Todays' Astrology Forecast | Thursday, December 12, 2019 - the void Moon, creating space for what is truly ours to find us

The Moon (in Gemini) went void last night after reaching her monthly fullness and opposition to the Sagittarius Sun. She will be void all day today before she moves into Cancer at 6:23PM EST - turning our focus to home, family, mother, mothering issues, security, real estate situations.

Jupiter (in Capricorn) approaches his trine (brakes off) with Uranus (in Taurus) - exact on SUNDAY.
This is the only meeting we have between Jupiter (luck) and Uranus (fast change) while Jupiter is in Capricorn, and, in fact, we won't get another trine between these two planets until 2028! It is in play for the next few days.

Here is a lucky break.

Expansive change.

We will talk about this more tonight as we finish up the monthly - in the meantime, keep in mind Venus sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto - softening their hard edges, even as they straighten her backbone/resolve. There is something serious here. It is not business as usual.

Mars (in Scorpio) is trining Neptune (in Pisces) - it's sink or swim, so we want to be SWIMMING. Even if we can't see any land yet. Even if we need to CHANGE DIRECTION - we still need to just KEEP SWIMMING.

Mars (action) in positive alignment to Neptune (our dreams). Jupiter (optimism, expansion, luck) in positive alignment to a retrograde Uranus (innovation, change, the future, another chance).

This is good stuff.

Yes, Venus (as us) is feeling like the cheese in a toasted cheese sandwich BUT she is doing her job here, ensuring we are taking that love/money/values/beauty/self-esteem situation SERIOUSLY. Ensuring we are valuing our priorities.

The Moon is void all day and waning. Take a few hours to catch your breath. Something needs to be released. Mentally/emotionally/physically - what are we holding onto that is keeping us trapped? 

Santa wants to drop a present in our lap and all he asks - well, maybe it's not ALL he asks, he is in Capricorn after all - is we have a little space in our lap to receive it.

With Jupiter/Uranus this situation isn't going to turn out exactly how we had pictured (release beliefs, expectations, grief over what was/might have been), but it could turn out BETTER.

xo all

photo by the talented Santina

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