Today's astrology Forecast | Tuesday, April 28, 2020 - aligning our time and energy to take care of the important stuff, practical concerns, tension, limits and responsibilties, stay practical, take things slow

The Cancer Moon sextiled Uranus as we slept (2:08AM EDT) and goes on to sextile the Taurus Sun (this month's waxing sextile) at 5:38AM EDT which will color the day with a flow between our Cancer and Taurus houses and the collective themes of practical ways to feel more stable/secure and emotional security through taking care of our resources/our money.

Excellent energy to care for and nurture what we value.

There is an opportunity here to align our time and energy so that we are taking care of the really important stuff.

We can't expect totally smooth sailing though because we have Mercury, freshly minted in Taurus, moving into her/his square to Saturn this afternoon.

This is tension/frustration. We are blocked somehow; limited.

Maybe no one wants to hear what we have to say or maybe we are the ones who are resistant to what we are hearing/reading. Responsibilities can weigh heavily or the news that comes in could feel heavy. Any contact between Saturn and Mercury has the ability to be "depressing" since Saturn literally is "pressure". Know this is coming, so take care of yourself. Turn off the news.

Use today's Moon/Sun contact - that nurturing Cancer/Taurus - to focus on what really matters that is somewhat controllable, let what is out of your control just be out of your control for now.

For example - we are probably hearing news of food being destroyed and potential upcoming food shortages (Mercury in Taurus) and we know we have Uranus, which is totally unpredictable, in Taurus - and one of the things we could expect over the coming years is changes in our food supply - AND Mercury will go retrograde in Cancer (another sign that rules nurturing/food) in the middle of June while Ceres (our third nurturing/mothering energy) is in Pisces where things can just kind of disappear.

This is something to think about - not to hoard like a lunatic, because that just hurts everyone, but to have some security/to take care of yourself and your family. To plan for that rainy day.

If you eat two loaves of bread a week how much flour, etc, do you need to have on hand if you must make your own bread for a month? Don't freak yourself out. Just buy a little extra everytime you shop.

I see alot of people on Facebook planting seeds, which is excellent, but remember there are ways to freeze the produce you can buy now, too, because not all those plantings are going to thrive, especially if you are a newbie gardener. Just use common sense. And stay flexible.

Today's vibe is kind of heavy, but also grounding. Which can be a good thing - the way bottom heavy things can't be tipped over so easily.

The Moon is supported and in her home sign, so we can emotionally handle what we have to handle.

Stay practical. Take things slow.

Working on a monthly for May! Definitely some silver linings ahead for all of us.

xo all

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