Today's Astrology Forecast | December 3, 2019 - third time's the charm, three strikes you're out, endings/beginnings, committing our hearts and resources and wallets, being strategic, following our passions

It's all good news for our Pisces Moon today as she sextiles Jupiter at 2:25AM EST (our dreams getting grounded in Jupiter's new earthy terrain), sextiles a retrograde Uranus at 8:43AM EST (change is good, creative opportunities with resources), trines Mars at 9:50PM EST (going deep, merging, moving forward) and finally sextiles Venus at 10:26PM EST (opportunities with love/money through imagination, connection, compassion).

We also have Mercury (yes, still in Scorpio and covering his retrograde degrees for the third time) sextiling Pluto at 21 degrees Capricorn. Truth. Powerful conversations and ideas. We had this on October 19th and November 9th, so another third time's the charm/or three strikes you are out kind of thing. Good for communications with authority/steeping into our own power via important words. This could also be about another kind of Mercurian situation - a sibling issue, local community issue or transportation issue. Mercury in Scorpio is already answering to Pluto, so whatever we have been digging through gets intensified now.

At the same time Venus sextiles Mars - the girls and the boys can play nice in the sandbox. Opportunistic connections. What we want and what we have to do to get what we want are working together now.

Keep in mind Venus had to cross the South Node to get to Mars - so RELEASING old relationships/resources/financial commitments could be part of the picture here.

If we can access that Mars in Scorpio - what we are really passionate about - what we really want to be doing right now? who we really want to be doing it with? - we can move mountains through right action (and powerful language - the Mercury/Pluto sextile).

We have to see the truth though (maybe what is finished?) - THEN we have the power to attract what we want/need into our life through words and initiative. Know if we are experiencing an ending now/getting a no - it is undeniable there is something BETTER coming when we release this "thing we used to love's" stranglehold on us. If something is over - let it go. The NEW is right around the corner. 

Pallas is conjunct the Sun (at 10 degrees Sagittarius) shining a light on important patterns and strategies. The Sagittarius Sun fuels us with optimism and a look at the grand vision/greener pastures. Pallas can provide the wisdom to help us get there.

The Moon is waxing (growing) and unencumbered today. Socialize, make business contacts, get things out into the world. Take action. Speak your truth.

There is really NOTHING STOPPING US TODAY other than ourselves ie we aren't being truthful by refusing to see the obvious or refusing to release something that is over.

xo all

photo by the talented Tooga

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