Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Chiron backs into Pisces, Sun squares Saturn | the healing power of our collective imagination, unbalanced and unfair, arguments, power struggles, limitations that require compromise and adjustment

diving for the ground by Dark Gomo

A retrograde Chiron (the wounded healer) returns to Pisces today, allowing us to clean up any unfinished business left behind from his 7 year cycle there (which ended in April).

If he is backing off planets or points in our chart (early Aries/early cardinal signs - although with the Full Moon energy here still uber active you may not feel it for a few days), this could be experienced as an easing up of a situation. If he is moving toward a planet or point (early Pisces/early mutable signs) an old situation, from Apirl/pre-April, could intensify.

Probably these past few months with Chiron in Aries (healing the wounded masculine) has taught us something about "putting the oxygen mask on our own face first", setting better boundaries, embracing the new, being brave, getting our own tired asses out of the well. HERE is a post about Chiron in Aries.

Something in our Aries house has been seeded. We will get back to it in February. And by then we will have Jupiter home in Sagittarius (keep your eye on November!) - we will be feeling much more optimistic!

For now, he moves back into Pisces until February to finish up.

In Pisces - we let go.

This can be a good thing. This could be a time of forgiveness (a big Pisces theme) - which we do for ourselves and not for them - we release that story's hold on us. Pisces kind of gone, is gone-gone. It's out to sea, lost in the vastness of the ocean's waters. Impossible to hold onto, slippery when wet.

Grief gets released as we are given one more chance to accept the loss/pain. 

Letting go could also pull us back into a fantasy (maybe of being taken care of?), an addiction, an escape from reality. Chiron in Pisces can be an almost crippling sensitivity. His years in Pisces speak of a mass deception, collective confusion and disillusionment - a mass escape from reality.

So watch for the "dream" to pop back up. Remember we had that Virgo New Moon a couple weeks ago where we were literally pulling that Piscean dream into our Virgo reality or else we need to let that dream go, lest we be pulled under with it. 

A good use of this time is to connect with ourselves (by starting a meditation practice or a mindfulness practice or both), offer other people compassion/connection - it is easier to feel other people's pain now. There is healing through art, imagination, music, water. We have the healing power of the collective imagination. 

Keep in mind Chiron's healing power is in the acceptance of the wound - it's not some magic fairy dust that makes the problem itself disappear.


We wake on TUESDAY within the energy of the Aries Moon squaring Mercury (in Libra). Communications could be testy. Our words, and the words of other people, could come off harsher than we intended. We might have been feeling this last night, too. Arguments are possible.

Our minds are restless. 

By 7:40PM EDT, the Libra Sun is squaring Saturn (in Capricorn). We talked about this in yesterday's Full Moon post because the energy is part of the Aries Full Moon story.

We are kind of being awakened to our personal challenges now. Limitations will require adjustments and compromise. A duty or responsibility can be demanding our complete attention or rigid compliance. We are dealing with issues of our reputation. This doesn't feel good. Libra wants things balanced and for justice to prevail and somehow it isn't.

Heads up that tomorrow is another all day Void Moon - 6:28AM EDT through midnight - so won't be a good day to start anything brand new - and goes void off a square to Pluto which speaks of power struggles and intense emotions (things can feel like life and death). But we chould also have alot of stamina and energy on WEDNESDAY and get alot accomplished.

xo all

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Astrology Forecast for Monday, September 24th - Full Moon in Aries, a painful ending or culmination, a vulnerability coming to light, conversations around touchy subjects, a zeitgeist, taking action on our long term goals or something that stabilizes, rock solid commitments, new beginnings that are RIGHT IN OUR FACE

Bright Full Moon by Claire Solo

"I'd rather be whole than good." ... C.G. Jung

MONDAY - Full Moon at 1 degree Aries
TUESDAY - Sun squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Chiron backs into Pisces, Mars conjuncts the South Node
THURSDAY - Sun trines Mars
FRIDAY - Pluto stations direct

I write the weeklies on Sunday and again this Sunday, my time is not my own, so I will have to do dailies!

This week is going to be big and busy. Let's take a look at Monday.

The Moon is VOID ALL DAY on MONDAY until her move into Aries at 7:04PM EDT (so not the day to start anything new) opposing the Sun, freshly housed in Libra, and giving us this year's Full Moon in Aries.

The Full Moon is always a time of tension - it's a time of Sun opposite Moon. Oppositions are pretty much just what they sound like. There is a reason police departments and emergency rooms are uber busy during Full Moons!

This month we've got the Sun in Libra at 1 degree (ruled by Venus - peace, women, balance, fairness, love, cooperation) and the Moon in the opposite sign of Aries at 1 degree (ruled by Mars - war, young men, initiative, passion, courage, anger, violence, independence).

This is the culmination of the Aries New Moon that launched the lunar year back in April, maybe something from that time is finishing up. Feels like years ago, doesn't it? I am aging in dog years now, how about you?

At the Full Moon things peak, culminate or come to light. Results are delivered. Stuff finishes up.

Conjunct wounded healer Chiron, it is possible that a weakness or vulnerability is illuminated now. Something here is outside of our control. Endings are probably going to hurt. The Moon squares both Vesta and Saturn (both in serious Capricorn). The whole thing is forming a T-Square with Saturn/Vesta as the focus. Saturn is authority and structure - walls and rules. Vesta speaks of devotion and in Capricorn; a devotion to tradition; keeping things the way they have always been, keeping the flame alive. A responsibility/commitment/limit is highlighted.

The Sun is cozied up to Mercury so a spotlight (Sun) could be directed onto a conversation or message or idea. The opposition to the Moon in fiery Aries tells us something here is too demanding or creates contention or is simply unfair. Or maybe our head is at odds with our emotions (instincts). Imbalances within relationships could be highlighted. Self-interest could be highlighted - this is the Aries Moon after all! With both the Sun and Mercury squaring Saturn - there could be limits around communication - what can be said, what information comes out. Maybe answers are not to our liking. Maybe the numbers don't add up.

The Moon is sextile (opportunity) Mars - ruler of the Moon since he rules Aries! - telling us we will be able to move through this if we take take action on (that Saturn!) our long terms goals/goals that increase our security over time. This is a time for solid commitments - for things that are built to last. Remember Mars is moving toward his final conjunction with the South Node - we are all clearing the decks and making way for something NEW!

EXAMPLE for Aries/Aries Rising - and remember Aries rising is the collective energy since it puts the signs in their natural houses (meaning this example is in play for all of us collectively - although you may have stronger themes at play with your natal house themes). With the Moon sitting with Chiron painful endings are possible now. Some could be things we have initiated, others could be forced upon us. The T-Square speaks of changes within our career/what we have publicly devoted ourselves to (Saturn/Vesta), our partnerships (Libra Sun) and ourselves/our brand (Aries Moon). Sun/Mercury indicates powerful conversations around touchy subjects. Mars is pushing for action on our goals that increase out long-term security - we are playing the long game, remember! Know that commitments/contracts/partnerships initiated now and built on solid ground are going to be around for awhile. Actions now have far reaching consequences. Fortune favors the brave at this Full Moon. We will need to work through our fear/vulnerability with whatever it is we are trying to do now!

So, the above is the general layout of this Full Moon for all of us because these are the collective houses. 

We also each have our natal layout that could be more precise. Where are your natal Aries, Libra and Capricorn houses - what are those house themes? Let's look at one sign (sorry I didn't have the time to think about/write about all twelve).

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising - this Full Moon is happening in your 6th house (Aries house) of your day-to-day activities, your routine, work, co-workers, pets and your health. The Moon sitting with Chiron here speaks of the possibility of a painful ending or a vulnerability/pain coming to light. You will likely feel unprepared for whatever is happening. Uncomfortable conversations (Capricorn house) are possible around those 6th house themes, something you have devoted yourself to and/or issues from the past (Libra house - maybe something you haven't wanted to look at, a healing issue, an addiction, a secret). Do what needs to be done Scorpio. But keep in mind this isn't the time for any mountain leaping. As a friend said to me recently - when you don't know what is "right" to do - do what is sensible. Your modern ruler, Pluto, is moving direct at the end of this week, your energy/power is set to return - hang in there!

With the Full Moon happening at the Aries point (1 degree Aries) there is a collective story playing out - a zeitgeist - for this moment that matters. Pay attention to the national news, the world news and your local news. With the Aries Full Moon - we are working the Aries/Libra polarity. Us vs other people. How we partner. How we balance and share. Is justice just? Since Aries is ruled by Mars and Libra is ruled by Venus - this could be a masculine vs feminine story ....

This is a fiery Full Moon - keyed in to endings, yes, but also to the Sun's Libra ingress and POWERFUL NEW BEGINNINGS - get out and walk in it.

With so many planets in the early degrees it is good energy for fresh starts and to get stuff out into the world - just watch the long Void Moons, we have three this week!

xo all

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Mercury meets the Sun | practical decisions, a light on the facts, seeing the forest AND the trees, hearing what we need to hear, saying what needs to be said, that book we need to read falls into our lap, getting down to brass tacks, that thing from early August wraps up

Letters by Alhor-Ern

So today we have Mercury meeting up with the Virgo Sun at 28 degrees. This is our thinking meeting our being - we are what we think we are.

(this is also close enough to trigger the Aries point - 0 degrees of the cardinal signs - with an opposition, so important news/information is playing out on the world stage now, too - pay attention)

There are a couple ways this speaks to us. The first is that this conjunction is part of a cycle - any planet meeting the Sun starts a new/finishes an old cycle. So, we look to the last time these two met, which was August 8th, and we know something that began around that time is reaching a conclusion/culmination now. You might remember August 8th was the mid-point of Mercury's summer retrograde when we knew what the re-trograde was all about for us.

This is also about what these two planets bring (through us) when they join together and how that might look through the lens of our Virgo house.

This is excellent energy for logical communication. To come to a practical decision. For the facts to come to light that clear things up for us. To present our case. For information we can work with. For us to hear what we need to hear to move forward/on. For an answer. We can see both the trees and the forest now.

With the Sun and Mercury meeting in Virgo we can know whatever enlightenment we receive will be sensible.

Yesterday we had the Virgo Sun and the Capricorn Moon form a waxing trine (brakes off) - sensible actions/way we present ourselves integrated well with authority/our goals. So, the Sun trines the Moon then Mercury comes calling to wrap something up from early August. By tomorrow the Moon will move into Aquarius where we know she will cross that South Node (release), Mercury will leave his home sign and move into Libra, to be followed within a day by the Sun. And immediately we have these Chiron oppositions illuminating painful issues/situations and our insecurities. 

For today though we have Mercury meeting the Sun. We have the Moon meeting Mars (in Capricorn) so we won't want to be told what to do - this one speaks of an emotional nourishment through action/exertion. Maybe we need to stand up (Mars) for women (the Moon) or maybe we need to stand up to a woman!

Bottom lines for today - time to move our bodies, walk our talk, talk our game and keep our ears open.

xo all