Venus Star Point, plus taking advantage of all these sextiles | clearing the field, headed into uncharted territory, finding Alice, taking ownership by OWNING it, growing flowers for our own table

Veleslava by Hemantaru

Just look at this week's aspects:

SUNDAY - Mars conjunct Jupiter
MONDAY - Jupiter and Mars sextile the Sun
Mars sextile Pluto
Sun sextile Jupiter
Venus sextile Jupiter
Mercury is conjunct the Galactic Center (black hole at the center of our galaxy - the Milky Way)
TUESDAY - the Sun and Venus conjunct Pluto
Venus superior conjunction (Venus Star Point) at 19 degrees Capricorn
THURSDAY - Mercury Capricorn Ingress
SATURDAY - Mercury conjunct Saturn
Sun and Venus square Eris
SUNDAY - the Sun and Venus square Uranus

It is mind-blowing. Any one of these aspects could be a weekly focus all by itself and look at all of them - happening at pretty much the same time!

We are down the rabbit hole now folks. In totally uncharted territory. Maybe we need to find Alice.

I'm not sure it is possible to write about this month's energetic shifts. I think we might have to just experience them and incorporate them and see where alot of this shakes out.


Note - let's not let this be an excuse for us to sit back and see what happens. Look at all those sextiles early in the week. This screams OPPORTUNITY. Actually it doesn't. It actually screams OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY, OPPORTUNITY!

Someone recently told me that when I write about problems/challenges she always experiences whatever I write about, but when I write about opportunities they just don't happen to her. She thinks she is jinxed. She isn't.

Because she is on the lookout for problems - she unconsciously searches my posts for dragons (which is why I attract so many people with strong Virgo!), for roadblocks, for reasons to delay. And, of course I write about alot of dragons. I see them first and easiest, too.

Sextiles (opportunities) can be harder to spot. Even literally when looking at a chart - you have to train yourself to see them. 

Like the more challenging aspects (squares and oppositions and often conjunctions) they usually require some kind of movement - a shift in our emotions, thinking, actions.

But instead of jumping out of the way of a moving train we need to jump on to the moving train. 

And it is easier to stand there and let the train pass us by than it would be for us to stand there and let the train run us over. See what I mean.

So we notice the challenges (that train is heading straight for me!) more than the opportunities (that train is headed straight for the BEACH!).


OK, back to this week. Something BIG is being re-set to factory settings here. Let's look more closely at Tuesday's Venus Star Point.

Venus's orbit around the Sun traces a 5 pointed star (yes, life is magic, folks!) - every eight year arriving at an actual "point" of the star and every four years landing at a "mid-point". Venus Star Points are like eclipse points, about every nine months, that line us up, through Venus, with what we are consciously and unconsciously attracting.

This week when she lands on the point of her orbit connecting her with the Sun, moving through this same space, is the planet Pluto (karma, transformation, death, rebirth). 

This "point" is 19 degrees Capricorn.

This is also the space where Pluto is conjunct its own South Node and Saturn's South Node and Jupiter's South Node (yes, all those South Nodes in Capricorn releasing patriarchal conditioning, collapsing power structures that are built on uneven - not equal- ground). And this is all happening at a time when Mercury - the planet of communication and information - is traveling over the Galactic Center (black hole in the center of our Universe!).

What could this mean? Well, remember what Venus rules - women, love, money, self-esteem, our values, our resources, the signs of Libra and Taurus, our collective 2nd and 7th houses.

(and remember the way any Venus collective aspects will feel for you personally always needs to factor in your natal Venus. Is she comfortably, although lazily housed in Taurus? Is she always ready to fight in Aries or sitting next to Mars? Is she more of a seducer than an 'attractor' in Scorpio or in your 8th house?)

The Venus Star Point will now be in a new sign - Capricorn (the sign that rules authority, time, structure), a new element - cardinal earth (solid physical manifestation), and a new stage in her cycle - Evening Star. Can we say "feminine energy rising"? Can we say "self-rule"? Can we say "bringing these energies into material manifestation" - stuff we can touch, taste and smell (um, not sure I really want to smell the patriarchy dissolving, I am imaging sweaty gym socks here). Can we say all of this three times fast? Me, neither.

And this isn't about men vs women. We all have both masculine and feminine energies within us that have been out of whack for thousands of years. 

(and I open the news and see headlines about women at the Golden Globes and Oprah's speech about Recy Taylor)

So, what house holds 19 degrees Capricorn in our natal chart? What is that house theme? What was happening here 4 years ago - January 2014? 8 years ago - January 2010?

This is our own little plot of land. This is our space to hoe/seed/tend. This is our JOB now.

This space is being cosmically cleared to enable our plantings. Just like an eclipse would do.

In yesterday's post I wrote (by sign - check your RISING SIGN or if you know your Capricorn natal house check the post for that) about what is in this for us, but this is Capricorn so there is also something REQUIRED OF US.

Capricorn is about ownership. We own it AND we own it (take responsibility for it).

Venus attracts. So, this isn't about about going into battle to SEIZE the land. That's the old way of thinking about ownership. We attract it now by tending to it, by desiring it, by being alluring and calling it to us.

This is the real opportunity now.

And remember to own it we have to OWN IT (take responsibility for it). We have given too much power away to too many naked emperors. Worked too many farms for somebody else. Tended too many gardens whose flowers went into other people's bouquets.

Let's take some kind of action, symbolic totally works, to claim ownership of what we want this week. Then be prepared to step into our responsibility and work like hell for it. 

xo all

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