Today's astrology Forecast | Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - feeling the pressure, building something, preparing for Mercury by learning the two-step

Our Cancer Moon is feeling the outside pressure today of authority/limits/deadlines/rules/goals - opposing a retrograde Pluto at 12:01PM EDT and then going void off her opposition to Jupiter at 3:29PM EDT. She is trapped. She will be void until 9:06PM EDT.

Part of this internal pressure is knowing, even getting into Leo isn't helping her anymore, because she will have to immediately face off with Saturn (12:26AM EDT tonight).

We need to be gentle with each other and give ourselves a break.

Keep in mind this is our FINAL Moon in Cancer with the North Node (our collective way forward/North Star) in Cancer for 28 years. We have had 18 of these Moons in the last 18 months - encouraging us to move toward home, family, our inner life, mothering without smothering, taking care of ourselves, home business projects, family business projects, real estate projects, allowing ourselves to see, without judgement, that the vulnerability in ourselves and others as we become more authentic/more transparent is needed if we don't want to be frozen into place by a need to appear strong and in control. Collectively, we brought ourselves to this quarantine situation.

In a few days the North Node will move into Gemini and begin answering to Mercury, in Taurus now, but he will change signs about every month or so and go quite frequently retrograde (allowing the "re's" of re-vision, re-unions, re-thinking) - the Moon doesn't go retrograde, and before we had the Cancer North Node we had the Leo North Node answering to the Sun and he doesn't go retrograde either. So, it has been three years since we have had a North Node answering to a planet that backtracks.

This collective wayshower being a planet with a frequent retrograde nature is going to impact us with a two steps forward/one step backward kind of dance - and that's ok, because that's the two-step right, which is a DANCE and we could use a little dancing right about now, right?!

 (and country dancing, whether or not you are into the music is freaking FUN, people - although I could be wrong about the basic steps because I have no idea actually, but you get the idea).

We can do this right? No problem!

Right now Mercury is in Taurus, so aligned with Venus. He is slowed down/savoring things. He takes the time to think things through. This is what we need right now. We can trust this. I have a Mercury in Taurus relative who always says things likes, "now let me get this straight .." and then repeats back to me exactly what I just said, only slower. Drives me totally nuts, but his voice, speaking through Venus, is BEAUTIFUL and he holds onto the words for precisely the right amount of time (a powerful manifesting tool) and if I allow myself an extra 30 seconds to not be driven crazy by his frequent pauses, I learn alot from him.  

Mercury is going to meet Uranus on Friday. Sudden insights. Breakthroughs. Liberation. Surprising news. And then on Monday we will meet the Sun - clarity! - and start a new chapter. And then on Tuesday, the North Node moves into Gemini and starts answering to Mercury - who as I said is in Taurus so aligned with a kind of Venusian slowness. Things will start to open up, but not everything and not all at once. This is also the day Venus starts walking the degrees she will walk three times during her retrograde, so there's that to think about.

In the meantime, most of us will be feeling the squeeze and need to find ways to cope.

Also keep in mind we have a Full Moon (in Scorpio so wrapping up something that started back in November) next week, too, so if you need to get moving on something and get it done - put your attention there. The Moon is waxing (growing), so what is growing in your life?

It's Taurus season. Taurus is fixed earth. It takes the wild energy of the previous sign - Aries - and makes something REAL with it. Allows it to take form.

We are all building something now.

xo all

photo by the talented anaispopy

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