Looking Ahead to the Weekend - Astrology Forecast for Creatives | where fair and square meets what the hell was I thinking, something comes unglued

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This weekend is a bit of a mixed bag as we build toward Tueday's New Moon.

We have Mercury/Saturn in play so serious conversations, contracts, decisions, endings, goals - especially long-term goals, career issues, family issues, responsibilities, security, situations with authority, realistic planning.

Whatever we have going on here will continue.

Friday night is not the best "date night" of the year (although the Sagittarius Moon will help) unless you are up for a long, sober talk about his business (snore) or his approaching court date (yikes!) or are going to see The Post, like I am, which seems serious enough to satisfy my appetite for reality that has bit someone other than ME (heads up by Sunday afternoon we will have the Moon in Capricorn, too!).

By Saturday mid-afternoon EST Venus (in Capricorn) will be squaring Uranus (in Aries). In the collective this could be about women, love, money, our values and/or self-esteem needing more freedom.

Anything fitting even slightly tightly (slightly tightly!) will feel like a dog collar right about now.

If we are repressing this urge - our partner/child, etc, could be the chicken to fly the coop.  

Something unexpected could come up - so keep plans flexible.

If you have planets or points around 24 degrees of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn - you would be most likely to feel this square in whatever areas of life are impacted.

Expect something else. Ruts can be jumped now. We will be attracted (Venus) to the cutting edge, the strange, the unusual (Uranus). This is good energy to break bad habits. Unexpected expenses might pop up, too.

Tension within relationships (picture a rubber band stretched to its breaking point) - could cause some people to snap. Maybe something has to change here. Business as usual isn't going to cut it.

Don't overspend.

That new piece of pricey technology that looks so tempting today, will look like "what the hell was I thinking" by Sunday afternoon (the same goes for that guy with the strange tattoo - trust me on this one).

On Sunday, the Moon will be void until 2:42PM EST, so sleep in. Avoid garage sales because "nothing will come" of your purchases (except maybe filling a space on the table of your own garage sale next year). After the void the Moon moves into Capricorn - for the first time in 2018! - we will be feeling even more ambitious or like a blanket left out in a rainstorm - there is probably no middle ground here.

By late afternoon EST Sunday, the Sun will square Uranus so everyone will want to do things their own way. There could be sudden outbursts of ... well, just about anything ... but also access to bursts of creativity and unusual solutions.

Instead of waiting for life to surprise us, let's take the bull by the horns, or maybe with all this Capricorn I should say take 'the goat by the horns' - and yes it can be one of those adorable fainting goats, why the hell not - and make some beneficial changes.

This is our second square to 'change-maker' Uranus this weekend

(although with the Sun and Venus so close together this could show up as just one thing or multiple things that feel kind of chaotic)

so keep plans flexible. Did I say that already?  

Expect people could be irrational/rebellious. This energy is going to get stagnant stuff unstuck one way or the other - so be pro-active through positive change.

We will be looking to experience something different. We will probably find what we are looking for.

xo all

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