Today's astrology Forecast | Thursday, April 30, 2020 - coming unstuck, risk vs safety, unexpected news, breakthroughs, cosmic downloads, courage is healing, a long chapter about the use, and abuse, of power

Our Moon, in Leo now and nurtured through fun and creativity and children and romance and attention - is having a bit of a hard time of it today. She had that opposition to Saturn last night and today must work her way through (all times EDT) a square to Mercury (6:46AM), a square to Uranus (9:20AM) and finally a square to the Sun (4:38PM). She also makes a nice trine to Chiron at some point.

This is also the day (although very late EDT and could be felt more tomorrow) Mercury meets Uranus (6 degrees Taurus, while semi-squaring Neptune).

There is alot of energy today/tomorrow to push us out of a rut!

Let's look at the Moon first - she tells us our collective emotional temperature. In Leo, she (as us) wants to be seen/heard/dare we say admired. She is challenged today by information, maybe by finances/resources. She is challenged by change/the unexpected/a need for freedom.

Her square to the Sun is this month's 1st Quarter Square - here is where that New Moon energy from last week reaches its first test. This is Leo/Taurus. Drama vs restraint. Risk vs safety. They are both fixed signs - they both dig in.

With Mercury meeting Uranus there is UNEXPECTED INFORMATION (today and tomorrow). Expect something else. Mental ruts can be jumped now.

Expect people could be irrational/rebellious. This energy is going to get stagnant stuff unstuck one way or the other - so be pro-active through positive change.  

Happening in Taurus this will be about our natal Taurus house theme or our collective themes of money, our resources, our values or self-esteem.

We are downloaded with a thirst for SOMETHING ELSE.

Maybe with new ideas about our money/resources. BREAKTHROUGHS ARE POSSIBLE. Genius thinking. Ideas, that are ahead of their time, can be picked like apples by those who are ready for them.

Breakdowns and break-ups can happen, too. Something is getting broken here.

Maybe this is about the removal of something that has been limiting us. As Mercury meets Uranus our lower mind is connected to our higher mind - the cosmos. The sky is the limit and anything fitting even slightly tightly (slightly tightly) will feel like a dog collar right about now.

Now, some people (more Uranian or Leo energy people most likely) will be feeling this need to break out and other people (more Taurean people most likely) will be feeling the need to hunker down. And everyone will be feeling both of these things at the same time. We have to trust we will need what we need here. Everyone gets a seat at the table - even the people we don't agree with. And if we are thinking, they are putting "us" in jeopardy, (either our physical health or our financial health and yes both matter) - remember we are working through a very old, very long story about our use of POWER. It's not the time to abdicate ours by blaming other people or waiting for other people to save us. We don't have control over everything, but there are some things we can control.

These things will find their way to us.

The tension now is designed for things to come unstuck and/or for us to make hard choices about what can't.

Remember Mercury was at the big pow-wow in January when Saturn met Pluto and time ran out - then he swam back and forth through Pisces (ruler of things like viruses) for months. Now, he's gotten to Taurus, normally a rock solid space, but the home of chaotic and disruptive Uranus for the next few years. He is cautious in Taurus (and stronger than he usually is since Taurus ruler Venus is in Gemini and offering mutual reception).

And now, bam, he runs into Uranus. Liberation. Change. And in Taurus as the Sun squares the Moon and the Moon squares Uranus - this "change" thing is not so simple. And Taurus rules really important things like our money and our values, so there is always the need for some caution. And we can see that semi-square - baby square - to Neptune, maybe warning of challenges ahead - with dissolving resources, the virus, confusion, lies - maybe all of this.

Nothing is simple here.

Mercury meets the Sun (clarity) next week and then starts ruling the North Node. We are doing the two-step, remember. And there is that nice healing trine to Chiron (in brave and individualistic Aries) today - if we manage to navigate these squares well ... and even if we don't.

xo all

photo by the amazing thefirebomb

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