Sunday, July 22, 2018

Astrology Forecast For Creatives | Week of July 23rd - unpacking Monday and Tuesday, wanting and wanting and wanting, something could be looking a little too shiny right about now

Perceive the light by anaispopy

I hope everyone enjoyed Sunday's relaxing sextile between Venus and Jupiter.

This is setting up an energy we are going to be working with later when Mercury goes retrograde off a square to Jupiter - we will get back to this later in the week.

I didn't have much time to write on Sunday so I am doing dailies this week. Let's unpack the first two days.

If you have something that absolutely, positively has to be done this week I would try to get it done on MONDAY, the Moon will be waxing in optimistic Sagittarius. Yes, there will be squares to Venus (love, money, women, our values, resources and self-esteem) and Neptune (our imagination, illusion. deception, escape) that will create tension and stress, especially with Venus in critical (though perceptive) Virgo, but squares get things done. It is energy we can work with. Sagittarian themes - higher education, legal issues, foreigners, travel, weddings, media, publishing - could be especially worth the effort, although not without some challenges.

On TUESDAY the Moon will go Void at 4:22AM EDT off a trine (brakes off) with Mercury, sitting very strong and nearly still in Leo and preparing to reverse course this week - BACK UP YOUR FILES.

The Moon will be void all day until she moves into stable Capricorn at 5:49PM EDT.

This would not be a good day to start something new or launch something you need "something to come of", but the trine to mental Mercury pre-void tells us it could be a good time for productive writing, public speaking, communications and commerce.

The BIG news on TUESDAY though - and this will be building and then unwinding all week - is an opposition between Venus (in Virgo) and Neptune (in Pisces) at 16 degrees.

Venus in Virgo has had us taking a closer look (like magnifying glass close or bad breath in the morning close) at our relationships, our money, what we want and what we already have.

In "just the facts Jack" Virgo, Venus wants to keep it real.

Now she moves into opposition, and yes, an opposition is just what it sounds like, imaginative Neptune in confusing "unlimited" Pisces.

Neptune can dissolve Venus's ability to focus in on the details - things can get confusing. Yes, more confusing than they already are, especially if this is hitting a planet or point in your natal chart.

It can be hard to tell what is real now. Maybe with an opposition to boundless Neptune we want and we want and we want. Things can appear better than they actually are. And those things that appear just a hair's breadth away from us are actually a mile up the round, around the corner and buried under 40 feet of cement.

Things can fall short later.

This would not be a good time to invest/make large purchases since Venus rules money and Neptune dissolves. Bye-bye logical Virgo, bye-bye hard earned cash.

Watch for unrealistic expectations around love and relationships and women, too.

Oppositions can also play out as actual people - so if we are being dutiful Venus in Virgo with our head down in a pile of paperwork, we could come up against a dreamy Pisces-type person - maybe our girl Polly calls with a plan to ditch work and head to the beach. Or maybe we are the dreamy Pisces energy and our creative work comes up against a nitpicker-type who wants i's dotted and t's crossed in a very specific way that cramps our style.

This opposition CAN expand romantic/financial possibilities AND this can be excellent energy for spiritual growth - Neptunian experiences are designed to open us up and Neptune and Venus can work well together 

BUT we have to be CAREFUL, so we don't screw up and fall into some kind of illusion/delusion.

With Venus set to trine powerful Pluto (brakes off) in a couple days we will know soon enough what is true and what is rose-colored inspiration.

We NEED inspiration, we don't need to marry it or hand it our Visa card.

Stay focused - keep it real. The evening's responsible Cappy Moon will help.

xo all

back up those files

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | regrets, second chances, keep a cool head, power plays, a deep cleaning, words hurt, cooperation, generosity, the SUN will come out tomorrow .. and then he does

confetti by quadratiges

Let's finish unpacking this week!

By FRIDAY morning EDT the Moon is in Scorpio and squaring Mars (retrograde in Aquarius) sitting on the South Node. This will make for some tense interactions and frustrations. 

With Mars conjunct the South Node for the second time (of three!) this could be a second chance with something that happened around June 8th or regret over whatever we did/didn't do at around that time.

Mars retrograde and out-of-bounds creates a boomerang effect for aggression and anger, so we don't want to be the one tossing out the snide comment or landing the first blow right now.

If trouble is stirred up now - walk away. Walk away.

With our actions squaring that secretive Scorpian Moon we also don't want to be the one withholding information that other people need - secrets will have a way of coming back to haunt us later. This summer's long and winding Mars retrograde has, and will continue to, provide us with multiple opportunities for self-sabotage. We likely slept through a sextile to stable Saturn, but staying focused on the important stuff, our responsibilities and commitments will come in handy today.

By Friday night the energy does a 180 (WHEW!) with the Moon's sextile to lovely Venus (persnickety in Virgo, but still Venus) at 7:40PM EDT followed by her conjunction with expansive Jupiter. Good energy to be out and about, optimistic and having a good time. Good relationship energy. I vote - DATE NIGHT! Hoping to drag hubs to Mamma Mia (that cast!).

On SATURDAY the Moon (in Scorpio) will sextile (opportunity) Pluto (in Capricorn) at 10:28AM EDT - opportunities for deep, emotional healing and POWER moves that pay off. Good energy for research, deep cleaning, a counseling session or even hunting for buried treasure. Where is your metal detector? I used to have a metal detector. The sextile will have moved on by the time I find it though! Also good energy for financial stuff - doing taxes, estate planning, taking care of bills, investments, etc.

By 3PM EDT, the Moon will square (tension/frustration) Mercury (in Leo) - this is tension between our head and our emotions. People could be moody and opinionated. Someone might be digging in their heels. Or someone could be changing their mind. Someone might be spilling our secrets. Things might get LOUD.

Take care when driving. Take care when operating heavy machinery - not a good afternoon to pull out that wood chipper! Take care with your language. Don't fight with your sibling or neighbor.

Likely with this aspect - words/ideas/information will arouse emotions that are STRESSFUL. 

Don't fear though because "cue little red-haired Annie" - the Sun will come out tomorrow!

Very early on SUNDAY EDT, while we sleep, the Moon goes void off a trine with the Sun (this will actually be late night on the West Coast so it could be a good LATE date night there!) making us feel safe and secure.Yes, we might sleep through all of this - tuck and cover - but we should wake feeling comfortable.

Venus (in Virgo) will sextile (opportunity) Jupiter (in Scorpio). 

I missed this in the weekly forecast - and this is probably the best aspect of the week. So glad I put up a weekend forecast and took a second look! 

These two beauties don't move as fast as the Moon so this will be in play for a couple days. 

This is opportunity for our love/money/resources/values/self esteem to EXPAND. Good for relationships, good for business, luck, positive change - good news for our natal Virgo and Scorpio houses. 

This is about cooperation and generosity!

At 6:12AM EDT the Moon moves into Sagittarius (more optimism!) focusing us on Sagittarius themes for the next couple days - our higher thinking, foreigners, higher education, travel, weddings, the media, legal issues, publicity.

The good news continues with the Sun's roar into fiery Leo - the sign he RULES - at 5:01PM EDT.

The Sun in Leo is naturally generous, proud, self-expressive and CREATIVE. Leo rules the 5th house of fun and recreation, romance and love, children and creativity. This is the space of the North Node and our collective way forward. Are we following our joy? Are we playing all-in? Are we taking the center stage of our own life? Are we removing all roadblocks to our most heart-centered life? What are we proud of? How are our children - personally and collectively? Is our own inner-child given time to PLAY? We are all burning Leo fuel now!

I will get a preliminary post up this weekend about next week's challenging Eclipse and also see what the hell is going on with the Donald. We probably need to be following the Maria Butina story because she burst into the headlines with Eris and BML activity this week and we know "Russian spying" connects back to that 2010 eclipse. The plot thickens ....

xo all