Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | many irons in the fire, stay flexible, social until we aren't, holing up, unexpected news/information, words will not want to be contained, misunderstandings lead to arguments - eclipse countdown

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Let's start our look at the weekend with a gander (yes, I say things like gander now, I blame Saturn) at Friday.

The Moon is void until 12:40PM EST and then moves into busy/verbal Gemini (for approx the next 2 days). Mars made his move earlier in the day into Sagittarius (for approx the next 2 months). See Friday in the weekly HERE for more info on that.

Mars in Sagittarius (he hasn't been here in a couple years) will have us looking for adventure over the next two months. Taking action that expands us. Pushed (in our search for the truth) to confront stuff that doesn't line up with our worldview so that our worldview can widen. Sagittarius rules our big-picture beliefs which have a way of becoming actively more inclusive with Mars here.

Hopefully the truth changes us, rather than us changing the truth!

With Mars in Sagittarius - opportunity (Sagittarius) is generated through action, initiative and courage (Mars). Action (Mars) creates optimism (Sagittarius). 

For today, this afternoon - not so much in the morning, we will likely be busy. People (yes, this includes us) might be loud and opinionated. Clients could be demanding. Gemini Moon days fly by. The Moon begins to trine the Sun (in Aquarius) later in the day which is good energy for mixing it up with other people. Conversations should be lively.

Saturday's energy could be hard for anyone needing to make a firm decision or focus on something specific as Gemini tends to be all over the place.

It's good for commerce, talks, meetings, short trips. It's a good time to catch up with other people and talk to anyone we need to talk to 

before the Moon moves into Cancer on Sunday and we head back into hibernation/home for a couple days.

So good for brief and breezy exchanges of information, not the deep study/research of anything.

Since the weekend is a good time to be social and chit-chat, frustrations could arise if we try to resolve any complicated, important issues now - hopefully since it's the weekend that won't be on our agenda anyway! 

The BIG weekend news is the square/challenge between Mercury (uber active this week with news and information) and change-maker Uranus.

We had the Sun and Venus square Uranus two weekends ago, so there could be a connection with something from that time.

Stay open for changes to your plans and unexpected news/information. 

Open your mind to new ideas. 

We are easily distracted - other people could be, too, and let us down. 

We could say/hear something unexpected. 

Something unexpected could happen with a sibling. 

Double check written communications before hitting send and double think what you are about to say before blurting something out. 

Forgive others their inappropriate blurting (words will not want to be contained!) - keep in mind they do not have the benefit of astrology that you do! 

Misunderstandings could lead to arguments.

Mercury moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on January 31st (the same day as the eclipse!) so the conversation is preparing to shift anyway.

Next week, kicks off the first eclipse season of 2018 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Leo (11 degrees) next Wednesday.

This is the book-end to the so-called Great American Solar Eclipse from last August and the culmination of whatever we started at the New Moon at the beginning of this month. I'll write a big post this weekend. With a retrograde Ceres conjunct the Moon - themes of nurturing, mothers, closing out 'a season' of our lives will play a part, too.

Some of the Capricorn heaviness of early to mid January has lifted but with both Pluto (through 2024) and Saturn (through 2020) settled into this serious sign of winter for a nice, long stay we might have to get a little comfortable with discomfort. The good news is with Saturn the ruler of our Capricorn house anyway - whatever area of life we are now saddled with 'achievement through hard work' will be an area we are perfectly equipped to do the heavy lifting. Don't toss your back out though - with Saturn holding so many cards, life is a marathon, not a sprint.

Back this weekend with the Full Moon post and a look at some big picture stuff!

xo all

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