is what Jupiter did last week, so something here could connect back to whatever shifted/expanded then.

Something new/innovative/forward leaning (with Uranus retrograde there is some connection to the past here, another chance at something we missed? another way forward?) comes to light.

There is a knock at the door and it will be something better than Aunt Ida carrying her holiday fruitcake, I promise. 

Capricorn is cardinal earth - this is an earthquake, structural change. Uranus guarantees the unexpected.

This will be different than we planned.

Stay flexible.

Do something different. TAKE INSPIRED ACTION.

On WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY, we enter the eclipse spin-cycle (hang on loosely) when the Cappy Moon meets the Cappy Sun at 4 degrees

(right on the IC of the chart for Washington DC - we'll talk about this in the New Moon Solar Eclipse post next).

Conjunct Jupiter/the South Node and trining Uranus - here is what those big endings in 2019/the messes we cleaned up/the release from karmic bondage have been preparing us for. The space for something new. Something else. Jupiter is out of his square to Neptune, so our luck/expansion won't be dissolved this time. Keep in mind this isn't going to show up the way we thought it was from our perch last January. This Eclipse opens up a two week eclipse window that ends on January 10th with a pretty challenging Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Cancer just a couple days before Saturn reaches Pluto and on the same day Uranus stations direct!

The next two weeks are very powerful. We'll talk about this in the Full Moon post next.

On FRIDAY - Mercury squares Black Moon Lilith - freedom of thought. Now we can see clearly what we really have/where we stand. The Sun perfects his conjunction to Jupiter, so we had Jupiter trine Uranus and then the Sun trine Uranus and now the Sun catches up with Jupiter and they can integrate these changes. TRUST what is being started here/what is showing up!

If we don't get what we want this week - if it really IS Aunt Ida with that freakin' fruitcake, we are going to have to trust that we actually need that freakin' fruitcake!! We are going to have to let her in. We are going to have to eat it.

2019, for many people, involved some kind of humbling, so there might be some humble pie (disguised as fruitcake) this holiday season, too. That's OK. We are going to roll with whatever gets tossed at us right now. Again, TRUST what is being started here/what is showing up. We are unwinding lifetimes and generations of very sticky Cappy karma. Soul contracts ending. Gone forever by the middle of January. Don't let the door hit ya' fellas.

It's eclipse season, so hang on loosely.

xo all

photo by the amazing sollenafotografie

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