Today's Astrology Forecast | Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - heartfelt changes, opening up, the pace quickens, pushed into the future, love and money can be found in unexpected places



The Moon is in Scorpio now - we are nurtured through going deep and feeling that we can handle what we find there, merging/purging, backdoor dealings, negotiations, merged finances/resources. She is a busy girl in Scorpio - trining Venus at 3:38AM EST, opposing Uranus at 4:21AM EST, squaring Saturn at 5:04AM EST, trining the Sun at 1:52AM EST, squaring Mercury at 7:01PM EST and finally squaring Jupiter at 8:21PM EST - you get the feeling a Scorpio's life must be pretty complicated these days, eh?

This is also the day Mars leaves grounded Taurus for communicative/busy Gemini - so it feels like a good day to get out of a rut. Mars will be in Gemini until April 23rd. This is an energetic time we could find ourselves focused on multiple things at once, choices, communication, writing, learning, teaching, sales, sibling interactions, pairs of things/situations, our local community, transportation/tech issues, our Gemini natal house themes. With Mars here we should feel more initiative/passion in these areas, but also probably more anger/angst. If we can avoid the 'argument' landmine built into this transit and realize alot of what is said and done might not stick around too long, we can get alot of immediate stuff accomplished with Mars here.

The Moon's trine to the Pisces Sun is our Monthly Waning Trine - Scorpio/Pisces. This are kind of flowing forward. The stuff we find in the deep Scorpio waters becomes easier to deal with when shared through Pisces connectivity. This is quietly potent. Trines remove any resistance, so we slip right into the deep waters. People can grow closer/slip apart. Finances merge or old resources/belongings slip away unneeded. Something within us can open. We can give in/give up, relax.

The rest of the lunar aspects are a mixed bag, mostly Aqua squares, so tension/frustration, pivot points within Aqua themes (or even with Uranian/Aquarian people) - either our natal Aquarius house theme or our groups/friendships, technology, the future. Things may not go as expected. 

The good news - besides the waning trine - we also have Venus sextiling Uranus exact now. This will help with the changes (Aqua challenges) as what we want/desire is also shifting. 


We talked about this in the weekly HERE.  


Love and money can be found in unexpected places now. 

xo all

painting by the amazing Isabel Emrich

Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | March 1st - March 7th, 2021 - third chances, unexpected benefits, waking up to the facts, a turning point, new movement, the pace quickens



OK, what a week - we are really leaning into the future now. Let's dive right in!

TUESDAY - Mercury trine North Node

WEDNESDAY - Venus sextile Uranus, Mars into Gemini

THURSDAY - Mercury conjunct Jupiter (3rd time!)

FRIDAY - Sun squares North Node, Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius

SUNDAY - Pallas into Pisces


TUESDAY - Mercury (words, communication, ideas, children, education, local community, transportation, siblings, tech) at 15 degrees Aquarius trines the North Node (way forward) in Gemini.


A GREEN LIGHT is flashing somewhere in your life. 


This is the first of Mercury's two repeating aspects this week. A conversation/idea/information pulls things forward. An arrow at the words - this is the best choice. Well, it's maybe not that exacting, but something is a good idea here. And we will know it is a good idea because it is the idea we are having. It is what is happening NOW. A positive/forward leaning announcement. Good news. A beneficial conversation/contract. Say it again. Listen. 


FORWARD movement.


WEDNESDAY - Venus at 7 degrees Pisces sextiles Uranus in Aries, Mars exits Taurus for Gemini


Venus (our love, money, resources, values, self-esteem, women, beauty) in watery Pisces, where she is EXALTED makes an opportunistic sextile to change-maker Uranus (in Taurus, so answering to Venus). We can very easily release control/let down our boundaries and open ourselves to something new/unusual.  


What we perceive as beautiful is changing. What we love is changing. The way we view and make and hold onto our money and resources is changing. Our values are changing. What we need to feel safe/secure is changing. 


Pisces changes are gentle. Uranian changes not so much. But beneficial Venus (through her rulership of Taurus) has been cushioning the blows for us since 2019


(yes, this is what cushioning looks like, go figure, I expected something, well something a little more cushiony actually), 


but she isn't always in the soft environment she is now. So now, the change actually is cushiony. 


In Pisces, change happens slowly. Our attachment to what is no longer needed kind of drifts away. "Oh did I want that? I can't remember anymore". Our acceptance of something new and unusual or something futuristic/liberating is much smoother/easier to absorb in boundary-less Pisces. Good energy for trying a new look, a new way to make money, meeting someone new (and different). And keep in mind, Venus is EXALTED in Pisces, I know I said that already, but really can't say it enough - so at her most attractive.


This is also the day fiery Mars leaves Taurus, where he (as we) has been kind of grinding his heels, and been in a kind of warrior mode protecting what we value. Now, he moves into energetic/frenetic mental Gemini. Mars in Gemini will have us running here and there. We can walk and chew gum at the same time now. More than one move is possible/more than one direction at once. This is the energy that loves multi-tasking. Keep in mind, too many balls in the air (especially during Pisces season), can be an exciting thing, until they are all in a pile at our feet. If everything is equally important than nothing is really important. Skills to prioritize and stay on track will come in handy. Mars will be happier in Gemini than in Taurus because he needs to move - and so do we now. 


With Mercury (Mars in Gemini is answering to him/her) covering old ground until he comes out of his retrograde shadow on March 13th - alot of our energy could be spent on old situations for awhile. So, maybe we can say/do it differently this time. 


Watch for flashes of temper and tricky situations to come and go quickly. 


What is that old expression - don't get too worked up about the weather because it's about to change. With a mutable Sun, Mars and Venus, well, that's a good way to look at life right now. Stay flexible. Things are in flux. Mars will be in Gemini until April 3rd.


THURSDAY - Mercury at 17 degrees Aquarius meets Jupiter


Mercury (our thinking, ideas, communication, local community, education, children, transportation, tech) meets Jupiter (expansion, luck, wisdom) in Aquarius (the future, tech, groups, causes, individuality). 

This isn't our first rodeo. 


We lived this aspect back on January 11th, 2021 when something expanded -


here is what I wrote back then, this was the week we were talking about 'the change that was worth the trouble'  - "GOOD NEWS. Lucky conversations/ideas. Being in the right place at the right time. Saying just the right thing. Whatever is going on now brings the opportunity to heal very old and very deep wounds. Chiron sextiles are one of the major stories of 2021 and having this one happening as Mercury and Jupiter launch a new/hopeful story is a good thing".


Then Mercury met Jupiter a second time on Valentine's Day when Mercury was retrograde


(at 13 degrees Aquarius, here is where things may have retracted a bit or we might have been looking under the hood/going back over something, we had more information - things maybe weren't as good/or as bad as they seemed back in January).  Their third meeting is today.

In the United States we had Trump getting impeached at the first pass last month (Pelosi announcing intention), then his acquittal at the second pass this month and now on the final pass, he is speaking at CPAC (annual Conservative Political Action Conference), so back on the center stage. Does it matter? It might. I noticed on Election Day 2024, transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct his North Node. I. Kid. You. Not. There is alot of ground to be covered between now and then though. We have to trust this ride we are on, there's no comfortable exit and I suspect our ticket is not refundable.

Anyhoo, let's pull this story back to OURSELVES.


Because Mercury meeting expansive Jupiter again - is a second THIRD chance for all of us, too. 


Third time's the charm, baby. Think BIG. Think FUTURE. 


This is good news/confidence boosting words - maybe something that has been in play/on our mind since mid-January(?) - well here is the confirmation, more grounded in reality now, about this OPPORTUNITY and the REAL START of this Mercury/Jupiter in Aquarius story.

FRIDAY - the Sun at 15 degrees Pisces squares the North Node in Gemini and South Node in Sag, Last Quarter Moon 15 degrees Sagittarius

Well, the week can't be all puppies and cotton candy. 


Here's a block/crisis/reality check that must be dealt with before we can move forward. 

The North Node is in factual (but local, think - small), communicative and flexible Gemini, this, and your natal Gemini house theme, is your way forward. The Sun, in imaginative, spiritual and connecting/compassionate Pisces is our fuel to get there. Now, we are at some kind of choice point/turning point. Are we looking with our 2020 (!) hindsight or with our rose-colored glasses? Are we going with the facts or still escaping into lala-land? Are we making the call, having the conversation, using our words or are we going back to sleep/Netflix? This might not be so cut and dried because with Neptune squaring the Nodes, the facts are slippery, but are we moving toward the future? Or the past?

With TWO important aspects to the Nodes this week - it might be a good time to re-read THIS.

At the same time the Sun has reached an important decision point, the Moon is having her own crisis. She reaches her monthly last quarter square. This is the Moon in Sagittarius square the Sun in Pisces. This feels a bit like 'hope fading', but maybe a desire for more/better makes us question what is unrealistic/fantastical. 

THIS IS REPEATING the Sun's square really. Time to wake up from the delusion/paranoia and look at the big picture AND the nitty-gritty facts.


SUNDAY - Pallas leaves Aquarius for Pisces

More Pisces! 


With Pallas in the watery/intuitive realm of Pisces - we get smarter using our imagination, meditation, prayer, our dreams, music, our proximity to someone else's wisdom - yes, osmosis, I'm talking tactical/useful osmosis. Inspiration. Intuition. We always have access, but now we can make some calculated use of it. Our Pisces natal house, normally a kind of free-floating place is now home to our wise warrior energy. Write down your dreams. Get some extra sleep/into the water/escape as needed. We need to be able to go with the flow/release our grip on the solid/here and now. Pallas will station retrograde in Pisces (27 degrees) in July and not direct until November (9 degrees) so will be in Pisces for the rest of the year. 


The fly in the ointment, and there's always a fly (even in the winter) and always some ointment (even as the store shelves clear) - Pallas's vision in Pisces can be a little too fuzzy. Objects can be closer than they appear. We might see patterns that don't exist. Connect unconnected dots. Pisces rules things that spread like viruses and we now have our wise warrior woman here until 2022 (a good thing I think, but we'll just remember the whole thing about connecting unconnected dots) plus our Pisces house (we had Mercury and Ceres playing tag team here in 2020) smartens up. 

Again, this is kind of reinforcing yesterday's WAKE UP/SMARTEN UP aspects and giving them a longer playing field.

xo all

please excuse any typos, each time I re-read I find another one, and it's too late for coffee ... also make sure you are getting enough rest/sleep now - we might all be more tired than usual as the Moon wanes toward the final New Moon of the astrological year (the final 23 degree New Moon!) on March 12th ...

painting by the talented Duy Huynh

Full Moon in Virgo | February 27, 2021 - divine justice, fix it or forget it, adjustments to our responsibilities, KNOWING we don't heal by ourselves or only ourselves




On Saturday, February 27, 2021 at 3:17AM EST, the Virgo Moon opposed the Pisces Sun at 8 degrees giving us this month's Full Moon - our annual Full Moon in Virgo.


Full Moons bring things to light, to peak energy, to a result, sometimes to a conclusion.

The Moon and Sun oppose from 8 degrees Virgo/Pisces. They exactly square asteroid Nemesis, who forms the focus of a mutable t-square. The Moon conjuncts (exact) asteroid Aphidas, trines Uranus (separating) and inconjuncts Chiron (in Aries). The Sun conjuncts (separating) beneficial Venus. Mercury, the ruler of Virgo and so the ruler of this lunation, has recently stationed direct, but is still covering old ground in Aquarius.


Is there such a thing as old ground in Aquarius, well, yes, yes there is actually! 


He/she (Mercury is a little hard to pin down in this respect) is strong enough in Aqua and conjunct beneficial Jupiter (applying for the THIRD TIME - third time's the charm?). In Aquarius, Mercury is answering to Saturn and Uranus, so they could be said to rule this new Moon by disposition. Saturn is in Aquarius, too, exactly conjunct asteroid Hybris. Uranus is in Taurus, trining the Moon, squaring Saturn and conjunct asteroid Koronis (another tested stand-in for the virus, applying). Mars is exactly conjunct asteroid Sedna (in Taurus) and they are squaring (separating) Pluto - the last man standing in Cappy. Uranus in Taurus is answering to Venus, exalted in Pisces and answering to Neptune in his own sign. Whew!

Take a breath. Grab a cup of something. Let's unpack this baby. 


Virgo is all about doing the right thing or doing the thing right. Virgo naturally rules our day to day activities, our work, our health. In Virgo we gain dignity and self respect from being good at something that is useful to other people (those who think Virgos are fussy or nitpicky, and they can be sometimes, are totally missing the point and also forgetting we all have Virgo in our charts).


The shadow for Virgo is the trap of perfectionism, criticism and "control" (Virgo's careful attention to detail and caring taken to a detrimental extreme) - something we learn in Virgo's polarity (opposite) sign of Pisces to release. In our hero's journey through the zodiac, there appears to be a whole lot of steps (and signs) between Virgo and Pisces, but being two sides of the same coin the distance is not so very far at all. The real vs the ideal/fantasy. What we can fix/heal vs what we just need to release/let go and let God.


A Full Moon in Virgo leaves no where for those pesky problems to hide. As the Sun is occulted, the Moon is showing us, through a Virgo lunar lens what the Sun is actually seeing in Pisces. A rare gift since Pisces is so illusive. Have we been looking through rose-colored glasses? Avoiding? Escaping? Sacrificing too much? Are there health/work issues we need to fix/heal/release? Chiron's aspects here (and Chiron might one day be said to rule Virgo) speak of our ability to see the way our very old woundings have contributed to where we now find ourselves. With Virgo/Pisces this could be something about seeing clearly our responses to reality and this being made plainly clear to us with whatever it takes - a late notice, clothes that don't fit, high blood pressure, work stresses. We might need to fix/edit or we might need to wave a white flag of surrender. It's a time to put down burdens that are no longer ours to carry OR stop avoiding/escaping from the service/work.

The Full Moon is just off that smooth trine to Uranus - change pushing us forward. Then she squares the Nodes - a choice - but the Moon is Full, so this shouldn't be a hard choice, at least not in the sense of knowing what to do. We do know what to do. Mercury is walking these Aqua degrees for the THIRD time. Whatever is unfinished - maybe because of this draining/reality tweaking Neptune square to the Nodes of Fate, good God when will this end?! - we need to be done with this thinking/overthinking. We probably need to focus on what is most productive. The nitty gritty. This is Virgo - what makes the most sense? Mercury is going to meet Jupiter - opportunity/luck/expansion - ONE FINAL TIME in the week ahead - third time's the charm folks - use it or lose it! 


We will talk about this more in the weekly.


The Asteroids are particularly interesting this month. Asteroid Nemesis is EXACTLY squaring the Moon/Sun from 8 degrees Sagittarius (somehow I printed this chart without her, but she's there!). In modern language usage nemesis speaks of an enemy/competitor and surely someone/something is playing that role now here, but the mythology of Goddess Nemesis is a bit different. She was said to be the Goddess of something like due enactment (karma) ensuring no one received too much of a good thing, that the goodies were more evenly disbursed and she was particularly focused on punishing acts of hubris. I also see her speaking of the way we feel the need to meet some rule in order to be "of service" or consider ourselves valuable/valued.


Nemesis brings us to asteroid Hybris (hubris) - Goddess of foolish pride/arrogance. She speaks of being called to account for stepping beyond the boundaries of the gods. But much is changing and this is a complex idea right now. So many people are afraid of their own power and fear being called narcissistic/selfish. We have been so conditioned to follow authority/to love/honor/obey. She is conjunct Saturn, so might we be doing reverse-hubris? Are we taking false humility too far both personally and collectively? Or do we really just need to be less of an asshole.

Another asteroid prominent at this Full Moon is asteroid Aphidas - a centaur, we talked about in a missing children post HERE. Killed by a thrown sword (after the centaurs drunken rampages at the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodamia) and known for his death while asleep, likely drunk and unlikely innocent - he is thought to possibly speak of 'not being spared' since he was no threat at the time he was killed. I also think he might speak of a part of us that is asleep to what we have previously done when the payment for that doing comes due. If you get what I mean. The Asteroids certainly provide a clearer picture, and somehow muddy the water at the same time, go figure.


The Full Moon in Virgo at its simplest, and its next aspect square to the Nodes bears this out, is about - defining the reality of the situation (here is what is illuminated) and asking ourselves if we can realistically improve/help to heal this situation and if the answer is yes, and it very well may be, especially if we have been working with and adjusting to the changes/disruptions - and then do whatever it is that needs to be done. And, if the answer is no, we can't fix this/heal this. And, let me say it this way - we can't REALISTICALLY fix this/heal this (this is a realistic Moon, put the rose-colored glasses in the drawer for this one) - then releasing this burden - what we can't have/can't fix/can't change - let go and let God. Either way an adjustment is needed to our responsibilities/burdens (the Saturn inconjunct in this chart) and the adjustment will bring greater freedom or needed change. What we don't need - the Mercury third time through Aquarius - is more overthinking/detachment/worry that keeps us stuck.  And with Mercury, ruler of this lunation, set to make one final play with expansive, optimistic and lucky Jupiter next week - some THIRD TIME'S THE CHARM good luck/good news with this one.

xo all

Today's astrology Forecast for Creatives | Thursday, February 25, 2021 - energized by our imagination and intuition, making the dream real, gentle change



The Moon in Leo (girls just wanna have fun!) finishes up her oppositions with this month's Aquarius stellium - opposing Mercury at 4:45AM EST and then Jupiter at 11:40AM EST. We can enjoy the fun-loving and creative Leo Moon, but our responsibilities to the collective/group and to the future that beckons/pulls us forward won't be pushed aside.

There are two BIG astro events today - Venus makes her move into Pisces - the sign of her EXALTATION (early AM EST) and our Pisces Sun sextiles (opportunity) chaotic Uranus in Taurus. 

We talked at length about Venus in Pisces HERE

The Sun's sextile to Uranus is hot off the back of yesterday's exact and potent Mars/Pluto trine. What cosmic magic is this?! And I very much love any positive aspect between something in Pisces - and the Sun is a pretty big and powerful SOMETHING - and an earth sign. Making the dream real. Magic makes its way down to earth and lands at our feet. With Uranus answering to benefic Venus, freshly minted in the sign of her exaltation, and with a waxing Moon in Leo, this aspect is even better. 


Keep in mind Uranus is about change/the future/being ourselves (the chaos is really us not wanting to change/let go and letting go is kind of Pisces deal - she can help with this). Pisces is about going with the flow - we can't force whatever this is. We just want to be doing our Pisces - using our intuition, compassion, connection, imagination, creativity, meditation, prayer, forgiving/giving (plus our Pisces natal house theme). 


A soft light is thrown on our future. We can more easily let go of what is leaving. If our hands need to be freed up for something else they are needing to hold onto later, here is where the release can be more gentle. It slides right out of our hands.


With Uranus in Taurus (our money, resources, values, self-esteem, plus our Taurus natal house theme) interacting with the softness of Piscean water - change is good/easy. We can do this. An opportunity in earth likely requires some kind of movement on our part (and Pisces some openness) - and BOOM we have Mars (action) in Taurus, too (practical action), plus he is interacting with powerful Pluto, to handle this part. 


Action/initiative/passion is empowering. 


Keep in mind water (Pisces) and earth (Taurus) can make bricks but also mudslides. Pisces is the slippery slope, your mother (and accountant and astrologer) warned you about. Spending $10 turns into $100. One sip into the whole bottle. A kiss into a fast trip to Vegas (although I guess this isn't happening so much anymore). 


We can lay down for ten minutes and wake up five hours later. Creativity flourishes - we don't want to sleep our way through this one. 


Unless you are very, very tired and sometimes we are and in this case, and if you do, remember your DREAMS, write them down, because your muses/angels will find/need some way to reach you!

xo all

painting by the talented Ken Hamilton

Today's Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Wednesday, February 24, 2021 - taking action, taking control, even with all the challenges right now something falls into place when we do



The Moon is void until 7:3AM EST when she moves into fun-loving, generous and egoic Leo. Here is where we are nurtured by standing out, being creative, getting attention, romance, children, recreation. With all the Aquarius and Taurus energy challenging Leo right now, our Leo Moon can't be her gregarious self. She will square Uranus at 8:49PM EST and oppose Saturn at 9:52PM EST. She will continue the oppositions and squares into Friday morning when she goes void off a square with Mars at 6:32AM EST. 

So, the Moon is having these Leo/Aquarius challenges - how we stand out/how we enjoy or create, etc vs collective/group needs. We want to have fun/follow our heart, but we have these restrictions/responsibilities. She also is having Taurus squares pulling our actions/change and our money, resources, values and self-esteem into the mix. There are lots of ways this can show up. This is your natal/progressed Leo,  Aquarius and Taurus house themes at play (and yes, the play may not be so much fun).

Before the Moon makes any of these aspects she will inconjunct our Pisces Sun. This happened while we slept last night EST, and influences the day.


Our monthly waxing inconjunct. This time - Leo/Pisces. Inconjuncts are rocks and hard places. They don't fit. Pisces soft touch/compassion can be an entrance into Leo's generosity and certainly Leo would never get close enough to be vulnerable without Pisces, but mostly these guys' attributes are kind of at cross-purposes. This might show up now as a need to be appreciated for something we have been sacrificing for. Being part of our monthly lunar story we know this is important as we build toward this week's Full Moon. We need to be flexible. Work both sides of the personal/universal themes here.

The good news today, and the way through the lunar challenges, is the Mars/Pluto trine (brakes off) at 6 degrees Taurus/Capricorn. This is powerful. Keep in mind Mars is the lower octave of Pluto making this particularly potent. Pluto pulls our martian action, initiative, anger, aggression down into the darkness and makes us stronger. Aligns us with our unconscious motivations. Our actions align with our obsessions - and this sounds like trouble and it can be, but not this time. This time it is needed. WHAT DO YOU FEEL COMPELLED TO DO? And why do we really want to do this/hold onto this? The resistance fades (trines should be smooth/easy) as we understand what was once hidden. 


We get it now. 


This is an earth trine, so we still need to be practical/do the work, but things will fall into place when we do. When we step into our power/take control of what we can control. This particular Mars/Pluto story actually kicked off back in late March 2020. NOW we have reached the point where we have more control/a deeper understanding of Mars/Pluto's part in the 2020's (the decade not the year) restructuring of our life ....

This is ambitious/courageous energy. 


On a more basic level (because everything is happening on multiple levels) this can be about taking action with a Plutonian theme - merged money, other people's money/resources, taxes, insurance, inheritances, sex, reproduction, what needs to be purged, life/death or a Cappy theme - our career and work in the world. For example, my hub's business closed last year. It's been a long process to figure out it won't be re-opening. The loose ends are tangling us/strangling us more than the actual lost business at this point, so any action we can take now to tidy up these ends (for example I am closing the business bank account today and moving the money into our personal account) is a good idea. Productive. Powerful. Moves things forward. This doesn't have to be some big thing, but the thing that looks like a small thing won't really be a small thing, if that makes sense.


More in the weekly on the trine HERE.

xo all

painting by the talented Todd Baxter

Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, February 22, 2021 - feeling all the feels and going with the flow today


The Moon is comfy/cozy in her home sign of Cancer now. We are nurtured through things that are most conventionally nurturing - home, family, safety, comfort. Mom and apple pie. The next couple days, while the Moon is in Cancer, we might find ourselves a little more emotional/moody as we take stock of our feelings. We might feel a bit nostalgic/more conservatively inclined. 


(with all the significators for the virus interacting with the United States natal chart this week, it is no surprise the United States, a Cancer country, is reaching - feels/notices/absorbs - an emotional milestone now)


Lunar people (born at night, strong Moon, strong Cancer, etc), who might be more attuned to viewing through the lunar lens, due to the Moon's position in their birth chart - can focus on the cyclical/changeable nature of reality and this might seem the dominant characteristic of life. Security, natural cycles, the warmth of another human being's touch, food and a safe space can be more important than any abstract quest for meaning (a more solar life) because life truly must be coped with day-to-day. Lunar people are especially gifted at keeping their feet on the ground and dealing with changing events and people in a sensible and compassionate manner. Taken to an extreme, or overly stressed, we can sometimes get stuck 'in our Moon' and it is harder for us to look beyond our personal/or immediate circumstances.


As we move toward a Full Moon moment (like we are this week)/things coming to a fruition, we can be assured there is a past/a system of cycles that led us to this moment. There was a hidden beginning (the New Moon) when the seed was planted under the dark skies. There were times of development/challenges as she waxed (grew). And we can know there is a future (where rot sets in and she wanes) past the Full Moon where something reaches its inevitable end. The Moon in our chart, and her placement, house of rulership, aspects, etc - speaks of our past lives, our maternal heritage, our emotional temperature. 

Today, the Moon trines the Pisces Sun (trines are smooth flows and happen between signs of the same element) at 6:46AM EST. 


Cancer/Pisces is an easy flow of emotions/sentiment, but things can get pretty wet. The family is integrated into the larger whole. Our lens widens. Compassion/intuition the final ingredients in our two-week New Moon in Aquarius story-line. 


The Moon moves on this afternoon to square Chiron (ouch) and sextile (opportunity) Uranus. Keep in mind, that painful square to Chiron (in Aries) is part of the process. Let's welcome it. Maybe let's think - "oh my, that hurt, so why does that hurt?". The Moon in Cancer (symbolized by the sea crab) can like her protective shell (she carries her home with her remember), sometimes a little too much. 

Today's final lunar aspect is a productive sextile to Uranus in Taurus (1:08PM EST) and speaks of opportunities through change/the new. Something unexpected. The Moon is waxing. We are growing/moving forward. 


Repeat after me - I can change. I can change. I can change. 

xo all

painting by the talented Rick Beerhorst