Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 20, 2020 - fresh air, energized to try something else, stay flexible, inspired thinking and positive action

The Moon moves through fiery Sagittarius today - we are nurtured through and maybe our attention is on - travel, what is foreign to us, politics, the media, higher education, ceremonies, legal issues.

She will sextile Mercury at 4:39AM EST (brilliant and optimistic ideas, what did you wake up thinking about?). She squares Venus at 8:20AM EST (cat fights, what is nurturing vs what is loving, the Sag/Pisces square - truth/dogma vs intuitive knowing, maybe there is some tension with a Taurus or Libra person, this is mutable energy, so adjust). Stay flexible. The Moon is fast-moving.

The Sag Moon connects with Mars at 2:46PM EST - passionate action - we can do it! and finally goes void off a square to Neptune at 11:45PM EST. She will be void all day tomorrow.

The Sun exits the Cappy party and moves on to humanitarian Aquarius. Fresh air. Change.

We are energized through groups and the goals that bring us into connection with other people. By seeing where and how we fit in and where and how we don't. Accepting differences.

During Aquarius season events will conspire that give us a chance to step back a little bit. Sometimes we are too close and too enmeshed in a situation to see clearly what is happening. Stepping back is good and needed. We can see what is happening with less judgment. We can see past societal rules (Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal). We get a new set of eyes to see the world. As always with Aquarius all detachment is helpful until it isn't

As we move through our days with the Sun in Aquarius, looking ahead, we are energized to try something else.

At the same time Venus (exalted in Pisces) trines the North Node (in Cancer) - we are creating a beautiful future where everyone has a home. Our attractions pull us forward. We are magnetizing our best and brightest future - have faith!

Know we are all (personally and collectively) in the midst of creating something truly amazing and unprecedented - but it is probably not recognizable/visible from where we are now, and that's part of our unsteadiness. We have to train ourselves to get comfortable not knowing until we do. Keep in mind Uranus in Taurus - separating us from what we think we need. Life on planet Earth isn't for sissies. Saturn is in Capricorn for his third January - (yes, this is one long f'n winter) our big girl pants should be on all the time by now.

I am going to talk about this in the next 2020 post, but if we compare ourselves to an avatar in a video game - we would be (Saturn past Pluto) past the death. We died and we died and we died trying to get to this level and here we are. At this new level. We've never been here before.

So take a breath. We have a new Moon square change maker Uranus this week - change that won't be stopped is on its way.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | January 17, 2020 - addressing imbalances with work/goals/authority, avoiding verbal vomit, resource issues, unexpected news, unexpected emotions

Sorry I forgot to schedule this post for this morning!

The Moon in Libra squared Saturn and Pluto while we slept and then goes void off a square to the Cappy Sun this morning (7:58AM EST).

So, here we are already at the lunar month's Third Quarter Square (!) - tension/frustration, maybe challenges, between balance, fairness, our relationships, maybe a client, someone we hire or maybe even a competitor and the rules, limits, work, our goals, authority, responsibilities. Maybe something just isn't fair. An imbalance needs to be addressed.

Work issues, goals, long-term decisions, our responsibilities. Maybe compromises with other people are needed now.

The Moon is void until 1:20 PM when she deep dives into Scorpio.

Now we are nurtured by getting to the bottom of things, solving puzzles, merging, looking under the hood - our attention/focus could turn to Scorpian themes over the next couple days - the money/resources we have merged with other people ie loans, taxes, inheritances, spouse's income, etc and physical mergers - sex, fertility, life and death issues, power, control - anything we don't really want to talk/think about!

The Scorpio Moon will square Mercury at 4:36PM EST and then oppose Uranus at 5:55PM EST - so expect some unexpected news and changes. Things can get stressful.

Something to keep in mind - because now we have the Moon (an emotional, water Moon now) involved in yesterday's Mercury/Uranus/Chiron stuff - we really want to check ourselves if we are shocking just to shock and we really need to have a process we can use for times when the sh*t hits the fan and we need to detox our emotions without spewing them all over other people.

Here is what we talked about yesterday:

"Now, almost as soon as Mercury gets into Aquarius she starts squaring Uranus (in Taurus). This could bring SURPRISING NEWS - maybe around what we value, our resources, our money, our values or self-esteem. He will quickly move into an opportunistic sextile with Chiron- so there is something healing here, too.

With this square to Uranus our own language could be chaotic and out of character if we aren't feeling heard or maybe someone is coming at us from this space of challenged self-esteem. Lean into innovative ideas if it feels right, but don't be shocking just to be shocking."

Stay open to new ideas and keep in mind we are operating at a level we have never operated at before. So let's be more gentle with each other. Take care of yourself - which means knowing the needs of your natal Moon!

The energy is just all over the place today - build in some extra time for yourself. The Moon's aspects are much easier tomorrow.

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | January 16, 2020 - surprising news, disruptive information, impulsive words, unexpected answers or decisions, fresh ideas, a time to think outside the box

The Moon continues her journey through "nurtured through balance" Libra. She squared Jupiter at 3:45AM EST - tension/frustration around our commitments to other people/to women/to making something more beautiful, more balanced.

Are we ready to decide/commit?

Mercury (our thinking, information, communication) FINALLY gets into an air sign this afternoon (1:31PM EST) with his/her move into detached and future-focused Aquarius. Yes, it's fixed air, so people are not always flexible, but at least we've got some air!

One less planet in cardinal Capricorn. We step back a little so we can think clearly. We view our situation from an observer position.

Does what we are saying/signing/thinking/writing MAKE SENSE?

Some people think Aquarius represents independence (Aries), but more accurately Aquarius represents individuality. There is an independent spirit here, yes, but since Aquarius rules the 11th house of groups, it shows people bound together by a cause.

So, in Aquarius we find a better way to work together so it benefits everyone or else we go our own way.

These are the only two outcomes for Aquarius. Aquarius is the space in your chart where it's never going to work to follow the crowd just for the sake of fitting in, you will always have to do things differently. Our rough, uncomfortable rebel edges are there for a reason.

Three things happen when Mercury changes signs.

1. Mercury changes (the conversation changes, our thinking changes, we are more innovative, we can detach emotionally from our thoughts, there is more air in this room so maybe we can breathe easier).

2. The house Mercury exits changes (Cappy house slows down and our attention shifts a bit).

3. The house Mercury enters changes (Aquarius house - gets busy and even busier when the Sun gets there in a few days).

Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking and communicating are possible over the next few weeks (Mercury is in Aquarius until February 3rd). 

Our thoughts gets ahead of us/ahead of our time. Outside the box.

We are thinking/planning with an eye on the future

Aquarian detachment allows us to consider things we might have previously discarded as too far 'out there'. 

Keep in mind the Merc in Aquarius downfall - fixed air creating a sense we already know-it-all and a tendency to reject the status quo just because it is the status quo - the whole "rebel without a cause thing".

It is not our job to fix everything/the entire world all at once and all by ourselves, but it is our job to stretch ourselves outside our comfort zone to fix the part of the world that is within our reach.

Now, almost as soon as Mercury gets into Aquarius she starts squaring Uranus (in Taurus). This could bring SURPRISING NEWS - maybe around what we value, our resources, our money, our values or self-esteem. He will quickly move into an opportunistic sextile with Chiron- so there is something healing here, too.

With this square to Uranus our own language could be chaotic and out of character if we aren't feeling heard or maybe someone is coming at us from this space of challenged self-esteem. Lean into innovative ideas if it feels right, but don't be shocking just to be shocking.

Merc's square to Uranus and sextile to Chiron will be in play for a couple days.

Keep in mind the Libra Moon is building toward her squares with Saturn, Ceres and Pluto - exact tomorrow at her Third Quarter, so everything isn't going to flow so smooth and easy.

That's OK.

This is a BUILDING year where we get to develop our gifts of discipline, tenacity and inventiveness. We are privileged to get to be a part of the collective on planet Earth at this time. We were born to do this. Don't doubt yourself. You have risen from the ashes hundreds and hundreds of times!

Stay flexible and centered.

Take care of your physical self.

Back with more 2020 postings!

xo all

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Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - opportunities increase when resistance dissolves, spontaneity can pay off, be out and about, try something new

The Moon goes void at 7:11AM EST off a productive trine to Mercury (communications, commitments, agreements, getting it done). She will be void until 10:43AM EST - maybe giving the day a slow-start, if any crazy pops up just roll with it knowing it is much ado about nada.

After the void the Moon moves into Libra - we will feel nurtured by feeling balanced/socially active/partnered up/acting in harmony. In Libra she starts answering to a happy Venus who has just brought her individual loving into the 'collective love' sign of Pisces - a space she loves. 

Natal Pisces Sun people and Pisces rising people become more attractive now.

All of us attract what we want by working through Pisces - our ability to show compassion, create beauty, honor feelings, stay emotionally open, use our imaginations. In Aquarius it was our differences that attracted people and situations to us, in Pisces it is our ability to believe and honor our commonality.

Venus is exalted in Pisces. She can work her magic here. 

Opportunities increase as resistance dissolves.

The tricky part of Venus in Pisces is we need to know what we want now because the lines between us and other people, between acceptance and avoidance, between our money and their money, between love and 'what was I thinking' - can blur.

In Pisces, things that look too good to be true usually almost always are.

And what flows in can flow right back out again, so keep this in mind.

Venus moves right into an opportunistic sextile (2 degrees) with Uranus in Taurus today. Maybe here is where her (as us) month spent in Uranian ruled Aquarius can pay off.

It could benefit us to be spontaneous now. To get out and meet new people. We could attract new ways to make money/new resources/ new ways to feel more beautiful or more secure through unusual situations and people, by leaning into something new and future-focused.

With Uranus in Taurus if we can only feel secure when and if we have X,Y and Z - we are probably in for a whole lot of shakin'. This sextile with gentle Venus (Taurus ruler) in gentle Pisces, can help liberate us from these kind of "control" dynamics and create some clear space to allow something else to find us.

Pisces is mutable energy and connects us to the higher realms so let's stay flexible and ask life to bring us the highest and most loving connections. 

This is an opportunistic connection between power players Venus and Uranus in our Pisces and Taurus houses - how can we make the most of that? Collectively this is opportunities between love, money, our resources, values, self esteem, beauty and change, groups, friendships, the internet, the goals that bring us into connection with other people.

Late tonight the Libra Moon makes an opportunistic sextile to Mars (in Sag) - so time to make something happen/take action with your Sagittarius house theme or the collective Sagittarius themes of our beliefs, the big picture, what is foreign to us, travel, higher education, politics, the media, publishing, religion, legal issues.

So, although obviously I can't see your personal chart - collectively, we've all got some good aspects to work with today! With the Moon in Libra - a sign that squares Capricorn - we know she'll be clashing with the big boys soon enough, so let's work these good aspects while we have them.

xo all

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The Astrology of 2020 | Part II - a very long and complicated chapter about the unwinding of the patriarchy, the building of the Age of Aquarius (the age of the people) and how we deal with power personally and collectively continues ....

Part I is HERE.

I am going to do a post by sign, but let's take a step back first.

Where we are right now astrologically - is not that different from where we were in the winter/spring of 2018 - so why is so much changed?

One of the major differences between then and now, is last year when Saturn and Pluto were very, very close to each other - they had the South Node with them. The South Node is what we are leaving behind/what we have outgrown even though it may still feel comfortable. It opposes the North Node which is like a collective North Star - where our Earth family energy is heading - our best path for growth, and it asks us to do/feel things that are new to us, that make us uncomfortable.

So in 2019 we had the "beginning of the end".

At the same time Jupiter in his home sign of Sagittarius was offering everyone some opportunities - somewhat diluted or not as good as they seemed/or as good as we hoped - stimulated by his ongoing square to Neptune - but there were opportunities. Jupiter always does his job.

Then Saturn and Pluto stationed retrograde (April 2019) - we had major hints about what was to come, but for the most part (for those people activated by this Capricorn story) the death was postponed, maybe we had time to clean up our mess; to get our ducks in a row - maybe to prevent a big-bang style ending, but more likely to prepare ourselves for it.

Because keep in mind with these major energies - we are talking about major FATED endings, commitments/contracts ending (from many lifetimes and from our ancestors) and major course corrections to get us back on track; to lean us toward where we will be needed in the future - this stuff was in play whether or not we could see this happening.

Then our actions over the summer set our course - were we letting go or holding on, had we stepped into our own power or were we in a situation where someone else/outside authority was running our show.

Then in September and October, Saturn and Pluto stationed direct - for many people, now here was the death that was postponed. Powerful endings and changes. Now, not everyone was feeling this stuff in the same way - these are collective energies. But many people can probably relate to this.

I am seeing/feeling all of this as a collective, "humbling". In order for this patriarchal energy to shift, lots of us have committed - on a higher level and through the re-balancing of our 3D karma - to fall.

Probably many people lost/changed jobs in the last year, lost their voices in the world/the old ways they used their authority, our Cappy house themes would be life's field of play. We'll talk more about this as we move our conversation about 2020 through the signs.

Now, move ahead to January 2020 (and the end of December 2019 when the Eclipse cycle started) - badass Saturn finally meets badass Pluto - at a time when so much else is happening it is almost unbelievable! 

Now we are all feeling the shaky ground.

For some, the other shoe drops. For some, the pebble they got hit with last year is now a rock. If we haven't course-corrected we could be dealing with big changes now - the messes we didn't clean up, the stuff we didn't want to deal with or pushed under the rug might be hitting us over the head.

Others are dealing with a great deal of anger or regret or grief about what they have lost.

Still others are standing up now and stepping into their responsibility; into their own power. Maybe having to step away from tradition. Maybe even having to fight city hall!

It could have felt like our home, family, mother, mothering, a real estate situation, home/family business, country was threatened.

Pluto/Saturn is really a very long and very old story- as old as time itself - about how we deal with POWER.  Questions about how powerful we were then and how powerful we are now come up. Seasons of life issues/things outside our control with Ceres there. Maybe other people took over, while we tried to push back. If we were not personally affected in 2019, people close to us most likely were, so we could experience this through our relationships to them.

It may look like in 2019 we found out how powerful we are/aren't, but in reality it will be 2020 when we find out just what we are truly made of.

With all this Cappy energy, we don't get to skip any steps. We are probably going to need to save more and spend less and work within limits. And abide by rules. We are going to have to walk out talk and justify our confidence. This will continue.

Another difference between last year and this year and this is the difference between night and day is that now instead of that karmic South Node, we get Jupiter - our benevolent Santa Claus - moving through Capricorn.

He is going to work his magic by bringing us hope, optimism, expansion, answers, opportunities, win-wins and a path to a more authentic empowerment by the end of 2020.

With Jupiter now on the South Node, here is where the goodies earned through our Cappy house (by us in this life, previous lives and our ancestor's lives), but never delivered to us, can show up.

Jupiter on the South Node also helps us/requires us to release outdated beliefs and traditions. With the South Node moving into Sagittarius in May - this is going to be an eighteen month process.

And, as we move forward through 2020 and Jupiter moves off the South Node - Jupiter in Capricorn will become more and more about our next chapter - what we are building. And keep in mind in mythology Jupiter, brother of Pluto and son of Saturn - bestest both of them.

2020 is a foundational year; a BUILDING year.

If we can work our way through some of our limiting beliefs/fears, and we are and will - we have lucky Jupiter to help us!

We are halfway through January - the January Eclipse cycle is over and what did we learn?

Well, we didn't get into a full blown war - thank God and that trine to Neptune - that is very good news, obviously, because did the possibility exist (?) - well, I don't know, maybe, the astro was totally hairy!

But we did get very, very stressed/fearful energy coming at us very, very fast - and then things calmed down, so we could find this a repeating cycle as we move through the next six months to two years, in our own lives and the collective. So, we need to find ways to deal with this. To keep ourselves centered and not anxious/fearful. To keep our faith in the better world we are building.

Keep in mind (and if you are in the United States you will be more familiar with the history of the Revolutionary War) we are moving through the same energies that birthed the United States (our Pluto return 2022 - the culmination of an approximately 250 year cycle).

This next revolution won't be without challenges because that first one looked totally impossible until it was done.

We are going to need staying power.

Sometimes we will win by losing and sometimes we will lose by winning. We are going to need to prioritize what matters most. We are going to need to take care of ourselves and our supportive relationships. We are going to need to get rid of any remaining clutter and the crap and those old commitments that are making our life any more complicated than it needs to be. We have to somehow turn our focus to what is starting - even if that looks like a gigantic void at this point - and not on what is leaving/gone.

If we are still holding onto stuff that needs to go and looking in our rearview mirror, it is truly going to feel like it is 'eating you alive' and then 2020 will feel just like 2019. We can get caught in a cycle and waste this whole year! So, let's not.

The biggest repeating aspect of 2020 - we get three passes of this - is going to be Jupiter conjunct Pluto (first up in April) - this is going to be very rejuvenating energy!

And having this Jupiter/Pluto continuing to empower the Eclipse square to Eris - our outsider energy - means we need to bring everybody to the table this year.

Because whoever isn't at the table is going to be heard ... one way ... or the other.

xo  all

Back with the dailies again starting tomorrow and Part III when we look at this by sign then we'll start looking at the 2020 retrogrades because there are alot of them and they will be very significant

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Saturn conjunct Pluto | January 12, 2020 - is power cemented or traditions destroyed, maybe both is happening at the same time, the nuclear missile

Today we have:

Saturn conjunct Pluto (22 degrees Capricorn)
Mercury conjunct Pluto
Mercury conjunct Saturn
Moon (in Leo) inconjunct Mercury, Saturn and Pluto
Ceres conjunct Pluto
Ceres conjunct Saturn
Ceres conjunct Mercury
Eris (23 Aries) squaring everybody

We talked about these dynamics for the last couple years and in the monthly HERE and in the Eclipse post HERE.

There are two basic ways this could be playing out in our lives and in the collective.

1. limits/rules/authority is transformed - death (Pluto) of tradition (Saturn - the patriarchy)
or 2. authority (Saturn) is cemented - because this is happening in Saturn's sign - authority is made more powerful (Pluto)

And we may think we know what is happening, but with so many cycles ending/beginning with these conjunctions it will be hard to know.

What is really happening is we have both of these things going on at the same time.

With Mercury in the middle of all of this, the closed door meeting Saturn/Pluto might usually demand isn't going to be allowed.

Important news/information, intense communications and conversations will accompany this.

Mercury in Capricorn is straightforward. We will have the information we need. Keep in mind once we know, we can't un-know (or behave as if we don't know) - Plutonian changes are permanent.

This isn't going to just go away. Things aren't just going to go back to normal.  Because normal has shifted.

With Ceres involved there will be things outside our control here. Cycle of life issues will be activated/enforced. Ceres being Mother Nature means earth changes. Earthquakes/volcanoes/climate change. Mothering/nurturing issues (I had a Ceres/Pluto transit when I lost my beloved dog Olive last year and it was overwhelming, so if you have some major loss now you will need to give yourself plenty of time and space to grieve).

Happening at the same time as the waning inconjunct (rock and a hard place) of the Leo Moon to the Sun (with that Cappy pile-up conjunction), there will be something uncomfortable here that will require an adjustment. Maybe between authority/power and our Leo house theme or the collective Leo themes of - our ego/pride, creativity, children, our natural spotlight, passion, romance, recreation, our heart. It might feel that we just can't win.

The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is uber powerful. They last met in Libra is the early 80's (here's an interesting article on how power became unbalanced THEN - this was also the time of the Berlin wall coming down, cold war, nuclear energy, AIDS) and haven't met in Capricorn in over 500 years.

With the United States having her Pluto return in 2022 (first since 1776) as well as her Uranus return and Neptune squaring her natal position - during the 2020's we are in the throes of the energetics we had during the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and World War II - crisis/opportunity.

Life on planet Earth has never been for sissies.

For us, for now, what do we do? Well, we need to take care of our physical selves. We need to prioritize our supportive relationships. We need to focus on what is starting and not on what is ending. With Jupiter (our most beneficial collective energy) in Capricorn, too, and going to move through these degrees later on - we need to have faith. If things are challenging now we need to know that better, brighter days are ahead of us.

We need to step into our own power and responsibility and probably alot of what is happening in our lives that feels like limits and authority clamping down is pushing us to this space of self empowerment/self mastery.

We need to step up and into the energy of our Capricorn houses.

I am going to write a post by sign and here's an example for:

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING - this major, once in a lifetime event, is happening in Capricorn your 3rd house of communication, information, writing, teaching, learning, siblings, transportation and your local neighborhood. Pluto rules Scorpio so your Scorpian powers are getting an upgrade (ability to see what is beneath the shiny exterior of things, etc). Saturn will require that you work hard/use your powers responsibly. Paperwork/what you sign/commit to will matter. Scorpians are more comfortable operating in the shadows, but this is going to require you showing up, connecting with your local world and COMMUNICATING. You will step into your power and authority through your voice. The 3rd house is a fast moving space of ideas and and communication and commerce. We'll talk about this more in a post by sign.

The degree of 22 Capricorn is getting a major upgrade/upheaval. People with planets or points between 21-23 degrees of Cappy (and even the other cardinal signs through squares and oppositions) will feel the truth of this. Plutonian changes are permanent. The sky will be the limit here, as long as we are moving forward and not looking backward - which is a wasteland now. We could feel ungrounded because there is no grounding here (or we could be very grounded having prepared for this change from a space of mastery), but over time, and especially over the next two years, as we step into a more authentic power we will be astounded with what we can accomplish.

Back later with a post by sign.

Keep in mind with Mercury involved in all of this the information/communications that are coming in now - past few days/next few days - are SIGNIFICANT. Things might seem unexpected, but if we are honest with ourselves nothing that is happening now is anything we haven't been given notice about a long time ago.

Also keep in mind the waning trine to Neptune (powerful in his home sign, too) - we step into our power/responsibility - and this does NOT mean taking on other people's problems or committing to things that go against ourselves - and that's when the MAGIC happens. 

xo all

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