Today's astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 30, 2020 - coming unstuck, risk vs safety, unexpected news, breakthroughs, cosmic downloads, courage is healing, a long chapter about the use, and abuse, of power

Our Moon, in Leo now and nurtured through fun and creativity and children and romance and attention - is having a bit of a hard time of it today. She had that opposition to Saturn last night and today must work her way through (all times EDT) a square to Mercury (6:46AM), a square to Uranus (9:20AM) and finally a square to the Sun (4:38PM). She also makes a nice trine to Chiron at some point.

This is also the day (although very late EDT and could be felt more tomorrow) Mercury meets Uranus (6 degrees Taurus, while semi-squaring Neptune).

There is alot of energy today/tomorrow to push us out of a rut!

Let's look at the Moon first - she tells us our collective emotional temperature. In Leo, she (as us) wants to be seen/heard/dare we say admired. She is challenged today by information, maybe by finances/resources. She is challenged by change/the unexpected/a need for freedom.

Her square to the Sun is this month's 1st Quarter Square - here is where that New Moon energy from last week reaches its first test. This is Leo/Taurus. Drama vs restraint. Risk vs safety. They are both fixed signs - they both dig in.

With Mercury meeting Uranus there is UNEXPECTED INFORMATION (today and tomorrow). Expect something else. Mental ruts can be jumped now.

Expect people could be irrational/rebellious. This energy is going to get stagnant stuff unstuck one way or the other - so be pro-active through positive change.  

Happening in Taurus this will be about our natal Taurus house theme or our collective themes of money, our resources, our values or self-esteem.

We are downloaded with a thirst for SOMETHING ELSE.

Maybe with new ideas about our money/resources. BREAKTHROUGHS ARE POSSIBLE. Genius thinking. Ideas, that are ahead of their time, can be picked like apples by those who are ready for them.

Breakdowns and break-ups can happen, too. Something is getting broken here.

Maybe this is about the removal of something that has been limiting us. As Mercury meets Uranus our lower mind is connected to our higher mind - the cosmos. The sky is the limit and anything fitting even slightly tightly (slightly tightly) will feel like a dog collar right about now.

Now, some people (more Uranian or Leo energy people most likely) will be feeling this need to break out and other people (more Taurean people most likely) will be feeling the need to hunker down. And everyone will be feeling both of these things at the same time. We have to trust we will need what we need here. Everyone gets a seat at the table - even the people we don't agree with. And if we are thinking, they are putting "us" in jeopardy, (either our physical health or our financial health and yes both matter) - remember we are working through a very old, very long story about our use of POWER. It's not the time to abdicate ours by blaming other people or waiting for other people to save us. We don't have control over everything, but there are some things we can control.

These things will find their way to us.

The tension now is designed for things to come unstuck and/or for us to make hard choices about what can't.

Remember Mercury was at the big pow-wow in January when Saturn met Pluto and time ran out - then he swam back and forth through Pisces (ruler of things like viruses) for months. Now, he's gotten to Taurus, normally a rock solid space, but the home of chaotic and disruptive Uranus for the next few years. He is cautious in Taurus (and stronger than he usually is since Taurus ruler Venus is in Gemini and offering mutual reception).

And now, bam, he runs into Uranus. Liberation. Change. And in Taurus as the Sun squares the Moon and the Moon squares Uranus - this "change" thing is not so simple. And Taurus rules really important things like our money and our values, so there is always the need for some caution. And we can see that semi-square - baby square - to Neptune, maybe warning of challenges ahead - with dissolving resources, the virus, confusion, lies - maybe all of this.

Nothing is simple here.

Mercury meets the Sun (clarity) next week and then starts ruling the North Node. We are doing the two-step, remember. And there is that nice healing trine to Chiron (in brave and individualistic Aries) today - if we manage to navigate these squares well ... and even if we don't.

xo all

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Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - feeling the pressure, building something, preparing for Mercury by learning the two-step

Our Cancer Moon is feeling the outside pressure today of authority/limits/deadlines/rules/goals - opposing a retrograde Pluto at 12:01PM EDT and then going void off her opposition to Jupiter at 3:29PM EDT. She is trapped. She will be void until 9:06PM EDT.

Part of this internal pressure is knowing, even getting into Leo isn't helping her anymore, because she will have to immediately face off with Saturn (12:26AM EDT tonight).

We need to be gentle with each other and give ourselves a break.

Keep in mind this is our FINAL Moon in Cancer with the North Node (our collective way forward/North Star) in Cancer for 28 years. We have had 18 of these Moons in the last 18 months - encouraging us to move toward home, family, our inner life, mothering without smothering, taking care of ourselves, home business projects, family business projects, real estate projects, allowing ourselves to see, without judgement, that the vulnerability in ourselves and others as we become more authentic/more transparent is needed if we don't want to be frozen into place by a need to appear strong and in control. Collectively, we brought ourselves to this quarantine situation.

In a few days the North Node will move into Gemini and begin answering to Mercury, in Taurus now, but he will change signs about every month or so and go quite frequently retrograde (allowing the "re's" of re-vision, re-unions, re-thinking) - the Moon doesn't go retrograde, and before we had the Cancer North Node we had the Leo North Node answering to the Sun and he doesn't go retrograde either. So, it has been three years since we have had a North Node answering to a planet that backtracks.

This collective wayshower being a planet with a frequent retrograde nature is going to impact us with a two steps forward/one step backward kind of dance - and that's ok, because that's the two-step right, which is a DANCE and we could use a little dancing right about now, right?!

 (and country dancing, whether or not you are into the music is freaking FUN, people - although I could be wrong about the basic steps because I have no idea actually, but you get the idea).

We can do this right? No problem!

Right now Mercury is in Taurus, so aligned with Venus. He is slowed down/savoring things. He takes the time to think things through. This is what we need right now. We can trust this. I have a Mercury in Taurus relative who always says things likes, "now let me get this straight .." and then repeats back to me exactly what I just said, only slower. Drives me totally nuts, but his voice, speaking through Venus, is BEAUTIFUL and he holds onto the words for precisely the right amount of time (a powerful manifesting tool) and if I allow myself an extra 30 seconds to not be driven crazy by his frequent pauses, I learn alot from him.  

Mercury is going to meet Uranus on Friday. Sudden insights. Breakthroughs. Liberation. Surprising news. And then on Monday we will meet the Sun - clarity! - and start a new chapter. And then on Tuesday, the North Node moves into Gemini and starts answering to Mercury - who as I said is in Taurus so aligned with a kind of Venusian slowness. Things will start to open up, but not everything and not all at once. This is also the day Venus starts walking the degrees she will walk three times during her retrograde, so there's that to think about.

In the meantime, most of us will be feeling the squeeze and need to find ways to cope.

Also keep in mind we have a Full Moon (in Scorpio so wrapping up something that started back in November) next week, too, so if you need to get moving on something and get it done - put your attention there. The Moon is waxing (growing), so what is growing in your life?

It's Taurus season. Taurus is fixed earth. It takes the wild energy of the previous sign - Aries - and makes something REAL with it. Allows it to take form.

We are all building something now.

xo all

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Today's astrology Forecast | Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - aligning our time and energy to take care of the important stuff, practical concerns, tension, limits and responsibilties, stay practical, take things slow

The Cancer Moon sextiled Uranus as we slept (2:08AM EDT) and goes on to sextile the Taurus Sun (this month's waxing sextile) at 5:38AM EDT which will color the day with a flow between our Cancer and Taurus houses and the collective themes of practical ways to feel more stable/secure and emotional security through taking care of our resources/our money.

Excellent energy to care for and nurture what we value.

There is an opportunity here to align our time and energy so that we are taking care of the really important stuff.

We can't expect totally smooth sailing though because we have Mercury, freshly minted in Taurus, moving into her/his square to Saturn this afternoon.

This is tension/frustration. We are blocked somehow; limited.

Maybe no one wants to hear what we have to say or maybe we are the ones who are resistant to what we are hearing/reading. Responsibilities can weigh heavily or the news that comes in could feel heavy. Any contact between Saturn and Mercury has the ability to be "depressing" since Saturn literally is "pressure". Know this is coming, so take care of yourself. Turn off the news.

Use today's Moon/Sun contact - that nurturing Cancer/Taurus - to focus on what really matters that is somewhat controllable, let what is out of your control just be out of your control for now.

For example - we are probably hearing news of food being destroyed and potential upcoming food shortages (Mercury in Taurus) and we know we have Uranus, which is totally unpredictable, in Taurus - and one of the things we could expect over the coming years is changes in our food supply - AND Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer (another sign that rules nurturing/food) in the middle of June while Ceres (our third nurturing/mothering energy) is in Pisces where things can just kind of disappear.

This is something to think about - not to hoard like a lunatic, because that just hurts everyone, but to have some security/to take care of yourself and your family. To plan for that rainy day.

If you eat two loaves of bread a week how much flour, etc, do you need to have on hand if you must make your own bread for a month? Don't freak yourself out. Just buy a little extra everytime you shop.

I see alot of people on Facebook planting seeds, which is excellent, but remember there are ways to freeze the produce you can buy now, too, because not all those plantings are going to thrive, especially if you are a newbie gardener. Just use common sense. And stay flexible.

Today's vibe is kind of heavy, but also grounding. Which can be a good thing - the way bottom heavy things can't be tipped over so easily.

The Moon is supported and in her home sign, so we can emotionally handle what we have to handle.

Stay practical. Take things slow.

Working on a monthly for May! Definitely some silver linings ahead for all of us.

xo all

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Today's astrology Forecast | April 27, 2020 - multiple pivot points and life altering moments, words matter, use them consciously

With the Moon moving through the end of Gemini and Mercury moving through the end of Aries - the early part of this day could be busy and driven by the feeling we need to get something going/finished. This is fast-moving.

The Moon goes void off a productive trine to Mercury at 1:00PM EDT (ruler of this Moon, so the short void could continue to be productive) and then she comes home to Cancer at 1:28PM EDT.

This is the last Cancer Moon that will conjunct the North Node for 28 years - today!

At the same time Mercury makes his/her move from fiery Aries (the fighting should start to calm down for now) into stable/stubborn Taurus. Mercury will quickly move into a sextile with the North Node and a trine with the South Node.

The past and future are on our mind/in our conversations. Rules/traditions ripe to be released can slide away as we connect more solidly to the present moment.

Where are we now? How did we get here?

As our focus shifts to the future keep in mind the nodal shift to Gemini/Sag - we talked about HERE at the beginning of the year (I will add to this and re-post when updated now that we have some idea what we are dealing with!) - it will be important to be thinking about/visualizing/talking about what we want in a way that takes into consideration, ourselves AND other people and places an emphasis on the "why" of what we are doing.

Our collective world will refuse to be built on the same old rotten ground. Our personal worlds will, too.

One of Simon Sinek's old talks or Bernadette Jiwa or Seth Godin might feel timely. But remember we have to factor in ourselves, too - what do we want?

Our passion/our authenticity will be felt by other people in new ways as we all start moving forward - everything is becoming more transparent.

The Sun is past Uranus today. We are ripe for change - literally having been downloaded with a thirst for it.

We had the Uranus/Pluto square from 2011-2016 designed to change almost everything. Most people took some kind of leap during those years, but (prob due to Pluto on stealth mode through Capricorn holding some of the old world together) more needed to change. I thought when Trump was elected - with his Uranus conjunct his Sun/North Node conjunction - we had left him too much of our collective Uranus to use - so this is how it showed up. We didn't take the leaps we needed to take and so we would get a mirror. A person who is Uranus. A person who could activate the chaos/disorder that was the only way this old sh*t was ever going to change. The Uranus/Pluto were mostly Obama years (an Aquarius rising himself so answering to Uranus) - we got change, yes, but the less chaotic/costly change and the status quo was mostly still preserved. Not his fault. Not Trump's fault either. They are zeitgeists/mirrors of the collective us. Looking ahead to the 2020 election and the inauguration charts of Trump and Biden (both have major challenges including health stuff, which could be a personal thing or just show the state of the country or probably both) - neither of them looks like they win. Somehow whoever wins ends up losing maybe. Or maybe there is another candidate? Or maybe nobody wins? Or they both do? But there is a long road to be traveled before November/January and nothing now is where it will be then, so we can't see too far ahead.

Too many curves in the road.

For today, there are multiple pivot points and, hopefully gentle, life changing moments/conversations.

The stuff we are holding onto that isn't working/that we no longer love and value has to go to make space for the important stuff - the stuff that isn't actually going to be 'stuff" at all.

It's like these new programs we are downloading require some old files to be deleted and we can tell they have been deleted because we just won't care about them anymore.

We still have the North Node in Cancer - we can focus on what is most important and carry that knowing in our hearts and homes and bodies, even as we move forward this week and get busier next week as the Nodes shift.

All this Taurus will help us return to the present if we have been thinking/worrying too far ahead. Give those worries to God/Goddess/the Universe. Life has our back. Always.

xo all

Last night I was really feeling the sadness of that Moon square Neptune (plus maybe Pluto's retrograde back toward my Mercury) not sure if anyone else was feeling it so strongly. The emotional Cancer Moon looks good for today and tomorrow - although tomorrow Mercury hits Saturn - and then hits some roadblocks on Wednesday.

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Astrology for Creatives | Week of April 27, 2020 - the conversation changes, limits, rules, responsibilities, sudden insights, new ideas, surprising information, those rose colored glasses come out of the drawer

Pluto has just stationed retrograde.

We have multiple collective Pluto transits impacting us this year. Total transformation. Death and rebirth. Before and after. No going back. When we have personal Pluto transits and during these collective transits - Pluto rules the show - we have no choice in the timing, no choice in how these challenges will show up, no choice in our participation - crisis situations will simply arise out of the current circumstances of our lives. 

We have some "free will" when it comes to how we will respond (and I say "some" because much of our conditioning that influences our responses is and was out of our control, too),

but the timing, the ingredients (which we had "some" control over at some point based on our prior actions and in-actions, but not any longer)

and the duration of the challenges - this stuff is out of our hands.

Which is the good thing that only feels like a bad thing, because as clean and well-scrubbed as our hands are - they would surely still muck this all up. Life is giving us the gentlest path through these energies that lines up with our past and future.

Now, most Pluto transits are three-peats (thank God and Goddess not the Saturn/Pluto we had in January)- like this year's Jupiter/Pluto

(and I remember last year reading astronomers write how "Jupiter will give us Pluto in 2020" and thinking oh, that doesn't sound like what we want Jupiter to give us!).

We've had the first hit of the Jupiter/Pluto - the devastation (think nuclear explosion), the second is the emptiness/loneliness (the barren land of the explosion - June 30th exact) and the third is the very beginning of the rebirth (November 12th exact).

How we get through this and what we have left when Jupiter meets Saturn on the winter solstice in December is going to have more to do with how well we have raised the vibrational field that made us susceptible to "whatever the hell this is" in the first place .... maybe it shouldn't surprise us too much that it has taken our dark's shadow energy of fear to unite us.

(and, yes, we are divided about what to do about it and what we should be most afraid of, but the collective fear itself is something we can probably all agree upon)

As we find ways to work through our fear, our cynicism, our narcissistic worldview and as we hold a space for everyone, even the people we don't agree with (and not in some condescending bull-shitty way) we will start to raise ourselves out of this space - not to go back where we were before because that space is gone/ground is scorched - but toward something new and better for everyone.

I am going to write a May monthly post this week, so we can see further ahead and we talked a little bit about May HERE.

For this week, some big aspects and transits are:

MONDAY - Mercury into Taurus, Mercury sextiles North Node
TUESDAY - Mercury squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - Pallas into Aquarius
THURSDAY - Mercury conjuncts Uranus
SUNDAY - Venus squares Neptune

So, we begin this week coming off the Sun meeting Uranus and Mercury squaring Jupiter on Sunday - and we are launched into another big week for Mercury (as us).

He/she is going to exit Aries (those fightin' words should simmer down a bit for now), enter muddy Taurus, chat up the North Node, fight with Saturn (authority/limits/responsibilities) and meet Uranus (sudden unexpected change, SURPRISES). The Moon will be in Cancer so facing off with that Cappy stuff, then the Moon will be in Leo and squaring the Aquarius and Taurus stuff - things will probably feel intense. More intense? No, not necessarily, but intense, yes.

With an active Mercury, one of the things to keep in mind is that Mercury is our perspective. Our point of view. We see everything through the personal lens of our own theories/beliefs. We kind of believe what we do and then look around (unconsciously usually) for what supports our ideas and beliefs and that's what we notice and the problem here - especially during times like these when we need to be seeing new things and thinking/communicating in new ways - is our perspective limits what we can actually see. It's like we have spent our life looking through a macro lens and don't know what is outside our viewfinder if we just change our setting.

On MONDAY, Mercury (communication, conversation, thoughts, ideas) moves into steady, grounded (and fixed) Taurus. Communications and thinking turn to practical things. In general, the pace slows, but as quick-moving Mercury flies into our Taurus house - the theme of that house becomes more active. Taurus gets results through self-sufficiency, by bringing ideas and concepts 'down to earth', by being sensible, by using what we have. This is not the time to enact complicated plans unless we want to make ourselves (and everyone else) crazy re-doing or rejecting them later. Better to drill down to the fundamentals now.

Keep things simple.

Now we have Mercury in Venus's sign - Taurus - and Venus in Mercury's sign - Gemini. These planets in mutual reception are strengthened now giving Mercury access to his home-boy energy of Gemini and Venus access to her home-girl energy of Taurus. So, even though they are not in places they are super happy to be or particularly strong, they are made stronger through their connection to each other (we can take a lesson, right?).

Also Venus, ahead of the Sun, is 'out of bounds' so not answering to the Sun's rules. Love, money, our values, beauty - it's kind of all up for grabs here. 

Within hours, Mercury (in Taurus now) sextiles the North Node - our collective way forward - in the sign of "home/family/mother/real estate/home business/family business/it's an inside job" Cancer. The North Node is in Cancer for only one more week!

This is information/communication that moves us forward. Pay attention to what comes to your attention now. This is a sextile, so our active participation is required. Watch your language because it will matter even more than usual. Talk about what you want and not what you don't want.

Now a heads up that Mercury is going to meet the Sun on Monday, May 4th - this is the day before the Nodes change from Cancer/Capricorn to Gemini/Sagittarius. This is the best aspect for clear communication and mental clarity - getting a solar reset just before the North Node, our collective way forward, starts answering to Mercury is mega-good news. Now at the same time they will be semi-square this same degree of the North Node in Cancer. So, likely whatever this is about for us today will become more clear next week, although not without potential future challenges (that semi-square) - a kind of subtle problem we will be prone to ignore. That perspective thing we talked about. So, keep that in mind.

On TUESDAY - Mercury (in Taurus now) squares Saturn (in Aquarius) - here is communications or information regarding restrictions and rules. Walls. Limits. Tension with authority. Maybe there is an ending. A "no". A responsibility/duty that must be talked about. Maybe our communications or commerce or access to some information is (and some people will get Mercury aspects as local community or sibling or transportation situations) stalled or restricted now.

On WEDNESDAY - Pallas (our strategic warrior energy) now follows Saturn into Aquarius. Excellent energy for solving problems in new and future-focused ways. Smart courage. We can access genius strategies now (also maybe some that are just cray-cray, that's ok). The challenge with Aquarius is we can get ahead of ourselves/move too fast/be ahead of our time, which is sometimes a good thing, but not always.

On THURSDAY - Now here is where Mercury meets Uranus (in Taurus). So, we had that limit/responsibility/ending/"no" earlier in the week (Tuesday, although it might not have happened exactly on Tuesday) and now here is a sudden, unexpected mental breakthrough. Liberating or unexpected news/information/conversations. Communications with groups/causes/maybe an actual Aquarius person.

There is a surprise here! Good news. Bad news. We can't see and again there is that perspective thing. Just know to expect the unexpected (yeah, I hate that expression, too). Coming after that square to Saturn it feels like a release though whatever it is.

On SUNDAY - here is the first of three Venus/Neptune squares. Tread carefully with anything that sounds too good to be true. Something could be very seductive now. Love/values/money can be dissolving or attached to something illusive/ghostly. There can be sweet talk, but empty words. Sweet nothings really are sweet nothings.

Venus in Gemini has expectations, but Neptune in Pisces can be disappointing. This is pretty much in play all of May and then comes back for a close-out at the end of July.

We talked about this in the New Moon post -

"Venus is in Gemini (mutable air), so already what we want/need/even love - is subject to change. This is flirty, not 'put a ring on it' energy. The upcoming squares to illusive and sometimes fantastical Neptune could certainly make something seem better than it actually is. Neptune has no boundaries - our values/our money/our resources/ our heart could be drained. We need to really think about (be sure we are dealing with reality here) any big commitments we are making with Venusian themes before August - when we get past that final square (the exact dates are May 3rd, May 20th and July 27th)."

xo all
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Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 23, 2020 - getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, a hunger for change, planning for the future, a long slow release of control, what is unfolding now is about more than now

The Moon traveling through Taurus (where she is exalted) perfects her conjunction with Uranus today. We talked about this in the New Moon post HERE. Maybe this is about getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable. With change. With disorder. With technology. Changes to our security/finances. Uranus seeks to liberate us, so confinement can feel more confining.

The Sun is going to shine a white hot spotlight here in a couple days - on our security/finances/resources - so this is kind of an emotional preview. We are downloaded with a hunger for change.

In the meantime, Ceres moves into Pisces for a long transit (back and forth due to her retrograde, but not out of Pisces for good until February 2021 when she moves into Aries and it's a whole new ballgame). Ceres was one of the important players in January's big "time runs out" palaver with Saturn and Pluto and Mercury, so we really need to pay attention.

Ceres is our Earth Mother energy, an asteroid promoted to dwarf planet at the discovery of Eris (when Pluto was demoted by astronomers from planet  to dwarf planet), she was synchronistically named for the Goddess of Agriculture, famous for her great grief when her daughter Persephone was stolen to the underworld by Pluto (maybe Eris got her a little revenge with Pluto's demotion). Later a deal was reached so Persephone would spend part of each year in the underworld with Pluto caring for the souls of the dead, but each spring would be reunited to her mother in the upper world as she initiated the dead into the rites of rebirth (spring).

She often activates themes of mothering/sometimes smother mothering, season of life issues, nature/weather/food situations, situations where we lack control, loss/endings, the need for important - can feel like life and death - compromises and negotiations.

In Pisces, we will be asked to release/let go, probably gradually, to situations/people we can't control. She will retrograde here, so we will be going back and forth over some situation. Maybe something that has been draining us. Maybe something where a sacrifice is required. With Pisces, since this is boundless/transcendent energy - answers are not clear. 

This is a let go and let God thing. We will trust the timing.  

Keep in mind what is unfolding in the world is about more than the moment it's unfolding. We are evolving from fear (of death, God, illness, standing on our own two feet, losing what we have) to the ability to have an experience of this without the fear. 

Everyone's ideas/actions/feelings are valid and needed - yes, even the people we don't agree with.

The Moon will start to square Mars late tonight (EDT) - this is where emotionally we want to stay safe and secure and hold onto what we have, but there is tension/frustration through a need for innovative action, movement that creates more freedom, idealistic courage. We could be feeling the stress of these two divergent things - within ourselves, through our situations and other people.

xo all

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New Moon in Taurus | April 22, 2020 - starting from where we are now, responsibilities and limits, a liberating chaos, changes with our resources and values, get your hands into some dirt

On Wednesday, April 22, 2020 the Moon meets the Sun at 3 degrees giving us this month's New Moon on Earth Day(!) in Mother Earth's sign of Taurus.

Ruled by Venus and ruler of the 2nd house. People don't always understand Taurus. It is like she is so simple, and these times we live in so complicated, we have made her complicated, too. She really isn't.

Taurus is the first of the Earth signs and is fixed earth - she is everything grounded.

Taurus is all about sensuality - the touch that feels like love. She is spring. Life. Mother Earth. Our natal planets in Taurus offer a promise of fruitfulness and growth in this lifetime; the promise of something better. Where is 3 degrees Taurus in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house? What needs to be planted?

Taurus is the energy that coaxes us out of our heads and back into our bodies at the end of a long day with a nice hot bath, she draws our hands to those tomato plants at the garden center and urges us to get them into the ground, she is the voice in us that instinctively whispers "I love you" when we stroke the baby's ear with our lips.

Let's unpack the chart!

The Moon (and Sun) are just past their square to sober Saturn and approaching their conjunction to liberating Uranus. I can't remember the last time we've had a New Moon that wasn't connecting with Uranus (change!).

Squaring Saturn we have these limits/responsibilities/slow-downs. Maybe we've heard a "no"/faced an important ending. This is in the past, but we continue to be impacted. Not quite out of the woods. Not free of this. There are things we will have to do without. Things we must do that we don't want to do.

The Taurus fresh start (slow to begin with, this being fixed earth and all) is SLOWED DOWN.

We are moving toward that conjunction with liberating (and chaotic, because liberation is chaotic) Uranus. This could portend changes with Taurean collective themes - our money, our resources, our values and self-esteem. Personally we deal with the energy of the collective theme and our natal/progressed houses impacted and have to factor in the state of our natal Venus. Taurus may not be complicated, but something here is. This stuff is already in play, but maybe at the time of the New Moon and three days later when the Sun does what the Moon is doing now - we get the spotlight on this stuff. Our attention is drawn to the CHANGE. To any threats to our security. The things we thought were solid, we are no longer quite so sure about. If we "own" things that are feeling like they are owning us - this is excellent energy to begin to separate from them.

Venus, ruler of Taurus, and this New Moon is walking degrees in Gemini she is going to walk two more times throughout her upcoming retrograde (post to follow). We will be going back and forth over this stuff - changing our mind, making decisions about what we value/need NOW.

She is past her conjunction to Vesta (guardian of our hearth and home, the stuff most precious to us, the stuff that can keep us up all night). This was exact about a week ago - when maybe we got really focused on something - and they have one more meeting on May 15th while Venus is retrograde (they don't have a third, so probably whatever this is won't feel quite finished). So, in mid-May we have a re-do, a re-vision, a re-visiting of whatever we we got hooked on back on April 14th. So, maybe at the time of this New Moon, we are kind of thinking this thing is somewhat settled, but it isn't ...

Venus is conjunct asteroid Hygiea - we are taking care of ourselves, maintaining healthy practices, washing our hands. I would expect with both Hygiea and Venus trining an active Mars (in Aquarius) some ingenious ideas regarding healthy practices/actions - at the very least - to come in now.

Venus is applying to a square to Neptune, which is still wide, but since it's an important repeating aspect (through the end of July) and Neptune hasn't been this far into Pisces since the build up to the Civil War, let's look at it. Venus is in Gemini (mutable air), so already what we want/need/even love - is subject to change. This is flirty, not 'put a ring on it' energy. The upcoming squares to illusive and sometimes fantastical Neptune could certainly make something seem better than it actually is. Neptune has no boundaries - our values/our money/our resources/ our heart could be drained. We need to really think about (be sure we are dealing with reality here) any big commitments we are making with Venusian themes before August - when we get past that final square (the exact dates are May 3rd, May 20th and July 27th).

We'll talk about this more as we move through it - but heads up - and some of this will probably not be avoidable and we don't want to avoid all the stuff we would later call "mistakes" anyway, but it's certainly something to think about as we make new decisions and choices from May through July. This isn't an excuse to stay safe and stuck though.

Black Moon Lilith is exactly opposing Juno. This is like the 'other woman' and the wife, one in Aries and other in Libra, asking us - who are we loyal to? Ourselves or someone else? Independence or cooperation? There is no right or wrong answer here. EVERYONE GETS A SEAT AT THE TABLE.

And Juno is retrograde so we will be re-visiting this in the beginning of September.

This makes me think about the lock-down protestors vs their state governments or we could even say vs the people who think the lock-downs are totally necessary.

I would say this - the North Node is moving into Gemini in two weeks - we are going to be changing our minds about all kinds of things over the next 18 months. 

I wouldn't get too wedded to our beliefs with this kind of stuff. We can all be right and we can all be wrong at the same time. 

It's probably good for the spread of this dis-ease (although I can't say that for sure, but I'm saying it anyway) that most people are home and not protesting. On the other hand (and I can't say this for sure either, but I'm saying it anyway) those protestors could be the only thing standing between us and an untested vaccine with a tracking chip. 

We are in the energies that have led us to war over and over again including the Revolutionary War and the Civil War (not to mention the witch trials, girls!). The Gemini/Sag nodal access was in effect during both World Wars and the Iraq War. If this doesn't convince us we need to bring everyone to the table now I don't know what will!

There are compromises here - ways to do this together. We will need everyone.

Back to the chart - Ceres - who could one day be the ruling planet for Taurus - is at the important, final degree of Aquarius trining that North Node (although out of sign), the Node preparing to move into Gemini. New ideas. New choices. The planet will be heard. Mothers/mothering situations will be heard.

The ways we are reacting and responding to any challenges to our own authority WILL BE HEARD.

Ceres is Mother Earth and is about the reality of shared power and an important player at that January pow-wow. She gets a BIG say now. And look at Eris (the angry outsider) still squaring that Cappy pile-up - it was her discovery that elevated Ceres to dwarf planet status in the first place.

Stay in your magic, people!


This new moon in Taurus is an excellent time to begin a grounding practice, make affirmations and set intentions about Taurean ruled themes (also the theme of your natal Taurus house): love, money, contentment with what we already have, patience, self-worth, releasing stubbornness, health issues regarding our neck, throat and voice in the world - this would be a great time to start a singing practice or class, simply committing to singing loud and strong every time we are in the car can begin to carry our voice to new spaces and places (are you wanting to get your voice heard? think about it, I am totally serious, this is how life works) - nutrition, nature, self-care.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a happy, contented frame of mind - HUG A TREE (she needs you, too!) - always make affirmations from a positive place, and both definitions of positive apply here - happy and certain. Write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from these things knowing that your intention is known.  

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

Weekly Astrology Forecast | Week of April 20, 2020 - signs, roadblocks, hidden information comes to light, breakthroughs, resource issues, journey to pantisocracy (yes, that's a word), a New Moon and Pluto stations retrograde

This is another BIG week with multiple pivot points, challenges and opportunities. The beginning, the middle and the end of the week all have major aspects!

We'll flesh this all out with some dailies when we factor in the Moon, but here is most of what we are looking at:

SUNDAY - Sun enters Taurus
MONDAY - Sun sextiles the North Node
TUESDAY - Sun squares Saturn
WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Taurus (3 degrees)
THURSDAY - Ceres enters Pisces
SATURDAY - Mercury squares Pluto, Mercury conjuncts Eris, Pluto stations retrograde
SUNDAY - Mercury squares Jupiter, Sun conjuncts Uranus

Heads up that Mercury is doing this week, what Mars is going to be doing AUGUST THROUGH DECEMBER up to three times (Mercury just does this once!) - see that post HERE,

so we will get a heads-up this week via Mercurian information/communication, about what that AUGUST THROUGH DECEMBER Mars transit will likely be about for us personally and collectively.

We want/need to be paying attention!!

Keep in mind the days listed here are when these energies are most exact (EDT), but we could be dealing with them days before or after as they build and unwind themselves.

SUNDAY - We start burning Taurus fuel as the Sun moves into the sign of Mother Earth.

Taurus is the nuts and bolts of life. She rules our second house of everything important money can buy and everything important money can't. She rules food and nourishment. She rules the sensual touch that feels like love. She rules our resources - our money, the planet. She rules our self-esteem and values.

Taurus is the space in your natal chart that naturally encloses what we are here to nurture, preserve and grow. It may be a space we have a bit less passion and ambition because we most naturally feel the need to sustain what takes root here. A bird in the hand thing usually applies to the theme of whatever space Taurus occupies in our natal chart.

Taurus energy is cautious because the thing we are holding/carrying here is precious.

(it can also become the fear-based space where good things go to die - and then we carry around a bunch of dead stuff like a crate of rotted vegetables and wonder why we are so tired all the time, and smell like brussel sprouts - although not so much these days with chaotic Uranus in the extra bedroom)

MONDAY - The Sun (in Taurus now, but you know that already) sextiles the North Node in Cancer.  

This is a spotlight on the future. 

Pay attention to what comes to your attention now. A specific situation could beckon to us - "Here I am. I am your purpose." If you have a planet or point on or near 1 degree Cancer or 1 degree Taurus you will feel this energy strongest. Sextiles are not done deals though - some action on our part will be required.

TUESDAY - The Sun squares Saturn (in Aquarius). For some people this could color the beginning of the week with stress/tension/depression.

Limits/standstills. External pressure. Everything just feels like hard work.

Saturn in Aquarius is bringing us disruptive restrictions, but the Sun in Taurus likes things smooth and easy.

So, maybe a light shines on why we are being blocked and what obligations remain. Maybe a light shines on the way our fears have governed us into thinking and acting as we do.

The Sun's square to Saturn speaks of the need for patience/responsibility, but isn't all bad. Keep in mind Saturnian squares can build real, solid things over time if we make the effort to work with them - to give both the Sun (in solid, practical Earth here) and Saturn (in future focused, liberating air) their due. The kind of things that won't be knocked away easily are being built from the ground up.

The kind of things that can't easily be taken away from us.

WEDNESDAY - The Taurus Moon meets the Taurus Sun at 3 degrees giving us this month's New Moon - conjunct Uranus and squaring Saturn, it's a powerhouse - post to follow!
THURSDAY - Ceres (nurturing, loss, mothering, food, seasons of life issues, control issues) moves into Pisces today. Ceres themes become more emotional. Endings/losses within these themes maybe become more likely as Ceres moves into the final sign, but they can also be more gentle and gradual.

Ceres is going to station retrograde in Pisces, so other than a few weeks (end of September to beginning of November) that she retrogrades back into Aquarius, she will be in Pisces through the rest of the year. Since Pisces is the last sign, and can feel like a kind of winter and Ceres is about the seasons and our food - this is another indication issues like food shortages could continue and might get bigger this year.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY - Mercury meets Eris and squares Pluto (then Jupiter) as Pluto stations retrograde plus the Sun meets Uranus.

This is uber POWERFUL and impacting us for a couple days before and after. Let's unpack it.

Mercury meeting Eris (in Aries!) is likely to bring angry words. Lots of voices who haven't been heard are getting a voice this year. And they are pissed off. Any words we've kept a lid on will be boiling up.

The square to Pluto brings intensity - the feeling of life or death to situations - power struggles, manipulations, compulsions, suspicions. Challenges with Plutonian issues - sex, life/death, reproduction, financial issues, third party situations, power plays, the stuff that gets done behind closed doors and in the dark. We could be called to face our fears/deal with the stuff we don't want to deal with. Dark secrets could be spilled. Maybe something comes to light that was buried.

Pluto is standing still at retrograde and let's just say he is very .. dangerous. I'd say no dark alleys for any of us, but we know that already. If you are quarantined I will add - no dark hallways. Like seriously. Turn the light on.

As Mercury squares Pluto/Jupiter we (or someone else) could be speaking out with confidence and power, but with Pluto's retrograde there could be some kind of immediate pull back or about face. The pressure could also hit hard and then quickly ease off.

At the same time the Sun meets Uranus (in Taurus). Taurus is about our food supply, too, so this again could be bigger issues there coming to light. Taurus also rules our money and resources. The Sun makes something clear/brings this into the spotlight. Changes to our income/to what we perceive as valuable/to our self-esteem are possible.

So are personal/collective BREAKTHROUGHS.

Collectively this could put a spotlight on medical/scientific/future leaning breakthroughs! A brilliant spark is lit. 

Pluto stations retrograde. 

Pluto's retrogrades are times to do some deep inner work. Fear that is ripe for release will come up to be looked at/felt. Fear can arise through uncomfortable situations, but we can see it for what it is, ask ourselves if it serves us any longer and decide what to do with it.

Really deep insights are possible while Pluto is retrograde and he is particularly powerful when he stations. 

Pushing against these seemingly never ending blockages, trying to over-control stuff now and swim upstream (you don't look like a salmon to me) are going to be hard going. Outworn controls, rules and power systems get re-looked at. The big-money bailouts will almost certainly be back in the news and get some re-visions.

After this weekend, the feeling of life and death urgency should start to ease up - the Plutonian death cycle becomes an inside job as we go back over old control issues, financial maneuverings, power struggles, mergings and purgings.

This 'death postponed' period doesn't mean the virus is going to just disappear, this is just a retrograde, Pluto will be direct again in October.

I have to think though the planet of 'death' stationing retrograde during a pandemic means something and we have both Saturn and Jupiter stationing retrograde over the next couple weeks, so we shall see what happens.

There is just no way to know ...

Since the discovery of Pluto (and the nuclear age he ushered in) we have had the power to destroy ourselves and have been charged/gifted with the duty of becoming a world incapable of using that power. We rise or we fall. Whatever it takes. We are entering a new realm of what is real - powered by the karma of our collective death anxiety and a little fellow named corona. We do it alone AND we do it together at the same time.

xo all

With Mercury (thinking, communicating, information) going to be uber active this week, why not ponder the word "pandemic" itself and also Mercury's son "Pan" and any mythological significance to our current challenging chapter.

The word pandemic makes me think of panic and pandemonium, of course. But also pantries and panhandlers and pancakes. Pancakes, right?

And, of course, pantisocracy (who knew there was such a thing!) - society where all are equal and all rule

The difference between a pantisocracy and a democracy is the difference between - all equal and all rule vs rule by the people - which at first sounds like the same thing, but we know democracy really becomes "rule by the majority" and not even the majority, but by the majority's elected representatives, and we can see how this isn't really working out anymore no matter who we elect.

Imagine a pandemic leading to a pantisocracy? I can!

The word pandemic itself comes (according to Websters) from the ancient Greek pandemos, which means pertaining to all people.

And Greek leads us to the mythological God 'Pan' and of course 'Pandora' and her opened box of all sorts of ills.

Let's start with Pan.

Pan, was the son of Mercury (Hermes to the Greeks) and, possibly Penelope (?), but this part is a bit fuzzy. He was a strong and fast half-man, half-goat God and lived in the wild, mountainous land of Arcadia.

(Cappy goat)

Pan spent his days wandering the forest, playing his pipes, chasing nymphs and napping. Although usually sort of an amiable fellow, to wake Pan from his napping, was known by the people of the area, to be not such a good idea.

He would let out an angry and blood-curdling scream that left anyone within earshot with an overwhelming sensation of fear and anxiety. PANIC. In this way he protected his forests and his own forty winks.

(protector of the natural world)

It is important to note their fear of Pan wasn't because of anything Pan did after that soul-shattering scream - he didn't proceed to chop off their heads or call up tree roots to drag them down to Pluto - this was about the feelings he stirred in them - he SCARED THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

Sometimes he even SCARED THEM TO DEATH.

(death anxiety, the only thing to fear is fear itself)

Another interesting thing about Pan is his connection to Midas.

Midas was the king who foolishly, after saving Silenus and granted one wish by Dionysus, asked for the power to turn anything he touched into gold. This worked out well for Midas for about a New York minute, until he tried to eat and drink, and then foolishly touched his own daughter turning her into gold, too

(makes me think of Trump, of course, but Midas is uber activated in all of us now as our bodies fill with anxiety-filled survival hormones and we realize the 'gold' we thought would keep us safe is looking more and more like fool's gold in the harsh light of 2020).

When King Midas begs him to be released from this death dealing golden touch, Dionysus (the striker of hard, but compassionate deals) agrees, but only if he washes in the source of the river Pactolus, knowing for Midas this humble pilgrimage alone and unaided is what’s really required.

(we've had this whole personal and collective 'humbling' theme going on with the South Node in Capricorn)

After some time in the forest, we assume spent embracing solo survival methods, Midas meets Pan who befriends him and helps reconnect the King to his wild, earthy roots.

(Cancer North Node, strength through vulnerability, coming home to ourselves)

We could stop here, and maybe we should, because there already feels some connection to our current circumstances, but since the Pan/Midas story has another chapter (although I'm not quite sure what to make of it just yet) - here it is.

Some years later, Pan who by now has mastered the pipes he invented from reeds, foolishly challenges Sun God Apollo to a musical contest in which one of the judges is King Midas. The other judges all declare Apollo the winner, but Midas votes for Pan (maybe out of gratitude for their days in the wild, maybe because he truly loved Pan's music more, who knows), angering Apollo who gives the king embarrassing "ass's ears" to improve his hearing.

In some tellings, Midas calls out to Pan for help, and Pan turns away.


And guess who was conjunct the North Node in Cancer (our way forward) back in January when the WHO was reporting a new virus and China was reporting their first death from that virus - a retrograde asteroid Pan!

The next time Pan meets the North Node will be on May 27, 2021 in Gemini ....

We'll work this out some more in another post and see what we can glean from Pandora ...

xo all

photo by the amazing oprisco

The Astrology of 2020 | part V - Mars comes home ... with a mission

Since Mars is going to retrograde in his home sign of Aries this year for a long transit during which time he will square the Cappy planets he mega-impacted in March, sending our normal lives hurtling into the stratosphere (and yes, this stratosphere could look something like the inside of a 100 year old center hall colonial with a leaky roof) - it seems like a good idea - knowing what we know now about what is unfolding this year - to take an early look at that.

So here we go - on June 27, 2020, Mars will move into his home sign of Aries for the first time in two years

(yes, even Mars is sent to his room this year).

Aries is the energy we incarnate through - it is us being born. Pushing our way into our very existence. Starting out all alone. It is our hero's journey. Our "I am".

In Aries, Mars is strong, willful, passionate, impulsive - and at his most Mars-y

(which is something like ballsy only more like BALLSY - I am talking bowling and not tennis here),

and because of his upcoming retrograde, he will be in Aries for THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Mars is the first planet outside our Earth's orbit. Our other inner/personal planets, Mercury and Venus are closer to the center, and, so, visually they travel with the Sun - they never get too far away - but Mars is a fellow who likes his independence.

He isn't constrained by the Sun in the same way Mercury and Venus are. Ruler of brave and independent Aries he does what he wants.

In Roman mythology, Mars was the son of Juno and Jupiter (in Greek mythology he was the God Ares). We think of Mars as the God of War, because he is, but his ancient role - as a fertility God and protector of crops and animals (herds), might be something for us to keep in mind as we talk about his upcoming retrograde.

In our natal chart Mars rules our natal Aries house and is influenced/and influences the sign and house he calls home. Mars is about our will, our ambition, our action, our passion, our physical self, our selfishness, our rage. His house placement and rulership lets us know what battles we are going to face in this lifetime - the spaces where, if we are not assertive and active (without being self-centered, irritable, impulsive, angry assholes), we will find ourselves steamrolled or in continued stress until we take action/stand up for ourselves/have COURAGE.

The last time Mars went retrograde was in June 2018

(in Aquarius - he moved back and forth over the South Node back then - this was that big summer when something might have ended/never got off the ground/didn't quite work out).

He won't be going over the South Node this time, thank goodness - the South Node will have moved on into Sagittarius, but he will be squaring that Cappy pile-up. Ouch!

My post from June 2018 during his last retrograde is HERE and included these words:

"Life is a chessboard (and a box of chocolate, too, of course) and this year we are being pushed and drop-kicked toward the positions we are most needed for a successful collective outcome in 2020. This year is the bridge year - this is why it feels like there is no ground beneath our feet! And yes, I realize there are no bridges on a chessboard (and no drop-kicking) - I need some help with these metaphors and my brain is not cooperating. Physically, mentally and emotionally - we are moving toward where we, and our energy level, needs to be. It can be exhausting, especially when we are dealing with the worn foundational issues we have ignored/procrastinated and the spaces where we have become super-glued to anything."

A couple important things will happen during Mars' visit to his old stomping ground.

He is, as we already said, going to station retrograde - so he (as us) will cover some of this territory THREE TIMES. And a retrograde Mars, isn't his usual self.

Pushy, world-centered activity tends to bite us in the butt when Mars is retrograde (this might not be true for people born when Mars was retrograde - they could get some kind of butt-bite-protection during retros), so, it's not the time to start a fight, the person who starts the fight will surely lose (or be the big learner if we look at it that way - which is why we won't always be able to stop ourselves from launching that grenade!).

If instead we turn our focus inside and allow our actions to flow from the passion initiated from that this will be a much easier/smoother transit for us personally.

AND, since Aries squares Capricorn, he is going to square Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn (because Saturn's retrograde is going to pull him back into Capricorn at precisely the right/wrong time) THREE TIMES. Sorry to keep shouting. I blame the cold weather.

We are going to talk through all of this as we move through it, but know this, coupled with a strong Eclipse season where things can flip around on us, means summer is NOT business as usual.

So, we will get to a certain point with something and need to go backward. We will have to re-do something, get to do things we missed doing the first time around - maybe experience second chances with opportunities/people/situations we missed. With Mars ruling our passion - this could be about rekindling an old passion. Life will not be all hand-washing and Netflix, I can promise you that.

Aries rules men, so expect men (maybe especially young men) to be out of sorts this summer with Mars moving backward (appearing to from our position on Earth).

Some of us who never hesitate will be hesitating (or pulling the trigger too soon) and others who normally need a push will be out there pushing. And again, this happening during a very tumultuous time, with the South Node moved into Sag and many people likely wedded to very entrenched beliefs, well, Mars retrograde in Aries could stir up some TROUBLE.

Mars kicked the pandemic up a notch when he connected with the Cappy planets in March. He will square the Cappy planets in August, September/October and December. Tension. Frustration. Blockage. These will all be needed and necessary, but could be stressful. So, this is a heads up. What house does Aries rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

The squares will roll out something like this:

MARS SQUARE SATURN - September 29th (Mars retrograde, Saturn direct) - Saturn definitely has the upper hand. We keep our cool and live to fight another day or we lose. This is unyielding - a denial of aggression/assertion. There is a "no" here. Roadblocks/limits/traditions serve a purpose - sometimes we need to go around, crash over or plow through them and sometimes they keep us from falling off the cliff. On the other hand, Saturn can win the battle and lose the war if he overplays his hand.  

MARS SQUARE JUPITER - (in mythology this would be a son/father battle) August 4th (Mars direct, Jupiter retrograde), October 19th (Mars retrograde, Jupiter direct) - this is going to amplify the Mars/Saturn/Pluto stuff. We could overestimate/exaggerate our strength/power. Move too fast. Use too much force or maybe too little. Jupiter is going to amplify the August and October squares - but, keep in mind Jupiter's basic beneficial nature. He is protective. He gives us faith.

MARS SQUARE PLUTO - This time we get an extra hit. August 13th (Mars direct, Pluto retrograde), October 9th (Mars retrograde, Pluto direct) and December 23rd (both direct) - Mars is powerful in his home sign and Pluto is, well Pluto is Pluto. Expect intense competition and unbridled ambition. Manipulations. Obsessions. Jealousy. Physical power struggles. Excisions/surgical procedures. Our power could be challenged or we could be the one doing the calling out. If we are "waked" this is the time to think about why this situation is "triggering" us. If we are repressing anger/passion/strong urges - here's where the lid comes off. We could be mad (Mars) at the truth (Pluto). We could be battling (Mars) for power/control (Pluto). We don't want to be ruthless or under-handed, but we might have to stand up for ourselves.  Avoid unnecessary run ins with the boss/authority because THEY WILL WIN. If we are the boss/authority then avoid making other people feel threatened because WE WILL LOSE in the long run. And we are playing a long game here. Keep this in mind. Mars/Pluto is like a bully aspect, but it is also about having the courage to SURVIVE.

As that final square unwinds itself by January 2021, the ground will have been scorched and there will be no going back. Very deep issues have been challenged. Something, at least sort of put to bed.

The sheets will undoubtedly be in a sweaty pile though

(that whole rising from our death beds thing this year).

Now during all these squares Mars is going to be conjunct his sister Eris. She is our angry outsider energy, the terrorist energy, the whistle-blower, the loose cannon, but she is really about challenging us to adapt/transform - so we will have to see how she factors in during these transitsAgain this year the need to bring everyone to the table.

(Eris has a discovery story that amazingly matches her mythological personality. The astronomer who discovered her first wanted to name her Xena. When he learned that was a made up TV thing, he then wanted to name her Persephone (after Ceres daughter, but that name was taken by an asteroid), and so apparently determined to name what he thought would be the 10th planet after a strong female, he settled on Eris.

THEN instead of announcing her as our 10th planet, the astronomy community decided to just demote Pluto - demote PLUTO?! - and call Eris, Pluto and Ceres dwarf planets. If we think about the Eris myth - about her being the angry outsider treated unfairly and enacting her revenge - we can see how this series of events - her being the name third chosen, not being granted planetary status and finally pulling Pluto down with her - while pulling up Ceres - exactly describes her mythology!)

It's hard to say what this will mean with the virus, our financial situation, the political divisions, protests, etc, but it almost certainly means none of these problems are going to go down easy.

Most of us have very deep soul memories of abandonment, lack of roots, not being able to take care of ourselves, being an outsider, dying alone, power struggles with authority or through being the authority, terrifying endings, death anxiety.

There is a need now to confront these energies. This is all being triggered. We have postponed this confrontation for lifetimes and now face the impossibility of running away from this stuff. There is nowhere to run. Keep in mind the big picture - we are building a bold new world, the fear that keeps us riveted in place will not be allowed to be part of this new structure.

BIG moves (by authority, by us stepping into our responsibilities for ourselves and for the group as our karma with trauma plays itself out) are coming in this chapter.

The good news and there is ALOT - Mars moves into Aries and sextiles Saturn (while he is still in Aquarius), AND he sextiles Jupiter and Pluto in the preceding days (from Pisces/Capricorn), so they all start out with their groove on in mid to late June - in harmony. 

Obviously they have their differences later on, but starting out in an opportunistic position is good news. Also Mars will have multiple sextiles with the North Node in Gemini - choices, ideas - lots of options and opportunities.

Life is changing. The only way to work something into the collective experience is to squeeze it down into our personal lives. So, yes, we are - should we survive the pressure and I am guessing most of us will - the lemons turning into the lemonade. Cue the red solo cup.

Mars will station retrograde on September 9th at 28 degrees Aries. He will get all the way back to 15 degrees on November 15th.

So, 15-28 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - are Mars retrograde hot spots. People with planets in here will be feeling the heat of this the strongest.

Keep in mind Mars transits are FAST. This passionate/intense/maybe angry/maybe ambitious energy will interact with our natal planet for a couple days and then unwind BUT because of the retrograde this will happen THREE times so provide more of a lasting and substantial impact.

Although squares are kind of irresolvable - just due to their basic natures being so different - squares are problem solving aspects. They require evolution. They are uncomfortable because we are set up to crave what is familiar, but moving through the challenges/surviving the challenges/evolving - always makes us stronger.

The squares will weed out the weak responses we are collectively and personally enabling between those Aries and Capricorn energies.

We have to keep in mind we don't really want either side to actually win - one side left drawn and quartered actually hurts both sides. We need the residual stress/the restlessness. These energies always need some unfinished business.

Forewarned is forearmed. especially since we are talking about Mars.

That's one of the goodies we get from our mundane astrology musings.

So, for example, if you are a Scorpio rising just knowing Mars is going to spend an inordinate amount of time in your 6th house later in the year - house of health - would mean this is a good time, right now, to put extra energy into being healthy (and I guess this is a bad example because we are all doing that!). Also, since this is the house of work and our daily activities (and pets) - plan on giving Mars something to do here to keep him busy at the end of June and through the rest of the year. We can't plan for everything, and we wouldn't want to anyway, but we can learn to work with this stuff and go with the flow.

The squares will challenge all of us. Personally and collectively. Mars in Aries for such a long time means we will all be working with our initiative, our passion, our anger! Long, hot summer? A big YES.

I will add to this post as we move along and have a better view of what all this means!

xo all

next up part VI - Venus retrograde in Gemini - this one comes sooner than the Mars retro but with his squares I wanted to take a look at that first

photo by the amazing alltelleringet

Today's Astrology Forecast | Friday, April 17, 2020 - time to exhale, the courage to do something differently, good weekend mojo

Let's see if I know what day it is today .... month? season?

(and while our neighbors have gracefully covered their spring plantings with tarp and canvases to protect them from last night's freezing temps - of course, we, the people who own at least a dozen tarps, but couldn't find any, covered our entire yard with upside down trash cans in various sizes, colors and states of disrepair - why do we own so many trash cans I have asked myself for years, well now I know! Classy and practical. Seriously, though, spring please come back - wth!)

This weekend looks like much easier energy and we could use it!

The Moon goes void at 10:34AM EDT off a harmonic sextile to the Aries Sun. She will be void until 2:29PM EDT when she exits Aquarius, which has been kind of stressful the last couple days, hasn't it, what with Mars and Saturn hanging out there now. "Bye-bye boys". The Moon exhales and slides her tired feet into the dreamy waters of Pisces.

That waning sextile is Aries/Aquarius - so emboldens our independent spirit, harmonizes the new with the unique, encourages us to try something different. Sextiles require a little bit of action to make them work (unlike trines that just kind of glide things into place, but the efforting part actually makes them more opportunistic). With Aries courage may be a prerequisite. Of course, everything seems to require courage right now, doesn't it? The Sun is at the very end of Aries, we know how to do this.

We will channel our great-grandma Daisy and get on with it.

Keep in mind that Void Moon - not the time to start anything brand new or push anything out into the world we need "something to come of", although that sextile should make the void period even more productive than it usually is. We can get alot done. Time gets stretchy.

We do have Saturn inconjunct the North Node and Mercury opposing Juno. So there could be some stressful conversations or information within relationships/commitments/contracts and some responsibilities or limits interfering with our home/family/real estate/home business/family business/mothering situation.

Never completely clear weather ... not quite spring just yet. 

But the Moon into a fellow water sign and Mercury starting to make nice with Venus should more than make up for any upsets.

Do things that make you feel good.

If you need to get something done with a project/financial situation - get on top of that.

xo all

photo by the amazing BirdSophieBlack

Today's Astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 16, 2020 - more clarity, an overstuffed mailbox, arguing for understanding, needing to listen, needing to be heard

Rumor has it, it's Thursday.

The Moon, in Aquarius now (so we are nurtured through groups and causes/by being different/liberated/leaning into the future), met Mars at 1:41AM EDT. The Aries Sun has moved off his square to Jupiter and toward his trine with the Galactic Center (seat of creation/homing signal).

We are asked to listen/to think. To go deeper. The ice is thinning and skating on the surface of things is dangerous.

The North Node is preparing for her move into dualistic Gemini.

Everyone is going to have to choose

(and be responsible for the consequences of those choices).

We are no longer blinded by "busy-ness" and "business as usual" to the glaring reality of cause and effect (karma). 

The ways we have been distancing ourselves from each other for years, the masks we have been wearing - for weeks, yes, but also for lifetimes - forests (lungs of the planet) destroyed, the death anxiety and pain brought to our animals and into our food supply through factory farming, other people's children in cages (now our own children locked up), etc, etc - if reaping what we sow gets any clearer and comes any faster, I guess I could be expecting a bumper-crop of lemons in my mailbox any day now..

(note to self - buy some stamps, save the post office)

In the iChing, "arguing" follows waiting.

I studied (only briefly) the iChing before astrology and it took me a long time to get this one. I vacillated between impulsive moves I liked to call "intuitive" and sitting on the fence growing wrinkles and gray hair. But when you think about what breaks the "waiting" - it is always tension/frustration - in astrology this would be a square.

We argue for what we need/what we believe in. We can see the reality of this now in our governments and state houses and kitchens and bedrooms and mostly in our own heads. The only way out of the "waiting" is this kind of direction of inner momentum outward.

This isn't a winning vs losing thing. If we can't win and we probably can't - then what can we do?

The iChing teaches "arguing" is a time to be centered in vigilance, but NOT frozen into a combative  and defiant posture. Heart open. Alert to the potentials. Keeping in mind always we don't know what we don't know.

When you first begin to study your own astrology chart you start looking at the squares. The challenges. You say to yourself, "holy sh*t, I am a freakin' mess here." But, over time you see the squares for what they really are - the dissenting impulses that inspire you to action. Your back against the wall spaces that give you something to push away from.

Arguing is the beginning of the beginning. If there were a beginning, but there really isn't.

Choices are coming and, so the arguing begins and with Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Capricorn, our choices are going to be limited and also limiting.

Keep in mind Aquarius has two rulers - one is Saturn himself, the other Uranus. Stability and chaos. But, keep in mind, too, that chaos (Uranus) was the father of stability (Saturn) and Saturn was the father who ate his own children. Everything isn't always how it seems. Have I said the North Node in Gemini is coming? On the one hand minds are going to be changing all over the place. And on the other we will get even more entrenched into the South Node Sagittarius position of thinking we know more than we do.

For now, maybe think about this "arguing" thing. What are we arguing for? Instead of digging ourselves into a position and defending it to the bitter end, we could argue for the sake of understanding the truth.

Don't forget we are all in this together. Even at times when it feels like we are all alone!  

Sometimes we need to rest and sometimes we need to be shaken so our resting energy is provoked. Maybe we are like that bottle of ketchup and would get all clumped up without some agitation, although I think the bottle I found in my fridge yesterday is from 2012.

(May 2012 is activated now, along with many other time-frames, but this is one that might ring a bell for you?)

Imagine a life where everything went our way all the time. Would we really want that?

And we know we don't, because if we collectively did, we would have that. This doesn't mean we want whatever is happening to us to happen to us - but the more we focus on what we don't want, the more "don't want" there is to focus on.

Spiritual thinking. Quantum physics. Common sense.

xo all

photo by the talented schude

The astrology of 2020 | part IV - major pivot points ahead, revolutionary prepwork, staying flexible, holding the light

I have put off looking too far ahead with everything that is happening and tried to just focus on the BIG picture. I sometimes think I should be looking/thinking ahead, but then feel my energy sucked into a great big void when I sit down to actually wrote about it.

We are being asked to embody a whole new program and it is going to take some time to download!

Our lives are like those little hourglasses spinning around on the screen.

It's not the best time to be looking. But let's look a little bit ahead anyway, keeping in mind you need to use your discernment because it is a time of looking within and who really knows how ineptly I could be viewing all this right now with my own stellium so activated .... :)

Anyhoo, here goes.

At the end of April, a HUGE shift will begin as Pluto stations retrograde. Normally Pluto's retrograde station isn't something we can personally feel (unless it is hitting an important point in our natal chart), but when the planet of death (and rebirth) starts backing up during a pandemic, I think that is going to mean something.

He stations retrograde squaring Mercury (in fiery Aries!) - suspicion, angry words, verbal manipulations and power plays - we are heading for something BIG here.

And just days before mercurial Mercury takes over the North Node!

APRIL 25TH - Pluto stations retrograde (death postponed, outer transformation becomes inner transformation, mess to be cleaned up before he stations direct in October) *
MAY 5TH - NORTH NODE INTO GEMINI, SOUTH NODE INTO SAGITTARIUS - this is also the trigger date for next month's first Eclipse
MAY 7TH - Full Moon in Scorpio (which will be ruled by that retrograde Pluto)
MAY 11TH - Saturn stations retrograde* (rules/limits relax, endings postponed)
MAY 13TH - Venus stations retrograde
MAY 14TH - Jupiter stations retrograde (expansion ends)
MAY 17TH - Pallas stations retrograde

By the middle of May, FIVE planets/bodies will be retrograde (!) including Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter - the energies that kicked this whole thing off - see January HERE

AND the North Node, our best path forward, will be out of Cancer (home, family, our inner life) and the South Node, what we we have stirred up to see what should stay and what we should leave behind, out of Capricorn (work, our outer life). 

So, by mid-May, this first phase of the pandemic will be shifting gears. And this shifting could involve alot of grinding, stops and starts, but should involve a backward momentum - death postponed, time to clean up the mess, rules relaxed, endings delayed.

(Just as I write this, hubs who is going to need a serious YouTube rehab when this is all over - for I have no idea what reason, but synchronistically shows me a video of a guy in a brand new, fancy race-boat backing away from the off-ramp into the water and suddenly putting the boat into forward motion and slamming back into the ramp. "I guess he has wrecked the bottom of his new boat", I say. "And his engine", he adds.)

Let's proceed with a slow and steady backing up plan here. Let's get turned around before we hit that throttle.

Now, because the medical establishment thinks this virus could 'return' in the fall/winter

(and the news media have saturated our consciousnesses with this, and keep in mind, they also think and the media reports the virus may be unaffected by weather and not disappear in the summer, so as to cover all their foggy bases, no doubt)

AND because the astrology could be said to support this - since we are talking about pivots/a slowdown coming through retrograde periods, it is possible this is just what will happen.

Sooner or later the retrograde planets will start moving direct again and we will be back where we were in the spring, although older and wiser.

Jupiter stations direct mid-September (bringing him back to mid-May), Saturn at the end of September (back to mid-May) and Pluto the beginning of October (back to the end of April).

So, by the time Jupiter meets Pluto for the third and final time, near 11/11/2020 (!) - and we have ALOT of other things going on around that time - we could be back in the soup. Again.

Of course, it is also possible, because, here in the United States, this date is one week after the U.S. election - we will not be back in the same soup, but an entirely different pot.

In the United States this is all happening in the United States second house (our money, values, self-esteem) and in opposition to our natal Mercury (so driven by health, Mercury being the ruler of Virgo the sign of our health and driven by the media/news/information, Mercury also being the ruler of Gemini, ruler of information and ideas not all of which are accurate or true), and is part of our upcoming American Revolution Part II (Pluto return 2022), so all bets are kind of off with this one.

Keep in mind, Plutonian transits - and we just had a collective doozy of a Plutonian transit - Pluto/Saturn - and are in the middle of another Plutonian transit, this second one a three-peat - Pluto/Jupiter (April, August and November) - are PERMANENT. 

There isn't a magic wand that will be waved and put us back where we were before. 

Pluto wipes away "back there" - it simply doesn't exist anymore.

This will mean different things to different people.

Whether we are going to rise from our death bed's sweaty sheets or lock the doors and take to our beds forever is entirely up to each of us.

This "permanent change" (and I am not talking about masks and 'social distancing' here) isn't a totally bad thing and, yes, we might have to stretch and reach for the things we can label as good for a awhile.

And if we do this we will find them because they are and will be EVERYWHERE.

We'll talk about this more as we move through this.


Now, this summer is going to have THREE eclipses, so there is alot of change and alot in flux throughout the summer. Eclipses have alot of staying power, work forward and backward and move through cycles.

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way. We get a re-set. Things come to light or to a conclusion. There isn't much we can control about Eclipse energies.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moons (two of the three this summer) are a bit different than regular Full Moons because they are happening on the Moon's South Node - the Moon is full but its light is blocked by the earth's shadow. So although things are still concluding and 'coming to light' other stuff is hidden, too. Nothing is exactly as it seems. Sometimes we think we have failed and then something flips on us. Or we are patting ourselves on the back for a big win and the client calls with revisions that require many hours work. Sometimes much bigger, more important things are obscured in the shadows.

If we are looking for things to settle down - that probably isn't going to happen.

JUNE 5TH - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (15 degrees Sag) squaring Mars - I sometimes find Eclipse events happen pretty much exactly one month before or after the actual Eclipse date - so this takes us back to May 5th when the Nodes change signs, there could be a dramatic event then, and it takes us forward to July 5th which is that third-wheel Lunar Eclipse in the middle of Capricorn possibly giving this Eclipse extra oomph, so all three dates are POWERFUL indicators for change.
JUNE 18TH - Mercury stations retrograde (in Cancer right in the middle of the eclipses!)
JUNE 21ST - New Moon Solar Eclipse (1 degree Cancer, hours after Summer Solstice)
JUNE 23RD - Neptune stations retrograde
JUNE 25TH - Venus stations direct
JUNE 27th - Mars enters Aries - where he will be, due to his upcoming retrograde, FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. And during which time he will square Pluto three times - August, October and December. Keep in mind that Pluto moves very slowly and is going to be within a couple degrees of his January position all year, so any contact with Pluto activates the Saturn/Pluto AND it activates the Jupiter/Pluto.
JUNE 30th -  Jupiter conjuncts Pluto (for the second time, this is the conjunction where they are both retrograde)
JULY 5TH - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (13 degrees Capricorn)

So, June, and into the first week or so of July, just looks like a WILD RIDE - almost anything can happen!

You can see there are just too many pivot points to make anything more than educated guesses about what will happen.We are just going to have to hang on loosely.

Just like we could see at the January 2020 eclipse that 'mama-bear standing all alone against the world' and we could see 'time running out' at the January Saturn/Pluto pow-wow, but we couldn't see the collision course of all of this resulting in this exact pandemic/time-out.

I am posting this as the Sun squares that Jupiter/Pluto and as Mercury meets with Chiron. This is tricky energy. And we are still in this 'waiting' space. Mercury/Chiron here is kind of like we have an idea of who we are and then we defend it on a mental level. And then here is life - this stellium at the end of Capricorn/beginning of Aquarius - pushing to change us. Demanding we interact with life on life's terms and not our own.

We are heading into a nodal shift to Gemini/Sagittarius - we want to be holding on very loosely to our ideals and our ideas. We have to be flexible. We have to trust (Jupiter!) that we have what we need for this time we are living through. We have to trust this will all work out in the end (because it will, this is assured - this doesn't mean we get to sit this one out and not participate though, this has clearly been brought home to all of us in the last month).

In the iChing - ARGUING follows waiting. And 'arguing for something' makes a much better beginning than it does an ending. We'll talk about that in tomorrow's post.

xo all

I have had a few people write me about conspiracy theories and about Bill Gates global agenda with vaccines that can be tracked inside our bodies (or ability to change the world through tech/science, depending on how you look at it and both are true probably), so I took a look at his chart and will do a full post about it. It is very interesting with mega-ties to these times. He has a natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction - huge power potential here - and it exactly trines Neptune, so no limits. His natal Chiron is at 0 degrees Aquarius, Uranus is on his ascendant and his Nodes are Sagittarius/Gemini, so opposite the new Nodes we are heading into. A person with a natal Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in a year when we have three Jupiter Pluto conjunctions is going to be mega-activated. Mega-powerful. One problem I see ahead for Bill's plans - for good or ill - is that nodal opposition because Hillary had that when she looked like she was going to win and then didn't and that natal Chiron opposing his important Uranus - his Achille's heel at the important degree of 0 Aquarius, another uber activated degree, especially at the end of the year when Jupiter meets Saturn. On the other hand that could be his ace in the hole depending on what he does with it. We will take a better look! In the meantime try not to get too caught up in conspiracy theories - true or untrue we can't tell - and even if powerful nefarious forces are at work rest assured God/the Universe/love is stronger than any of them and knows what he/she is doing with all of this!

photo by the amazing Brooke Shaden