Today's Astrology Forecast | December 2, 2019 - all day void moon, fated endings and meetings from the past, acting on our passions, authentic action flows smoothly, Jupiter helps to lighten up our Cappy load, the harder we work the luckier we get

Today's Aquarius Moon goes void at 7:27AM EST off a square to Mercury (in Scorpio) - tension between our head and our heart/inner stress. She will be void until 2:11AM tomorrow when she moves into spiritual and imaginative Pisces.

Mars (also in Scorpio and traveling the degrees Mercury walked during his recent retrograde) trines the North Node in Cancer. Actions taken now toward a more authentic future move things smoothly into place - and in fact with Venus sitting at the South Node (an ending or commitment around love/money/our values/self-esteem - what we once wanted/loved) - we can know our best path forward by what IS happening with the least amount of effort.

With Mars in intense and powerful Scorpio - it will be what we are most passionate about/where our authentic power lies - that is calling us home (back to ourselves).

With Venus conjunct the South Node (past) in Capricorn - we could be dealing with an ending or maybe something from the past (someone/something we once loved - even in a previous life or something an ancestor loved) is green-lighted through our responsible commitment - keep in mind Mars trine the North Node at the same time.

Remember releasing the negative South Node (Capricorn) while developing the POSITIVE gets us to that North Node future/gold. In this case - releasing fears, coldness, being all-business, ambitious to the point of losing our heart, workaholism - while developing responsibility, dependability, taking care of business, playing by the rules - gets us to a space that is more authentic and comfortable. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable - keep in mind that crab who must get naked for a while while outgrowing/molting his shell - might be scary, but it is the only way that offers real security/safety/a feeling of home and a place in the world now.

The big news today is Jupiter's move from his home sign of Sagittarius into Capricorn.

I wrote about it HERE.

The harder we work the luckier we get. This is in general of course and isn't to say we want to be beating our head (I just typo'd heart, so not our hearts either!) against the wall or working 24/7. We want to be working toward goals we are passionate about. Jupiter will bring the belief in ourselves and what we are doing - that makes us lucky so we connect with what we need to make things happen - we just have to bring the muscle and put the time in. 

For a great many people, Jupiter in Capricorn - working to grow something - is alot more comfortable than Jupiter in Sagittarius - jumping in and having faith it will all work out. Goals are our friend now.

To find your own gold you might be thinking about - what house does Capricorn rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house? What is the status of your natal Jupiter? What planets/points will Jupiter in Capricorn be contacting in your natal chart over the next year? Note - Capricorn opposes Cancer, squares Libra and Aries, trines (brakes off) Virgo and Taurus, etc.

Collectively, this transit - Jupiter through Capricorn - will be about our careers and public life.

xo all

photo by the talented tanja moss

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