Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, June 18th, 2021 - in sync, creativity, fun social engagements, passionate enthusiasm



The Moon moves into Libra today. We are nourished/nurtured by our social activities, relationships, balance, justice, peace. Now the Moon is answering to beneficial Venus in Cancer (the Moon's sign and pulling home, family and security happily into the mix) creating a nice mutual reception and strengthening both the Moon and Venus for the next couple days. 


Her only aspect today is an opportunistic sextile to Mars (in Leo) at 12:32PM EDT.


Our actions smoothly/easily lining things up to get us what we want. This is a creative/fun-loving vibe. Passion. Enthusiasm. Good for connecting with other people, negotiating, moving forward with collaborative projects. Having a good time. Get out and about.


Next week's Full Moon in reality-based Capricorn will close out this spring's Eclipse spin-cycle (are we wet/dry/wrinkle free?), Mercury will move forward (decisions will be made, momentum will shift forward), the Saturn/Uranus square will unwind a little bit, things will slow down enough that we can catch our breath. 


Then between July 1st and July 3rd, Mars will be reactivating the Saturn/Uranus square and the Saturn/Chiron trine - so our Leo house/our ego (12-13 degrees) will be pulled into BOTH of 2021's important aspects. Mars often acts as a trigger and pulls collective aspects into our personal lives or maybe more appropriately said, pulls our lives onto the new timelines through these aspect portals via personal events and situations, so for some people the first couple days of July might have an important impact on the rest of their year.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 - nourished through the nitty gritty, another look at that thing that keeps us up at night, coming home to ourselves


The Moon is in practical Virgo now. We are nourished/nurtured by practical attention to details, taking care of our health/our pets, work, quality over quantity, being of service. She opposed Jupiter at 2:59AM EDT and goes on to trine Uranus at 11:07PM EDT. Good early energy for organizing, working on 'the dream'. Jupiter is within a couple days of his retro station and Virgo ruler Mercury is retrograde until next week, so we might be updating/re-vising something with its roots in the past.

The Sun at 25 degrees Gemini squares intuitive Pallas in Pisces. This is the nitty gritty vs the fantasy. If we have been lazing about and something requires our attention/efforts this aspect will bring tension, but also the push to get something going here. There is a fine line between following an ideal and losing touch with our immediate reality. On the other hand, if we have been running all over the place with a million details/errands, this square can bring us back to our purpose/center/higher self - what really matters here/why are we doing all this? Maybe we need to step outside our official role and be guided by the larger story.

Vesta, at 17 degrees Virgo, is squared by Mercury (retrograde in Gemini) and sextiled by Venus (in Cancer). In the iChing, hexagram 17 is called 'following'. It asks, "how are things flowing and how can we move with them? where are we being nudged and guided?'.

The square to Mercury is the second of three (the first was back on May 8th and third will be on July 8th). Mercury is going back over the information/contracts/communication and Vesta is focused in on what is most important here. Her square, similar to the Sun/Pallas, but on a more practical, day-to-day level - pulls us back to center/what is keeping us up at night/what is worth staying up for. Vesta in Virgo is the best energy for fixing, but she might get overly invested in something unfixable/not worth all this time and attention. So, Mercury moves through here again, asking us to take another look at this. What are the facts here? What needs to be talked about again? What information needs to be re-viewed?

At the same time Venus in home/family/security focused Cancer moves into a smooth sextile with Vesta offering us a way through the square. Sextiles are soft aspects, so we need to be paying attention to feel this one. Vesta is about purity/sacred devotion and this is amped up in the similar energies of Virgo. Venus in Cancer wants what feels like home. Home is a more valuable space. Family is a resource. How does this need for a 'safe place to fall' benefit our Vesta (that thing that keeps us up at night/fire we don't want to let go out)? As adults we make our choice and then we pursue that choice then hopefully we can stop and make ourselves at home with what we have attained. There is alot of retrograde energy right now and a confusing Neptune squaring the Sun - choices are challenging. It's just so freakin' hard to know. This sextile speaks of the opportunity that comes from incorporating Cancerian values - home, family, self-care, security - into whatever we are focused on fixing.

xo all

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Today's astrology Forecast | Tuesday, June 15th, 2021 - creative conversations, making it fun, what our heart wants, just how shiny are we


The Moon is in Leo now - we are nourished/nurtured by creative projects, children, romance, risk, recreation, attention. She sextiled a retrograde Mercury at 12:57AM EDT and goes void at 1:27PM EDT off a sextile with the Sun. She will be void until 11:02PM EDT when she moves into Virgo.


Sextiles are smooth connections/opportunities. This is fire and air so dramatic/passionate/creative conversations/thinking is favored.

The Moon's contact with a retrograde Mercury might speak of a conversation/information that moves a creative project forward/helps us to shine. With Mercury retrograde, this could be something old with a new twist/something we are re-viewing or re-peating. If a choice is required today, choose the 'fun' (maybe slightly risky) option and don't be afraid to stand out/speak up/say or choose something that garners attention.

Luna's follow-up meeting with the Sun is this month's Waxing Sextile at 24 degrees - Leo/Gemini. Here is the space in our New Moon journey (and keep in mind the New Moon was the Solar Eclipse in Gemini) where we need to bring a little fun/creative courage/charisma into the mix.

Keep in mind Mercury is still retrograde for another week and with the Moon in Leo answering to the Sun in Gemini answering to Mercury retrograde - we are still re-vising, re-considering, re-thinking. Today's contact with a lunar Leo asks us to think about what our heart wants/how we want to shine. 


Once the Moon gets into Virgo late tonight (and for the next couple days) we will again have both the Moon and the Sun answering to that retrograde Mercury, so it may be doubly important to stay on top of important details, double check emails before hitting 'send', etc. Life becomes more practical. We will feel better if things are organized, if we are taking care of ourselves and the day-to-day details. 

xo all

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Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of June 14th - June 20th, 2021 - the past vs the future, building a new world, challenging changes, break-throughs/break-ups/breaking free, summer calls us home, Santa Claus takes his vaca


A tricky week with multiple challenges. Forewarned is forearmed. The second of three Saturn/Uranus squares will color the week - we talked about the first one and the series in detail HERE. The Eclipse energies are still in play. In another week Mercury will be direct and we will have a solid Cappy Full Moon, so by the 24th we will know what we are doing. 


Hang in there.


Tuesday has some nice lunar aspects in the a.m. followed by a long void Moon. Friday and Saturday have some nice lunar aspects, too (Moon in Libra then, so with a focus on our relationships, being social and balanced). The rest of the week plays out something like this -


MONDAY - Saturn square Uranus, Mars inconjunct Jupiter, Venus inconjunct Juno

THURSDAY - Sun inconjunct Pluto, First Quarter Moon

SUNDAY - Sun into Cancer/Summer Solstice, Jupiter stations retrograde

MONDAY - a retrograde Saturn at 13 degrees Aquarius squares Uranus, Mars at 2 degrees Leo inconjuncts Jupiter at 2 degrees Pisces, Venus at 14 degrees Cancer is inconjunct Juno in Sagittarius

Saturn/Uranus is THE repeating transit of 2021. It is in play all year. They reached their first exact square on February 17, 2021 - we talked about that HERE. Now, we have the second square with Saturn retrograde. The third square is on Christmas Eve!

With Saturn retrograde maybe something around rules/responsibilities/freedom needs to be re-negotiated. Maybe we have to take another look at what we are building/what we are committing to. Saturn/Uranus are about power struggles over what FORM something should take.


With Uranus square a retrograde Saturn, old responsibilities/work/limits/rules can make us feel restricted/antsy. We might want to bust loose or something might be busting loose that feels threatening to our security. Breakthroughs. Break-ups. And breakdowns are possible.


Saturnian aspects are kind of like tests. 


They trigger our natal Saturnian energies. The sign in which Saturn is nataly placed says alot about the way we deal with Saturn issues and the defenses we erect/mobilize to become the individuals we are and help us fulfill our purpose (Saturn does this by differentiating us from what we are not, what we can't be/can't have). Saturn helps us through limits, boundaries/material reality to BE our Sun/more solar. His work is both personal and collective. Uranus is an outer planet - his work is not personal. We can be having a personal Uranus transit, but the transit is designed to move forward the group energy. What happens to us individually is of little consequence to Uranus. Think of the way Uranian Prometheus gave fire to man - every man, not one particular man. Because Uranus is collective and rules change/chaos/the future we can't know what will happen with Uranus contacts. People never had fire before, so couldn't know what to expect with Prometheus's gift. We can't know what will happen with our own Uranian gifts either. That's why this year, with its multiple powerful Uranian squares, is impossible to predict. If we try to figure out what will happen/change, we will almost certainly unconsciously overlook/avoid the thing that IS going to happen/change because Uranian changes us through WHAT WE DON'T KNOW YET. 


Make sense?

Now, something isn't necessarily going to happen today, because this is a long transit through FIXED signs. By next spring we will be through with these squares and know where we stand. We will look at our charts and our Aquarius and Taurus house themes and our natal Saturn and Uranus placement and rulerships and understand what happened. For now though, even when we think we know we probably don't know. Uranus is breaking up our fixed Aqua energies through Taurus - our money, values, resources, self-esteem. Uranus is conjunct Ceres, so pulling in mothering situations, change of life issues, things we can't control, our ability to negotiate/cut a deal/sometimes settle for what we can get.


If you have planets or points near 13 degrees of the fixed signs you will probably feel this one strongest. Keep in mind Saturn is retrograde, so this is the one where we are re-committing, re-structuring, re-building, re-doing. This might connect back to mid-February. This is the past vs the future. What has changed? What needs to? These squares are showing us these rules we live by in order to be taken care of also keep us stuck. The comforts we embrace at the expense of other people are no longer comfortable either. Revolution AND responsibility THAT is the Age of Aquarius. One without the other won't work. This is a process. We don't have to have all the answers right now. We are preparing for something without quite knowing what it is.

This is also the day, and this one will be more applicable to TODAY - Mars inconjuncts Jupiter. This is Jupiter's last aspect before he stations retrograde (remember his time in Pisces was just a sneak peek of late this year/next year, he still has work to do in Aquarius). Mars is freshly minted in Leo. The Leo/Pisces inconjunct might be something about needing to sacrifice/forgive (?) - in order to succeed or maybe we need to trim some physical excesses/ego in order to turn our attention to something higher/more connecting. Or maybe our watery Pisces dreamworld needs some real-world fiery action. There is ego and illusion here, sounds tricky. Inconjuncts are give and take and nothing is perfect in the end, but can be workable. Sort of. Sometimes. 


Venus is also inconjunct a retrograde Juno. Maybe our partnership/contract is out of sort with a home/family situation. Cancer/Sagittarius 'rocks and hard places' are about security/ownership and freedom/expansion. Cancer wants expansion, too, but needs that home base whereas Sag is more oriented to a larger audience. Venus in Cancer can also be a little needy and Juno in Sag isn't really up for filling that kind of role. This is kind of repeating the Saturn/Uranus (Aqua/Taurus), so pulls the energy into TODAY, too. 


Everyone is going to need to take a breath today! And the Moon is in Leo squaring Uranus and opposing Saturn - good grief!!

THURSDAY - the Sun at 26 degrees Gemini inconjuncts Pluto at 26 degrees Capricorn, the Moon, at 27 degrees Virgo squares the Sun

So, now the Sun hits his own 'rock and a hard place' with powerful Pluto and then the Virgo Moon squares the Sun. The Sun in Gemini wants to flit about here and there and Pluto in sober Cappy is kind of grounding him in a more limiting/structural reality - HERE is the work, the responsibilities/the goals. Pluto requires a merging (commitment) or purging (release). The Gemini/Cappy inconjunct might also speak of our words/ideas not getting any traction. Avoid gossip/chit-chat/careless over-sharing. Pluto is the truth that mostly we can't handle, so maybe the less said the more people will strain to hear us.


Then the Moon, from practical/focused Virgo squares the multi-tasking Gemini Sun. If we are running all over the place it's time to focus, take one thing at a time. Virgo is the best fixer, so what needs fixing? This is a square, so the fix won't be comfortable, but something about settling down/focusing on the reality/facts will help. Mercury, the ruler of both Virgo and Gemini, is retrograde, so what have we missed? This is about small steps/decisions in a practical direction.

SUNDAY - Jupiter stations retrograde at 3 degrees Pisces - expansion slows, Santa is taking his vaca. This happens on the Summer Solstice/Sun into Cancer. We will talk about this in its own post!


In the meantime, know this week might be challenging/frustrating. That's OK. All these things are handle-able and we are the ones with precisely the right hands for the job. Inconjuncts are about letting go of tucked corners and sheets we can bounce a quarter on (what is that all about? who does this?) and everything coming together in a tidy little way. Compromise will be needed and things can still be messy. Messy isn't always a bad thing. Tight sheets are highly over-rated and cramp our toes.

Back with some dailies!

xo all


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Mars into Leo | June 11th, 2021 - leading from our heart, taking a risk - part I



At 9:34AM EDT on June 11th, Mars finally leaves watery Cancer (does it feel like Mars has been in Cancer forever or is it just me?!) for fiery Leo. Mars is our masculine action, initiative, passion, anger. Leo is our masculine enthusiasm, heart, ego, pride, creativity, generosity, risk, courage. We can see how Mars can be much more comfortable, ie Mars-y, here than he could be in emotional, but guarded Cancer.  


Mars will be in Leo until July 29th. 


It's not even mid-June and our Leo houses are WAKING UP!

If you are a Leo Sun (or other fixed sign - Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio) this transit is going to wake you up. If you are an Aries rising or a Scorpio rising (your chart is ruled by Mars) this transit is going to wake you up. Everyone's natal Leo house is waking up!

Now, because Leo is ruled by the Sun, who is still in Gemini answering to a retrograde Mercury - this going backward to go forward thing still applies.

Leo is the sign of the lion - the king of the jungle. One of the best ways to understand the king of the jungle is to understand the little lions we keep in our homes - those creatures called cats. Everyone who "owns" a cat knows what a misnomer this word is when applied to the feline species. Cats can't be "owned". We know it and they know it. It is perfectly natural for them to convey an attitude of comfortable superiority.

This energy, this "presence" is what Leo is all about.

Everyone has Leo somewhere in their natal chart - a space we are meant to feel "comfortably superior". Ruled by the Sun, this is an area of life (in addition to our Sun sign) we are meant to SHINE. With Mars here for the next few weeks, we are all about to get a whole lot more shiny.

The next few weeks is a great time to take action with something we are passionate about. If we need courage, if we need confidence, if we need attention - this transit will provide the fiery push to take the action we need to take. Coming on the heels of a BIG NEW MOON, Mars transit of Leo is even more powerful.  

Sometimes when we ask what our heart really wants we do not like the answer we get because we know it will force us to disconnect from something else - maybe something we used to love or maybe something that made/makes us feel safe or maybe something that is comfortable. Or because Leo's instinct is primal we start overthinking (Leo's polarity sign of Aquarius's shadow) all the ways this 'desire' isn't going to work. 

We might use our minds (and remember Mars is answering to Mercury right now) and words to start creating problem "cords" and entanglements from 'what our heart wants' to all kinds of crap we don't want to happen. 

Let's not do that.

Looking for dragons doesn't protect us from dragons - it actually creates the dragons!

We don't have to get too far ahead of ourselves - we don't have to know HOW we are going to do it. We just have to get clear on WHAT we want/need and take some kind of action. Life can use whatever action we take to get us where we need to go. 


Much has changed since the end of 2012 - we have lost the the energetic gatekeepers that kept things from happening too quickly - they have folded up shop and left the building! We don't need them, but we still think we do. We really can get there (wherever there is) from HERE.

Looking ahead we know with Mars in Leo he is going to inconjunct Jupiter (Leo/Pisces are inconjunct), sextile the North Node (Leo/Gemini are sextile), oppose Saturn (Leo/Aquarius are opposites), trine Chiron (Leo/Aries are trine), inconjunct Pluto (Leo/Capricorn are inconjunct) and when he gets to the very end of Leo at the end of July he will oppose Jupiter who will be retrograde and back in Aquarius. The Sun (Leo is ruled by the Sun) won't be in Leo until July 22nd, so they won't meet and Mars will spend much of his time in Leo answering to Mercury (retrograde until June 22nd, but strong in his home sign). So, we can see our actions (Mars) will work us through the Mercury retrograde story and might involve Mercurian energies - words, conversations, ideas, contracts, paperwork, local situations, tech, transportation, siblings, etc.

I wanted to pop this up, because we really do want to be taking action from this more prominent/less risk-averse position than the security-conscious position we were dealing with in Cancer starting now. Think like a king, Lead with our hearts.


In Part II - we'll look at the ways this transit fits in with the larger storyline of the 2020's hero's journey morphing into heroine's journey (and this isn't a male/female thing, although it is a masculine/feminine thing - think about the ways Harry Potter, the films are finally available on HBO and I've been binging them again, is more heroine than he is swash-buckling hero - using beginner's mind/vulnerability, inter-relatedness/inter-dependence, magic/faith, not in it for personal gain, etc). As the disappeared Goddess energies re-emerge into our consciousness CHANGING EVERYTHING, we'll look at how Mars in Leo fits in with this.


xo all


artwork by the amazing Nardstar

The meaning of the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini | June 10th, 2021 - fated cosmic reset, starting something not totally brand new, clarity followed by faith, our gifts merge with other people's gifts, changing our mind



On Thursday, June 10th, 2021 at 6:53AM EDT the Gemini Moon meets the Gemini Sun giving us this month's New Moon - our annual New Moon in Gemini, happening conjunct the Moon's Nodes gives us our last Eclipse of this Eclipse season - a Solar Eclipse in Gemini.

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way. Like a computer being rebooted after a change to its operating system - we get a re-set. So, although this is a New Moon - the time in the dark when things are starting that we can't always see are starting - the Moon eclipsing out the Sun, brings an ending, too. This is an Annular Eclipse (the ring of fire), so not a total but because of the time of its prenumbral phase its affects can last for up to 5 years!

Ruled by Mercury and ruler of our collective 3rd house, Gemini rules our growth through the exchange of information, through contact with our immediate environment, through language. Gemini reigns over: the flow of information, technology, communication, our mental processes, conversations, stories, our local community, commerce, our neighbors, our siblings, our transportation.


Let's unpack the chart!


The Moon meets the Sun at 20 degrees Gemini. Within hours both will meet Mercury (the ruler of Gemini and so ruler of this lunation). Mercury is retrograde (but protected in his/her own sign), cazimi/in the heart of the Sun. This meeting with the Sun is her/his inferior conjunction - the time during a Mercury retrograde cycle when something is ILLUMINATED/something lost is found/something hidden is revealed/helpful information can come in. Keep in mind this revealing is happening right after the Moon eclipses the Sun. So, the Sun gets his reset (in a sense) and then passes this new information/timeline to Mercury.

The Sun/Moon conjunction with the Mercury/Sun conjunction is a double dose of new beginnings with our heart and our head working together and in the dualistic sign of Gemini where 1=2 anyway, PLUS , so near to the Moon's nodes this one is a powerful/fated Solar Eclipse giving it even more oomph and staying power! 


Mercury, the Moon and the Sun square Neptune/Pallas conjunct in Pisces (applying/waxing). The three trine Saturn (waning). They oppose Juno (waning). Since this is an event chart, too, we can look to see what the other players are doing. Uranus is conjunct Ceres EXACT, in Taurus and answering to an out-of-bounds Venus. The Moon/Sun/Mercury are biquintile Pluto.

Mercury is retrograde in his home sign of airy/mental Gemini (Venus was retrograde in Gemini last summer, same degrees, and Mars will go retrograde in Gemini in October 2022, same degrees - this is all part of the same story. Our Gemini houses are really getting redone!). 


With Mercury, we are re-thinking, re-vising, re-viewing. 


He/she (as us) has trined a retrograde Saturn - maybe there were discussions with authority, maybe old responsibilities have strengthened our present situation, maybe our choices have narrowed (in a good way). Saturn is retrograde also, so we are re-structuring, re-looking at our commitments, our responsibilities/the new rules. 


We are past that trine to Saturn. We are also past that opposition to Juno - that partnership/contract issue. This is small vs big. Close vs foreign. Facts vs beliefs. Your Gemini house vs your Sag house themes - there could be a million ways this might be playing out. Relationship justice might be a theme here. This is still in play, but waning. 

Mercury meets the Sun - HERE is what our retrograde story has been about. We are at the halfway point now. HERE is something we know. We don't know everything, but we do know THIS now. Maybe we have made a decision/a choice. We are not certain, but our thinking is of the moment. We are in sync with celestial timing. Then moving backward, Mercury slides behind the Sun and he is squaring illusive Neptune - so after some earlier clarity we aren't sure AGAIN, we have to go with our intuition/go on faith - NOT BURN ANY BRIDGES JUST YET.


With that Neptune square (which sometimes brings dissolving endings) it will be hard to know what is real. Confusion. Rose-colored glasses. Things can be disappointing/not as they appear. People can over-promise and under-deliver. Anything that looks too good to be true, is too good to be true. If there is something here we don't want to look at too closely THAT is exactly the thing that will sabotage us/trip us up later. If possible, it might be best to delay big decisions until after Mercury is direct and maybe even until after Mercury's third and final square to Neptune in early July. Keep those doors/windows open - hack 'em, jack 'em, whatever it takes. Mars is at the very end of Cancer - so something might have us feeling desperate, like we have to do something and here is something. On the other hand, and this is why we have at least two, sometimes these 'moon shot' style Hail Mary plays - can work, or at least get something unstuck/change its trajectory.


And keep in mind, Eclipse events (and they might have come a month ago because this stuff works backward, too) are FATED, timelines are merging. The stuff that's leaving is leaving. The stuff that is coming at us is coming at us. If choose we must, then choose we must. That 29 degree Mars may be just the kick in the ass we need because we can FEEL something needs to happen here/we have to DO something!

We have wise warrior Pallas conjunct Neptune. She is working intuitively in Pisces, seeing the patterns, connecting the dots. With Mercury retrograde, we can't really think our way through this one (although we should be applying logic/facts and lessons from the past) -but we can pray/meditate/value our intuition here. There is an almost dreamy strategy in here somewhere that we have to TRUST. Life knows better than we do how to get us the best results.


Uranus is conjunct Ceres EXACT. Another conjunction, another new storyline. In Taurus, a sign Ceres could be said to rule. This one could bring a quick change with a mothering situation. A change of life issue/situation that hits suddenly. Or maybe what we have been growing/tending to in Taurus morphs on us. Maybe this is the SHOCK of new life/something new that must be tended. Ceres is going to quickly square Saturn, so there could be some responsibilities/rules that quickly apply to whatever this NEW is. Saturn is retrograde, so this part - the rules/limits/reality check/hard work - won't be a total surprise.


The bottom line with this New Moon in Gemini - something is eclipsed out, this has likely already happened since we had the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse first. Something NEW is starting. The new will somehow not be totally new because Mercury is retrograde. We get a glimpse of reality NOW (maybe have to make a choice knowing it may not be our final decision) then we are back in the weeds for at least another 12 days, maybe until we get past that final Mercury/Neptune square in early July. 


Either way by the middle of July we know what we are doing and we are doing it. Our time in the weeds - IS A TEST OF FAITH. Take action with what shows up. Mars is about to move into brave/dignified Leo - this will help. 


Venus is out-of-bounds and she ran this race last summer when we were resetting our values. Now, it's our thinking that is getting the do-over. 

Whatever is started now (think seed in the ground) has a biquintile to Pluto - this is a GIFT. With Pluto in Cappy this could be about a career/public life matter, a dealing with authority, other people's money, loans, inheritances, taxes, intimacy, reproduction, truth. Pluto is retrograde, so again this has its roots in the past. Biquintiles merge our gifts with other people's gifts. Here is where 1+1=3, maybe 300!


I hope something here is helpful. We have had these confusing Neptune squares with our Gemini New Moons for the last few years - we are being asked to choose without having all the facts. That's how it is. Maybe our knowing would screw things up - maybe we would say, no way, I don't want THIS! When this would actually be the very thing that gets us to THAT (the thing we do want). Any contact with Neptune brings in help from behind closed doors/our past/our ancestors.


This is a great time for affirmations for Gemini themes - your Gemini natal house theme, movement, flexibility, wit, communication, logic, social graces and ease, siblings, local issues, teaching/learning, mental anxiety, areas of life where you are seeing double or doing two things at once, our nervous system, hands, wrists, arms, shoulders and our lungs.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a good frame of mind and into a clear/clean/quiet space - always make affirmations from a  positive place (meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.  

Know what you seek is seeking you (Rumi). 


Know these things are already yours.

xo all