Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Once in a BLUE MOON

Another crazy astrological week (and yes, I realize it's half over!).

This whole summer is going to be a wild ride. And if you are thinking, "no, not me, my life is moving along the straight, narrow and predictable road" ... well, talk to me in October and we'll see where you are then.

Let's start with Saturn, this is the BIG Daddy taskmaster of the zodiac and he was in the deep dark waters of Scorpio for two years, peeked his head into bright and bold Sagittarius last December and then retrograded back into Scorpio in June for a final plunge into the dark (whatever halted in your life in June is back).

Olive Bites at Art Star Asbury Park July 2015

This past weekend's craft show has left me totally exhausted - maybe I really do need to be drinking all this wine! Ack!

I met so many wonderful people at this show. I had Kella and Chris's vintage camper "Lucy" - Suburban Camping Company with me and it brought so much joy to so many people (rent her here for parties, camping, overnight guests) plus people were very kind and excited about my work ... and the weather and city of Asbury Park (where my mother grew up) was looking especially amazing.

Back later this week with the upcoming forecast.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 20th | Welcome to the Jungle - it's LEO Season
welcome to the jungle - it's LEO season
Another action packed week as we enter Leo season!

First, Venus stations as she prepares to go retrograde next weekend.

She's still hanging out with Jupiter and if we look up at the night sky they are still the two brightest stars. They are in two different signs though since Saturday when Venus left Leo and moved on to early Virgo.

Venus is only in Virgo for the next week and a half. Then her retrograde, which begins Saturday and lasts about 6 weeks, takes her back into Leo. So we have this short window to work with her in Virgo and she will also hit these same degrees in the fall when whatever we are doing now comes back around in some way.

New Moon in Cancer, Wednesday July 15th - Plus Up Close and Personal With PLUTO!

first ever photo of Pluto's surface
Today's first ever photos of the surface of Pluto (everything we've ever seen before have been artist renderings!) along with tomorrow's New Moon in Cancer which has a Mars/ Mercury conjunction and opposes a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn - must mean something!

Pluto rules Scorpio, the sign of things hidden and dark; secrets and shadows. Pluto rules transformation.

Quantum physics has proven the bizarre fact that observation affects reality so now we are all up close and personal with this bad boy planet of revolution, destruction, power and the hidden realms will Pluto's influence change? Will we?

Pluto was discovered (astrologers believe planets are discovered and named when we are 'ready' for the archetype they represent to be introduced into our collective awareness) by Clyde Tombaugh in 1930.

Clyde requested his ashes be inside any spacecraft bound for Pluto, so he's in there! Pluto brought us the rise of Hitler, World War II, nuclear power, the United States as a super power. There is all kinds of pain behind Plutonion violence. How we transform this pain is up to us.  

Compassion toward ourselves and others lays the groundwork for our miracle now.

Is something hidden about to be revealed? What are we all waking up to? Everything negative with Pluto comes from holding on and everything positive comes from letting go, not sure how any of this will factor in. The timing is quite interesting though

Because tomorrow's New Moon is a doozy.

Yesterday and today we are building toward it. First advice I would have for tomorrow is to hold our tongue. There are power struggles. With Mars and Pluto (both war planets) in opposition and Mercury (communication) thrown in the mix there is a good potential for an argument that will not end well. Just agree to disagree.

Don't fire off any emails in haste or anger. This energy is encouraging stuff to fall apart. If something ends today it's pretty much over. And think about that if you are the one ending it. We will have to deal with the consequences.

Now with all this going on we still have a New Moon in the nurturing mama bear sign of Cancer. It's an excellent time to begin a self-care regimen. This moon is all about family, security, our home and intimacy. With the Sun and Moon in Cancer we can all experience compassion and healing now. What is takes to get us there could be big.

Hang in there - we are all in this together and our new story is coming.

Lots is happening. First the New Moon then we're charging toward Jupiter square Saturn! It is a whole new ballgame for certain, especially for our businesses, our art and work we do with women.

Venus is about to go retrograde so if we have something in the cooker - we don't have much time to run full steam ahead but we have at least a week! The retrograde will be an excellent time for relooks and re-dos with our businesses, money and love.

Wednesday is a powerful energy to focus our intentions and make affirmations on Cancer stuff : mothers, motherhood, self-care, nurturing, home, family, real estate, home business, food, breast health, stomach and digestive health, gut health, security ...

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - always make affirmations from a  positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known. Know these things are already yours. Cancer is a water sign so this is a great day to be near and in water! xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 13th | Potential for High DRAMA

I'm going to keep this short because I have a New Moon post on Wednesday that will cover this and much more.

On Wednesday, we have a New Moon in Cancer. This one comes with a little baggage

(or maybe enough baggage to keep the Beverly Hills Housewives in Paris for a month - yes, that much!).

The New Moon has a square to Uranus in Aries and an opposition to a retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. These are all big time change making planets and signs.

New Moons bring new beginnings. Since these are times in the dark we usually can't see what has taken root until sometime later and then we look back and go "oh yeah that thing started then" or "that changed then".

This Moon could be the exception.

These squares and oppositions will make whatever the "new" thing is that is happening quick and challenging or it could be birthed from some kind of challenge or opposition. 

It can also get us out of a stagnant or negative situation and into a whole new space pretty much overnight. This is decision week.

Lots of drama near Wednesday. I recommend having some wine and chocolate on hand. Try to keep your schedule light.

Mars and Pluto are war planets so we have some kind of war/dispute/confrontation in our Cancer house - where is Cancer in your chart? Verbal challenges and some kind of upheaval are both possible. The middle of the week is kind of a mess. We are all letting go of some big family of origin stuff with this. It has to go. In the big picture outer world there is the potential for some chaos.

Fortunately, this Moon is anchored by a grounding and compassionate trine to Saturn retrograde in Scorpio and Chiron Rx in Pisces.

More on this later in the week!

For now and Monday and Tuesday - the Moon is Balsamic so let's take it easy. It's Cancer season so time to nurture ourselves and those close to us. 

We'll be full steam ahead by the middle of August, but we have some stuff to wade through first. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 6th | Preparing to CHOOSE

We kick off this week with our Cancer Sun (all about our security) opposing Pluto; retrograde in Capricorn.

This is going to pull some of us back to that March 20th eclipse.

Pluto clears out what is not working, worn out and dysfunctional. It sounds like this would be the stuff we would want to let go of anyway, but life is not always so simple. Sometimes this stuff needs to be pried from our cold, dead fingers and actually Pluto rules death and can oblige this, too.

(hopefully it won't come to that though!)

The United States has a Cancer Sun - we just celebrated USA's birthday on Saturday. 

Pluto in Capricorn, the sign of stability, our foundations, power, and the polarity of Cancer, has given us a national Pluto opposition since 2008 and continues until 2023. 

The country and its institutions are being tested for flaws in its character and cracks in its foundation. If the flaws are deep, the institutions will fall. Fate will be the judge of any weakness here. Lies can be disastrous. Shortcuts will not work. The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we had the American Revolution.

For each of us personally, this is a time we can clearly see our self defeating behaviors. We will feel a need to control our own lives. For everyone, but especially those who carry a strong Plutonion signature, there will be power struggles. 

We are learning how to step into our own power and responsibility and find the balance between standing up for our rights and not imposing our will on other people. It is a challenging polarity to balance.

(and speaking of Polarity - warning shameless plug ahead - have you seen my Polarity Lockets?)

This week we have Pluto making this opposition with the Sun allowing us to see clearly some dark corners we would probably rather not look at. There may be ulterior motives and secrets and power struggles. We may have to put some of our energy (Sun) into Pluto themes - debt, inheritance, taxes, insurance, other people's money. Next Sunday, the Sun will square Uranus and whatever needs to break free, probably will. Uranus will allow us to move on and make the necessary choices. There may be some security rattling with this one.

We have to do what we have to do now. If you know you need to do it, just do it. Whatever we find ourselves avoiding now is what we need to move on from BUT this is our Saturn summer to clean stuff up. Do what you have to do first.

On Tuesday Mercury's final aspect in Gemini is an inconjunct to Saturn (retrograde in Scorpio) so there will be some communication, meeting, offer related to someone older or more established maybe or related to our goals or something financial, sexual, maybe divorce, mortality, reproductive issues, or third party stuff. We will need to be flexible here. The Moon is in Aries so we get a little of that warrior energy to work with and we have the Cancer Sun to proceed with love and compassion.

On Wednesday Mercury moves into Cancer so our communications and conversations get more emotional. Home, real estate, renovations, security might be our focus. Our attention moves to our inner circle - old friends and family require more of our energy and attention and give us more of theirs.

Venus is moving toward her long, upcoming retrograde. If you have any beautification projects planned - don't wait too long. In 2 weeks she will be retrograde and that will not be a good time for a new hair color, paint color, you name it. You will just have to re-do it later. Don't do anything new and permanent beauty related with Venus retro!

Venus has three meet-ups with Jupiter - expansion (7/1, 8/4, and 10/25) and three squares with Saturn - retraction (7/14, 8/5, 10/10).  She’s in Leo for most of this encouraging our heart to choose the road ahead! Then she moves into Virgo saying, "make it good, make it last." We are starting a new twelve year expansion and abundance cycle with Jupiter and a new eight year love and values cycle with Venus AT THE SAME TIME - this is why we need to be doing what we love now!

We can think back to the Augusts (within a couple months in either direction) of 2007, 1999, 1991 and 1983 to see what new Venus chapters have brought us in the past! We only get Jupiter and Venus launching new cycles at the same time every 24 years so let's make this one count. This summer is our time to get it all together and tie up any loose ends, so we can move forward in the fall! xo all


I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend - I did, but now need to play catch-up. How is it always Sunday night? Going to be late with the creative forecast - a heads up that the week could be a wee bit challenging.

We have Venus building to a square with Saturn this week - asking us "is this what you really love?" - we also have a lot of Cancer stuff (home, family, renovations, security) preparing us for the New Moon in Cancer next week.

Conversations and communications are going to get more emotional when Mercury goes into Cancer mid-week.

Back tomorrow night with more info - with any luck! xo all

Happy FULL MOON Day to Jumpstart July!

Tonight we have the Full Moon in Capricorn I wrote about in my last post Astrology Forecast for Creatives HERE

Spend time outdoors today, tonight and tomorrow!

We also have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo (where is Leo 22 degrees in your chart?) - we could see them a couple days ago here. We have clouds today but maybe you can see everything where you are. Even if they are not visible be assured they are still out there doing their thing!

We start July with a Full Moon and we will end July with another one - making this a very emotional month!

Remember Full Moon's illuminate and throw light into hidden corners. With the Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Leo the spaces in our life we are making choices out of love (Venus, Leo) are going to expand (Jupiter) now. The spaces where we are denying our passion and stepping back from our personal power and responsibility because of fear will be revealed to us, too.

If our life energy is locked in an unconscious fear pattern we will continually self sabotage in order to stay safe. Know that whatever shows up for us now is what we need to work through to evolve. We need to be patient with ourselves and with life. July is going to be a time of preparation.

xo all

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