the astrology of the new moon in leo | Thursday, July 28, 2022 - restoring our enthusiasm and our faith, the background energy for the big changes ahead

On Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 1:54PM EDT. the Leo Moon meets the Leo Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Leo. 


This New Moon is happening in our Leo natal house. Our natal Leo house is where we are meant to "shine" - this is where we create, take risks and are "recognized". This "recognition" doesn't mean everyone is going to love what we are doing (although they might!).

But it does mean the stuff we are doing will stand out.


Let's dive right in and unpack the chart!


The Moon is conjunct the Sun at 5 degrees Leo. The Moon is trining Jupiter in Aries, strong and still and stationing retrograde within hours. This is a BIG deal. The Moon is conjunct Ceres and inconjunct Vesta, retrograde in Pisces. The Moon is EXACTLY conjunct asteroid Pythia. The ruler of the lunation is the Sun, doing everything the Moon is doing just a bit slower. The Moon's final aspect in Leo will be an opposition to Saturn.

That trine to Jupiter - arguably astrology's best aspect! - is applying, hasn't happened yet. The Moon's trine reaches exactness Thursday night, the Sun's (and remember he rules this lunation through his rulership of Leo) trine is exact on Sunday. The trine to Jupiter speaks of the ease of expansion with whatever is started now. Confidence with it. Attention/appreciation from it.



Jupiter opens windows/doors WIDE. 

The tricky part of this lucky/expansive trine, which we ignore at our own peril, is Jupiter's retro station which will happen before the Sun reaches his trine to Jupiter. The New Moon will trine a direct Jupiter and the Sun, just a couple days later, will trine a retrograde Jupiter. 


So, yes, the energy of this New Moon is expansive/lucky/abundant, BUT it is not going to be the usual smooth-sailing a trine often portends. There will be re-assessments and re-visions. Some of the opportunities can turn out to be empty promises, but the trine tells us this will somehow be ok, too. Maybe it leads us to something better. There could be DELAYS. This is actually a GOOD thing, even a GREAT thing, because trines, being such smooth aspects, are easy to miss - we get lazy, think our luck won't run out, and here we see that it can. 


I think what this fiery New Moon (especially since it is happening with the Mars/Uranus/North Node fire) is really designed to do is to show us - regardless of how this all turns out - that WE CAN STILL GET EXCITED ABOUT SOMETHING! 

Many of us have been kind of running on auto-pilot and now here is something that lights our fire/gets us going/stirs our heart. 

Jupiter's station also indicates whatever has been GROWING in our lives since Jupiter moved into Aries in May can slow up now. The retrograde will be the time we put all the pieces together, decide what stays and what goes, what is true and what isn't. It's a time for the inner growth to catch up with the outer growth. If we have grown something good, this will be a time to go within - do we still want this? Does this still make sense/cents? Is there maybe a simpler way to go about this?

If what has grown is something we aren't happy with or the promised/hoped for goodies haven't been arriving - the next few months will be the time to make the changes to line up with what we want, so we are on a better path when Jupiter stations direct in November and maybe especially when he gets back in Aries next year. Maybe we need to lower our expectations (just a smidge!), maybe we aren't really following our heart with this one (Leo New Moon as Jupiter stations!), maybe we just need to work a little harder or our timing is wrong (Moon's final aspect that opposition to Saturn).


The Moon is conjunct Ceres (and although, out of sign, opposing Pluto, Ceres old foe), so let's take a look at Ceres. This is separating. Has already happened. Maybe we are taking better care of ourselves. Tending to our bodies/our garden. Noticing Mother Nature/the weather. Ceres in Cancer can bring out a kind of smother mothering, so maybe the Leo New Moon BREAKS THAT SPELL. Ceres in our natal chart tells where we have astounding power and creativity, but must always compromise. So, maybe we have been examining our own power. Like Pluto, Ceres in our natal chart is an area of life where we lose power/control again and again. The stages of being a parent as the child grows up is a good representation of this. It's also an area of life where other people will come along and 'test' their power against ours and we will usually lose if we can't find some kind of middle ground. Ceres rules change of life situations/the seasons of our lives and we will often see her in our natal chart touched by transit when we are going through predictable, but challenging life changes.

Conjunct the New Moon here, she is really doubling down on the birth of a new season - so whatever is starting is probably coming from the death/loss of something whose time was over. She might speak of a need to compromise with whatever we are starting. A need to take care of our health or someone else's (but not in a smothering kind of way). It can't be our way or the highway which is a kind of Leo-type thing. This is separating/unwinding, the Sun has already been here, so we probably already know this/what this is. 

The New Moon is inconjunct Vesta, retrograde in Pisces. So, something about this fresh start is at odds with Vesta's review of the dream/ideal that has kept us up at night. If Vesta's retrograde has brought us into some kind of 'tunnel-vision' with our Pisces house theme, this New Moon can bring a wake-up call. Something over HERE to take our attention away from what is over THERE. Inconjuncts require give and take. It's not an all or nothing thing - so more compromise shown by this chart. Leo wants to rule, Pisces wants to share the burden - stay flexible.

The Moon is exactly conjunct asteroid Pythia. Pythia is the name given to the priestesses who served at the Oracle of Delphi as seers. Discovered in 1897 conjunct Pluto and Black Moon Lilith, her discovery chart reinforces the "truth-teller/psychic" archetype, so it can pay to be following our intuitive hunches over the next month as this New Moon cycle plays out. She will add to our ability to see what is really happening at this New Moon even though this is the time in our monthly cycle when we are literally "in the dark". 

So, what do we have here? A BOLD New Moon in fiery Leo - the sign that rules our heart, our heart-filled desires, the Sun, the way we shine in the world, the way we take the center stage, children, romance, creative projects. Something here, or within the theme of your natal Leo house, is ready to START. That trine to benevolent Jupiter indicates whatever starts can grow/make us lucky. Just don't expect things to always proceed in a straight line, there will be some revisions, adjustments with it. This New Moon is enabling us to change our beliefs, worldview, 'big-picture' perspective.


The Moon's closing opposition to Saturn is out of orb here, but still speaks of remembering our responsibilities. Having patience. The Sun will perfect this opposition in mid-August. This can be depressing/restricting/feels isolating. Bring test/trials that are hard, but can also make us determined to succeed. Something to keep in mind with what we are starting now. 

(the Moon will oppose Saturn within hours, Moon/Saturn are the hardest aspects in astrology, in my opinion, so we could feel some kind of 'letdown' after the high of the restored enthusiasm)

Mercury is squaring Uranus indicating unexpected news and information now and over the next month that shakes us/wakes us up. Maybe it is this news/information that pushes us to examine our heart, change or start something NEW.

We are coming off the Black Moon Lilith/Jupiter childhood wound work and have hopefully recognized some triggers - just 'seeing' triggers (aha moments, oh that is why I am over-reacting to this) is healing/jams the trigger/takes away its power over us. Venus in Cancer met Black Moon Lilith this week both taking the edge off the wound (bringing Venusian acceptance to our Black Moon Lilith energy) AND bringing the woman who chooses herself/the womb wound to Venus (maybe in the form of someone/something that appears caring, and maybe is, but is also designed to deny us something in some way). And, of course, we have the Mars/Uranus/North Node conjunction perfecting this weekend and next week. This is the future reaching back to us. Mars meeting Uranus is combustible energy. We are going to need to be careful.  Anger, impulsivity, people can get very HOT - and if you are thinking I mean, sexy...well, that's possible, too, I guess, but mostly I am thinking of the kind of HOT that can get us hurt. This doesn't mean we hide, we need to ACTIVELY use this energy for something NEW, so less is freed up/active around us. Keep in mind the New Moon is squaring Mars/Uranus so these changes are kind of designed to be uncomfortable/deal with spaces we don't change unless we are forced to. Collectively we need to be smart with our money/resources now. 

I will write the Part II of that series next, but this New Moon energy will help.. 


This New Moon in Leo trining a stationing Jupiter is a fiery fresh start in the house of our chart that holds 5 degrees Leo - designed to RESTORE OUR ENTHUSIASM. Restore our faith. This New Moon cycle is the background energy as we head into the Mars/Uranus/North Node. Our heart, our passion, the ways we are here to shine are pulled into the future with us. 


(I will be doing mine on Sunday night when the Moon is in Virgo and interacting with Venus)

Clear a space. Wash your hands. Speak intentionally (and less) in the time leading up to and following this ritual to give your thoughts/words more juice. Don't share them. This is all about you. Let your heart (aided by your head) guide you, write your intentions down by hand in script on a blank piece of paper, speak the words out loud, sit with this as long as it feels appropriate, then burn the paper - release your attention from these things knowing your intention is known.

Life has heard you. 

Know these things are already yours.


xo all

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