Today's Astrology Forecast | Saturday, April 11, 2020 - more clarity, new thinking, our perspective shifts, impulsive ideas face some restraint which only makes them better, translating the old into the new, something is collectively noticed

The Moon in optimistic, big-picture and faith-holding Sagittarius opposes Venus at 3:27AM EDT and then sextiles (opportunity) Mars at 6:03AM EDT which will color the day.

The BIG news, Mercury finally gets out of the Pisces soup (he's been here since February!) and begins a new cycle in fiery Aries.

The conversation changes. New plans. New ideas. Mercury in Aries is so fast, she/he can solve problems before we even know we have a problem! This is going to be a fast transit (only through April 27th), but that's all we will need for our thinking/the conversation/ideas to SHIFT.

Our language and thinking becomes more focused, clear-headed and passionate.

Mercury (ideas, thinking, language) in Aries puts our instinct into words. Our mind gets faster. Our tongue gets sharper. Words get pushy.

It is easier to speak up for ourselves and ask for what we want/need.

We can also more easily pick an argument as language becomes more competitive. Mercury in Aries says, "I know what I think and this is what I think."

The silence that was so golden in Pisces - gets broken in Aries.

The best use of this transit would be saying what we really think - and yes, this can get us into trouble, so we won't be an ass about it - keep in mind Aries' impulses can be either self-aggrandizing and immature or soulful and sparking a needed fire - also solving a problem (fire brings fresh insights), initiating a new course of study and creating a bold, 'hot-off-the-press' plan. The choice is ours.

Think - fresh start with Mercury themes - words, thinking, writing, learning, teaching, ideas, sibling issues, transportation, your local community. Also bringing fresh words and fresh thinking into your Aries house theme. What house does Aries rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

Immediately, Mercury moves into a sextile with sober Saturn (now at the very beginning of Aquarius). We can take something from the past (or a limit/responsibility) and use it now in these challenging times. Translate the old into the new. New language/thinking and old structures/authority working together. Keep in mind Saturn always brings the restraints - but with a harmonious sextile, the restraints provide the focus/structure/tradition - they make the "new" longer lasting/make the new better.

Saturn will keep Mercury in Aries from being too impulsive - a good thing.

From the weekly HERE

"Now, it's Mercury's turn to finally bust a move as he swims out of Pisces and into Aries. BOOM. THIS MATTERS.

Remember she/he was part of January's Pluto/Saturn conjunction. She has been back and forth through virus-ruling Pisces for many weeks because of her retrograde (and remember Mercury is not only the messenger God but also the trickster God).

She has just squared the Galactic Center picking up a need to adjust her message.

So now in Aries - a cardinal sign demanding initiative/a fresh start - new information comes in. 

Our perspective shifts. 

A new spell is being woven with new words.  

As she moves into Aries and crosses the Aries point - something here is collectively/universally noticed.  

Our attention goes HERE.

New solutions. Fresh conversations. Words will be faster and more impulsively stated.

Assertive language.

I am thinking and hoping, because the astrology points in multiple ways (to me) as Mercury being an important driver of this pandemic (and the death anxiety) we will reach an important pivot point at the end of this week/beginning of next week when Mercury enters Aries."

xo all

photo by the talented Grinch7

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