today's astrology forecast | wednesday, November 30th, 2022 - time to rethink or revise something home and family related, a week to let go and let God


During Tuesday's almost all day void Moon - did you notice how stretchy time was? I swear we lived twenty minutes that lasted two hours.


We had a funeral for two of my husband's family members, one who died last month and another whose funeral was delayed by covid. I was worried something was going to go wrong - with Mars retrograde and out of bounds in my Gemini 8th house (one of the things the 8th house rules is death/funerals and I had made all the arrangements), the void Moon and Mercury opposing Mars, so we decided to go to the cemetery an hour early to make sure everything was alright. We discovered the workers had dug the graves at the entirely wrong plot. And the nun who could set the whole thing right was out of state because her nephew was in a car accident - very Mars/Mercury, too (he is ok)! 

Then we were told the family plot didn't extend where we thought it did. We applied Saturn - were mature, patient, willing to work within established limits/the rules even as we asked for more (Sag!), dealt with the grayest haired person we could find (I am not kidding here, and, of course, hubs knew nothing about this whole 'apply Saturn' thing, but just did his normal thing, which can be pretty Saturny). We were eventually able to get it ironed out and the funeral proceeded on time, plots dug exactly where we wanted them even if they were a bit beyond our legal boundaries (thank goodness for the Neptune squares, out of bound Mars and void Moon!), but with Mars retrograde in Gemini, even the two graves which I thought were enough 'double' to satisfy the dualistic energy and have things run smoothly, wasn't, and the two graves had to be dug twice! The cemetery said they had never opened up the wrong plots before and I (almost) believed them.


Now the Moon has moved into Pisces and quickly moves into a square with the Sagittarius Sun today. Our First Quarter Square - mutable, changing, Pisces/Sag. Squares from planets in Pisces can be exhausting or disappointing. Something can dissolve. There might be the need to give up something in order to keep going or something slips through our fingers ready or not. Boundaries thin. Our faith is tested. Endings are gentle/peaceful. We might need a rest. The Sag Sun can be quite blustery/a know-it-all, so here may be where we find out we don't. Big plans, that were full of hot air to begin with, can drift off course. Pisces rules our collective 12th house of what is behind us, so we can't see what's coming/don't know what we don't know - we have to turn the wheel over to bigger hands than ours in Pisces. Let go and let God often applies.

This is also the day Pallas stations retrograde at 26 degrees Cancer, so something home/family/mother/nurturing related may change course or come to a halt. There is the need for re-thinking/re-visions. With a confusing Pisces First Quarter Moon happening at the same time and all the Neptune squares this week, this won't be the time for big decisions, so whatever is slowing/confusing or drifting off course is going to need to drift for a while. Some strategies and Cancerian action may need a time out because we JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Pallas represents both wisdom and skills. I see her as a co-ruler of smart, but detached Aquarius (this might be just me though), so don't see her as particularly well-suited for the emotional/maternal waters of Cancer (and she did spring fully formed from her father's head - a father's daughter type energy), but certainly there is EMOTIONAL WISDOM here, maybe an old story connected to our roots or the root of a current project that needs revising. She is going to get all the way back to 10 degrees Cancer before she stations direct on February 16, 2023. Mercury will square the North Node that day and the Sun will meet Saturn. With so much happening this week and so much happening on the day Pallas turns direct in the middle of February, whatever this is that is held up now or changes direction, it matters/is no small thing. 


Take a breath and your time here.


Remember the weekly post - the best stuff is found through Saturn this week. Patience. Restraint. Responsibility. Maturity. Stay humble. Work WITH the limits/rules (even as we sometimes effort to move beyond them - Mars out of the bounds of the Sun).

xo all


Big picture post in the works!


photo by the talented darkgomo

weekly astrology forecast | November 28th - December 4th, 2022 | time to wake up



Let's dive right in!


MONDAY - Mars trines Saturn, Venus inconjunct Uranus

TUESDAY - Mercury opposes Mars and sextiles Saturn

WEDNESDAY - Pallas stations retrograde, First Quarter Moon (Pisces)

THURSDAY - Venus opposes Mars and sextiles Saturn, Mercury squares Neptune

SATURDAY - Neptune stations direct

SUNDAY - Venus squares Neptune, Sun trines Chiron


Early in the week, Mars retrograde (from the degree he walked when direct back on September 28th, so there may be connections now to something from that time period, maybe we are re-doing something or re-thinking or re-discussing things) will trine sober Saturn. This is putting in the work/playing by the rules/dealing with authority and our duties and responsibilities. Good for making commitments and walking our talk. Our efforts/actions are serious/focused/goal oriented and can pay off. Our actions and words can make situations more stable. 

The fly in the ointment with Mars/Saturn smooth sailing is Mars, retrograde in Gemini, is going to be opposed by first Mercury (Gemini's ruler) and then Venus while Venus and Mercury square Neptune. This can bring disagreements/arguments, issues within relationships and with finances/resources. Money can slip through our fingers, so watch your wallet. Avoid quick decisions. Squares to Neptune can bring frustrations with water/wet weather. It can be hard to know what is real. Situations could be confusing and unrealistic. What we don't know/don't acknowledge, situations from the past or what is done in secret/behind our back brings tension/frustration/challenges. Squares to Neptune can make us tired, prone to exhaustion or illness (take your vitamins) - show a need to escape, take a break or maybe something is tempting us in that direction. Nostalgia. Fading memory. There could be some disappointment here. Maybe someone is lying to us. We may be wasting alot of energy/running in circles.


There is alot we won't know until Mars and Mercury (Mercury's retrograde is starting in a couple weeks) both station direct in the middle of January.


With Venus and Mercury also making nice with sober Saturn via an opportunistic (when action is taken) sextile - Saturn is the way through this week. Taking care of our responsibilities. Slowing down. Being realistic. Detaching from disappointing outcomes and focusing on the future. Being smart with our energy, our words, our resources. Working within existing limits/structures. Big girl/boy pants ON. Having patience.  

Playing the LONG game. 


The weeks ends with Venus/Mercury/Mars square Neptune as he stations direct. 


It's that moment when the tide goes out and we see what those large/colorful shells and rocks at our feet actually look like. 




Rather abruptly it seems with Venus, Mercury and Mars forming a tense T-square. Oh my. It looks like some delusion is ending for all of us. A bubble bursts. THIS really is what we get/have. If we have been spending irresponsibly, in love with being in love, making decisions and seeing things through rose colored glasses, the glasses are off now. On the other hand, and this will depend on the aspects and placement of Neptune and Pisces in your natal chart, Neptune direct can bring us back to the dream that stalled at the end of June. Things can start to move forward now. Of course, we still have the T-Square with those inner planets to deal with at the 're-launch'! Go slow. Assume you don't have all the information. Many times Neptune changes direction and Pisces risings and those with strong Pisces/Neptune or those whose placements are directly impacted are the only ones who notice - this time it looks to want to be noticed by all of us.


Any way you cut it, it's a time to focus on what is actually POSSIBLE and release the impossible dream or addiction/avoidance that has had us running in circles or sleeping/wasting/deluding our life away. The challenges are brought to us through the planets transiting through Sagittarius - there is something bigger/better out there for all of us AND it is going to take Saturn (the work, responsibility, time, saying no, appropriate endings, etc) to get us there.

The week closes out with the Sagittarius Sun's smooth trine to hurting/healing Chiron. The healing comes from being confident/taking a risk. Having hope/faith. Believing in something bigger than ourselves. Coupled with the Mars trine Saturn that kicks the week off, this is also a good time to work with a teacher/older or more experienced person.

Notice life's gifts of the beginning and ending trines that take the edge off any challenges or frustrations we face this week. One as we lean into our one middle planet Saturn via reality/responsibility and the other as we lean into our other middle planet Jupiter via optimism/hope.

I hope something here is helpful. Back with some dailies and we'll look at the Moon and Pallas's station in the middle of the week.


xo all 

I should note with Mars retrograde in Gemini it can be very hard to settle down and get things done. It is best to work with the energies and not expect yourself to accomplish something huge right now. Frequent breaks. Giving yourself extra time. Doing two things at a time or doing something over again is kind of par for the course with this transit, so give yourself and everyone else a break now. 

Also Mars/Mercury can be dangerous energy especially with Mars retrograde and out of bounds. Tempers can flare. Our words rush out before we have thought them through. We can be moving too fast, so drive safely. Slow down. Cuts to the hands often happen with Mars/Mercury, so take care with sharp objects. Headaches. Burns. Take care of your lungs. It is easy to be shallow breathing for long periods which isn't a good idea. Don't overschedule this week and make yourself crazy. Many people will have alot to do now, but use the trine to Saturn to manage things better - say no to things that don't make practical sense for you, have patience. 

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new moon in sagittarius | november 23, 2022 - renewal of faith, hope and optimism, a fiery fresh start, after a demanding month, that takes us to the winter solstice

On Wednesday, November 23, 2022, the Sagittarius Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun at 5:57PM EST.


New Moons are the ideal time to set new intentions/start new things and working with Sagittarius themes (and the themes of your Sagittarius natal house) NOW allow the natural energies to work with us. As the Moon waxes (grows) over the next two weeks, and really over the next 6 months, so does whatever our intentions set into motion.

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign (ruled by Jupiter and ruler of our collective 9th house). Sag rules travel, freedom, adventure, legal issues, higher education, politics, the media, good luck, faith, religion, weddings, optimism, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, THE QUEST  - it also might be said to rule carelessness, taking shortcuts, being sure we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and then looking at something else, overconfidence, impatience and superficial fluff.

Besides the monthly lunar energy of "new beginnings" this particular Moon has its own relationship with the other players in the heavens based on its position. That is where the real juice of any particular New Moon can be found.

So, let's unpack the chart!


The Moon meets the Sun at 1 degree Sagittarius. The only other aspect the Moon is making that isn't separating and out of sign is a square to Vesta. This is interesting/unusual. At first glance we see that trine to Sag ruler Jupiter, trine to Neptune, sextile to Pluto, but the Moon has to go back to Scorpio for these. I am a Scorpio rising and even I don't want to go back to Scorpio right now! These aspects precede the fresh start, but are very recent. 

We are still kind of getting our bearings when the Moon meets the Sun.

The square to Vesta, freshly minted in Pisces might speak of some challenges between our fiery fresh start and a Piscean-style enthusiasm - art, music, spirituality, the past, our ancestors, illness, addiction, our victimhood, sacrifice, charity, escape tendencies, exhaustion. Vesta in Pisces speaks of our sacred devotion to something that isn't solid/real. This can be a good thing, Vesta's focus MAKES IT REAL or a big-time waste of our time as we fixate on a false dream/illusion. Maybe there is something not "real" or some kind of confusion that we need to get past/around for our fiery fresh start OR, maybe, this is something sacrificial/compassionate at odds with our Sagittarius need for freedom - those bluer skies and greener pastures over THERE. Whatever this is, squares require ACTION.

Just minutes after the Moon meets the Sun, Jupiter, ruler of this lunation as ruler of Sagittarius, stations direct at 28 degrees Pisces - here is the LUCK, the OPTIMISM, the EXPANSION, the OLD GOLD that was postponed.

The Moon's last aspect in Scorpio - her final aspect before the New Moon - was a supportive trine to a retrograde Jupiter in Pisces, then she goes void. This is an unobstructed (the brakes are off) connection between our Scorpio and Pisces houses - the past, letting go, forgiveness, compassion, death, old debts, old gold. Jupiter is still moving backward here, being 're-strained'. Then the Moon moves into Sagittarius and meets the Sun giving us the New Moon - START OF A NEW STORY, THE VERY BEGINNING, THE SEED GOES INTO THE GROUND - then the Moon moves through her Sag aspects finally going void on Friday afternoon - again with an aspect to Jupiter, but this time a square. A square to Jupiter with the Moon in Sag is mostly a good thing and will exaggerate whatever we are feeling. Now, we should be feeling GOOD. This shouldn't be a challenging square, but just keep in mind the whole "over-doing", "over-promising", "over-estimating", "over-spending" thing. We could be counting chickens not only before they've hatched, but before the chickens that will lay them have been. Still, this is what Sag asks us to do. Sag gets lucky by taking risks/having confidence. 

On Wednesday, when the Moon in Scorpio trined Jupiter - Jupiter was retrograde. On Friday, when the Moon in Sagittarius - the same Moon who has just started a fresh monthly story with the Sun - squares Jupiter, Jupiter is direct. This is a different animal even though Jupiter will still be at 28 degrees Pisces, but it's not a WHOLE other animal, if you see what I mean. It's like we've turned our car from reverse to forward, but we are still parked. This change from 'reverse to forward' DOES make a difference though because when we do hit the gas or if someone hits us - we are going to move in a different direction! 


With such an early New Moon, our Wednesday - Friday is kind of a preview of our month ahead (not exactly because the Sun won't do everything the Moon will do since Venus and Mercury are moving too quickly). Still, it's kind of like our month ahead. A beginning that is somehow optimistic/hopeful or a stretch/something foreign/higher. Then the Moon meets Venus and Mercury - fresh/hopeful starts with social situations, love, money, self-esteem and new conversations, information, ideas. 

THEN the Moon trines Chiron. There is a vulnerability/old wound here, but also the courage/optimism/hope for a better future that makes it manageable. We have confidence. We can do this. Remember the Moon does in two and a half days what it takes the Sun about a month to do - the Sun trines Chiron on December 4th. 

(note - on December 4th, and this will matter because nothing happens in a vacuum, everything is impacting everything else, in addition to the Sun trining Chiron, Venus will be squaring Neptune, so there will be something here that is tiring/confusing/not what it seems, maybe ending. Confusing situations in regard to our money, relationships, values)

THEN the Moon sextiles Saturn (Thursday) - the Sun does this on December 20th - this is good for opportunities to make things more stable, to commit, to step into our authority, good for achieving goals, receiving earned rewards. 

THEN the Moon opposes Mars (Friday) - the Sun does this on December 8th. This is a conflict between our beliefs and the facts or going big/foreign vs going small/local. On Friday, this will be fleeting, but on December 8th when the Sun opposes Mars it will be a bigger deal. This will be the mid-point of the Mars retrograde cycle and the Sun will be ILLUMINATING what the cycle has been about for us. Maybe clarifying some of this fall's Mars/Neptune delusion if we have been chasing a false dream. So, we get some kind of HINT/preview about that over the next two days through the Moon/our emotions/our home/our family/our maternal inheritance. 

THEN the Moon squares Neptune - echoing Mars journey with his multiple squares to Neptune. Something is confusing, drifting, maybe we want to escape/fall asleep. Maybe we catch a cold. The Sun squares Neptune on December 14th - this is draining, maybe our confidence/purpose/ego feels undermined. Maybe something is unclear/confusing. Maybe we need a break/rest. 

THEN the Moon squares Jupiter. This happens for the Moon on Friday afternoon and for the Sun on December 21st. But by the time the Sun squares Jupiter in December - the Sun won't be in Sag anymore and Jupiter won't be in Pisces. The Sun will be in Capricorn (0 degrees) and Jupiter will be in Aries. This is CARDINAL starting energy, not mutable. And, at a powerful Aries point - BOTH PLANETS ON AN ARIES POINT - where our collective attention will be together. AND this is happening ON THE WINTER SOLSTICE - start of a whole new season. This is a BIG DEAL (Venus will also be trining the North Node and Uranus right about then). The Sun square Jupiter is pride, purpose, authority. Aries will pull in something new, give us courage and initiative. Tells me whatever the Moon is doing now, whatever we are doing/starting/believing, is priming the pumps and moving us toward the end of December's BIG show.  

So, enjoy the New Moon. 

Take a chance/stay positive - just don't go too overboard or be too idealistic or take on too much. We talked the other day about Jupiter wanting to believe what it wants to believe. We can have our head in the clouds a bit, but we need to keep our feet, at least one of them, on the ground. 

And set your New Moon intentions. You truly don't want to miss this one! 


As always, write your New Moon intentions down by hand in script. Use strong ink and a clean sheet of paper. Do this in a quiet, respectful manner in a clean space. Light a candle.


Trust the process. We have used our words to cast our S-P-E-L-L. People always say that affirmations "only work if we take action". And this is true, but not in the way some people think because the affirmation is action. It sets the energy in motion.

Words are not just words. If used properly, in the right frame of mind, they line us up energetically with the thing we are seeking. The New Moon is a time of darkness  Think seeds in the ground. Our words/our thoughts/our beliefs are our seeds.

We won't have a Sagittarius New Moon with ruler Jupiter in Pisces, the sign of his ancient rulership for another 12 years - let's not waste this one.

Set those intentions. 

Know that life has heard you. Know these things are already yours. 


xo all

weekly astrology forecast | November 21st to 27th, 2022 - bluer skies and greener pastures, the rainbow after the storm, new moon in packed sagittarius and a fiery fresh start

Scorpio season officially ends along with these tense T-Squares to Saturn and the Nodes - breathe a sigh of relief! 

The Sun, Mercury and Venus will all be in Sagittarius - they will be opposing Mars at some point over the next couple weeks, squaring Neptune (creativity and the past, but also delusion, confusion, a need for rest) and making some awkward aspects with Uranus (change/the future), but also making smooth trines to Chiron and opportunistic sextiles to Saturn. It won't be totally smooth sailing, but for many people, especially for our fixed sign placements, things will be EASIER.

This week looks particularly OPPORTUNISTIC and lighter. 

Let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury conjunct Venus

TUESDAY - Sun into Sagittarius

WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Sagittarius, Jupiter stations direct (!)

FRIDAY - Mercury trine Chiron and inconjunct North Node, Venus trine Chiron

SATURDAY - Venus inconjunct North Node

On MONDAY - Mercury meets up with, and passes, Venus. Words are higher/lighter/optimistic. We are more hopeful. For some, their faith in a benevolent universe is invigorated via information and conversations. This is good energy to THINK BIG. Talk about what you want - something that is a STRETCH. This is good news. Something to look forward to. Loving conversations. Inspirational words. If we can avoid the innate 'overdoing' hardwired into this aspect through their meeting in Sag - over-promising or boastfulness or being over-bearingly annoyingly certain - this will be a helpful meeting PLUS they start a new cycle together from a more optimistic/hopeful space. 

On TUESDAY - the Sun joins Mercury and Venus in high-flying, bigger-is-better Sagittarius. Scorpio season officially ends - hopefully enough rocks have been turned over, covers pulled back and dead situations put to rest to satisfy grim-reaper Pluto for a bit. Whew. We made it. From fixed water to mutable fire is a BIG LEAP. Keep in mind, Mars is still retrograde in Sag's polarity sign of Gemini, so we are still re-doing, doing things twice or two things at once. Decisions/choices/thinking is subject to change, nothing is set in stone now. This is needed/not a bad thing. 

Travel, places outside our comfort zone, foreign people/issues/situations, education (higher education than we have now), anything we are taking to a higher level, politics, religion, legal issues, weddings, the media, marketing, your Sag natal house theme - this is all Sagittarius territory, Jupiter territory (he is about to station direct in 'no limits' Pisces) - this gets a big, fiery SPOTLIGHT.

What we BELIEVE becomes more important than what we know now. There is a reason the season belongs to Santa Claus! Keep this in mind because with ALL THIS SAGITTARIUS, common sense can be lacking. We see that train coming at us and we think it won't hit us because we can't believe it's going to hit us, and then splat, we are hit. Flattened. Not that we are likely to actually get flattened here, but my Mercury in Cappy needs to mention this ;) - with Sag, sometimes we think we know things we don't know. 

On WEDNESDAY - the Sagittarius Moon catches up with the Sun at 1 degrees Sagittarius. An early degree Sag New Moon with Jupiter making his direct station within minutes is a BLESSING after the challenges of Eclipse season. A FRESH START. Luck when we take a chance. We only get three fire New Moons a year, so if we have something to start, even with Mars retrograde (which, yes, we should keep in mind, because things can turn around on us and some things might have to be re-done) - there is a GREEN LIGHT now and for the next two weeks, especially with projects, etc, with some connection to the past or something we are doing again or with some connection to TWO/multiples. You get the idea.

Expect a BIG post next!

On FRIDAY - Healing words, apologies, forgiveness, our vulnerabilities are more easily acknowledged. Old wounds discussed with love and optimism. Don't be afraid to talk about hurts/problems. Healthier relationships/finances are available when we make tweaks/concessions with CHANGE. This might include changes that make us more self-sufficient, more independent, more innately ourselves, more brave, more willing to START at the beginning. Being respected/heard, feeling loved/connected can be themes we are working with.  


As for the Moon and our emotional journey - we start the week with the Moon in Scorpio - Pluto wringing the last juice of the Saturn/Uranus square through us/our bone marrow - which sounds more dicey than it is probably, just remember with the Moon in Scorpio things can feel more intense/'life and death' than they usually are or maybe we are focused on Scorpian matters (taxes, insurance, other people's money, inheritances, reproduction, sex, third party situations, life/death situations), this is all well-timed for us to FINISH UP - then things lighten BIG-TIME (emotionally) with the Sun in Sag then the New Moon in Sag - we'll hit on everything here in the New Moon post. We can see FURTHER, our focus likely turns to those Sag matters we talked about for Tuesday. I am sure in the U.S, many people will be traveling for Thanksgiving or having more people over than usual or different people. Lots of connecting energy for the holiday week. Just watch your wallet/waistline, especially on Friday when the Moon squares Jupiter and we will be prone to over-doing, over-spending, over-promising, being too damn certain we are RIGHT. By the end of the week the Moon will be in sober Capricorn making more good aspects. Responsibility. Duty. Counting those cans in the cupboard as winter approaches. We are getting down to business, getting serious about SOMETHING. The Moon in Cappy ends with an opportunistic sextile to Jupiter. Expansion. Luck. It looks good.

Back with that New Moon post!

xo all

photo by the amazing DarkVenusPersephonae

today's astrology forecast | wednesday, november 16, 2022 - the need to stand out or support someone who is, big words, the potential for good news, venus comes up for air



The Moon has been in Leo since yesterday. 


We are nurtured through and our attention can turn to our collective Leo themes (also your Leo natal house theme as the Moon makes her monthly trip through this house) - creative projects, romance, children, fun, our heart, heart-centered pursuits, a need to step into the spotlight. The Moon is answering to the Sun now and we are looking for a way to SHINE. 


Our lunar days in Leo are always a bit challenging with big daddy Saturn in Aquarius (Leo's polarity sign). Every month - and this happened on Tuesday night - the Moon runs into an opposition with this energy - authority/limits/the rules. So, there is always a little rain on our parade. In Leo, we want to be our regal, personal best and with Saturn all Aqua-y now there is some kind of group-think/group or goals that bring us into connection with other people/tech thing/future thing - something is HOLDING US UP. Requiring something of us that dulls our shine/slows our roll. 


Today, Luna sextiles Mars at 7:11AM EST, squares the Sun at 8:26 AM EST and goes void off a square to Mercury at 6:55PM EST. She is void until 8:04PM EST when she moves into earthy Virgo.

Today's square from the Leo Moon to the Scorpio Sun is this month's Last Quarter Moon before next week's New Moon. Tension/frustration, the need to take some kind of action that requires us to be brave/confident/STAND OUT vs our need for privacy/for something to remain cocooned. Maybe there is a need for a Scorpian situation to be brought front and center/to get some ATTENTION. Maybe our intense focus, whatever we are obsessing about, needs to lighten up and have some fun. The Sun is trining Black Moon Lilith in Cancer at the same time -  a light/illumination of our womb wound/childhood or family wound or a light on the part of us that chooses ourselves - or someone who does. The feminine outcast energy is viewed through a Scorpionic (life and death, deep, truthful) lens. Secrets can come out.

At the same time it is Mercury's turn to trine Jupiter. BIG words. Expansive conversations. Some will have good news. A lucky break. There is, dare I say - optimism here. Mercury is in deep Scorpio and Jupiter in boundary-less Pisces, there can be healing, compassion, forgiveness. Think surrender. Think peace. Think faith.

This is also the day Venus (love, money, women, beauty, our values and self-esteem) rises from murky Scorpio into 'sky's the limit' Sagittarius. 

Venus in Scorpio, particularly at the stressful final degrees - and with this being magnified by Jupiter - has likely had us feeling we are missing something or about to. Maybe that we need to hurry up and GET IT, make some kind of desperate, hail Mary, last minute play - probably stressing us OUT. This can also indicate something that MUST be dealt with before we can expand/move on to those greener pastures promised by the Sun's move into Sagittarius next week. What needs to end (this is Scorpio after all) before you can move forward?

Now, with Venus in Sag, our faith restored we will start to be able to see PAST the problems.

While Venus in Scorpio can be one tough cookie as she is rather committed to getting to the bottom of things/can dissect people and situations a bit too intensely/harshly, Venus in Sagittarius is lighter - values freedom and seeking higher, more expansive and enlightened "truths". 

So, now, instead of being attracted to what is dark/secret/complicated, our attractions will turn to what is somehow BIGGER/something that stretches us/something we want to believe in. Sagittarius is the sign of POTENTIAL. 

Sag is a fire sign and will make us more fiery/passionate about what we are wanting. Our wants will probably center around our need to KNOW or experience something MORE or be driven by what we already know/believe and even with Venus's upcoming opposition to Mars (backing through Sag's polarity sign of Gemini) the fire that starts this week is a good thing.

Sagittarius Suns and Ascendants (1st house cusps) get more attractive now - both able to attract what they want/need and easier on the eye. All our Sagittarius houses get more attractive, too. And our natal houses ruled by Venus become more expansive. 

The search we began when Venus dove into Scorpio continues, but now instead of looking at the stuff that is underneath, under the hood, under the covers or releasing the stuff we are no longer magnetized to/magnetizing, Venus (as us) looks way out into the horizon at the stuff we might one day meet up with. Sagittarius is the sign of faith. Do we have faith that better days are ahead for us?

Venus in Sag is excellent energy to reach for something further out there, to work with something/someone foreign, to take something to a higher level, to stretch. We attract what we want and need by optimistically embracing potential now. We don't have to know how this is all going to turn out, we can't know that part because there isn't a 'way this is going to turn out'. What we know with Venus in Sagittarius is there will be adventure here - if we embrace our next step with an adventurous heart.

Venus will be in Sagittarius until December 9th.  

xo all

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weekly astrology forecast | november 14 to 20, 2022 - rewards, good news, luck with love and money plus that draining and confusing Mars/neptune square is back



We move into this week with that Taurus Lunar Eclipse in our rearview mirror. Sort of - keep in mind its ramifications/fallout will be felt for months and WITH the North Node (our best path forward) conjunct planet-of-change Uranus, it will be in our BEST interest to choose what is new and uncharted over what is old and intimate as often as possible until the next set of Eclipses next spring, particularly in regard to the theme of our natal Taurus houses!


Early in the week the Moon in Leo steps into the cross-hairs of the ongoing Fixed T-Square extending tension/frustration - but also some back-against-the-wall power moves - for those with mid-degree fixed planets/points, luckily for us the Grand Water Trine continues, too, and there is lots of fresh energy and GOOD NEWS this week (this is already happening). 


The biggest challenge will be the second of three squares between Mars and Neptune - this is the part of their journey together with BOTH planets retrograde. We talked about this in the Mars retro post HERE. This might bring uncertainty, loss of focus/ambition, challenges, delays, lies, addictions, exhaustion. It wouldn't be the time to make big outward moves, but this is good energy for internal work. There is no fast route right now and there is a reason for this (so much will change next year, rushing now will just mean more back-tracking later). We need to pace ourselves. Even a retrograde Neptune will beat Mars - trust your intuition, rest as needed, turn to inspirational art/music, pray, meditate, avoid drugs/alcohol, take your vitamins. There could be a chance to 're-do' a previous action/a previous avoidance or a drift off-course - the Mars/Neptune takes us back to mid-October. Does something we did back then need to change? Make an adjustment, but don't make too big a move during the square with Neptune. The momentum of a smallish adjustment will carry us further now than it would otherwise. Mars is retrograde take your time. Breathe.

ALL WEEK we have smooth trines to Jupiter - excellent for healing, expansion, confidence, luck, improved relationships, money, good news, OLD GOLD - note with Jupiter in Pisces this will make all of us more emotional, psychic, intuitive, porous. We also have TWO inner planets move into Jupiter ruled Sagittarius in preparation for next weeks' Sagittarius New Moon which happens just moments before Jupiter stations direct. 

Coincidence? I don't think so! 

Get ready Sagittarius! You are about to take center stage. And all our Sagittarius natal houses are waking up BIG TIME.

The middle of the week first Venus and then Mercury come up from the deep waters of Scorpio into the bluer skies of Sagittarius - we should feel this one!

Now, let's unpack the week!

MONDAY - Mercury trine Pallas then sextile Pluto, Sun trine Neptune (Grand Water Trine continues!)

TUESDAY - Venus trine Jupiter, Sun inconjunct Mars

WEDNESDAY - Mercury trine Jupiter, Venus enters Sagittarius

THURSDAY - Mercury enters Sagittarius

FRIDAY - Sun sextile Pluto

SATURDAY - Mars square Neptune (second of three)

SUNDAY - Sun trine Jupiter, Vesta enters Pisces

On MONDAY, Mercury trines Pallas then sextiles Pluto. This speaks of negotiations/strategy that creates REAL change/power. Maybe we are negotiating/strategizing within a third party situation or with a Scorpian matter - merged money, other people's money, taxes, insurance, inheritances, life/death matters, reproduction, sex, intimacy. This is speaking truth to power, opportunities to step into a more authentic power. Nurturing words are powerful. The energy this week is SO encouraging for Russia/Ukraine peace talks, let's pray something gets started/going with this. The Sun's smooth trine to Neptune is compassionate/forgiving and will have boundaries (and egos) dissolving. Some of us will be sliding right into deep water. Is this a good thing? It better be! Better keep one foot on the ground folks though, just in case - the sextile to Pluto in sober Cappy will help.

On TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY and SUNDAY - first Venus and then Mercury and finally the Sun all trine benevolent Jupiter. This is powerful and expansive and OPTIMISTIC. Relationships can benefit. Love grows. Good news can come in. We can FEEL GOOD, expansive, generous. 

(with Jupiter we just need to watch we don't "over" anything, as in over-do, over-promise, over-extend ourselves)

Venus trines Jupiter (in Pisces) then enters Sagittarius answering to Jupiter. Mercury trines Jupiter then enters Sagittarius. The Sun trines Jupiter (will enter Sagittarius next week). Here is the good that can come from Jupiter's retrograde back into Pisces. All so divinely orchestrated. OLD GOLD is being mined. Second chances to get it right. Have faith. Optimism. Courage. Venus trine Jupiter all by itself is one of our best aspects! Then we get Mercury and the Sun following in her footsteps. This doesn't happen everyday or month or year folks. With Jupiter in Pisces there are connections here to our past, ancestors, past lives. Every good thing we have ever done. Miracles. Trines are smooth flow and this is all water. Something is drifting into place or out of the picture to make room for something BETTER. 

On FRIDAY - the Sun in Scorpio, so answering to Pluto, sextiles Pluto. We are powerful/stepping into our responsibility. There is certainty/truth here somewhere. "Death" creates opportunity. No resistance, so we can go deeper, further. Situations align that create opportunity for personal transformation.

On SATURDAY - the Mars/Neptune becomes exact - this is in play all week and as a three-peating aspect will probably be felt by all of us in some way. Discouragement. Disappointment. Distractions. Our actions can drift off course. Check in with people in recovery, they will need love/compassion/encouragement. This square can energize creative projects, but also cause things to drift off course or seem better or worse than they actually are. We can get caught up in things that aren't REAL. Water problems are possible. Stay frosty, keep moving, expect to zig and zag and hit delays - but avoid big, sudden changes of direction this week if possible. Give yourself and other people a break with this in play. People are tired. 


We need to find compassion (Neptune in Pisces) for those who think/act/choose differently than we do (Mars in Gemini). We need to toss up the white flag/make our peace (Neptune, retrograde in Pisces) with the things we cannot change (Mars retrograde in Gemini). We need to let go (Neptune) of our anger (Mars). The final square will be with both planets direct on March 10, 2023.

On SUNDAY  - we get the final trine to Jupiter in Pisces through the Sun - our solar energy/ego in smooth flow with confidence, luck, expansion. Fears and obsessions dissolve. This is optimism, opportunity (also can encourage us to take things too far) and happens just as Vesta - the fire we must keep burning - moves into Pisces, too. Vesta in Pisces will make the sacred our sacred focus. Pisces matters matter more now. We will need more rest. Feel more nostalgic. The past will have our attention/might keep us up at night. Prayer and meditation will be more powerful. So will medication and drugs/alcohol so be warned. The mystical/the magical will be where our attention is needed

Back with some dailies!

xo all

photography by the amazing thefirebomb