the astrology of 2023 | Part III - venus retro in leo this summer - rethinking what our heart wants, how we show-up and shine, the things we do for love, old loves and passions can be revived, breakups and breakthroughs, the summer of love

venus retrograde in leo summer of 2023

THE ASTROLOGY OF 2023 | pART II - Mars - finally leaves gemini in March, is in the thick of things this spring and fall, tries to clean up the mess this summer, our wounded masculine highly visible in 2023

MARS 2023

weekly astrology forecast | January 30th - February 5th, 2023 - breakthroughs, breakdowns and break-ups, BIG full moon in fiery leo, what needs to change, what is no longer stable

the astrology of 2023 | part I - the inner planets - Mercury in 2023, reviewing, revising and remaking the physical structures of our lives, becoming more useful, grounded and stable