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Yes, I know I'm shouting at you, but I really want your attention this month!

Friday's New Moon in Taurus is part of a Grand Earth Trine and there are multiple (as many as nine) Grand Trines now and grand things are ... well, grand!

Imagine a regular New Moon is the Sears organ at Grandma's house where your Aunt Betty annually pounds out a rather rowdy rendition of Jingle Bells - a good time is had by all, but she's not playing Carnegie Hall on that baby anytime soon. This New Moon is the Steinway grand piano where Alicia Keys or maybe Billy Joel (or maybe Aunt Betty if she works this energy right) makes the real magic happen.  

Yes, it's that good.

Grand Earth Trines are excellent for manifesting physical stuff. Stuff we can hold and touch and eat and wear and carry in our pocket.

A trine aspect is an energy of "brakes off". The movement and momentum is unrestricted. If we launch something in the right direction nothing is standing in our way. Things fall into place with this stuff. And if things are not falling into place, pushing for what we want/need doesn't really work. Patience will likely be required here. Earth energy isn't fast. But it is fertile and stable and dependable. This New Moon is the beginning of something we can build on with a good amount of simplicity and ease.

The intentions we set at this New Moon, in particular about our security, self esteem, fertility and physical resources have an excellent opportunity to take root and grow. 

(Jupiter the planet of expansion is part of the trine as well as Pluto - transformation and rebirth - now everybody involved here is retrograde BUT Jupiter "our good luck" is moving direct next week, so something could kick off kind of quickly with this even if it takes a long time to completely unroll itself)

Now remember we have FIVE planets retrograde and we have zero planets in air signs (mental), so this will probably not be about having a brand new idea or launching something that is brand new. Most likely this will be a new chapter to an existing situation or an old situation that has come back around. This is probably some door that is right in front of us but we just can't see it.

Remember last year when we talked about May and June as being the time we actually 'build' our dream - well here we go. Now we have a lot of retrograde energy, pretty much all of it, so the past is part of the future here. Every new thing is built on all the things that came before it.

So, let's give this one our best shot.

1. Talk as little as possible on Friday (or whenever you do your intentions, I would work with this within the next three days - we want to hook into the growth part of the moon's cycle). Keep idle chit chat to an absolute minimum. This will make our words more powerful when we do use them. No complaining. It drains the energy. No superfluous language. Read my post HERE about babble. This is good advice for all the time, but if you are normally a chatter, toning it down right now will be especially effective for you.

2. Meditate before setting our intentions. Even a few moments of silence stilling our mind makes it easier for us to be clear on what we want and to "hook into" the simplest path to line up with it. We want to approach this monthly ritual consciously and respectfully, so that we recognize the power of the moment and choose our words and actions wisely.

3. Eat whole foods and stay away from flour and sugar prior to setting the intentions. I had a teacher who saw people as "foggy" after poor eating. She was always right about it and she claimed it made our thinking and manifesting foggy. She said the things we are seeking that are also seeking us (and what we are seeking is always seeking us) cannot easily find us when we are foggy! I believe her.

4. Use positive language. Now, I don't mean positive as in "pink and flowery" and the opposite of negative. I mean positive as in certain. When we write our intentions now we want them to carry the energy of certainty. Just like when we plant a seed in the ground we know it will grow. We know the seeds we are planting with our words will grow, too.

5. Gather a number of flat, white rocks. 

(if you feel more comfortable doing our usual monthly papers by all means do that!)

6. Write one intention, in script, on each rock. Say the words out loud.

7. Bury the rocks in the ground. I would bury them about the depth you would bury a seed. Deep enough they cannot easily be kicked loose, but not so deep they cannot feel the sunlight and the rain.

8. Release. Now we release our attention from these things. Know they are already ours.

Don't struggle too much over what to write or how many intentions to set with no air signs and Mercury retrograde, our minds won't really help us now. We'll just plant our feet firmly on the ground and feel what we want here. Feel what it would feel like to have real security, to have the resources we need, to have perfect health and to have the self-esteem to know that we truly deserve to have these things. We'll imbue whatever words we use with those intentions.

I have found it's good to be somewhat specific but not so specific that we are totally wedded to only one way of getting to where we need to go.

This New Moon in Taurus is an excellent time to return to a grounding practice, make affirmations and set intentions about: money, contentment, patience, self-worth, releasing stubbornness, all health issues and especially those regarding our neck, throat and voice in the world.

This Grand Earth Trine feels like an unusually strong opportunity to get something right the second, third or maybe the 33rd time! With all this retrograde energy whatever happens will certainly need to be "re"vised later and that's OK. It might even be through what is left after all this retrograde energy passes that we can see what is the real value at the center of it all and build from that.

xo all

(the weekend energy is quite stressy, so maybe try to get to this Friday night! here's a link to Jan Spiller's New Moon Wishes)

If we have planets or points in your natal or progressed chart in earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) or fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) from 14 -20 degrees you'll feel this New Moon the most strongly.

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