Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, December 18, 2019 - getting it done, the details vs the big picture, courage, confidence, adjustments, partnership opportunities

The Moon in "let's get organized" Virgo is uber busy today. She opposed Neptune while we slept (focus on the details, the small picture - to avoid confusion/overwhelm) and goes on to sextile Mars at 11:14 AM EST (our motivation returns), trine Saturn at 11:56AM EST, trine Pluto at 3:28PM EST and finally square the Sag Sun at 11:57PM EST tonight.

We can get alot done today. With the Moon in Virgo it's about the details and putting one foot in front of the other. That sextile to Mars (in Scorpio), early in the day, creates opportunities to push through resistance/take action/get to the bottom of things. Trines to the Cappy pile-up indicates a time for smooth interactions with authority, our goals, our structure and security.

Good energy for making decisions and stepping into our own authority.

Our monthly Last Quarter Square will create tension/frustration/the need to adjust between the details and the big-picture/our optimistic vision.  

There is a reality check here.

Our Sag Sun is approaching her annual crossing of the Galactic Center - are we where we want/need to be with whatever we have going on? How have our beliefs changed in the last year?

At the same time we have Mercury (in Sagittarius) sextiling Juno (in Libra) at 4 degrees. Conversations/communications within and about partnerships and our commitments/contracts can create opportunities.

With Mercury also ruling the Moon today (in Virgo) and the Moon moving toward her late night square to the Sun - we could need to make some compromises/adjustments. Stay flexible. Keep your mind OPEN.

xo all

photo by the talented LidiaVives

I didn't get to the weekly this week, but I will try to get back here tomorrow and catch things up!


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