Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of April 13th 2020 - power struggles, resistance, proof, words hurt, words heal, the end of the week gets better - hang in there

There is lots of Aries energy this week, folks - which means action, initiative, passion, impulsivity, anger, relationship challenges, opportunities to stand up and opportunities to stand alone.

The Sun is squaring off with that January activation point now, currently the home of some powerful players - when people tell us to stay "safe" we can add "and sane" - it seems four letter "S" words are our friend now.

TUESDAY - Sun squares Pluto
WEDNESDAY - Sun squares Jupiter, Mercury conjuncts Chiron
SATURDAY - Mercury sextiles Venus, Mercury sextiles Mars


We start the week with the Moon moving into sober Capricorn. This can sometimes feel heavy/depressing anyway, focus us on "winter"/what we don't have, and now adds to the pressure of the Capricorn planets.

We are nurtured by stepping into our responsibilities, work, planning, limits, setting down rules. Taking care of business. Money in the bank and food in the cupboard - we are nurtured by the stuff we have earned.

The Sun (almost through his Aries journey) will square Pluto and then Jupiter. He is also squaring the activation point of January's mega Cappy pow-wow energies. At the same time Mercury is meeting up with hurting/healing Chiron.

This stuff isn't for sissies.

The solar squares are magnified pressure/power/fear.

Something is illuminated. PROOF of what the Jupiter/Pluto 2020 storyline is giving us. 

(this PROOF will be different things to different people - some will see the dry "facts" we are provided with as "truth", others will see conspiracy theories actualized or dissolved and others will see the light they are holding "the positive in what is happening" spotlighted in deeper ways - there are not any right or wrong answers here - this is a process and not a test - everyone is needed and playing an important role now

Squares are tension/frustration. Aries/Capricorn is our individual action/passion/purpose vs authority/knowledge that our personal power can be stripped away from us.

Power struggles. Resistance. Tangles with authority will most likely not go our way.

Keep in mind Pluto is always death/rebirth - transformation through the 'dark night of the soul'. We evolve through loss - merging/purging. There isn't any way to hurry this stuff along or away. It just is. Pushing/manipulating as a way to hang onto something that is "dead" (ie no prana, no breath, no life-force) creates tension/frustration.

Avoid impulsive situations where you can be manipulated and check yourself before using these dark powers.

Know with these energies triggering, arguably, the biggest activation point of our lifetimes -  

we need to be strong and brave because we are going to have to face the dark/our fears/any spaces that lack love.

(I have had a few emails from people asking if the astrology looks like this upside down world we are living in is a conspiracy. Life on planet Earth doesn't allow us to have all the answers. Are there illusions/power plays/manipulations here? Undoubtedly. But, keep in mind, this is still a free-will planet and a space of polarity. We can't always control what happens to us, but we do get to control how we respond. We can choose our focus. There are always going to be times when the dark/the fear (because our operating system is really only love and lack of love/fear) gets to play its hand. Just keep in mind, these are transits, ie transitory. We are forever, but these circumstances aren't. We are co-creating a totally different world - maybe what looks harsh and hard is actually the gentlest way to get us there.)

Aries squares can stimulate situations where we are forced to step up and assert ourselves.

At the same time we have Mercury (in Aries now) meeting hurting/healing Chiron. 

Sharp/impulsive language can activate our deepest wounds and insecurities.

Although painful, there are words that probably need to be said/heard. Conversations that need to happen. Information that needs to be looked at.

For some people Mercury will trigger hurting/healing through a sibling/local community or transportation situation.

Still, check your language. Mercury in Aries can use his/her words as weapons. Be thoughtful (ie thinking about what you are saying and the way you are saying it).

Chiron in Aries forms a natural opposition to Libra (and this is part of the Aries/Libra polarity dance) - this would be a time when the other people in our lives, and the people we meet, who have the energetic frequencies that can easily re-wound us (trigger our early wounding/past life wounds/familial karma), will do just that.

Also, keep in mind with Chiron in Aries - no one is coming along to save us. As the Hopi would say - we are the ones we have been waiting for.

We are going to have to pull our own fat asses out of this well. 

When we are the one being triggered (and we will know we are being triggered because our emotions will be out of proportion to what is being said) we can step back a little - that Mars in Aquarius - and think about why this triggering in us.

Why are we so mad/hurt about these words?

We can have compassion for ourselves. Know we are safe/loved/worthy. Know this is just what we needed to hear right now to see what we need to see/feel what we need to feel.

As we heal ourselves we heal everyone else, too.

At the same time Venus (who is now walking degrees in Gemini she will walk two more times) makes her first of three sextiles (opportunities) to Black Moon Lilith - right now at 8 degrees Aries. Maybe we are attracted to something outside the box now. Something taboo. This is a long story-line that takes us into the end of July. With Venus in Gemini, our values are changing. Again there is the need to bring everyone, and every part of ourselves, to the table this year.

By the middle of the week the Moon will make her way into Aquarius (with so much going on at the end of Cappy/beginning of Aquarius, she avoids any void and we don't get any void Moons until Friday which is unusual). We can emotionally take a step back to process what is going on.

Now we are nurtured through our groups, through the goals that bring us into connection with other people, by allowing our freak-flag to fly, by the new and unusual, through technology and Aquarian/Uranian people. We will talk about the Moon more in the dailies.


The end of the week looks BETTER. The Moon moves into nostalgic, emotional, intuitive and imaginative Pisces. We are nurtured through art, music, the past, our ancestors, what is behind us, stuff we can't touch, water, actual Pisces/Neptunian people, maybe nurtured through our rose-colored glasses, but sometimes we need rose-colored glasses and our masks are fogging our glasses up anyway. 

Mercury (almost to the middle of Aries - she is flying, people!) sextiles both Venus (in Gemini) and Mars (in Aquarius). Our words/conversations/information are now HELPING us attract and take action on what we want. 

There is flow. There are opportunities here.

Back with the big picture timelines - which I know I have been promising for-evah - and the dailies!

xo all

photo by the amazing oprisco

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