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I didn't get back for a weekly, so it looks like a couple dailies will have to do! 

This is the week before next week's SECOND New Moon in Aries this year - very unusual guys, something in our life is REALLY wanting a new start. Next week's New Moon is also our first Solar Eclipse in Aries since 2005 at EXACTLY the same degree (within minutes) of the Solar Eclipse on April 19, 2004. 

Jupiter, the planet of bigger-is-better, expansion, opportunity and generosity has just had his annual pow wow with the Sun

(don't forget Jupiter is the ancient ruler of Pisces, the sign of sacrifice, so what I find, and I have my natal Jupiter in Pisces, so this may be more obvious/true for me than a universal thing, but it is still something to think about because it may be the way Jupiterian stuff is designed to work. My attention/passion - and I should also note my Sun is in the third house in Aquarius, so naturally prone toward this being "idea" oriented  - moves to something new and then the old thing kind of withers over time. It must be sacrificed to the new thing. You might be thinking, duh, that's obviously how life works. But maybe not always so obvious to everyone, and sometimes this sacrifice thing, might have to come first. Sacrifice being a word that has gotten a bad rap, but part of the way the Jupiter good-stuff is intrinsically designed to get to us).

Today, we are just hours past the Sun/Jupiter conjunction. Kind of PAST THE TIPPING POINT with something. There is a stellium in Aries (multiple planets), so whatever you are FIRED UP ABOUT is what this is. Fired up can mean passionate or pissed or even worried about (since our warrior energy can turn worrier sometimes). Vesta is here, so it might be something keeping us up at night. That second New Moon next week is making it clear life isn't fooling around. THIS IS GETTING STARTED. 

Right now, the Moon - who rules Mars while he is in Cancer - is moving through Capricorn. Life is serious business. We are nurtured by rules and boundaries and how many cans of peas we have lined up in our cupboard. Although, with Saturn in Pisces, even this is STRETCHY. The rules are changing. 

The Moon will trine Mercury this morning EDT and trine Uranus tonight. Good energy for serious conversations and being open to new things in a realistic way. 

Lightning bolt moments. Breakthroughs. 

By tomorrow our same Cappy Moon will square Jupiter and the Sun - tension/frustration, the last quarter Moon, if something has been moving too fast, well, here's the HICCUP with that - then she will move into Aquarius and meet up with powerful Pluto. Something is important here/won't be rushed. How we are feeling will tell us alot about the future/what we will be working with. 

Today is also the day, the Sun, at 22 Aries, squares Pallas in Cancer. This is another slow your roll energy. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Pallas in Cancer pulls in home, family, the past, our maternal obligations. She is our wise warrior energy who works her magic through STRATEGY and recognizing patterns. The Sun is our ego/life force. In Aries, the Sun wants to GO, but he is kind of the fool here. We don't know what we don't know. 

The square to these 'family patterns/our past and past conditioning' today, is helping us to SEE THEM. Then we must decide/take action with what we see based on our current circumstances and who we are now - past Black Moon Lilith's summer in Cancer. 

The Sun in Aries will either plow through - which, looking ahead to tomorrow, doesn't seem all that wise. Or he will shift around the Cancer stuff, making decisions - we have the Moon in Cappy trining both Mercury and Uranus, our lower and higher minds - by adjusting/changing/looking at our PRIORITIES.  For some people this Cancer energy can move in and we access a very old EXCUSE to hide. We don't want to do that AND we don't want to just plow over people/go too fast. There is a third road here and Pallas is just the energy to allow us to recognize it. This energy can show up quite literally as a home obligation (or self-care need) that slows our roll, and it's designed to, because home matters. Especially with Mars in Cancer. Does that make sense?

Stop and think. But don't just stop. 

xo all

today's astrology forecast | Monday, April 10, 2023 | faith, hope, a time of action and motivation and beginner's luck

I didn't get a chance to get to the weekly this weekend, hopefully I will have it up tonight. The end of the week looks challenging, so plan light. 

For now, though, things are looking up and so are we. 

The Moon is in optimistic Sagittarius - we are nourished/nurtured through adventure, through our big picture beliefs, our faith, by what is foreign to us, by making something bigger/taking something further. She will trine (brakes off) both the Sun and Sag ruler Jupiter tonight EDT. 

We are feeling good. 

The Moon's trine to the Sun is this month's waning trine. Sagittarius/Aries at 20 degrees. Our Full Moon story from last week continues to unwind. Something here falls into place - there is a smooth current between our Sag and Aries houses. Collectively this looks something like optimistic action, expansion. 

This is all about POTENTIAL.

The Sun is also applying to his annual meeting with Jupiter tomorrow. Some astrologers call this "the luckiest day of the year", (note Sag luck comes through confidence and often a bit of risk taking) but what you will really find is that the positive qualities/the hope of some combination of the house in your chart they meet in - this year it is Aries - and the houses Jupiter and the Sun rule in your natal chart are MADE VISIBLE. 

With Jupiter/Sun, again, we get to SEE THE POTENTIAL and sometimes we get LUCKY. In Aries, there is often a kind of 'beginner's luck' when we don't know what we don't know and we move forward anyway. Be brave. 

HERE is my post about Jupiter in Aries that could be helpful now. 

Note the Moon will be void tomorrow from 6:48AM EDT to 1:33PM EDT  and then she goes into Cappy where she is required to be strong and get down to business (not her favorite place, but can be useful depending on your purposes and it certainly helps ground all this fire). 

If you are going to use the Jupiter/Sun/Moon to START SOMETHING SPECIFIC - today/tonight are good. Tomorrow is, too, just avoid that void Moon period if you need specific results or are starting something new. Venus will also move into Gemini tomorrow and trine Pluto. That's a smooth flow and pulls in our Aquarius and Gemini houses - this will also pull in focus and INTENSITY.  Keep in mind, today is Venus's last day in her home sign of Taurus. 

Next week we get that second New Moon in Aries - the one that asks us what we forgot to START and to get going with THAT - this can be powerful motivational energy, but also, combined with these other energies, have us feeling like we have to start NOW and then we muck it up by doing something half-assed. We do/will have to start what we neglected to start or what we couldn't start any earlier, but we can also BE SMART ABOUT IT. 

Anyway, back tonight or tomorrow with more, but I wanted to pop this up since the beginning of this week has some nice ADVANTAGEOUS energy - and the end of the week looks more challenging - something to keep in mind.

With Aries - results come through action, courage, starting, our masculine energy, MEN. 

This is also the day, Juno meets Uranus and Ceres opposes Neptune.

Juno is about partnerships and contracts (also what we will do to maintain the favor of the "king"/connection to power) and Uranus is about change, liberating/chaotic. We might meet an unusual person now or begin a more "freeing" phase of a relationship. Ceres/Neptune brings a culmination/ending which, in Pisces, could be more of a 'slow dissolve' around something we have been nurturing or a change of life situation outside our control. Ceres is retrograde and this is their second meeting out of three. The retrograde period is always about re-viewing, re-vising. Nurturing. Healing. What is working? What can be revised? What is out of our hands anyway and we need to have faith - Moon/Sun/Jupiter?

I hope something here is helpful.

xo all

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