Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of July 20th | Welcome to the Jungle - it's LEO Season
welcome to the jungle - it's LEO season
Another action packed week as we enter Leo season!

First, Venus stations as she prepares to go retrograde next weekend.

She's still hanging out with Jupiter and if we look up at the night sky they are still the two brightest stars. They are in two different signs though since Saturday when Venus left Leo and moved on to early Virgo.

Venus is only in Virgo for the next week and a half. Then her retrograde, which begins Saturday and lasts about 6 weeks, takes her back into Leo. So we have this short window to work with her in Virgo and she will also hit these same degrees in the fall when whatever we are doing now comes back around in some way.

Venus in Virgo is about loving the details of something, enjoying the work, appreciating the craftsmanship and complexity of something or someone or some situation - yes, also, noticing the imperfections, Virgo can't miss those, and choosing not to dwell on them.

Venus in Virgo works for her money. She gets us clear on what we want. She gets her hands dirty (and then she scrubs them clean). Venus in Virgo can make love critical - she is stationing now and that's powerful. We can use this discrimination and ability to see things clearly with our work and make things more beautiful.

We could also use this energy to criticize the people we love. But let's not do that. Constructive criticism is never possible. It's still criticism. Nothing constructive there.

We can use Virgo (perception, attention to detail) to strengthen the work (Virgo) we love (Venus).

With other people, we might be able to do this, too, but only if we are very clever. Things could get bitchy and people could get hurt. With people, it's always best to work on ourselves and not others. We will then attract from others something different as they mirror the something different we project onto them. So we allow Venus (love) to soften Virgo (critical thinking, seeing what is wrong).

Hubs, a Virgo rising, bought a Hurricane Sandy wreckage boat. He's been working on it for almost 3 years. It finally went back into the water last week. It's docked about 15 minutes from our house in the river. We went out yesterday morning (river to ocean). It was my first time on the boat. As we were loading the things we brought with us I noticed George running a towel along the floor of the entire boat with his foot. We would carry a few things into the boat, I would head back to the truck, he would swab the deck and then join me at the truck. Three times he swabbed the deck.

This is the kind of thing that used to drive me nuts.

I might have said "for Pete's sake the boat is going to get a little dirty you know - we'll just hose it off" or I might have worried about his inability to just enjoy the fruits of his labor and relax.

But I thought about Venus in Virgo; about the attention to detail this man I loved had put into something he loves (and my own Virgo mid-heaven that zeroes in on this kind of stuff) and I said, "you certainly keep this boat clean". And not in a bitchy, 'meaning the opposite of what I say' kind of way, but purely from an openhearted space. He responded, "well, I spent a lot of days cleaning it ... and I forgot to bring a hose." We laughed. With Venus in Virgo we are reminded, in small ways and big ones, that we get what we pay attention to.

And now - it's LEO time! On Wednesday the Sun moves into Leo and Mercury follows on Thursday cozying up to the Sun. So we all move from homebody Cancer into "get me to a barbecue!" Leo.
Mercury joining with the Sun can mean an announcement or important conversation or communication that brings something to light or requires us to take some kind of action.

Uranus is also going retrograde next weekend - by next week about half the planets will be looking backward! Uranus retrograde in Aries will have us wanting our freedom. We will not want to be controlled (no one else will either). Cords will be cut with this one!

The big story this week which starts today is Jupiter in Leo squaring Saturn in Scorpio, and remember starting and ending dates with astrology are not so exact, we can feel things a few days before or after as these planets and energies connect or disengage. The dates are when energies are exact but on the surrounding dates the energies are often very close, too.

These BIG planets are preparing to change signs - Scorpio back into Sagittarius in September and Jupiter will exit Leo and move ahead into Virgo in August. This movement has these titans opposing each other and could create a battle of wills. 

Let's reason this through. Jupiter in Leo is about BIG thinking. Anything is possible with this energy. 

Saturn in Scorpio says "Yes, Jupiter, yes, Leo, anything is possible and that anything includes the stuff you do not want. Life isn't all mermaids and unicorns, fellas. Your BIG moves could land you on your ass." 

Squares are challenges so some space in our life will be feeling this friction between now and mid August

This could simply manifest as restlessness and we might waste this energy with indecision but since we have the knowledge of astrology at our disposal and know what this is we can choose to see this as a gift -
a gift that teaches there is no one "correct" way forward, no one way to live our life. There is no perfect plan to turn our life around that we are suddenly going to stumble across on our way to the post office.

We only have the now moment - the space we get to decide. What do we want to do today? Do we step forward or retreat? Do we speak up or shut up? Do we continue in the direction we are going, change direction or take the time to prepare for something else? 

It's up to us and there is no 'right' answer. If we stop thinking there is a right answer we can just do the thing we want to do! 

There is no 'one' move where we win the game and no 'one' move that will lose it.

We need to go with our heart this summer. 

This is an excellent time to question our default setting - if we normally sit on something and let things percolate let's take some kind of unbridled action. If we normally shoot first and ask questions later, it's time for the questions. 

The most impactful creative moves are timely ones.

We need to be operating in the present moment and not out of those old habits our body is craving. Venus wants to play. This Jupiter/Saturn square is reminding us that old stuff does not carry the promise it once did and yes, it may take some long looks and movements backward for us to finally get this. We can rise to meet the challenge (doing what we love) or surrender to the restlessness and fritter away this cycle with indecision.

Yes, choices close doors on various timelines of possibilities but so do non-choices. Doors are opening and closing all the time. If we miss one, there is always another one, but we can't see it staring at the closed door because it's somewhere else. After we finish looking backward this summer we will all be ready to move ahead in the fall. If we embrace this gift it invites the Creative to usher in crucial, wanted and needed change. xo all

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