today's astrology forecast | Thursday, July 14th, 2022 - rose colored glasses alert plus our words are our future


The Moon finished off her days in Capricorn last night with a conjunction to Pluto (we talked about this in the Full Moon post). She was void until 5:01AM EDT this morning when she moved into Aquarius. For the next two and a half days we are nourished/nurtured by stepping back and seeing the big picture, by intellect, by detaching a bit from our emotions, from our friendships, technology, groups, causes, individuality, freedom. 

The Moon squares Mars in Taurus at 2:38PM EDT (antsy, impulsive, defensive) and sextiles Jupiter at 5:29PM EDT (opportunity for growth through groups/friends, optimism, fresh starts), so once we get past this afternoon's square the Moon in Aqua can strut her stuff (so can we). 

This is also the day Venus squares Neptune and Mercury sextiles the North Node. 


Any Venus/Neptune connection is creative, imaginative, great for making music/art. A time for spiritual work, meditation, healing. But Venusian things/people/situations can get a bit muddled. Tend to dissolve/drift off course. Not the day to go shopping with a new credit card. Not the day to run off to Vegas and marry that guy you met last week. This is tricky rose-colored glasses territory. Neptune can be tiring/distracting, lure us away from what we are doing/need to do via a glass of wine or a Netflix marathon. That might be OK, but if something practical must get done we will have to rely on that Moon/Mars square to push us through. 

Mercury sextiles the North Node and trines the South Node. Here is where applying what we have learned about the Taurus/Scorpio polarity over the last few months CAN PAY OFF. 


It will be very easy, since the trine requires no effort, to fall into old verbal habits - talking about the complicated drama, over-thinking, reading about death/decay, making ideas too dark/intense, etc, but where the future is/what will get us where we want to go is the sextile to the North Node in Taurus. This one requires a little more effort. The flow is still smooth, but stagnant if not activated. Here is where talking/thinking/communicating in a calmer, more stable, more practical, more peaceful way can pay off over time. Talk about the new growth - WHATEVER THIS MEANS TO YOU - and not the old decaying past. Keep in mind, the trine to the South Node will make it very EASY to talk/think/notice in the same old ways, we have to make the EFFORT to reach for the new words, the new conversation, the simpler idea, the new way of thinking/seeing (note Mercury is in home/family/mom centered Cancer, so conversations may be centered here, may even be about old situations since Cancer is about our roots, but now is the time to talk/think about them in new ways, to listen with new ears).  


We have to trust the greener grass is over THERE.


xo all

photography by the amazing iNeedChemicalX

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