Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of May 23rd - connection, decisions, conflict

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We begin the week with Mercury stationing direct (Sunday) - do I hear a hallelujah?!

And in another part of the skies Venus moves into Gemini, Mars (still retrograde) backs into Scorpio and we deal with the final clash between Jupiter and Saturn with the square they started last summer.

Mercury stationed direct on Sunday at 14 degrees Taurus. He will still be covering old ground (we will, too) for a while, but some choices can be made now and new options will start to be presented to us. Deals will be inked.

Whatever ground to a standstill back in April will begin to move forward. It will be easier to get a handle on whatever is happening from here on out, but all this Gemini energy could make us (and others) indecisive.

(we still have Mars, Saturn and Pluto retrograde, so it's not all systems go, but it's certainly forward movement)

With the Sun in Gemini and Venus joining him on Tuesday - there will be no shortage of Gemini fused activity, contradictions, communication and thoughts this week. People with a strong Mercury will have their heads overflowing with ideas and plans now - some of which will dissolve quickly like fluffy white clouds. Something could stick though.

When Venus (love, money, relationships, values) moves into Gemini on Tuesday - we will have Mercury and Venus in mutual reception (in each other's signs - Venus in Gemini ruled by Mercury and Mercury in Taurus ruled by Venus) - we'll feel an increased need for connection and an increased ability to relate to other people's ideas and points of view.

The male vs. female conflict from last week continues as well as the possibility of something 'explosive' in the news (like last week's missing plane) that draws everyone's attention into the same space and again the potential for something 'blowing up' in our personal lives (if this didn't hit last week). Stay flexible. Don't freak out. Things are in flux. With Venus moving through Gemini we will attract what we want/need by having multiple irons in the fire and working our ability to pivot and change direction as needed. I hope everyone has strong arches and good shoes.

There will be tension this week as Jupiter and Saturn form the last of the waning square aspect (began last August - the last square was March 23rd). This is part of the 'dreams vs reality' stuff we are all dealing with. Since this is the final square most of us will have a clearer idea about which dreams are best for us (and, yes, for some people - more practical or maybe more long-term) and which can be released instead of trying to keep every door open. We'll talk more about this later.

On Friday, Mars (retrograde) will step back into his beloved Scorpio. Remember we have an amazing and NEW journey ahead when Mars finally travels over new ground in Sagittarius in a few weeks - for now we are back in the Scorpio muck for a little bit to see what else may be hiding here. If there is more to a situation than meets the eye- here is where it comes out into the light to be seen. Examining the stuff that comes up and removing those obstacles - related to our Scorpio house and the fears that are holding us back - will allow things to move in a more streamlined fashion later. 

Will look at the Moons tomorrow - a heads up that the Moon (still in Sagittarius) goes void around lunchtime Monday (EST), so start new things early in the day and then take advantage of the void energy for productive, practiced work in the afternoon! xo all

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