Mars Conjunct Jupiter, Mercury Trine Uranus | taking action on that new idea, making our own luck, having the strength/courage to do it, say it, hear it

Blizzard by CarpeSav

Today we have Mars meeting up with Jupiter at 17 degrees Scorpio. Here's how to see it. They won't meet again until 2020 (a very big year) and they won't meet up again in Scorpio for hundreds of years.

Hear that Scorpio - and anyone with planets or points near 17 degrees!

Mars - the way we get what we want, our action and initiative, our passion, our anger, our young fiery male energy - meets expansive and lucky Jupiter (think Santa Claus here).

What did you want for Christmas?

This is very good energy to work with something that will require physical strength, energy and initiative.

This is confidence (Jupiter) meeting courage (Mars). This is fighting (Mars) for what we believe in (Jupiter). This is making (Mars) our own luck (Jupiter). 

And, yes, this could be might (Mars) makes right (Jupiter) and leaping (Mars) before we look (Jupiter) - there are always flies dear reader.  

This is a brave (Mars) journey (Jupiter). This is our brave journey. All of us on Planet Earth.

As always with Jupiter, the fly in the ointment is taking things too far and taking on too much. With Mars the fly would be us/or someone else flying off the handle - then the handle is broken and we have to shovel the snow with our bare hands. We could also overdo it and actually get physically hurt.

Mars is squaring the Nodes so it will be important not to be lost in the past, too busy looking in our rear-view mirror at that thing that appears LARGER THAN IT ACTUALLY IS to remember we are not the person who used to want that thing. Maybe we didn't get it, maybe we did, but either way we flew right on past it while we were busy playing with the Alexa we got for Christmas.

What does the person we are today want?

Mercury (the last man/woman left standing in Sagittarius) is squaring Chiron (ouch) and trining (brakes off) Uranus. Maybe the right/wrong words sting. Maybe the right/wrong words point us in a new or unusual direction.

Pay attention to information and communications now. We could be encouraged/required to speak some surprising words ourselves. Uranus in Aries enables unexpected courage. What needs to be said is going to be said. What needs to be heard is going to be heard.

Make the call. Send the email. Let the chips fall. They might surprise us by falling right into place.

Keep an open mind, so the right ideas/thoughts - the ones that will work for us and are uniquely our own expression - will fall right in there, like envelopes dropped into the postal slot!

These are repeating aspects we had on December 10th and January 2nd.

We have all the information we need to act/decide/choose now. More review will not be helpful.

However we use this energy - toward projects, goals, relationships, improving our health, initiating a friendship/group activity, greater financial stability - it can probably take us pretty far ...

xo all


lynn bowes said...

Oh my gosh. 'We are not the person who used to want that thing.' This really strikes right at the heart of the matter, doesn't it? I may have to print this out and tape it to my wall to remind myself that it's okay to leave things behind, to let go, to change my mind, to accept the new wants, and that the thing I let go was ready to be let go. Still a bit of grief in not being the person who used to want that thing and that will forever haunt me - but I wish I'd learned it earlier.

'We have all the information we need to act/decide/choose now. More review will not be helpful.' I'm on it. Who needs those silly New Year's Resolutions when you know this truth?

xox :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

Thanks Lynn - I hope Ed (and you, of course) are doing well. Grief is actually the perfect word. Maybe there isn't any way to ever learn anything sooner. We are probably all just too hard on ourselves. I see so many risks I might have taken over the last few years, those doors closed now, and think - what the hell was I so freakin' afraid of?? xox