Happy FULL MOON Day to Jumpstart July!

Tonight we have the Full Moon in Capricorn I wrote about in my last post Astrology Forecast for Creatives HERE

Spend time outdoors today, tonight and tomorrow!

We also have Venus and Jupiter conjunct in Leo (where is Leo 22 degrees in your chart?) - we could see them a couple days ago here. We have clouds today but maybe you can see everything where you are. Even if they are not visible be assured they are still out there doing their thing!

We start July with a Full Moon and we will end July with another one - making this a very emotional month!

Remember Full Moon's illuminate and throw light into hidden corners. With the Venus / Jupiter conjunction in Leo the spaces in our life we are making choices out of love (Venus, Leo) are going to expand (Jupiter) now. The spaces where we are denying our passion and stepping back from our personal power and responsibility because of fear will be revealed to us, too.

If our life energy is locked in an unconscious fear pattern we will continually self sabotage in order to stay safe. Know that whatever shows up for us now is what we need to work through to evolve. We need to be patient with ourselves and with life. July is going to be a time of preparation.

xo all

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Hopemore Studio said...

Oh Gosh, I'm already emotioned out from June. Can't I just hide in a cave thru July and have someone throw me already prepared foods and money to pay the bills occasionally? I'll come back out in August for some birthday cake.

Catherine Ivins said...

We had almost no earth in June! So hard to be grounded at all! It's like we are in the middle of a shift and it's taking awhile because our minds and hearts need to be more flexible to get us where we are going. We are constantly being stretched and asked well, you accepted this now how about this?! You thought this was over but maybe not. You thought you'd never have this but maybe you can. We're all in the pressure cooker now - but if we can see it as a period of intense creativity where anything can happen we can not only survive it but thrive even if we don't know where we are going, maybe even because we don't know. Starting Friday Pluto has this series of oppositions - first to the sun then to mars next week then to mercury the next week - this could bring important ideas, people and possibilities to us. The smallest thing could turn into something important so just pay attention to what happens this month- it's not a gung ho hit the ground running kind of month- august will be more like that. With Pluto stuff starts small like a seed and we have to built it or tend to it so it grows but it lasts. We need to try not to invest too much emotion or expectation in things while still having skin and our hearts in the game - a balancing act! There's lots going on mid-month August and what is happening on your birthday affects your year ahead so your next year will probably be very active. Plus Mars and Venus link up in early September, right before the New Money Eclipse all Leo you can't miss it! It's all good!

lynn bowes said...

I don't know where anything is in my chart. I simply cannot figure that out but I sure feel the push (or pull) to change. Yes, those corners are becoming illuminated and I keep forgetting to look at them when they're shown to me. Why is that so hard?

Also coming back to my mind is the phrase "Is this still my flock?" Example - I lost my biggest income source when my favorite gallery closed on 1 January. Since that time, my sales have dropped to just above nothing. But I am getting requests to give little one evening classes on torch enameling, to which I dig in my heels. Today it suddenly occurred to me that maybe this is the dark corner I should be exploring and perhaps there is my flock. And they want to pay me? What??? And I say 'nahhhh'??

Now I have to go back to your post and see what else I am ignoring. I can be so stubborn sometimes, you know?


Catherine Ivins said...

Oh God I just wrote a whole long reply and lost it- let me have a drink and a burger and come back Lynn xo

Catherine Ivins said...

OK deep breath, you have Leo natally in your 6th house at 19 degrees - so 6th house is work and service (also health so if anything comes up there don't push it into that corner). So you've got Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (attraction) transitting your 6th house of work right now in Leo (the space you are meant to shine in the world - through your work!). Venus goes retrograde in a couple weeks, so similar to when Mercury is retrograde and we run the re-do's it's the same with Venus except instead of it being about communications, fast moving stuff, the things Mercury rules, it's about the stuff that Venus rules - love, money and values and in your case, because Venus is doing this in Leo, it's about work, service, health. If the torch enameling was something you once loved, then this summer would be a perfect time to go back to it. Not because you are going to become a full-time torch enameler but because this summer is about our hearts and heads coming back together and reaching back to a space where it once was is an excellent way to do this while Venus is retrograde. You just want to be careful you don't take on more than you can handle because this is inconjunct Chiron (wounded healer) and the 6th house is your health house, too .... Something from December could be back now. You could definitely feel out of sync with your flock. Your rising sign is Aquarius and this gives you Neptune in your money space and you don't want to be the outsider anymore - you want some kind of validation something that teaching could give you now. If there is any kind of power struggle with someone in authority I wouldn't take that on. August, September, October will be big. Also the North Node is moving from Libra into Virgo in the fall so the universal north node kind of switches from Libra (find you flock) into Virgo (service to the world) which will be harder to do without a flock - note, the flock can be very small also note - i haven't found one either ..... that Virgo switch will also move this whole circus into your 7th house of partnerships and equal relationships xo not circus in a bad way just where your focus may land then