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Complicated Relationship 2 by dim-baida
Since 2008, Mercury has been bumping into Pluto, and maybe even more importantly, moving past Pluto, once a year during Mercury's travels through serious-minded, ambitious Capricorn.

If you were born with these two planets sitting together (think Michael Jackson, Tim Burton and Robin Williams) you would have an intense need to communicate.

Mercury in Capricorn grounds our thinking and our language. We are held responsible for the words that come out of our mouth and the thoughts we put into our heads. We set verbal limits. We say, "no". Facts matter. Flowery speech isn't so much appreciated now, just cut to the chase.

(When my car broke down last week I called AAA. I was worried the driver wouldn't be able to get to whatever part of my car he needed to get to since I had coasted it into a weird, tight spot in my driveway during its death-march. I went out to meet him to tell him I would help him push it and to give him my insurance card, etc.

He said, "I know they tell you I need your paperwork, but I really don't. And I can get to your car, no problem. I will have it out of here in three minutes. You just go back inside where it's warm. I've got this."

I would have married this guy on the spot if I hadn't already been married. And actually when hubs came home and tossed his snowy boots on the bathroom floor a couple hours later, I debated trying to find the guy.

I think this is how good it feels to hear someone say, "I've got this" during Capricorn season when we can most appreciate it.

Hubs has now said this to me about 100 times since I told him this story and confessed to my unrequited love for the tow truck driver.

"Can you pick up dog food on the way home?"

"Of course, I can. Don't worry about a thing. Consider the dog food in the bowl. I've got this" - ack!)

Anyhoo, this is the Mercury - picture the serious reporter with the pencil behind his ear and his fingertips on the typewriter getting the important story out because he is doing his job - who meets up with Pluto today giving Pluto (transformation) a voice.  

Words will really deliver a punch now. Maybe even a knock-out blow. Keep this in mind.

This is good energy to verbalize something we have been carrying inside.

Now we are people dealing with other people here, so if we are the ones tasked with delivering a hard message, let's choose our words carefully then let's take responsibility for the other person's reaction. Even when we think it's "not our job". Maybe it is this time.

Secrets get spilled. Verbal explosions are also possible. What we do in the dark (Pluto) could be talked about (Mercury).

Words (Mercury) can be manipulative (Pluto). Thoughts (Mercury) compulsive (Pluto). An idea/conversation (Mercury) could become an obsession (Pluto).

Anything less than total honesty will have us twisting in a tangled web.

Maybe there is a conversation (Mercury) about other people's resources (Pluto).

Maybe a financial decision is made. Maybe a contract is signed

(keep in mind we might think we are signing in blue ink, but with both these energies answering to ironclad Saturn, we are actually signing commitments now in blood - don't stand up too quickly unless you are offered orange juice).

The best use of this energy is a deep mental cleaning. What needs to be said? Who needs to be heard? What words can be put to bed ... forever. Maybe let's start with our inbox. Let's clear that out.

The Moon begins the day (void until 8:30AM EST) in Aries moving off a conjunction to Uranus so Wednesday could kick off with an emotional roller coaster ride. Then she moves into "let's get comfortable" Taurus after lunch and reaches her First Quarter at 5:20PM EST with a square to our Aquarius Sun and then goes on to square Venus a bit later tonight. Fixed squares might have us digging in our heels. No one wants to budge. Intentions/goals set during last week's New Moon will meet their first obstacles now. Time to grow past them. Time to adjust.

xo all

Keep in mind the Mercury conjunction is exact today but has been building for a couple days and then spends a couple days unwinding itself and also see the weekly HERE because Mercury still has a few more stops before he/she is through here.


Judy said...

I'm wondering by "...If you were born with these two planets sitting together (think Michael Jackson, Tim Burton and Robin Williams) you would have an intense need to communicate..." means Mercury/Pluto in natal Leo too? My natal Mercury at 9°at Leo is pretty close to natal Pluto at 11° Leo! I've been sick with flu for almost three weeks and will be writing you a late letter of gratitude soon! Thank you.

Catherine Ivins said...

Hi Judy- Yes, certainly. A two degree conjunction is extremely close (some astrologers consider up to 10 degrees a conjunction, I find 6 or less is strongest) - you would certainly have an intense need to communicate, in Leo I would say a need to roar and be recognized for what you have to say/think especially with your Sun sandwiched in between! So in some ways you become Mercury/Pluto. Would give a tendency to ruminate/obsess on things, too, I would imagine. Great aspect for investigation. In the 9th house for being a teacher's teacher or moral authority (?). Great for casting spells! Not so good for chit-chat. It's karmic - great gift/great responsibility because your words would be very powerful. Now, you also have Saturn in a wider conjunction, too - what a day to be born! - so he could stifle this a bit or make you earn it somehow? xo I hope you are feeling better - so many people have been sick this month!

lynn bowes said...

Once again you tell us that there could be BIG NEWS on Wednesday or Thursday and this snippet: 'Maybe a financial decision is made. Maybe a contract is signed.'

Last night we signed the deal on the sale of our farmette. The end.

Okay, THE end but holy smokes :: lynn

Catherine Ivins said...

That is excellent news Lynn! I just looked at your chart and Uranus (change, the future) is traveling right over your natal Moon (home, emotions) right now - EXACTLY - for the first and only time in your life. That totally sounds like a big, emotional life-changing move to me! And he will be here for many weeks ahead.

The only fly here is that upcoming square from Uranus to Mercury this weekend - Mercury rules Gemini and your 4th house and Uranus rules the unexpected - so some kind of unexpected news/maybe something hidden could hit then.

That Uranus/Moon (especially your Moon with all its natal trines)
looks like a fly-swatter though and we have a big Full Moon in Leo in a few days conjunct your Mars and Pluto - so another indicator of big changes/endings. xox