Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo | for all signs, coming out of hibernation, drama mama, something is eclipsed out of our life or out of our way, what needs to be noticed, what needs to be nurtured, what (and who) needs more of our heart, Trump update

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We say good-bye to January with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11-12 degrees Leo in the early AM EST on Wednesday, January 31st.

This is a Blue Moon (2nd Full Moon in a calendar month) and a Super Moon (closest to the Earth so appearing larger) and the first Eclipse of 2018. The Sun is in Aquarius, the Moon is in Leo and since the Sun rules Leo - this is a huge activation of that North Node (our collective future) in Leo energy.

"And what happened then? 
Well, in Whoville they say, that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day." .... Dr. Seuss

This is the Full Moon bookend to the Great American Solar Eclipse New Moon in Leo of last August. This could be a good time to reread that series of posts. See Part I HERE and Part II HERE. There might be a 3rd one somewhere.

What has changed in our life since last summer? We had this same series of Eclipses back in 1999, so something from that time could feel familiar now, too. Full Moons bring things to a peak. 

Things come to light or to a conclusion.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moons are a bit different than regular Full Moons because they are happening on the Moon's South Node - the Moon is full but its light is blocked by the earth's shadow. So although things are still concluding and 'coming to light' other stuff is hidden, too. Nothing is exactly as it seems. Sometimes we think we have failed and then something flips on us. Or we are patting ourselves on the back for a big win and the client calls with revisions that require many hours work. Sometimes bigger, more important things are obscured in the shadows.

Eclipses are cosmic course corrections. Things get eclipsed out or out of our way. We get a re-set.

With a Lunar Eclipse a woman (Moon) might leave or bring news of a change of direction or ending.

We have just been through a few weeks of serious Capricorn and now here comes a Full Moon bringing some Leo drama! Prepare for a fast hibernation exit. Leo is about personal empowerment. It's about creativity and creating something we are proud of. It's about fun and children and the children we carry inside all of us.

It's about following our heart. 

(it's important during eclipses to take seriously any health situations that come up - with this one, this would be especially important for health situations involving our hearts)

Eclipse events do not happen exactly on the date of the eclipse. The eclipse sets up an event chart - a kind of marker in the heavens and as planets hit that point - or the exact opposite polarity point (11-12 degrees Aquarius) - via transit THAT is when events happen. And somehow with an eclipse prior events factor in, too. I have seen events happen almost exactly a month (or even two months) to the day before or after the eclipse. Then the changes brought about by the 'eclipsing' unfold over the next six months or so.

Lunar eclipses often bring endings (happening on the South Node) so hold on loosely.

Focus on the highest attributes of both Leo and Aquarius - following our heart, generosity, dignity, enthusiasm (Leo), logical thinking, non-judgement, vision, non-conformity (Aquarius).

With the Moon in "the star of the show" Leo we could see some kind of high-profile break up in the news or the loss of a fiery woman.

If something ends or someone leaves - eclipses are reset points - just let go. It's not necessarily forever (sometimes it is) - but let go for now.

If something comes to light that inclines us to move away from a group or place or situation or ideal or vision - it is something we are meant to see exactly when we see it to allow us to make a fresh choice. Even when events are pushed upon us, we always have a choice about how we respond.

This is a karmic culmination point - we have been building toward it for a long time ....

Now, the thing with eclipses is they come in sets. So two weeks after this one we will have a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aquarius.

The time in between the two eclipses is kind of like being in our washing machine spin cycle. It's not the time to take out the wash unless we want a soggy mess. Stuff isn't finished. We have to let the machine (the set of eclipses) do its work.

So, if you can, save the big-bodacious moves until after that second eclipse. If you can't wait - and, fated things happen during eclipse season so it is not always possible to wait - then just do your best by following your highest Leo/Aquarius attributes. But if it is possible to wait a couple weeks - let things unwind a bit.

Let the Eclipses work their magic first. See where the washing machine spits you out and what you have to work with. Plus you'll be clean and smell like fabric softener sheets.

At the same time Mercury is moving from Capricorn into Aquarius. Mercury is MUCH happier in Aquarius and remember before Capricorn he was in Sagittarius (the sign of his/her detriment) for months with his/her retrograde.

With Mercury finally in a friendly air sign - things will really start to get moving. Crisp and new information can come in now. It's like someone has turned on a fan in our heads!

Cool headed logic will rule the day and we should be able (mentally) to step back, just far enough, from whatever this Full Moon energy brings us, to think things through.

The Moon is conjunct Ceres and Ceres was conjunct the North Node on December 2, 2017 and then again on January 16th, so there could be connections to issues from around those dates.

Ceres themes of mothering, nurturing, the "seasons of life" could play a role in whatever this Eclipse is activating in our own story. There could also be themes of "cooperation" with the Ceres story centering around her need to cooperate with the dark forces of Pluto to regain contact with her daughter Proserpina (this is the same story as the Demeter, Persephone and Hades story in Greek mythology).

The Moon and Ceres make an inconjunct (rock and a hard place) to blurring/drifting Neptune. Is something unhealthy attached to the nurturing? 

Martyr/victim stories are no longer helpful. They are so last season Age of Pisces and this is the Age of Aquarius, folks. We have been asleep for over 2000 years - time to wake up. Again this connects to our last eclipse so maybe re-read the posts linked to earlier if you relate to this. 

Also there is a wide opposition to lovely Venus. Plus an opposition to Juno (relationships). We have multiple female archetypes at odds with each other at this Eclipse. Women vs. women? Mother vs. daughter? Maybe as our mothering energy (Moon/Ceres) works to conceive/create something to take center stage/something we can be proud of/something that stirs our heart - the thing we are here to bring into the light (Leo) - we are opposed (Venus in Aquarius) by a different/more future leaning perspective of beauty/creativity? Or a younger/newer version? Or a relationship sticking point? Venus in Aquarius simply does not care what others think and Juno has been waking up/breaking up outdated/boxed-in partnerships and agreements - their challenge to the Moon/Ceres can be very helpful, if we allow it to be. 

Let's run through this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse by sign. If you know your house sign for Leo use that first then also check your rising and sun signs. Some things will probably click better than others since we are only looking at a small piece of your entire puzzle. You can also look around to see if another sign's posting resonates with your intuition - you could have a strong connection to that sign within your chart or a connection to my writing through that sign. 

If you have planets/ points around 11 degrees of Leo or Aquarius (and Taurus/Scorpio) you will feel this eclipse energy strongest. 

Also keep in mind eclipses illuminate long chapters.

ARIES/ARIES RISING (Leo Eclipse on the 5th/11th house polarity) - the 5th house rules creativity, children, romance and recreation. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots from the 5th/11th house polarity - feeling ignored, fear of not being special enough, creative jealousy or jealousy around who/what is receiving the most attention, creative projects getting attention, stepping in front of an audience with something you are proud of, keep in mind the thing you create has a life of its own, too. It's not all about you even when it is all about you. Also check Libra your polarity sign.

TAURUS/TAURUS RISING (Leo Eclipse on the 4th/10th house polarity) - the 4th house rules home, family, roots, mother, real estate, renovation, home business. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots from the 4th/10th house polarity - challenges between home and career, parenting issues, fear of loss of security keeping you stuck or coming unstuck, someone leaving the home/family, relocation windows open, mother issues, your ancestry story-line heating up, creative expression within the home, blending what you want with what is best for your family, cooperation within the home. Also check Scorpio your polarity sign.

GEMINI/GEMINI RISING (Leo Eclipse on the 3rd/9th house polarity) - the 3rd house rules communications, information, teaching, learning, siblings, transportation, your local environment. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. Choices are made. Results/news comes in. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots from the 3rd/9th house polarity - verbalizing wants vs needs, wide vs deep thinking/ideas, thinking inside the box, not being clear on what you most value, getting too comfortable with what is familiar, sibling rivalry. Also check Sagittarius your polarity sign.

CANCER/CANCER RISING (Leo eclipse on the 2nd/8th house polarity) - the 2nd house rules money, resources, our values and self-esteem. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Think 'personal security'. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots from the 2nd/8th house polarity - needing more income, needing to save more, something done creatively growing into something that is financially profitable, something done creatively or to get attention draining your resources, relationships that are not intimate enough ending, what are you settling for, what is your value, what isn't your partner sharing, what aren't you sharing, issues with a partner's income/contribution, issues with debts, inheritance, loans, taxes. Also check Capricorn your polarity sign.

LEO/LEO RISING (Leo eclipse in the 1st house/7th house polarity) - the 1st house rules YOU, your needs, your physical self, whatever you have been giving your time and attention to. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. If your ascendant/Sun is near 11/12 degrees Leo - the next few months will be an even more important time for you. Anything is possible. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots from the 1st/7th house polarity - smother mothering something/someone, your needs/wants vs your partners, one partner is getting more attention, one partner isn't getting enough attention, working on a creative project with a partner, partners agreeing or disagreeing on parenting issues, creative projects that give you a center stage, balancing what is calling to your heart with what is best for a partnership, changes within partnerships brought on by changes within YOU. Also check Aquarius your polarity sign.

VIRGO/VIRGO RISING (Leo eclipse 12 house/6th house polarity) - the 12th house rules what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, spirituality, addiction, healing. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 12th/6th house polarity - secrets revealed, fuzzy information/diagnosis get cleared up, distracting yourself to avoid dealing with real life issues, addiction issues made visible, over-helping, martyrs, victims, moving past blockages, being a ghost in a chapter of your own story or that chapter ends now, loss of a beloved pet, day-to-day routines become more creative, working behind the scenes, what you have done behind the scenes finding an audience, finding your heart through meditation, creating a daily spiritual practice, putting more heart into your art, getting lost in the sauce. Also check Pisces your polarity sign.

LIBRA/LIBRA RISING (Leo eclipse 11 house/5th house polarity)  - the 11th house rules friendships, groups, causes, our audience, the internet, the things/people we keep at arms length, how we value the unique and different. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 11th/5th house polarity - seeing ourselves how other people see us which may or may not feel so good, releasing groups/causes that do not stir our heart, nurturing a friend, some part of our story goes public, ramifications from what we have kept at arms length - not wanted to attach ourselves to, freak flags flying, creative projects that value uniqueness or diversity, developing a child's unique potential, letting a child be him/herself, creative projects find an audience, romances become public, pregnancies are announced, connecting to a new group/cause that stirs our heart, our place within a group being eclipsed out or someone else within a group is eclipsed out, the space between who we really are and who we appear to be in public comes to light, the space between what makes us happy and how we appear in public comes to light, an internet romance, friends become lovers or lovers become friends. Also check Aries your polarity sign.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO RISING (Leo eclipse 10th house/4th house polarity) - the 10th house rules our career, our calling, our goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 11th/5th house polarity - balancing career and family, achievements receive attention, stepping into new responsibilities, parental issues, change around grown children, feeling older, growing to value time/wrinkles/wisdom, stepping on other people as you step into the spotlight, career goals vs family goals, biological ticking clocks, promotions at work, career changes creating changes within the home, someone is eclipsed out at work, a career goal is eclipsed out, a career is eclipsed out, something comes to light regarding your career, wants vs needs, a good job can't hug you back, taking something way too seriously, not taking something seriously enough, authority issues within the home or career, hard work pays off. Also check Taurus your polarity sign.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS RISING (Leo eclipse 9th house/3rd house polarity) - the 9th house rules travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside our box, exploration. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 9th/3rd house polarity - taking a broader view, taking a creative project further, getting legal advice or expert advice, getting something published, traveling somewhere outside your box, thinking outside the box, gaining a broader knowledge of something, studying something that calls to your heart, opportunities/changes through foreigners, stepping back to see things more clearly, making a higher commitment, finding a mentor, a legal issue/agreement/contract concludes, something you created getting media attention, your views come to light, wanting/needing attention for your beliefs, the details of something trip you up, overlooked facts trip you up, the story gets bigger, a lie comes to light, creative expansion, teaching children, taking a romance to a deeper level, a contractual commitment. Also check Gemini your polarity sign.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN RISING (Leo eclipse 8th house/2nd house polarity) - the 8th house rules other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 8th/2nd house polarity - a debt is paid off, a loan is taken on, a tax issue comes to light, a financial issue requires our attention, a financial investment is made or closed out, an issue around our partner's contribution vs our contribution, a relationship ends, intimacy issues come to light, differences in intimate needs within partnerships require attention, a light is thrown on a partner's resources, what our partner values vs what we value, relationships become more/less intimate, what a partner is sharing/not sharing come to light, a partner gains financially through a  creative project, a collaborative partnership starts/ends, a partner's spending comes to light, an inheritance comes to light, what we do with other people's resources comes to light, the ways we are a vampire or a vampire's dinner come to light, loss of control - something valuable is out of our hands, a financial story ends or a new chapter starts. Also check Cancer your polarity sign.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS RISING (Leo eclipse 7th house/1nd house polarity) - the 7th house rules partners and partnerships. Something could be coming to fruition/ending here or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 7th/1st house polarity - reunions, meeting someone and it feels like you have known them before, fated encounters, a partnership issue comes to light, a creative project with a partner gets attention/begins/concludes, wants vs. needs within relationships, balance within partnerships, the effect you have on other people is brought to your attention, being yourself within a relationship, accepting nurturing from others, nurturing others, business/career partnership opportunities or opportunities to shine, equality within business relationships, who do you trust?  Also check Leo your polarity sign.

PISCES/PISCES RISING (Leo eclipse 6th house/12th house polarity)  - the 6th house rules our day-to-day activities, work, co-workers, pets, our health. Something could be coming to fruition/ending in one of these areas or is pushing to be birthed. The Moon/Ceres encourage nurturing what is calling to your heart here. Eclipses are wild cards because we can't see everything that is happening - keep this in mind. Some possible blind spots, re-set points from the 6th/12th house polarity - dietary issues come to light, work issues come to light, work issues impact your health, health issues impact your work, making time within your daily activities for fun/creative projects/romance/children, something needs your daily attention, you need more daily attention, your health needs your daily attention, pay attention to your intuition, stuff happening behind the scenes requires your attention/comes to light, your health is your wealth. Also check Virgo your polarity sign.


Because we looked at Trump's chart with that August eclipse, let's take a look at this one. Remember Trump was born on a Lunar Eclipse (Sun opposite Moon) so they will always play a large role in his life, although maybe they don't impact him the way they do other people - maybe being born on an eclipse gives someone an extra coat of teflon with eclipse events!

The Eclipse Moon is conjunct his natal Pluto (power) - in his 12th house (secrets, what is happening behind the scenes, what is put away, imagination, mental health, secret alliances, secret enemies, water, the Navy, hospitals) - and conjunct his progressed Moon (this one has been in play for a few days already and for another week or so).

The 12th house rules Congress and he will be giving his annual State of the Union address on Tuesday night within hours of Wednesday's early morning Lunar Eclipse.

Pluto is the planet of power, karma, transformation, death and rebirth. Maybe the Moon conjunct Pluto will act as a gigantic magnet (and I know something about magnets - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my lockets) to bring up, by any means necessary, all the dark secrets and the ancient buried crap (within Trump yes, but more importantly through Trump, within the United States) to the surface for healing. Pluto also rules secrets, manipulations and obsessions. Maybe he will mention the #metoo movement (Jupiter in Scorpio answering to Pluto) in his State of the Union (seems unlikely). Interesting that Moon/Pluto is a mother compulsion and here we have a Full Moon conjunct obsessive mother Ceres! Maybe something about Mother Earth here, too.

I always picture Trump as a kind of motherless child (moon all alone in his chart opposing that strong Sun), shipped off to boarding school. Interesting that he had a foreign born mother (Moon in Sagittarius) and so much opposition/attention to him comes from his views on foreign issues and women (Sun opposite Moon).

Anyway, the next eclipse - the New Moon Solar eclipse in Aquarius on February 15th will oppose his Mars (war, violence, anger, initiative), so that one looks rather challenging for him in his house of open enemies/work/health. Of course, Trump has a powerful natal Mars on his ascendant and it's part of a favorable trapezoid giving him his way in most situations and leading to people wanting to help and serve him. What his Mars will do with an eclipse opposition is anybody's guess!

When his 5th house transits started I thought something big would come out with his children - and it did with Donald Jr and especially if you consider Kushner his child - but the bigger news (short-term at the time) was his fight with the NFL players (recreation/sports - 5th house) and we couldn't see that one coming.

His natal Uranus conjunct his Sun, North Node and Mid-heaven makes him absolutely unpredictable!

His troubles aren't likely to just disappear - although now that I think about it there is alot of energy in that disappearing 12th house! The two eclipses over the next couple weeks - could reignite his own eclipse stories (Flynn, Comey, Mueller) and this time the stakes might be more personal for him.

With Trump's Pluto conjunct this week's Moon there is also always the possibility (when I say anything can happen with him take this seriously) of his transformation/metaphysical death/rebirth - as the United States approaches our Pluto return with the Donald at our helm.

Maybe, like the Grinch, his heart can grow in unexpected ways, too.

Anyhoo, I try to keep all Trump postings as non-political as possible. Hopefully I have succeeded here.

I am going to take a blog break until next week or so to clear my head and focus on another project.

All the Uranus transit Taurus reports have been sent out as of last weekend, so if you asked for one and didn't receive it, please email me.

Be sure to get out and walk in the Full Moon everyone! xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 29th - eclipse season! - making our lives rich with purpose, cosmic course correction, what are we nurturing, what needs greater cooperation, breaking repeating cycles, a famous break-up, needs vs wants, mama drama, change, disruption, needing room to breath, the heart of the lion, something is eclipsed out of our life or out of our way

n by lunariya

ECLIPSE WEEK - so get extra rest and stay hydrated! Some of the major aspects for the week ahead are:

January 28th - Mercury square Uranus, Mercury square Eris
January 30th - Venus conjunct South Node opposing North Node
January 31st - Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo/Aquarius (11 degrees), Mercury into Aquarius
February 3rd - Sun conjunct South Node opposing North Node
February 4th - Venus square Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars

On MONDAY, the Moon is in sensitive Cancer - we could be feeling more emotional. Maybe focused on home and family or real estate/renovation/home business. With an early trine (brakes off) to dreamy Neptune (strong in Pisces) - this would be a good day to make art, be forgiving, be compassionate, meditate, heal or just drift off course with whatever we had planned to do.

Anything that is all left-brain work with little need for imagination is going to be hard going today. The night could bring some disruptions and power plays with the Moon opposing Pluto, but we should be able to put whatever is happening to bed on a good note, if we stay awake until at least 11:38PM EST when the Moon trines benevolent Jupiter.

Keep in mind we are still being influenced by the weekend's square between Mercury (in Sagittarius) and Uranus and Eris (in Aries). This could bring unexpected news/information - some of it could provoke a response. Conversations/communications can be difficult. With Eris involved situations that make us feel "less than" or "left out" will be especially prone to pushing our buttons.

The Sun is in Aquarius now - detach a bit from whatever is happening. Take a breath. This aspect could also bring - innovative ideas, mental distractions, all of us being more prone to blurting out stuff we wouldn't normally say/express. Avoid over-reactions. With Mercury changing signs tomorrow, the conversation is changing anyway - so is what we are saying actually helpful? Maybe it is. Maybe it needs to be said now. But maybe the words can wait to be seeded into more fertile grounds.

On TUESDAY, the Moon (still in Cancer) squares Uranus while we are sleeping - possible disruptions and changes to our normal routine in the a.m. The Moon goes void from 11:40AMEST to 1:53PM EST then moves into attention-seeking, big-hearted Leo. We will need to be noticed, loved and appreciated. We will feel the build-up to tomorrow's BIG Full Moon - if we aren't already feeling it! In the evening the Moon trines (brakes off) Mars. This is a good time to take action on creative projects, play with children, be romantic, take a gamble - have some fun.

Venus (love, money, values, self-esteem, women, beauty) conjuncts the South Node of what we are releasing and opposes our Leo North Node (path forward). Maybe something here about releasing any idealized vision of what something we want or something we think will make us happy should look like. Or letting go of something we used to want/love to free up our hands for something else that is calling to our heart now.

An old love could show up to liberate us. Maybe a woman is saying good-bye.

Something here (Venus/Nodes of Fate) could connect to Saturday, February 3rd, when the Sun lights up this same space.

Tuesday night might be the best night to get out and walk in the Full Moon! Don't miss it!

WEDNESDAY is the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 11 degrees Leo/Aquarius. The Moon is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon of the month), a Super Moon (closer to the earth so appearing larger) AND a Lunar Eclipse (happening on the North/South nodal access). Did I say BIG?! And Mercury moves into Aquarius - making fast-paced Mercury very happy. Watch for a BIG post on Monday.

On THURSDAY, we start the day with a Void Moon - the Moon having finished its journey through Leo as we slept. Not a good morning to start something new or initiate anything we want "something to come of". A good example of this is Obama's second term in office, sworn in during a Void Moon, and now being steadily dismantled by Trump. A good morning for practiced, regular work. Expect a possible curve ball.

The Moon moves into organized and practical Virgo at 2:13PM EST. Good for well-defined work - dotting our i's and crossing our t's - a focus on our health, our pets or co-workers. For the next couple days we are better at dealing with the details of the situation. Our hands are more cooperative for physical projects.

In the evening the Moon squares Mars (traffic?) and then moves on to trine Saturn. Maybe strong emotions surface, maybe we have extra energy. A square from Virgo (Moon) to Sagittarius (Mars) could be tension between what we want/want to do and what we actually have/have to do or what is more practical. The later trine to Saturn (10:21PM EST) looks like responsibility/authority wins this round. We get satisfaction from doing what we have to do/doing a good job. Or maybe we are just worn out and fall asleep.

FRIDAY, may or may not be sunny enough to illuminate the groundhog's shadow (Groundhog Day/Candlemas) - wait, do we want him to see his shadow or don't we?! - but we could feel foggy with the Virgo Moon opposing Neptune in Pisces.

We are more sensitive and able to pick up energies from other people.

Our bad mood could belong to that guy on our left - yes, that guy, the one with those cool aviator sunglasses and the scowl.  

We could want to escape/sleep in/look for something we have lost, but we will most likely have to get to work.

The Moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Pluto in the late evening and Mercury makes some good aspects - making for a good date night or night to socialize with friends.

The weekend has some important aspects we will talk about in a later post.

Watch for the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse post on Monday! Remember days are when aspects are most exact, but events can transpire as the planets move into aspect and separate, too.

xo all

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | many irons in the fire, stay flexible, social until we aren't, holing up, unexpected news/information, words will not want to be contained, misunderstandings lead to arguments - eclipse countdown

.harekat by caspell

Let's start our look at the weekend with a gander (yes, I say things like gander now, I blame Saturn) at Friday.

The Moon is void until 12:40PM EST and then moves into busy/verbal Gemini (for approx the next 2 days). Mars made his move earlier in the day into Sagittarius (for approx the next 2 months). See Friday in the weekly HERE for more info on that.

Mars in Sagittarius (he hasn't been here in a couple years) will have us looking for adventure over the next two months. Taking action that expands us. Pushed (in our search for the truth) to confront stuff that doesn't line up with our worldview so that our worldview can widen. Sagittarius rules our big-picture beliefs which have a way of becoming actively more inclusive with Mars here.

Hopefully the truth changes us, rather than us changing the truth!

With Mars in Sagittarius - opportunity (Sagittarius) is generated through action, initiative and courage (Mars). Action (Mars) creates optimism (Sagittarius). 

For today, this afternoon - not so much in the morning, we will likely be busy. People (yes, this includes us) might be loud and opinionated. Clients could be demanding. Gemini Moon days fly by. The Moon begins to trine the Sun (in Aquarius) later in the day which is good energy for mixing it up with other people. Conversations should be lively.

Saturday's energy could be hard for anyone needing to make a firm decision or focus on something specific as Gemini tends to be all over the place.

It's good for commerce, talks, meetings, short trips. It's a good time to catch up with other people and talk to anyone we need to talk to 

before the Moon moves into Cancer on Sunday and we head back into hibernation/home for a couple days.

So good for brief and breezy exchanges of information, not the deep study/research of anything.

Since the weekend is a good time to be social and chit-chat, frustrations could arise if we try to resolve any complicated, important issues now - hopefully since it's the weekend that won't be on our agenda anyway! 

The BIG weekend news is the square/challenge between Mercury (uber active this week with news and information) and change-maker Uranus.

We had the Sun and Venus square Uranus two weekends ago, so there could be a connection with something from that time.

Stay open for changes to your plans and unexpected news/information. 

Open your mind to new ideas. 

We are easily distracted - other people could be, too, and let us down. 

We could say/hear something unexpected. 

Something unexpected could happen with a sibling. 

Double check written communications before hitting send and double think what you are about to say before blurting something out. 

Forgive others their inappropriate blurting (words will not want to be contained!) - keep in mind they do not have the benefit of astrology that you do! 

Misunderstandings could lead to arguments.

Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 31st (the same day as the eclipse!) so the conversation is preparing to shift anyway.

Next week, kicks off the first eclipse season of 2018 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (11 degrees) next Wednesday.

This is the book-end to the so-called Great American Solar Eclipse from last August and the culmination of whatever we started at the New Moon at the beginning of this month. I'll write a big post this weekend. With a retrograde Ceres conjunct the Moon - themes of nurturing, mothers, closing out 'a season' of our lives will play a part, too.

Some of the Capricorn heaviness of early to mid January has lifted but with both Pluto (through 2024) and Saturn (through 2020) settled into this serious sign of winter for a nice, long stay we might have to get a little comfortable with discomfort. The good news is with Saturn the ruler of our Capricorn house anyway - whatever area of life we are now saddled with 'achievement through hard work' will be an area we are perfectly equipped to do the heavy lifting. Don't toss your back out though - with Saturn holding so many cards, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Back this weekend with the Full Moon post and a look at some big picture stuff!

xo all

Mercury Conjunct Pluto | the power of information, secrets are revealed, deep conversations, solutions, decisions, words come up and out, psychic communications, announcements, lucrative ideas

Complicated Relationship 2 by dim-baida
Since 2008, Mercury has been bumping into Pluto, and maybe even more importantly, moving past Pluto, once a year during Mercury's travels through serious-minded, ambitious Capricorn.

If you were born with these two planets sitting together (think Michael Jackson, Tim Burton and Robin Williams) you would have an intense need to communicate.

Mercury in Capricorn grounds our thinking and our language. We are held responsible for the words that come out of our mouth and the thoughts we put into our heads. We set verbal limits. We say, "no". Facts matter. Flowery speech isn't so much appreciated now, just cut to the chase.

(When my car broke down last week I called AAA. I was worried the driver wouldn't be able to get to whatever part of my car he needed to get to since I had coasted it into a weird, tight spot in my driveway during its death-march. I went out to meet him to tell him I would help him push it and to give him my insurance card, etc.

He said, "I know they tell you I need your paperwork, but I really don't. And I can get to your car, no problem. I will have it out of here in three minutes. You just go back inside where it's warm. I've got this."

I would have married this guy on the spot if I hadn't already been married. And actually when hubs came home and tossed his snowy boots on the bathroom floor a couple hours later, I debated trying to find the guy.

I think this is how good it feels to hear someone say, "I've got this" during Capricorn season when we can most appreciate it.

Hubs has now said this to me about 100 times since I told him this story and confessed to my unrequited love for the tow truck driver.

"Can you pick up dog food on the way home?"

"Of course, I can. Don't worry about a thing. Consider the dog food in the bowl. I've got this" - ack!)

Anyhoo, this is the Mercury - picture the serious reporter with the pencil behind his ear and his fingertips on the typewriter getting the important story out because he is doing his job - who meets up with Pluto today giving Pluto (transformation) a voice.  

Words will really deliver a punch now. Maybe even a knock-out blow. Keep this in mind.

This is good energy to verbalize something we have been carrying inside.

Now we are people dealing with other people here, so if we are the ones tasked with delivering a hard message, let's choose our words carefully then let's take responsibility for the other person's reaction. Even when we think it's "not our job". Maybe it is this time.

Secrets get spilled. Verbal explosions are also possible. What we do in the dark (Pluto) could be talked about (Mercury).

Words (Mercury) can be manipulative (Pluto). Thoughts (Mercury) compulsive (Pluto). An idea/conversation (Mercury) could become an obsession (Pluto).

Anything less than total honesty will have us twisting in a tangled web.

Maybe there is a conversation (Mercury) about other people's resources (Pluto).

Maybe a financial decision is made. Maybe a contract is signed

(keep in mind we might think we are signing in blue ink, but with both these energies answering to ironclad Saturn, we are actually signing commitments now in blood - don't stand up too quickly unless you are offered orange juice).

The best use of this energy is a deep mental cleaning. What needs to be said? Who needs to be heard? What words can be put to bed ... forever. Maybe let's start with our inbox. Let's clear that out.

The Moon begins the day (void until 8:30AM EST) in Aries moving off a conjunction to Uranus so Wednesday could kick off with an emotional roller coaster ride. Then she moves into "let's get comfortable" Taurus after lunch and reaches her First Quarter at 5:20PM EST with a square to our Aquarius Sun and then goes on to square Venus a bit later tonight. Fixed squares might have us digging in our heels. No one wants to budge. Intentions/goals set during last week's New Moon will meet their first obstacles now. Time to grow past them. Time to adjust.

xo all

Keep in mind the Mercury conjunction is exact today but has been building for a couple days and then spends a couple days unwinding itself and also see the weekly HERE because Mercury still has a few more stops before he/she is through here.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of January 22nd - partnership re-negotiations, karmic release clauses, SECRETS are spilled mid-week, BIG announcements, to sum it up - news we can use followed by unexpected plot twists

Is There A Ghost by DeBally

Here we go!

Pencil in Wednesday and Thursday for the most likely times to bring BIG news or a big decision.

On SUNDAY, Juno (partnerships) conjuncts the South Node at 14 degrees Aquarius.

Juno has been in liberating and innovative Aquarius since mid-December waking up/breaking up outdated/boxed-in partnerships and agreements that are no longer evolving both parties. She has also been busy turning friends into partners and partners into friends (which could be a good thing or just create more detachment within relationships).

Her travels through Aquarius (until February 23rd when she moves into Pisces) are showing us the ways our existing relationships are confining/liberating and encouraging the idea that true partnership consists of two unique and equal individuals. 

Independence and individualism within relationships - how do I keep "me" as I become "we".

Marriages, for example, where the wife is playing mother to the husband or the husband is playing father to the wife are showing the strain of a changing paradigm where interdependence comes through everyone's ability to stand on their own two feet (often women - physically and men- emotionally) and be themselves. The ways we are unable to be ourselves within a partnership could feel stifling.

Partnership agreements/contracts we came into this life with might reach their natural conclusions (romantic/professional). Maybe new clauses need to be added or outdated requirements crossed out and initialed by both parties. Maybe something is just done. Stick a fork in it.

As Juno moves over the South Node (what we are releasing) it is possible a relationship that has been too restrictive, or tied to the past, could end. It is equally possible a committed relationship could move to a deeper level as certain expectations/requirements are released and both partners feel freer to just be themselves.

Maybe a friendship or group activity requires a revised commitment/contract. New relationships (karmic) can also get started now.

Rules and behavior for dating that equalize both parties (we can see this conversation in the collective now) are up for re-negotiation, too.

Freedom and equality are the key words here - although it might look like the relationship issue is about something else. If one party is feeling too put upon (this may or may not be actually true), restricted, subject to unequal power rules or feels a contractual agreement has been broken or not lived up to - something could be re-negotiated between now and the end of February.

Although all relationships are working through this to a greater or lesser degree, this week's Juno transit would likely have greatest impact for people with planets or points near 14 degrees Aquarius or the other fixed signs - Taurus, Leo or Scorpio.

EXAMPLE for Cancer/Cancer Rising (Aquarius 8th house) - the 8th house is about other people's resources and how they are shared with us. This transit (mid -December through late February) could be energizing situations involving your partner's income or your joint finances and how much each partner is putting into the pot. Are both parties contributions being equally valued? Inequalities could lead to breakdowns/breakthroughs now as Juno touches the South Node. Or maybe one partner has different needs regarding intimacy or fidelity - working this stuff out now will take the relationship to a deeper level. An inability to resolve these kinds of issues could contribute to an ending. Restraining contracts/debts could also be on the table or cycle out now.

EXAMPLE for Libra/Libra Rising (Aquarius 5th house) - the 5th house is about creativity, children, romance and recreation. If one partner is working while the other partner is playing this could need to be restructured now. Unequal child-rearing roles or disagreements around how much freedom to give children, for example, could cause breakdowns/breakthroughs within partnerships. Can you be in a romantic relationship and still create what you need to create? Can you be a parent and be in a romantic relationship, too? Maybe relationship rules with grown children are getting re-negotiated as old guidelines drop away. Maybe the contract being worked out is actually your contract with yourself.

Compromises could be required.

There are many ways this could be playing out. Think - contract re-negotiation - what is working for both parties gets to stay (it doesn't matter how oddball or strange it is or how it doesn't look like something traditional or what we thought it would look like), what isn't working needs to go/change.

MONDAY and TUESDAY are all about the Aries Moon (Moon changed signs while we slept Sunday night). On Monday it will sextile the Sun (in Aquarius), square Saturn (in Capricorn) and sextile Venus (in Aquarius) all before we sit down for lunch. After the weekend's meandering/dreamy energy it might be a good idea to take a moment this morning and get centered.

With the independent and likely impatient Moon squaring Saturn (the rules/authority) and sextiling the Aquarius Sun - we could be butting our head against something rather solid. Maybe something from the past is holding us back or tossing up a roadblock. After lunch, the Moon's sextile with Venus, gives a green light to social activities. Good for sales and commerce and making money through our own initiative/courage. If you need to make contact with a woman, or take action regarding a money matter, make your move after 12:30PM EST.

On Tuesday, the Aries Moon requires us to focus on the here and now. The Moon squares Mercury, Pluto and Jupiter before finally conjuncting Uranus, late at night, and going void. This many challenges to an independent Aries Moon would make this a good day to work alone. People will be pushy and situations will push our buttons. All these tense contacts to our emotional Moon could make us moody. Be diplomatic. Do the work that is right in front of you. Make plans. Strategize. But maybe save the power moves for a day without so many challenges. It could be hard to get to sleep if we go to bed too late (over-stimulated from that inventive Uranus).

WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY are big news and information days. The Moon moves into grounded Taurus making us more focused on our money, our resources and our emotional stability.

Mercury (our communication, words, thinking, ideas, sibling, transportation, local environment) in solid-as-a-rock Capricorn conjuncts karmic, transformative Pluto at 19 degrees

Yes, 19 degrees Capricorn AGAIN - there is unfinished business here - it goes way back ...

Mercury/Pluto makes me think of powerful secrets and conspiracy theories. Passionate communications. Conversations are life-changing, life and death or maybe just feel like life and death. 

Maybe we overwhelm people with our words. Maybe we are the ones overwhelmed. 

This is good energy to be mentally focused and diving into something. Excellent for research and what we discover could change our thinking.

It's time to speak (Mercury) our truth (Pluto) and hear (Mercury) the truth (Pluto).

Then Mercury moves right into a sextile (opportunity) with expansive, lucky Jupiter (in Scorpio).

So the news comes in - good or challenging depending on our personal storyline - but either way we can figure out a way to make use of it!

In the collective there could be another big story in the news about abuses of power.

Whatever this is for us personally - new/information/ideas, etc - it will be too big to push under the rug. There is truth here and it might be raw and ugly. But maybe not.

The good news is a powerful, expansive sextile between Mercury and Jupiter that follows, telling us there is benefit and growth connected to what we learn/say/hear now. 

There is reason for optimism here. There might be a pot of gold at the bottom of that rabbit-hole, after all. Keep digging.

Mercury will also be sextiling Chiron (in healing Pisces) so we know the words are medicinal, even if they hurt.

Skipping ahead to SUNDAY, Mercury is going to square unpredictable Uranus.

So here is the fly in the ointment - a last minute Uranian plot twist (I am certain Trump, with Uranus on his natal Sun, will be tweeting!).

There could be an unexpected result, conversation or new information now. Words are disruptive. It could be the consequences of whatever is being chosen/decided/said, but we won't be able to put the genie back in the bottle or ignore what Pluto told us earlier in the week.

Spontaneous words could fly now. Stay in the moment.

EXAMPLE for Aries/Aries Rising (Capricorn 10th house, Scorpio 8th house, Aries 1st house) - your 10th house rules your career, your business or public life, so a conversation or information now could impact your work or professional life. You could put some insider information or thorough research to good use - for your growth, expansion. It could make you lucky. Any gain could also come through powerful, well-placed contacts or working with other people's resources. On the flip-side of this, especially with that square to Uranus in your own sign at the end of the week - there could be some unwelcome "truth" uncovered regarding your business or career or you could spill the beans on something yourself and have to deal with the unexpected consequences. Think before you speak now.

EXAMPLE for Leo/Leo Rising (Capricorn 6th house, Scorpio 3rd house, Aries 9th house) - your 6th house rules your day-to-day activities, work and health so a conversation or information coming in now could impact one of these areas. Information, a decision, a solution - could work to your benefit or for your growth/expansion. It could make you lucky. Uranus's square at the end of the week indicates there could be an additional twist or turn after you think you have your ducks lined up. Stay flexible.

And, yes, I could be WAY over-thinking these specific scenarios (who me? overthink it?).

Maybe just be prepared to adjust and make use of information that comes in this week. And then re-adjust!

On FRIDAY, the Moon is void until 12:40PM EST and then moves into Gemini. We will be busy (the weekend, too) - communicating, going here and there, multi-tasking (yes, I hate that word, too!).

Mars leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius (through March 18th). We move from dealing with secrets to dealing with truth (and yes, that will mean different things to different people and people will be PREACHY).

In fiery Sagittarius, our actions are more courageous and things move faster. We could be quicker to anger, but also quicker to spring into action when necessary. The anger could dissipate quickly as the next thing on the horizon catches our eye.

We might be more easily distracted and our actions less focused, but the bonus optimism and faith in the bold new adventure that Mars in Sagittarius inspires in us could be worth whatever detail is lost to a wider lens.

Our Aquarius Sun's (and Juno's and Venus's) yearning for freedom or something else gets kicked up a notch now.

Our energy flows with Mars, so whatever the theme of our Sagittarius natal house is where we will feel a kind of pressing urgency to DO SOMETHING.

EXAMPLE for Scorpio/Scorpio Rising (Sagittarius 2nd house) - your 2nd house rules your money, resources, values and self-esteem. Mars' transit here makes you more courageously/actively push yourself to make more money or acquire more resources. It can also increase spending.

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising (Sagittarius 4th house) - your 4th house rules home, family, home business, real estate, security. Mars' transit here could focus courageous actions in these areas. Whatever needs to be improved, whatever needs to be initiated - here's your shot of adrenaline to get it moving.

xo all- keep in mind I list transits when they are exact, so transits other than the Moons are in play for some time before and after the dates I list them in these forecasts

(Did anyone else have a some kind of structural break down after last week's Capricorn New Moon party - although a party in Capricorn might look more like a bunch of people waiting outside the principal's office or in line at the DMV - something we count on or were counting on? Most likely pertaining to our Capricorn natal house - in my case 3rd house/car break down right on time. In the United States it is our government (Capricorn ruled) that has closed up shop/broken down - not able to be counted on right now.

For me, I predict a mid-week 'face the music' moment with a potentially costly repair or vehicle death notice (Pluto) followed by a 'come to Jesus' reprieve/miracle fix (Jupiter). Followed by something like - the repair doesn't actually fix the problem or the car breaks down again (Uranus). Or something else totally happens. My crystal ball is fuzzy. Stay tuned ...)

Weekend Forecast for Creatives | a weekend to relax, heal, dream and create - burning Aquarius fuel now, digging our heels in

don't leave me alone by music and photography

On Friday, we have Mercury (thinking, communication, ideas, siblings, local environment) sextile (opportunity) Neptune (dreams, imagination, art, healing, escape).

The Moon is void most of the workday. We could dream this day away and it wouldn't be a bad thing. This is not a good time to make an important decision because our thinking could be cloudy or rose-tinted. If all the Capricorn weight has had us a bit depressed, this weekend's energy could act as a balm for that. It could also make us more sentimental and sensitive, even more vulnerable, so keep that in mind, too.

This is excellent energy for creative writing, working on a website's verbiage, researching healing information, meditating or making art or music. Words heal. Words create. Opportunities come through artists, healers and Piscean people now (strong Pisces or Neptune).  

Affirmations are very powerful now.

After the void - 3:25PM EST - the Moon moves into dreamy Pisces for the weekend. The same themes continue. This is excellent energy to relax. I can't overstate this because this month has been challenging already and eclipse season is approaching. RELAX. Addictions tend to worsen under Piscean Moons, so watch for that.

The Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius today and even though Saturn is the ancient ruler of Aquarius, too, with both Venus and the Sun in Aquarius now, something should feel less pressing. Maybe it isn't actually less pressing, but events will conspire to give us a little space.

The Sun's move into Aquarius means we are all burning Uranian fuel now.

Our groups, our causes, what we do with technology, what we do on the internet, being ourselves, working with things/people/situations that are different could be more of a focus.

Our ancestors came out of hibernation now (Capricorn), and sick to death of green beans, made their way into the community to trade their extra beans for somebody else's extra cans of peaches. They traded stories and remedies, too. In modern times, in modern ways, these rituals continue.

We are going to talk alot about Aquarius this month once eclipse season gets started.

We also have Pallas Athena (warrior, strategies - considered the strongest Goddess to the ancients, who surely understood her better than we do) moving from Aries into Taurus today.

Her move at the kick off to Aquarius season flavors the next few weeks.

In Taurus, our best strategies will be focused on something solid - things we can touch, taste and smell. Plans are grounded and focused on the here and now. This could clash with Aquarius's focus on the future, so maybe there is some tension between what we have to do to stay safe and secure and comfortable and what we want to do to move into the future. With both the Sun and Pallas in fixed signs - we could be digging one heel in the NOW and one heel in the FUTURE.

We'll talk about this as we move through it, too.

For now, for the weekend - meditate, go to the movies, read, relax, create. If something needs healing - create a solid plan/strategy (Pallas) for it that is both practical (Taurus) in terms of what can be done with our actual resources on hand AND future-leaning (Aquarius) - somehow innovative in our approach.

xo all