Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 30th - keep it in balance

vintage in camomile by malenka

I'm going to start with Monday even though I am writing this on Tuesday. Transits don't always appear to unfold at their most precise moment, so it is often just as useful to look backward as forward ....

Yesterday we had Mercury (words, communication, thinking) in Taurus (stability, stubbornness, grounded, value, money) trining (brakes off) a retrograde Pluto (transformation, karma) in Capricorn (business, commitment, time). This is a three-peat, due to Mercury's recent retrograde, we had this same aspect in mid April and a couple weeks ago.

There is something here about words we can count on or a conversation that lays it all out or something that has been proven to us being the way to go. It's a 'just the facts jack ' kind of influence. Mercury, Pluto (there is a North Node aspect, too, of our collective destiny here) - will allow us to focus on what we need to focus on and get our priorities straight.

(we've still got Jupiter in Virgo and are expanding through service, focusing on our health and the work that is right in front of us - details matter but perfectionism can derail us - note in a couple months Jupiter will move on to Libra and expansion will be all about partnerships, balance and who we know, any lack of boundaries and trying to go it alone will derail us - we've been lining ourselves up with the right flock for a couple years now, this will be the year it really pays off)

The Grand Earth trine we talked about before is starting to break up but we will still feel its impact on Thursday and Friday - good things can happen by just doing the work and showing up. This will be about what we value and hold dear - everything money can buy and everything money can't. If we have something to pitch or some move to make Thursday would be the day to do it.

The thing with trines is because they are easy, breezy aspects we often do not use them to their fullest potential. This happens with trines in our natal charts, too. They are the 'good karma' stuff we can count on that we sometimes take for granted. So whatever space this trine is working with in our chart we want to give it an extra push toward the end of the week. If you want to know where this is hitting for you just email me and I will check it out.

The biggest news this week is a Grand Mutable Cross and the New Moon in Gemini at the end of the week!

Now a Grand Cross is not a Grand Trine. This is not an easy, breezy, brakes off kind of aspect. You can picture a cross in the sky formed by planets (in this case Sun/Venus in Gemini, a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces) - the cross is formed by squares and oppositions - these are the tricky angles. In our natal chart squares and oppositions are the challenges we came in with. In our collective story - this particular Grand Cross, and they are not all that common, will run from today through the weekend.

This Cross is in the mutable (changeable) signs and could be about our options being at cross purposes. Multiple situations may come up. We have Neptune (dreams) and Jupiter (expansion) inflating our potential at the same time Saturn (time, authority, limitations) is bringing our feet down to earth or in a more challenging case holding our feet to the fire. Or maybe the solid thing we are building with Saturn (remember that dream we are building this year!) gets foggy and drifts off course. When Neptune confronts Saturn something is always released.

To work with Cross energy effectively takes balance - too much emphasis in any one place can cause us to shift off center. Stay flexible and keep moving! And yes, like actually moving, too - long walks would be a good thing now.

The New Moon at the end of the week will trigger the Grand Cross so we'll talk about that more thoroughly in another post on Thursday.

Just know for now that it might be best to remember the only thing that is certain is that nothing is certain. If everything seems to flip around on us this week, just know, OK, this is that mutable transit, this too, shall pass. If we get really thrown off our game we can use the fading Grand Trine energy to get our footing. Something has expanded in our lives in the last month under the trine - and yes, it may still be in its infancy, but feed that thing. There is something real there. The cross will kind of peak on Friday and take us into the New Moon energy on Saturday.

Also keep in mind Mars is still retrograde and moved back into Scorpio last Friday - this is that mucky stuff we have to deal with again. For me, some health stuff I thought I had moved past, roared back to life. Anything this has kicked up for us cannot be pushed under the rug. Mars has already walked the degrees he is walking this week several weeks ago and he will walk them again in a few weeks. This time it is the backward walk so we get to pick up anything we dropped/missed/skipped/avoided the first time. Trust me that we want a clear path for his final walk through later.

Retrogrades can work like this - we are walking a path. There is some kind of obstacle, problem, something or other that we see, but we kind of ignore it and keep going. Now normally this might be an ok thing to do because it's not our job to fix everything after all. 

BUT when we have to retrace a path during a retrograde it is our job to fix those obstacles, pick up the garbage, etc, because that is the point of the retrograde. It's saying, "hey over here, this stuff can't be ignored". 

Then we turn around. We walk the same space again - this is our third time on this patch of highway now - if, on our final walk through the obstacle is still there - the energy will either remove the obstacle in the most expedient fashion and maybe not to our liking or will force us around it and on to another path. It can also come back to bite us in the ass the next time we are on this road - often about a year or so later. 

Moons - Aries Moon Tuesday & Wednesday - initiate, get up and go. Wednesday - Saturn/Neptune square triggered - dreams vs reality, watch out for deception, get enough sleep, not a good day to make a clear decision, Thursday Moon is in Taurus - comfort, value, money. The Grand Trine is triggered - good luck with work, co-workers, pets, organization. Friday Balsamic Moon - reflect, rest, Grand Cross peaks - options, cross purposes, release.

Back in a couple days - time to make the donuts (or in my case, lockets) - xo all

Venus into Gemini | smarten up

nerd by silent-waltz

Venus (love, money, value, self esteem, women) moves into Gemini today.

Gemini Suns and ascendants get more attractive now (ie able to attract and yes, better looking!). Everyone's Gemini natal and progressed houses get to host a visit from lovely Venus.

With Venus in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury in Taurus (ruled by Venus) - we will benefit most from this transit by making smart choices.

Gemini always offers multiple options which can be a good thing until it isn't anymore. And to make life even more challenging there isn't always a right answer and a wrong answer - there might be an answer that is better for the long run though. We are all playing a longer game now.

Venus in Gemini attracts through communication. If you have a business this could be the time that increasing your social media presence pays off (like ka-ching, Venus rules money after all).

This is a good time to - talk, read, make the call, write the note, tell the joke.

This is not the best time of year for introverts (sniffle). If that sounds like you - let's remember that comfort zones do not promote growth - all the goodies really are sitting right outside our self-made boxes! We can do this thing (ie small talk, light banter, jokes - yikes!).

Gemini rules the 3rd house of our early education. This isn't about high level conversations - nothing has to be profound; words over three syllables will not be necessary. This is about the kind of communication skills we all learned in grade school. Wide beats deep now.

The witty and street smart girl gets the worm this month.

We will be sizing things up quickly and others will size us up quickly, too. It's probably best to keep communications a little light, but in a way that people are left thinking we are more than a light weight (and I am talking intellect here, not squeezing ourselves into too small yoga pants or skinny jeans - exhale girls). Women (and money) may come and go now. Gemini is a mutable sign - we'll adapt.

We will be attracted to what makes us curious. Other people will find us, and our offerings, more attractive when we make them curious about us, too. Keep this in mind now.

Venus is opposing Mars (retrograde in Sagittarius) today - so this transit will not be without its challenges. It's like our Goddess walks into a party where everyone is chatting and having a good time and there is this guy in the corner and he might be a little angry or just very passionate about something and he is right away requiring some kind of BIG decision from Venus and all she really wants is to flirt a bit and talk about the Bachelorette's new season for 10 minutes.

We'll cover this transit more as it unfolds. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 23rd - connection, decisions, conflict

cat conversation by who-is-chill

We begin the week with Mercury stationing direct (Sunday) - do I hear a hallelujah?!

And in another part of the skies Venus moves into Gemini, Mars (still retrograde) backs into Scorpio and we deal with the final clash between Jupiter and Saturn with the square they started last summer.

Mercury stationed direct on Sunday at 14 degrees Taurus. He will still be covering old ground (we will, too) for a while, but some choices can be made now and new options will start to be presented to us. Deals will be inked.

Whatever ground to a standstill back in April will begin to move forward. It will be easier to get a handle on whatever is happening from here on out, but all this Gemini energy could make us (and others) indecisive.

(we still have Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograde, so it's not all systems go, but it's certainly forward movement)

With the Sun in Gemini and Venus joining him on Tuesday - there will be no shortage of Gemini fused activity, contradictions, communication and thoughts this week. People with a strong Mercury will have their heads overflowing with ideas and plans now - some of which will dissolve quickly like fluffy white clouds. Something could stick though.

When Venus (love, money, relationships, values) moves into Gemini on Tuesday - we will have Mercury and Venus in mutual reception (in each other's signs - Venus in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury in Taurus ruled by Venus) - we'll feel an increased need for connection and an increased ability to relate to other people's ideas and points of view.

The male vs. female conflict from last week continues as well as the possibility of something 'explosive' in the news (like last week's missing plane) that draws everyone's attention into the same space and again the potential for something 'blowing up' in our personal lives (if this didn't hit last week). Stay flexible. Don't freak out. Things are in flux. With Venus moving through Gemini we will attract what we want/need by having multiple irons in the fire and working our ability to pivot and change direction as needed. I hope everyone has strong arches and good shoes.

There will be tension this week as Jupiter and Saturn form the last of the waning square aspect (began last August - the last square was March 23rd). This is part of the 'dreams vs reality' stuff we are all dealing with. Since this is the final square most of us will have a clearer idea about which dreams are best for us (and, yes, for some people - more practical or maybe more long-term) and which can be released instead of trying to keep every door open. We'll talk more about this later.

On Friday, Mars (retrograde) will step back into his beloved Scorpio. Remember we have an amazing and NEW journey ahead when Mars finally travels over new ground in Sagittarius in a few weeks - for now we are back in the Scorpio muck for a little bit to see what else may be hiding here. If there is more to a situation than meets the eye- here is where it comes out into the light to be seen. Examining the stuff that comes up and removing those obstacles - related to our Scorpio house and the fears that are holding us back - will allow things to move in a more streamlined fashion later. 

Will look at the Moons tomorrow - a heads up that the Moon (still in Sagittarius) goes void around lunchtime Monday (EST), so start new things early in the day and then take advantage of the void energy for productive, practiced work in the afternoon! xo all

Full Moon in Sagittarius - keep your head

up above by affont

The Full Moon is at 1 degree Sagittarius on Saturday. It has multiple 'stressy' aspects that I talked about here.

If you have natal planets in the early degrees of mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) I would suggest calling this weekend a wash-out - it's supposed to rain for the 7th straight weekend here in New Jersey anyway. Grab a good book (hell, grab any book) and stay in bed. It will take super human efforts not to get embroiled in something.

Otherwise be prepared for the possibility you will want to:

1. choke the living daylights out of someone

(I was going to say 'choke the crap' but decided that sounded crude - plus 'living daylights' leaves the other person unconscious which could be our aim with this energy - they will fight back though, so this unconscious thing probably isn't going to work)

2. run away with your dog since she's the only one who really understands you anyway

(not that I know about this - sniffle)

3. totally lose your cool over some strongly held belief - don't talk politics with anyone now, stay off Facebook!

Anyhoo, don't say I didn't warn you. If you must go out and/or be around living things with less than four legs - I would suggest trying to be on the same side as the person you are with - creating a 'you and me against the world' type of weekend might work ... maybe.

This is most definitely not the time for a heart to heart with anyone you haven't been getting along with or for bringing up some thorny issue from the past. Zip. It.

As always Full Moons are powerful times for energetic shifts so please get out and walk in it - just don't walk into the local pub and start a brouhaha

and yes, I say things like brouhaha now - you got something to say about that?! 

xo all

Sun into Gemini - time to get moving

color of the wind by anita anti

On Friday, the Sun moves from earthy and stable Taurus into airy and fluid Gemini.

Gemini energy talks. It listens. It questions. It perceives what isn't said at all. In short, it doesn't miss a trick. With so much to see and so much to do and so much to communicate - there is not a moment to waste on any of those roses we were smelling last month.

Ruled by Mercury (standing very still and powerful in the skies right now preparing to go direct on the 22nd), Gemini is the sign of quick wit, unending curiosity and a short attention span.

My sister has a loaded Gemini house and can appear quiet at times. In conversation, she nods and makes eye contact but her mind has raced ahead to something else - she already knows what the other person will say or do next and how she will respond, so she is studying their eye color and trying to decide if they are green or hazel or making a grocery list in her head or calculating the square root of the number on a sign that just caught her eye.

(in high school when talking to boys on the phone, she would watch TV with the phone in her lap, and pick it up once in a while to say "yeah" or "hmm" - I'm pretty sure they never noticed)

Since Gemini rules information we will have alot coming at us over the next few weeks.

Gemini (the twins) is the sign of duality - of black and white, of feminine and masculine, of truth and lies. Nothing will be totally one way or the other or quite what is seems now. We will be faced with dilemmas and changing viewpoints. In the end contradictory thoughts and things can come together with this energy.

We all have ideas about how things are supposed to look and work that we've carried since childhood (and before). We have these beliefs and then we, subconsciously, look around for the things that support these beliefs and that's what we notice. Then our beliefs gets reconfirmed and strengthened. Even though these beliefs are no truer than someone else's beliefs that reflect the opposite thing.

With the Sun in Gemini and all of us burning Gemini fuel - we can give ourselves permission to embrace a more wide open receptive state. We can move against the beliefs we've been strengthening since childhood if they no longer suit us. We can give life permission to not make any sense for a while. If we are confused we are doing something right.

See what house holds Gemini in your natal chart - this space will be communicating with us now. Things will be busy.

We have a Full Moon the day after the Sun's ingress into Gemini, then the Gemini New Moon on June 4th and then another Sagittarius Full Moon on June 20th. So, whatever is happening with Gemini in our charts will complete in some way with the first Full Moon, then something starts with the New Moon and then another ending in late June.

Starts and endings will be fast and furious, but permanent .... that's questionable. xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 16th - duck and cover

doesn't mean you're lost by wakemeupinlondon

This week we are all building toward the Full Moon next Saturday. If we get through this week and next without some kind of big knock down drag out we will be doing pretty good.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Moon is opposite the Sun - Moon opposite Sun is a powerful opposition and even when the other aspects are easy or minor there is increased tension around whatever is illuminated, ends or peaks.

There is nothing easy about this one. This month, the Full Moon is in firey Sagittarius (where Saturn is retrograde) and on the exact degree a retrograde Mars (action, anger, passion) is transiting. The Moon (emotions, instincts) will literally be trapped between a rock and a hard place and we might feel the same way. Whatever has been bottle-necked for anyone dealing with Mars retrograde issues (Mars will be retrograde for another few weeks) could suddenly change course or break apart.

The Sun (in Gemini) will be conjunct lovely Venus, but this aspect will most likely be overshadowed by the Venus opposition to the Moon and Mars. This could show up as a "man vs woman" thing or more likely a male vs female energy conflict. We also have Vesta (the female energy of hearth and home, what is sacred) opposing the Moon and Mars and conjunct the Sun and Venus. This sounds stressy - like something near and dear is threatened. We will want to keep our cool here. For some people opportunities will show up to offer compassion to others.

The fallout from this Moon will be the result of something that has been building over time - this isn't something that will hit us out of the blue and if something appears to hit us 'out of the blue' it's only because we have chosen not to look at it before. The signs were all there.

(there is an astrological history of catastrophes and even be-headings with certain aspects around this Moon so we just want to be a bit cautious, get to a hospital with any health issues and try not to 'lose our head' over anything that falls our way now - there are many, many better days and Moons ahead!)

Whatever we are dealing with - the good news is the day after this Full Moon, Mercury (in Taurus and the ruler of Gemini where the Sun is hanging out) will station direct, so we will get clear headed about it quickly. Decisions will be made. Communications will come through.

The week's moons - The Moon is void Monday until 1:30pm EST, so a good excuse to sleep in. The rest of the day the Moon is in balanced Libra making everyone more amiable - some people could definitely be in the right place at the right time today. On Tuesday, we might have to deal with some retrograde Mercury annoyances. Don't worry - this one's almost over! On Wednesday, the Moon goes void mid-morning and Uranus shows up with something unexpected. This one really will be 'out of the blue'. Adjustments may be required. The Moon moves into the deep waters of Scorpio on Thursday and makes a chummy aspect to Neptune in Pisces - all the themes involved are promising - sex, reproduction, divorce, mortality issues, other people's money, taxes, healing, hospitals, prisons, imagination, spirituality - and of course, there's all that water! After that it will be all about the Full Moon and the Sun's move into Gemini - more on this later in the week!

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 9th - do you feel lucky?

in my arms by kosmodisk

This week we have that Grand Earth Trine continuing to foster growth and prosperity!

We have Venus (love, attraction, money, our values, women) walking the path the Sun walked last week, so all those spaces get re-stoked. Lots of opportunities to get it right this time!

On Monday, Jupiter moves direct (our Virgo house and Virgo people get shaken awake now - in a good way). We have 4 months to make Jupiter in Virgo count for us! Do you hear me Virgos?

With Jupiter we learn through expansion. We outgrow things. The themes we are working with get bigger.  We assimilate larger points of view. In Virgo, we will all be more focused on our health, our work, our schedules, our craft, our animals - we will all become more industrious - within the micro we find the macro.

Spaces in the Virgo areas of our own chart - by progression (what our chart looks like right now) and natally (what our chart looked like when we drew our first breath) - as well as the universal theme of the things Virgo rules - work, health, service, training, pets - get bigger and take up more of our time.

We've had Jupiter in Virgo since late last summer but he has been retrograde half this time!

Now, and particularly when more planets have also moved direct by late next month, we will start to feel what his transit in Virgo can do for us. If any of these areas has been particularly troublesome - yes, sometimes problems expand with Jupiter so we can see them clearly and work to resolve them - there is lots of good energy this week to move those things in a new and improved direction.

Jupiter is the largest planet (it could hold over 1300 Earths!) and is the space in our natal chart that holds our natural blessings. It is the space that can 'turn things around for us' when we don't know what to do next or where to go. There are always options for us here.

On Monday we are also halfway through this season's Mercury retrograde (in Taurus) so whatever this is/has been about for us - the cards are pretty much on the table.

When Mercury conjuncts the Sun (Monday), dots will be connected for us.

So, we kick off the week with Jupiter - in Virgo - moving direct after five long months (!) and we've got the Sun (in Taurus) trining (brakes off) the North Node (our future) - also in Virgo - while conjunct Mercury - whew - whatever information, communication or facts we are dealing with are connected to our next moves and future path.

If something comes up for us now (especially something from the past or someone from the past or someone that reminds us of someone or a situation from the past or something that's been stagnant) - it would likely be good to check into it and expand on it!

We also have Mercury and Venus trining (brakes off) Pluto (in Capricorn) giving us even greater potential for transformation and evolution with whatever we are dealing with - particularly around communications, women, love, money and business.

Now remember we continue with lots of retrograde energy (four planets!) - revising, revisiting, reversing, reassessing - you know the drill - and lots of Taurus - careful, deliberate words and actions are best now.

The only stressy situation this week is on Wednesday when an active Venus makes an inconjunct to a retrograde Saturn (in Sagittarius) - this could be us overreaching a bit. We'll have to deal with whatever "brings us back to reality". In Taurus nothing is going to happen overnight anyway. Uranus could also usher in some last minute changes and out of the blue something or others that could go either way.

With Venus strongly involved with the positive aspects this week our greatest blessings and opportunities will come from following our heart!

A few void moons during work hours to keep in mind (great for production, not so great for launches) - Monday until lunchtime EST, Wednesday all day and Friday afternoon (maybe start the weekend after lunch!).

You can still do your New Moon intentions - before the first quarter moon on Tuesday - so get to that NOW if you haven't done them yet! xo all

Here's a link about watching Mercury conjunct the Sun on Monday.

New Moon in Taurus | SET THOSE INTENTIONS!

make a wish by catherinehh
Yes, I know I'm shouting at you, but I really want your attention this month!

Friday's New Moon in Taurus is part of a Grand Earth Trine and there are multiple (as many as nine) Grand Trines now and grand things are ... well, grand!

Imagine a regular New Moon is the Sears organ at Grandma's house where your Aunt Betty annually pounds out a rather rowdy rendition of Jingle Bells - a good time is had by all, but she's not playing Carnegie Hall on that baby anytime soon. This New Moon is the Steinway grand piano where Alicia Keys or maybe Billy Joel (or maybe Aunt Betty if she works this energy right) makes the real magic happen.  

Yes, it's that good.

Grand Earth Trines are excellent for manifesting physical stuff. Stuff we can hold and touch and eat and wear and carry in our pocket.

A trine aspect is an energy of "brakes off". The movement and momentum is unrestricted. If we launch something in the right direction nothing is standing in our way. Things fall into place with this stuff. And if things are not falling into place, pushing for what we want/need doesn't really work. Patience will likely be required here. Earth energy isn't fast. But it is fertile and stable and dependable. This New Moon is the beginning of something we can build on with a good amount of simplicity and ease.

The intentions we set at this New Moon, in particular about our security, self esteem, fertility and physical resources have an excellent opportunity to take root and grow. 

(Jupiter the planet of expansion is part of the trine as well as Pluto - transformation and rebirth - now everybody involved here is retrograde BUT Jupiter "our good luck" is moving direct next week, so something could kick off kind of quickly with this even if it takes a long time to completely unroll itself)

Now remember we have FIVE planets retrograde and we have zero planets in air signs (mental), so this will probably not be about having a brand new idea or launching something that is brand new. Most likely this will be a new chapter to an existing situation or an old situation that has come back around. This is probably some door that is right in front of us but we just can't see it.

Remember last year when we talked about May and June as being the time we actually 'build' our dream - well here we go. Now we have a lot of retrograde energy, pretty much all of it, so the past is part of the future here. Every new thing is built on all the things that came before it.

So, let's give this one our best shot.

1. Talk as little as possible on Friday (or whenever you do your intentions, I would work with this within the next three days - we want to hook into the growth part of the moon's cycle). Keep idle chit chat to an absolute minimum. This will make our words more powerful when we do use them. No complaining. It drains the energy. No superfluous language. Read my post HERE about babble. This is good advice for all the time, but if you are normally a chatter, toning it down right now will be especially effective for you.

2. Meditate before setting our intentions. Even a few moments of silence stilling our mind makes it easier for us to be clear on what we want and to "hook into" the simplest path to line up with it. We want to approach this monthly ritual consciously and respectfully, so that we recognize the power of the moment and choose our words and actions wisely.

3. Eat whole foods and stay away from flour and sugar prior to setting the intentions. I had a teacher who saw people as "foggy" after poor eating. She was always right about it and she claimed it made our thinking and manifesting foggy. She said the things we are seeking that are also seeking us (and what we are seeking is always seeking us) cannot easily find us when we are foggy! I believe her.

4. Use positive language. Now, I don't mean positive as in "pink and flowery" and the opposite of negative. I mean positive as in certain. When we write our intentions now we want them to carry the energy of certainty. Just like when we plant a seed in the ground we know it will grow. We know the seeds we are planting with our words will grow, too.

5. Gather a number of flat, white rocks. 

(if you feel more comfortable doing our usual monthly papers by all means do that!)

6. Write one intention, in script, on each rock. Say the words out loud.

7. Bury the rocks in the ground. I would bury them about the depth you would bury a seed. Deep enough they cannot easily be kicked loose, but not so deep they cannot feel the sunlight and the rain.

8. Release. Now we release our attention from these things. Know they are already ours.

Don't struggle too much over what to write or how many intentions to set with no air signs and Mercury retrograde, our minds won't really help us now. We'll just plant our feet firmly on the ground and feel what we want here. Feel what it would feel like to have real security, to have the resources we need, to have perfect health and to have the self-esteem to know that we truly deserve to have these things. We'll imbue whatever words we use with those intentions.

I have found it's good to be somewhat specific but not so specific that we are totally wedded to only one way of getting to where we need to go.

This New Moon in Taurus is an excellent time to return to a grounding practice, make affirmations and set intentions about: money, contentment, patience, self-worth, releasing stubbornness, all health issues and especially those regarding our neck, throat and voice in the world.

This Grand Earth Trine feels like an unusually strong opportunity to get something right the second, third or maybe the 33rd time! With all this retrograde energy whatever happens will certainly need to be "re"vised later and that's OK. It might even be through what is left after all this retrograde energy passes that we can see what is the real value at the center of it all and build from that.

xo all

(the weekend energy is quite stressy, so maybe try to get to this Friday night! here's a link to Jan Spiller's New Moon Wishes)

If we have planets or points in your natal or progressed chart in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) from 14 -20 degrees you'll feel this New Moon the most strongly.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 2nd - things are falling into place

distant flickering by super shrimp

YAY - it's May! This week we have a wonderful New Moon in Taurus on Friday (more on this later in the week).

At the time of the New Moon, the Sun and the Moon are sharing the same space. This means that every aspect the Moon is making (and they are very positive!), the Sun is making the same aspects, too - so there is a double whammy of potential now.

The Moon, along with Pluto (retrograde in Capricorn) and Jupiter (retrograde in Virgo) is forming a Grand Earth Trine. This actually kicks off with the Sun on Tuesday!

In general this trine is about healing our relationship with work and prosperity. It will also aid our lives via the houses the signs impacted occupy in our natal
and progressed charts.

There are luck and opportunities here. Trines mean "brakes-off" - things are intended to fall naturally into place with this (we will likely need patience here). We don't want to force stuff to happen. This trine has a supportive connection with Neptune (strong in Pisces) so there will be elements of the mystical, magical or miraculous (pick your comfort zone).

We won't need, or want, to bang our head against the wall with this one. But this is 'earth' we are talking about, so we shouldn't be afraid to get our hands dirty. And with fixed Taurus playing such a major role we need to be careful we aren't stubbornly holding our position - we need to go with the flow - there are "re"wards ahead for getting this right.

Now we still have half the planets retrograde (first time in 10 years) including Mercury, ruler of our North Node "where we are heading", so this is not about launching something brand new. There is a strong element of looking backward with this energy. It's through this process that the right insight, opportunity, person, etc will start to move things in a more prosperous direction for us.

We don't want to be sitting around waiting for something to happen to us - life doesn't really work this way. We keep moving forward with small, precise steps, we do the best jobs we can, we work in service to other people, we prioritize our health (think Virgo energy!) AND we are especially active reworking and reconsidering whatever isn't working for us (in any area of our life - changes in one area of our lives affect all the others - health and work are especially connected and potent now).

Jupiter in Virgo (good luck, expansion, service, precision, work) and Pluto in Capricorn (transformation, security, structure, business, reproduction, rebirth, power) had a very positive aspect last fall and then last month and they hook up for a final time next month.

With both planets in earth signs this is about physical changes to our lives.

Because Venus and Mercury are going to activate these same spaces throughout May we will have access to this energy all month. We also have Mercury (retrograde) trining (brakes off) the North Node (in Virgo) of "where we are going" next Sunday. It really looks like any delays, detours, Groundhog Day style repeats, re-works and re-connections are going to work out in our favor.

Patience is required here. Go slowly.

There is, of course, a fly in the ointment (I'm starting to think the flies are a necessary component) - hard nosed Saturn (also retrograde in Sagittarius) will be square to Jupiter - this will create tension and force us into a new action - and Saturn will be inconjunct the Moon and Sun - so some kind of creative blending of stuff that is at odds with each other will be required to make this all work together.

Never fear though, even mighty Saturn is not strong enough to circumvent the positivity of this Grand Trine!

I'll be back later to update this with the week's Moons and more on how to work with this energy and how it will impact different houses.

xo all