Venus into Gemini | smarten up

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Venus (love, money, value, self esteem, women) moves into Gemini today.

Gemini Suns and ascendants get more attractive now (ie able to attract and yes, better looking!). Everyone's Gemini natal and progressed houses get to host a visit from lovely Venus.

With Venus in Gemini (ruled by Mercury) and Mercury in Taurus (ruled by Venus) - we will benefit most from this transit by making smart choices.

Gemini always offers multiple options which can be a good thing until it isn't anymore. And to make life even more challenging there isn't always a right answer and a wrong answer - there might be an answer that is better for the long run though. We are all playing a longer game now.

Venus in Gemini attracts through communication. If you have a business this could be the time that increasing your social media presence pays off (like ka-ching, Venus rules money after all).

This is a good time to - talk, read, make the call, write the note, tell the joke.

This is not the best time of year for introverts (sniffle). If that sounds like you - let's remember that comfort zones do not promote growth - all the goodies really are sitting right outside our self-made boxes! We can do this thing (ie small talk, light banter, jokes - yikes!).

Gemini rules the 3rd house of our early education. This isn't about high level conversations - nothing has to be profound; words over three syllables will not be necessary. This is about the kind of communication skills we all learned in grade school. Wide beats deep now.

The witty and street smart girl gets the worm this month.

We will be sizing things up quickly and others will size us up quickly, too. It's probably best to keep communications a little light, but in a way that people are left thinking we are more than a light weight (and I am talking intellect here, not squeezing ourselves into too small yoga pants or skinny jeans - exhale girls). Women (and money) may come and go now. Gemini is a mutable sign - we'll adapt.

We will be attracted to what makes us curious. Other people will find us, and our offerings, more attractive when we make them curious about us, too. Keep this in mind now.

Venus is opposing Mars (retrograde in Sagittarius) today - so this transit will not be without its challenges. It's like our Goddess walks into a party where everyone is chatting and having a good time and there is this guy in the corner and he might be a little angry or just very passionate about something and he is right away requiring some kind of BIG decision from Venus and all she really wants is to flirt a bit and talk about the Bachelorette's new season for 10 minutes.

We'll cover this transit more as it unfolds. xo all

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