Astrology of December 2019 | the end of the line - part 1

This is a mega-important month kicking off with Jupiter's move into the hot zone and culminating with the Sun crossing the South Node - bye-bye Capricorn karma!

Let's see if we unpack the month all at once if we can make a little more sense of this than we can going week by week.

We have FIVE planets in Capricorn now, including Jupiter who left his home sign and moved into Cappy (for the first time in twelve years) just a few days ago - Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus and Ceres.

We are building toward a meeting of Saturn and Pluto on January 12, 2020 - these bad boys haven't met in Capricorn in over 500 years (and other players make the January story even more complicated, although perhaps offer us, humanity, a way collectively and personally, through this challenge).

Keeping in mind it is not really possible to predict astrological happenings down to an exact date (we are already in the process of the January aspects) on January 12, 2020 we are going to have the conjunction of Pluto, Saturn, Ceres, Mercury (all at 22 degrees Capricorn) and the Sun (at 20 degrees). This is happening with Jupiter in Capricorn, two days after an Eclipse and while squaring (let's burn this whole thing down) Eris at 23 degrees Aries.

In the meantime, it is hard/impossible to look this far ahead because we have TWO eclipses - ie cosmic resets, anything can happen - before January 12th with the first coming on Christmas night conjunct Jupiter (instead of the usual 4, and the sometimes 5 eclipses we get in a year - we get 6 in 2020, so enough twists and turns to keep everyone from getting too settled in).

Even with all this Capricorn building to the most powerful 'winter' of our lives, keep in mind, until the Solstice on the 21st, we still have the Sun in Sagittarius!

There is still some time to take advantage of any of Jupiter in Sag's parting gifts! And there are still gifts that are going to show up.

The first week of December is HERE.

DECEMBER 7th - Mercury gets to 28 degrees Scorpio and begins walking NEW degrees. Bye-bye Mercury retrograde shadow - don't let the door hit ya'. New communications, information, ideas will begin to FLOW. Whatever got stopped up back in the middle of October can start moving again. Mercury also rules our local community, teaching, writing, siblings and transportation - as well as your natal Virgo and Gemini houses.

DECEMBER 8th - the Sun in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces at 15 degrees. There are a couple of challenging Neptunian aspects this month and this is one of them.

Situations could be confusing. We want to avoid thinking we have all the answers now because we don't. Holding a strong opinion, ie offering up a judgement now might not be such a good idea. Zip it. If we can stay open without judging there can be a powerful spiritual message now. Stay curious. Don't get locked into any one position here. Work through things in your imagination, but don't jump into anything that looks too good to be true.

This aspect can dilute our focus and sap our energy - even make us sick, so do whatever you do to avoid catching a cold, etc. Our boundaries are large and whisper thin. Squares are tension and frustration. Maybe between that greener grass/opportunity to expand our reach and lies/dishonesty/or our own wishful thinking/escapist tendencies/inability to grow a backbone.

At the same time, and here is the silver lining part, Venus sextiles (opportunity) Neptune. So now we have a clue what to do with this. Focus in on what is practical. This is a time for practical (Capricorn) magic (Pisces). Maybe Neptune softens Venus in Capricorn's hard edges and Venus (in stabilizing Capricorn) offers Neptune's 'dream' something real to hold onto.

A tricky day, but that Venus/Neptune sextile offers opportunities. 

Something to keep in mind with Venus is she is back where she was last February

The difference between now and then is since that time both Saturn and Pluto have gone through their retrogrades and stationed direct. 

We have been through karmic endings/the death that was postponed/the mess that needed to be cleaned up. 

Hopefully we are back here, older and wiser, humbled and streamlined.

(opportunities from last February can return now, too, with a new twist based on how we processed and moved through the 2019 energies)

DECEMBER 9th - Mercury FINALLY climbs out of the Scorpio muck (I am a Scorpio rising, so allowed to call Pluto territory muck, you might not be able to get away with this without getting popped by a Scorpio) and into the bluer skies/greener grasses of Sagittarius. The scope of information available to us broadens. All the little details we have been immersed in during Mercury's transit through Scorpio fade from view a bit. It's like we have applied a wide angle lens to our camera.  

There is more to see (know) but less to specifically look at.

People will start thinking and talking BIG. Making BIG plans. Using BIG persuasive language. It's a good time to sell your "whatever it is", but also a good time to be sold a bill of goods. Keep in mind that words and information could mislead us as our focus moves away from those pesky details and onto the larger landscape.

Mercury is considered in his detriment in Sagittarius because he/she rules Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini. It is Mercury's JOB to focus on the details and in Sagittarius he can't see the trees for the forest. But, I think this year he/she (as us) will be aided through the "forest" because Sag ruler Jupiter's wide lens is  tempered by Jupiter being in Saturn ruled Capricorn. The focus will be more on reality and actual results which will be a good thing, plus she helps extends Sag season a bit!

Also on December 9th, Jupiter will square Chiron - we are open to healing, or maybe the hurt gets so big we can't ignore it any longer - OUCH.

DECEMBER 10th - Almost immediately after entering Sagittarius, Mercury trines Chiron. Words are medicinal. Confident language brings courage. It is easier to say the right thing.

DECEMBER 11th - Full Moon in Gemini with the Sun and Moon squaring Neptune and inconjunct Saturn. Venus conjunct Saturn. So a rock and a hard place to Saturn with so much of our chart answering to him now including this Full Moon with Mercury ruler of Gemini in Sag and Sag ruler Jupiter in Capricorn! And many, many people's charts answering to him too - I'm talking to you Taurus risings, Gemini risings, Virgo risings, Libra risings, Scorpio risings (sort of), Sagittarius risings, Capricorn rising, Aquarius rising - who does that leave?

Not such a fun Full Moon. Money and relationship stuff is serious business. We are maybe needing to be like Saturn in order to feel the love (goal-oriented/business-like) and then not able to feel the love because we are like Saturn.

With that square to illusive Neptune from Gemini, we might not know if we are coming or going. This would NOT be the time to make an important decision. Of course look at the date, it could just be everyone is uber busy with the holidays and running out of time (Saturn)!

DECEMBER 13th - Venus conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn, Mars trines Neptune and Chiron stations direct in Aries. The trine is good for moving ahead with creative projects, support from behind the scenes (and behind the veils), healing, charity work. Chiron's direct station will be strongest felt by people with planets/points near 1 degrees Aries or the other cardinal signs. What have we learned about our wounded masculine energy since Chiron stationed retrograde in July? Venus meeting Pluto speaks of the rising feminine energy; claiming our power/claiming ownership. What are we stepping into now?

A powerful day.

And, of course, it's Friday the 13th!

And for the last few days we have been building toward DECEMBER 15th's uber powerful big aspect Jupiter trine Uranus - BIG CHANGE. We will talk about this tomorrow.  

Back tomorrow with Part II

xo all

photo by the amazing ankazhuravleva

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