Weekly Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 25 - January 31, 2021 - a powerful time, turning toward the facts, needing variety, prioritizing health, work and service, fiery drama, obsessions, do you feel lucky?



MONDAY - Sun sextile Chiron, Venus trine Vesta

TUESDAY - Sun square Uranus, Neptune square North Node

THURSDAY - Full Moon in Leo, Venus conjunct Pluto, Sun conjunct Jupiter

SATURDAY - Mercury stations retrograde

Let's jump right into it!

MONDAY - the Sun (at 5 degrees Aquarius) sextiles Chiron at 5 degrees Aries - an opportunity for healing. Planets are sextile when they are separated by 60 degrees. The signs progress like a spiral from male to female to male to female. So signs that are 60 degrees apart are the same ying or yang, male or female. In this case, Aqua/Aries are both masculine/yang. So we know the opportunity is active (as opposed to responsive ie feminine/ying opportunities). This is the energy of the group working well with the energy of the individual.


Keep in mind we have to take some action/do something to access this.

Changes that "re-invent who we are", particularly in a public way, can be HEALING. Stepping back from a situation to give it more space/distance or dealing with it on a more intellectual level - and realizing we are not alone in this, can be HEALING.


(this is one of the final aspects from that Cappy New Moon we talked about HERE. So, we have completed the mini-journey our last Mew Moon spoke of - from Capricorn to Aquarius - if we have walked these steps, and we have, there is an opportunity to heal a very old/deep familial wounding around our ability to take care of ourselves/our ability to be ourselves, maybe within group situations)

Venus (21 degrees Capricorn) trines Vesta at 21 degrees Virgo. Vesta is the missing leg in this week's Mutable T-Square Full Moon and Venus will be back here at the end of the year retrograding over exactly this point, so pay attention - there is a kind of 'head's up' now. A focus on the specific/the practical. on service, on work/health/our daily life and obligations, on organization enables Venus to work her magic. This is near-enough the RED HOT 22/23 degrees to give this extra oomph. The trine is the most positive aspect in astrology and Venus our most beneficial planet. This is Cappy/Virgo - practical success that feels good.

Also note, Mercury will be retrograde in just five days, back up those files, phone pics.


TUESDAY - this is a BIG day. We have the Sun in Aquarius (6 degrees) squaring Aqua-co-ruler Uranus in Taurus at the same time we have Neptune in Pisces (19 degrees) squaring the Nodes - this second aspect has been in play for awhile, but here is where it is most exact.

The Sun is in his detriment in Aquarius (since he rules Aqua's polarity sign of Leo) and now he squares Aqua's co-ruler Uranus. Uranus is unpredictable and will not be fenced in. Changes occur suddenly (although not always totally without warning). Routine is upended. 

Today's energy says the present is the finish of the past. It says the inventiveness we need may actually be available to us.
It says if we are stuck, Uranus can attract people/things/situations that allow/force us to break out of stuck constructs. Come unstuck. Or require us to see/act on things in a new way.   
With Neptune squaring the Nodes at the same time, this is double the energy to release the illusion/the delusion, the payoff we are getting from whatever positionality (is this a word? I guess not) we are stuck in. The satisfaction we get from our current position - is always what is keeping us stuck. And does our current position still make sense/cents - always a question with Uranus in Taurus.
There is no changing the past or controlling the future. This is volatile energy that can bring surprises.


Uranus will always seek to overturn anything traditional or conventional that has outlived its usefulness. So, we have the Sun, moving through Aquarius, not so happy/strong and he moves into this tension/frustration with the planet he is not happy to be answering to in the first place. 


At the same time Neptune, strong in his home sign of Pisces, is squaring the South Node in Sagittarius and the North Node in Gemini. Mutable T-square. Neptune square the Nodes is a time of confusion, but also a time when the time to be confused is in the past. It has to be. Goodnight Irene. Something draining must be drained. So, time to choose/pivot. We want to be focused on facts/what is close by, not on beliefs/potential/what is foreign.


The empty leg of the T-Square is Vesta at 19 degrees Virgo. 

Vesta has been in Virgo since October 22, 2020. She will be here until July. This is a very long transit. I guess we need her here while Neptune battles it out with the Nodes of Fate, to get our collective sh*t together. Vesta says prioritize. Prioritize. In Virgo, she says, prioritize what is practical/useful/needed/what works. Prioritize the stuff you can touch/taste/hold. She says what you hold sacred is what you give your time and attention to. Always.


Virgo is about our daily activities, the way we make use of our time, our work, our service to others, our health, the way we organize ourselves, our paperwork, the ways we handle details, keep things clean. Vesta in Virgo is pure/untouched/unadulturated feminine energy.


The empty leg of a T-Square is the anchor - how we balance this energy. Vesta, at 21 degrees Virgo, is the empty leg now. It's not a coincidence she ends up right where she is at just the time we need an anchor.


So, through the lens of Virgo we lean away from the past and into the future. We pivot. We make our next move.

(the space of Vesta in our natal chart shows what we need to keep our inner flame lit. She can also be an indicator of what we need to do to keep that inner flame from going out, and, on the other hand, where we might unconsciously tend the flame of others, while our own flame dwindles ..)

THURSDAY - this is the day of the Full Moon in Leo. At the same time we have Venus meeting Pluto and the Sun meeting Jupiter. Wow. THIS LOOKS AS BIG AS ANYTHING ELSE WE HAVE SEEN this month and we've seen alot, haven't we?  


Drama, our heart, our spotlight, obsession, intensity, power, life and death, luck, the future. It's like a Broadway extravaganza on opening night - it's all there.

Expect a BIG post. I can't wait to unpack the chart!


SATURDAY - Mercury stations retrograde at 26 degrees Aquarius. He/she will station direct on February 20, 2020 at 11 degrees Aquarius - this is the day of that CRAY-CRAY seven planet stellium in Aqua. Booster rockets into the future, so the retro gives us some time to take care of the things we need to, so we can best line up with this timeline. We take off in a very BIG way. So, this retrograde is equally HUGE.

Collectively, Mercury's retrograde through Aquarius will bring up re-dos, re-visions, re-thinking around our friendships, the internet, our tech, science, the goals that bring us into connection with other people. Old friends can come back into our lives. We'll talk about this in its own post.

Expect a BIG post about this, too. 


In the meantime, back up your files/phone pics, etc. 


Back with some dailies!

xo all


 photo by the talented Ann-Rentgen

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, January 21, 2021 - illusions dissolve, the fading of what we once nurtured, opportunities disguised as frustrations and jolts



The Moon, exalted in Taurus - we are nurtured through comfort, sensual touch, security. She met up with Mars and Uranus while we slept (EST) and squared Jupiter at 5:14AM EST. Mars in Tauris is building toward his own square with Jupiter tonight/tomorrow, which can fuel our enthusiasm/courage/push to move forward, but also make us prone to over-doing or coming on too strong.

This is also the day Ceres is exactly conjunct Neptune. We talked about this in the Inauguration post HERE. Boundless/sacrificial care. Smother/mothering if taken to an extreme. With Neptune things tend to fade away/dissolve, so maybe something we had been/have been caring for is fading/dissolving. Clinging to anything during a Neptune transit is like trying to hold onto water and Ceres was the grieving mother, maybe trying to hold onto daughter Persephone for just a bit too long. We have to go with the flow here, there is no controlling however this is showing up for us. Keep in mind also the cycle of re-birth (the seasons) Ceres also rules. Birth follows death as surely as spring follows winter. 


This aspect, coupled with Mars/Jupiter in Taurus/Aquarius (moving on from what is stuck) can aid in ending delusions/illusions - whose time/season has ended.

In the United States, we will see the Forever Trumpers waking up from their delusion that he is saving the world (or maybe in some cases doubling down) and the Never Trumpers, waking up from their delusion that everything bad is because of him. Ceres will square the Nodes tomorrow while semi-squaring Saturn. Reality checks. The Mars/Jupiter can bring opportunities disguised as collisions. Whatever is happening, or isn't, will be based on our own actions/in-actions. 


The balls that are in our court, and there are a couple, will need to be played,

xo all

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The astrology of the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris | January 20, 2021 - hope, group responsibility, great grief, compassion, smart changes, chaos, passion, the need to bring everyone to the table, harder days and better days ahead


On Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 12:00 Noon EST, President-Elect Joe Biden and Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris will be sworn into office. This chart, speaks not only of the events at play on this particular date, but also being the birth of their term, of what we can expect over the next four years.

Let's unpack the chart!

Every U.S. inauguration (always at noon on January 20th) has a 15 degree Taurus rising chart - so answering to beneficial Venus. The Sun is always at 0 degrees Aquarius in the 10th house. The mid-heaven is always 27 degrees Capricorn - the degree of the USA's natal Pluto. Always a powerful chart. Our forefather's knew a little something about astrology I would suspect.

This time around we've got a HUGE stellium in Aquarius including Aqua's co-ruler Saturn and the early Aqua planets are squared by an EXACT conjunction of Mars and Uranus from the 12th house. BML is conjunct the ascendant. Eris is squaring Pluto. Ceres and Neptune are EXACTLY conjunct in the 11th house (of the people/Aquarius natural house). The Moon is just about to square the Sun - Taurus/Aquarius - the old stability vs the new changes. The people vs the new rules.

This chart won't be easy.

Asteroid Karma at 1 degree Virgo is EXACTLY conjunct Joe Biden's natal North Node (fate) and conjunct Kamala's IC. Asteroid Kamil (our significator for Kamala) EXACTLY conjunct the descendant (partner and I think indicating the equal partnership they will have, also I think "the other" this election is bringing in, ie woman, woman of color). Asteroid Bida (our significator for Biden) conjunct asteroid Wuhan (one of our significators for the virus) and also conjunct Kamala's natal Saturn, Biden's natal Damocles (the consequences of getting what we want/unexpected peril) and the USA's natal Moon (the people). 


Asteroid Pandora - we talked about my thoughts about her bringing us our first woman President, back in August, HERE -  (the first woman and another significator for the virus) is at 29 degrees Virgo closely conjunct the USA natal MC and also conjunct the USA natal asteroid Kamil (10th house) and in Biden's natal, his Kamil/Neptune conjunction (10th house).

Venus at 15 degrees Capricorn is EXACTLY conjunct fixed star Vega. Keep in mind Venus rules the chart and also that the planets in Taurus (that volatile Mars/Uranus conjunction) are answering to HER, so she is UBER important here. Vega (the star at the handle of the lyre in the Lyra constellation) is said to combine the energies of Mercury and Venus. It's about poetry and science and art, and, of course music. It gives beneficence, idealism, hopefulness, class, intelligence and flexibility. A caution that comes with this star is not to use 'popularity' in any exploitative/pretentious way. The Star's connection with Mercury can also bring some trickery/thievery. 

So, we have a loop here between the 1st house ascendant Taurus (our resources, money, values, self-esteem), Venus in the 9th house (wisdom, foreign people and situations, legal situations - with chart ruling Venus in the 9th, foreign relationships will become a priority) in Cappy (structure, stability, limits, rules, authority), answering to Saturn in Aquarius (the people, the future, technology, science) in the 10h house. Saturn is co-ruler of Aqua, but is also answering to Uranus (unpredictability, chaos, plus all the Aqua stuff) in the 12th house (the past, what is behind us, what we can't see coming, lies , deception, ill health/endings). 

Chart-ruling Venus in Cappy is trining those Taurus planets (brakes off, but this is waning/in the past, part of what got us to this moment - the violence/chaos - with Trump's natal Uranus/Sun conjunction and Mars/Ascendant conjunction, I think this is also speaking of him in the past and part of what got us here - also asteroid TRIUMF - a significator we've used before for Trump, conjunct the Taurus planets) AND applying to a sextile to that Ceres/Neptune conjunct. 

Ceres/Neptune is compassionate/unconditional nurturing (with Neptune ruling endings, this can also bring the release of what we've been nurturing/mothering). Ceres (the grieving mother/losses outside our control) and Neptune also speak of great mourning/great grief. Letting go. It's not a coincidence that just as this aspect perfects on Tuesday night - Biden/Harris are honoring, at the Lincoln Memorial, the Americans who have died in this pandemic. This aspect is compassionate/boundary-less. Ceres has been in Pisces (remember she repeated Mercury's spring retro journey through Pisces - sign of viruses) since April 23rd, so it's no coincidence she meets Pisces ruler Neptune at exactly this moment. Ceres will be in Aries on February 21st. Hang in there - spring is coming. 


One downside to Ceres/Neptune is a kind of smother-mothering (and yes, this speaks of masks and probably more things some people are not loving like contract-tracing with the pandemic). Keep in mind this is mother energy. On steroids. Father might say - don't crash the car, don't knock her up - then he goes to bed ... and sleeps. Mother asks - where will you be, who will you be with, what will you be doing - and then of course she waits up for us anyway. Sacrificial nurturing - which works until it doesn't. These planets are EXACTLY squaring the Nodes of Fate, so we are going to need to be flexible/make adjustments here. Ask more questions and not think we have all the answers. The opposition to Vesta in 'let's fix this thing'/service-oriented Virgo - speaks of confusion about where to put our energies/focus. Is the sacrifice necessary? Maybe the time will come to stop fixating on what we can't fix. Again flexibility/adjustments.

The Aquarius stellium is UBER important. This speaks of the future, technology, science, our commitments to the group. Pallas conjunct Mercury of intelligent planning, new/innovative ways to solve problems. New strategies. New ways to think. 


Note ruler Saturn is sandwiched between the Sun and Jupiter. Sun conjunct Saturn speaks of a limit (Saturn) being illuminated (Sun). Our country's/and its leaders responsibilities. Consequences from our previous actions are illuminated (good or challenging). Chickens come home to roost. The country puts a ring on it. This speaks of a serious commitment. This is not the best aspect for Biden's physical health/energy (being the Sun here), sandwiched between Pluto and Saturn, hopefully that sextile to Chiron will help. Jupiter conjunct the Sun/Saturn can make this heaviness/responsibility feel BIGGER or LIGHTER - it's going to depend on what is done with this. The Sun is applying to that Saturn conjunction - harder days ahead/new rules/limits. The Sun is applying to that Jupiter conjunction - better days following that. Getting lucky.


With Mars conjunct Uranus and applying to a square with Jupiter (so again something gets BIGGER or LIGHTER/more hopeful) from the 12th house this speaks of the disorder/chaos/anger of the past. The Moon will be (29 degrees Aries) EXACTLY where Mars was back on January 6th when a Trump rally turned violent. Note - this is conjunct Kamala's natal Moon and opposing her natal Sun (yes, like Trump she was born on a Full Moon!). These planets are in the past (that 12th house), but also behind us where we can't see them coming! We are charged with still dealing with this - through those tense/frustrating/maybe dangerous - squares to those 10th house planets. With the square to Jupiter applying - we aren't done with this. This can also speak of an unexpected loss/ending/death during the term of this President. Eris in that same house speaks of the need to bring everyone - yes, even the people we don't agree with - TO THE TABLE. 

Juno has been so active in 2020 and it is interesting to find Juno at 10 degrees Sagittarius, in the 7th house of partnership - conjunct Biden's 9 degree Sag natal Juno and Kamala's 8 degree natal Juno. I think this portends they will work very well together and also work well with other people/countries. Juno rules not only partnerships and contracts, but in Greek mythology (known as Hera to the Greeks), she was the God of women, mother of the Milky Way Galaxy. 


I'm not going to sugar-coat it, there are ALOT OF SQUARES in this chart.


Tension, frustration, challenges. There are great obstacles AND great obstacles bring great opportunities. They are the only thing that ever truly does really.


And, unless the Inauguration gets postponed until after 2:00PM EST for some reason, the Moon is void.


This happened during Obama's second term and Trump pretty much stepped in and wiped it out. Nothing came of it. With the three presidencies prior to that one that started under void Moons, the new Presidents did not get to finish their term - FDR died in office, Kennedy was assassinated and Nixon resigned. I think there are multiple indicators of Biden's presidency leading to Kamala's. But, I don't think it's helpful to speak of this right now. 


Biden is destined for this moment. Fate has brought him to us to bring us to 'the other' (this is also the United States job/destiny - it always has been). 


He has done it before and he will do it again


and in between he will do his job the best he can to help heal and bring together a humbled, grieving and broken nation. He knows a little something about grief and brokenness and will do this job very well, I suspect.


xo all

Today's Astrology Forecast | Tuesday, January 19, 2021 - curve balls, changes to our resources and values, keep a cool head and don't blow something all out of proportion


The Moon continues her journey through independent and fiery Aries. She squared Venus at 4:42AM EST (Aries ruler Mars is in Taurus answering to Venus) and will sextile Mercury at 12:53PM EST. This is also the day the Sun moves into the sign of the genius/rebel/criminal - Aquarius. 


With the Moon in Aries and Aries ruler Mars driving our emotional train as we move toward his collision with Uranus (tonight/tomorrow) and square with Jupiter (Saturday) - there is a good chance for something to get blown way out of proportion here. Stay frosty. Be smart.


With Mercury in cool-headed Aqua, sextiling the Moon and applying to a trine to the North Node - logic, detachment, a focus on the future will be helpful.


Mars/Uranus is breakdowns. Breakthroughs. Break-ups. Expect the unexpected. It's explosive and these guys haven't met in Taurus since the 1930's. This is designed to change our resources/values and we need to be careful here, because this is really important stuff we could be blowing up.  


This is that stuck stuff in Taurus vs our Aquarian future. This is also our personal values/resources vs our commit to the group/hive-mind. Taurus/Aqua aspects are complicated.


Tonight/tomorrow we can expect the unexpected. 


Take care driving. Don't play with matches. Don't toss your expensive phone in an angry fit or tell off your boss. Anger and passion can erupt suddenly now and be hard to control. This isn't necessarily always a bad thing (a new phone/new job may be needed), but it could be, so if something is escalating in an uncomfortable way - take a breath and a step backward. 


All the best aspects are to Mercury in Aquarius - cool-headed logic, thinking ahead, detaching ourselves from situations before things go too far, being smart - here's our way through this.

We talked about this in the weekly HERE for Wednesday. 


Back with the inauguration post.

xo all


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Today's Astrology Forecast | Monday, January 18, 2021 - taking action on our goals and responsibiltiies, vulnerabilities triggered, things get better later


Today is all about the Moon in Aries. 


With the Moon in Aries we are nurtured through time alone, our passions, action, initiative, anger, men. She will sextile Saturn at 9:19AM EST, sextile Jupiter at 3:44PM EST, and, in between, meet up with wounded healer Chiron.


That sextile to Saturn is good for taking action on our goals, working with authority and stepping into our own. Any contact with Saturn can bring up responsibilities and limits, but maybe here it is just enough to give our day the structure it needs. So GET MOVING.

Her meeting with Chiron is going to be uncomfortable. Our fears around being able to act/take care of ourselves/be ourselves - whatever this is, it is very old and we are emotionally triggered. We are kind of running right into our vulnerabilities today. This can also make us, and other people, appear to be more self-interested or pushy/aggressive than we or they intended - keep this in mind. We need to be brave and an Aries Moon is brave. Our actions will help us through any insecurities - just keep going. 


The Moon will meet Chiron at 12:49PM EST, so maybe take a long/late lunch.

This all lands with an uplifting, smooth and optimistic sextile to expansive Jupiter in the late afternoon (EST), so this looks like an "all's well that end's well" kind of situation. Or something takes our mind off our problems. Either way -


things get better later. 


xo all 

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Astrology forecast for Creatives | Week of January 18th - January 24th, 2021 - curve balls, explosions, giving something some space, new ideas and information, reality checks and lalaland no vacancy signs


We talked in an earlier post about how January would bring the explosive changes/steps forward and February the 'clean ups on aisle six'/steps backward. 


This is one of those EXPLOSIVE weeks.


With Mars meeting Uranus (this happens every couple years) it is a time of shake/rattle/roll. Also DANGER, so stay frosty. No dark alleys. No wooden nickels. Respond instead of react.


Expect some curve balls.


Breakthroughs. Breakdowns. Breakups. 


If something in our Taurus house (the space we hold that very precious - to us - stuff) needs to come unstuck, well here comes Mars to unstick it. If we have wanted to do something different, here is the energy/push to do it. If we have wanted to say something radically/authentically unpredictable, here is the energy/push to say it. 


Keep in mind, we can burn bridges and alliances that will take a long, long time to rebuild. Be a grown-up. Another week of risks and rewards, but we need to balancing this all out, so we don't take anything too far because the energy is totally ripe to take something WAY TOO FAR.


This is also the week the Sun joins that Aquarius pile-up and meets Saturn - reality checks, responsibilities, results. 


Let's unpack the week and we'll toss in the Moon with a couple dailies!


TUESDAY - Sun into Aquarius

WEDNESDAY - Mars conjunct Uranus, Mercury trine North Node

SATURDAY - Sun conjunct Saturn, Mars square Jupiter, Venus sextile Neptune, Venus inconjunct North Node


TUESDAY - the Sun enters Aquarius until February 18th. Aquarius is advancement. Access to brilliant ideas (through a connection the higher-mind/hive-mind). A chance to be ourselves. In intellectual Aqua we get the opportunity to step back and take a less emotional view of something. It energizes us to move outside the box and try something else. It allows us to put some space between us and that challenging, draining situation. As always with Aquarius all detachment is helpful until it isn't.

Sometimes we are too close and too enmeshed in a situation to see clearly what is happening. Stepping back is good and needed. We can see what is happening with less judgment. We can see past societal rules (Aquarius is the rebel, genius, criminal). We get a new set of eyes to see the world.

Of course (that fly in the ointment thing again), if we step too far back we are like an outsider in our own life and this is not a good thing. Detachment can create dispassion. Problems with loving 'people' in general (or a cause/group) more than we love the person lying next to us in bed ... or the person looking back at us from the mirror can come into the light over the next month. 


WEDNESDAY - Mercury trines the North Node as Mars meets Uranus


Mars is our passion, our initiative, our action, our anger. Uranus is fast change, the future, liberation, something radically different.

This is a lightning strike (or a strike while the iron is hot situation).

It can make us (and other people) impulsive. It can make us accident-prone.

This is the energy of break-ups, breakdowns and breakthroughs. Anything that feels even remotely like a cage or collar is going to feel WAY too small.

Anger and passion can erupt suddenly now and be hard to control. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but if something is escalating in an uncomfortable way - take a breath and a step backward. The Sun in Aquarius is our friend. 

THE BEST USE OF THIS ENERGY because we also have Mercury trining (brakes off) the North Node (our future):

1. truly express who we are - this aspect doesn't say we are going to like the outcome, just that we will feel the push to "go for it", if this is something you need to do, this is exactly the energy that will help you to do it

2. make some kind of radical move, do (Mars) something different or differently (Uranus) - this is EXACTLY the energy we need to make a leap from our outdated/stifling crap to new and different crap (ie circumstances).

Again, remember, new is not always better. New is just new. Sometimes new is better though.

Also remember when it comes to change and Uranus - we don't always have a choice. 

This is "shortcut" energy.

Uranus can get us from here to there very quickly. Uranus doesn't really care how this happens or if we land on our ass when we get there.

We have the courage and the strength to put something into action here. Something that smells like authenticity (although nobody actually wants to smell your authenticity - keep this in mind - this is a metaphor). Something that tastes like freedom. 


If this action/move is something you have been thinking about for a long time or fits into your long-term planning - it could be the time to go for it. If this is something that just popped into your head and is risky - it is definitely the time to get your head examined.

(and actually Mars rules your head, so take care of your head now, too).


At the same time Mercury is trining the North Node of Fate. 


A trine is a 120 degree aspect in astrology. Two planets (or points) are forming one side of a triangle. They are working in harmony, stimulating each other toward increased activity and success.

We want (and always have) some of these in our natal birth chart. They are our subtle super powers. We can't see through a wall, but maybe we can see when someone is bullshitting us. We can't leap tall buildings with a single bound, but maybe we can leap over obstacles without getting mired in indecision.

Or we could think of them like a tool we are carrying in our pack for this lifetime. We need a screwdriver. We pull it out without thinking, we use it, it works, we put it back. It's something that's there. And it's helpful.

Today we have Mercury (communication, conversations, ideas, information) in Aquarius trine the North Node (destiny, our collective way forward) in Gemini - and Mercury rules Gemini. This is the voice that urges us forward. The encouraging word that keeps us going. This is the conversation or idea or information that changes or confirms our direction. This is that thing we read at exactly the right time. So pay attention now. Trines don't jump off the shelf and announce themselves, "HEY YOU, yes, you, over here, listen to me!".

They are like that screwdriver.

Except this time it's not in the backpack we were given at birth, it's only available to us for a short time - and if we are not paying attention we'll miss it. The screwdriver will float off to wherever it is screwdrivers go when we don't need them (partying in the junk drawer with the flash light and extra batteries probably).

Keep your eyes and ears open.


SATURDAY - there is alot to unpack here and, of course, this is the day this stuff is most exact, but impacting the entire end of the week and into next - 

The Sun meets Saturn at 4 degrees Aquarius. 


This is a reality check. The Sun is now in his detriment (since he rules Aqua's polarity sign of Leo, ugh, more winter he mumbles to himself) and hasn't met Saturn in Aquarius in 18 years. Conjunctions sometimes bring results/endings. With Saturn in Aquarius, this can shine a light on friendships/social obligations/the goals that bring us into connection with other people. There could be new limits/responsibilities. This can feel heavy/depressing. I was born with this aspect in Aqua - a kind of "report card" lifetime, in a way. The Sun's bright light/attention comes with heavy obligations/rules. In Aqua, we can't feel good in the now without factoring in the future/without factoring in the group/without factoring in our natal Aqua house theme. 

At the same time Mars is squaring Jupiter. Our actions could make us lucky, but there is a certain amount of risk involved and there are no guarantees with this. We might take something too far or overextend ourselves in some way. This aspect can bring enthusiasm, but also impulsivity. Something could get over-the-top - our passion, our anger, our actions, our spending. 


This is also the day Venus (at 19 degrees Capricorn) sextiles Neptune and inconjuncts the North Node. A direct Neptune is back to 19 degrees Pisces now (taking us back to last March/April before his retrograde), so exactly squaring the Nodes of Fate. 

Venus sextile Neptune is a beautiful aspect. Attracting love, compassion, connection (also maybe some lunatic on the subway or a smooth slide from one glass of wine to the entire bottle, so keep this in mind, too). And in Cappy/Pisces - building the dream. 

The inconjunct (rock and a hard place here) is Cappy/Gemini. Gemini (the North Node) wants us to stay loose/be asking questions/not tying ourselves down just yet. And Venus in Capricorn needs to be serious/realistic/attracting what she needs for the long term. And again, we have talked about this before, if Cappy can learn to accommodate Gemini's need for variety and if Gemini can learn to accommodate Cappy's need for structure/long-term planning - these guys can make this work. 


Keep in mind as Venus sextiles (opportunity) Neptune, the North Node is squaring Neptune. So Venus's magic is the North Node's kryptonite. 


There are opportunities for our imagination, compassion, spirituality, healing, but we need to keep one eye on the facts and one foot on the ground at the same time. 


Lalaland doesn't need any more residents/visitors. It's still a quarantine and she's full up.

xo all

Back with a post for the U.S. Inauguration on Wednesday as Mars meets Uranus (!) 


HERE is a post from Trump's inauguration 4 years ago. That mystic rectangle - gift he was here to bring us (and he has) - seems pretty accurate, although I certainly didn't decipher it in any truly useful way back in 2017. With the hindsight of 2020, that rectangle takes on a whole new meaning ...


photo by the amazing sollenafotografie