Chiron into Aries | February 18th, 2019 thru 2026 - healing the wounded masculine, our path to self-love, healing through action, our victim stories and wallowing is so last transit, no one is you and THAT is your super-power

Chiron was the first discovered (in 1977) and is the largest of the Centaurs - originally classified as asteroids and now called "minor planets". The Centaurs, like their mythical namesakes who were half-man, half-horse are wild celestial bodies. They come from the opposite side of the Sun and move toward the Sun vertically like comets do. Their orbits are erratic. Chiron, orbiting between Saturn and Uranus, is a bridge between these two great planets - he is a shamanic energy.

Last April, Chiron moved into Aries and gave us a sneak-peak of the next few years, but then stationed retrograde and once again backed into Pisces.

On February 19th, he will once ingress into Aries, this time for the long haul (through 2026). In Aries, Chiron turns away from the emotional, connecting reactions and the victim stories we grew through during his nine years in Pisces and toward the chapter of our personal regeneration.

Aries is the first sign so rules newness.

What does it take to embrace the new? It takes courage.

Chiron in Pisces has been about feeling and then surrendering the wound. Pisces is gentle energy. Water wears away rough edges over time.

With Chiron in Aries changes will be faster. Rough edges will be smoothed efficiently on a chopping block. We will have to get right back up when we fall down. We will see what we need to do and then we will need to do it. 

There will be less time for reflection and there won't be any time for wallowing. 

This will be about taking action.

Individual action. The kind of action that isn't always supported by other people. The kind of action we take for ourselves. This energetic is intensely impactful for the collective, too, although it could feel like we are all alone in whatever we do with this.

Our natal Aries house(s) theme(s) will be our personal field of healing.

Every situation, person, place and thing that comes through this space- if honestly met - will carry the opportunity to simultaneously gift and wound us here.

I believe, as spiritual beings, we came here with a game plan - a blueprint, a set of guidelines for our life arranged in a language of patterns and archetypes. Some of our blueprints are very specific. Most, are specific in some areas and more general in others.

Our natal astrology chart is a complicated set of specifications designed to build up an individual and run him/her. Like we would build a car or 3D print a Christmas ornament, except our "blueprints" are a map of our consciousness. 

Unlike a machine, we always have the choice to become more conscious - more than our blueprints (we have free will) but without our blueprints we can't gain entrance here to life on planet Earth. They anchor us in time and space.

It may seem impossible to believe, that you, that I, that all of us, came into being with a plan/possibility for Chiron (discovered in 1977, so not even knowable when many of us were born) to move into the Aries room in our "blueprint" - the space we have always had to fight, always had to walk through that door alone, always had to initiate, be brave, be motivated - in order to get anything done, in order to be accepted - probably for lifetimes - that Chironic energy (wounded healer) was going to come into this space at this exact time in order to heal the wounds we are holding/hiding here. And all the actions we have taken up until now have prepared us for this.

There is a reason the symbol for Chiron looks like a key. Chiron acts like a portal between Saturn's reality and Uranus's awakening energies. And much about this new energy isn't understood yet.

(note the "key" is really a grouping of the letters O and K - originally called Object Kowal after discoverer Charles Kowal who then synchronistically named his find Chiron)

There are as many ways Aries in Chiron can play out as there are people on this planet.

A word salad could stretch our brain here, so let's try a few:

Healing the wounded (Chiron) masculine (Aries), healing (Chiron) from violence/war (Aries), physical (Aries) disabilities (Chiron), going (Aries) until we drop (Chiron), healing through men, male bonding, healing through self-defense, healing through self-assertion, healing through conflict, healing through courage, healing by going it alone, healing through our instincts or painful instincts, healing by pushing past a vulnerability, healing through expressing/acknowledging unexpressed anger or resentment, healing by resolving competition issues, healing through fighting/through passion, yada yada. You get the idea.

Remember our Aries house has always been the space we have had to fight/work alone/compete/push for what we want if we are going to have it.

Chiron is going to help us lighten this load.

And like the medic resetting a shoulder that has come out of its socket, here is the part where I say, "this is probably going to hurt."

Issues around self-doubt and self-worthiness will surface.

Chiron in Aries will form a natural opposition to Libra (and this is part of the Aries/Libra polarity dance) - this would be a time when the other people in our lives, and the people we meet, who have the energetic frequencies that can easily re-wound us (trigger our early wounding/past life wounds/familial karma), will do just that. 

It can be painful, but this is the path to SELF- LOVE. 

And yes, it will be strewn with roses and thorns.

Chironic healing doesn't mean the wounded space just disappears. Like a scar left after a deep cut, there is something about the wound we have to learn to live with. The healing comes through acceptance which shifts our energy and we become like a BEACON attracting others with similar wounds (the way a recovering alcoholic can help an alcoholic in ways no one else can).

As a collective we will learn to express anger, aggression and force in healthy, positive ways. We will be healing our sense of identity - that thing Uranus has been busy dismantling these last few years!

Uranus tilled the ground for this healing with his own eight year journey through Aries which comes to a close next month. The erratic energy exits stage left and the healing energy enters stage right.

The house is Arian - so the healing is flavored by Martian vibes (just as Uranus has been influenced by Mars these past few years). Whatever house Aries rules in our natal chart is ALWAYS going to be a house that favors action - this healing won't be any exception.

During 2019, Chiron will move from 0 degrees Aries to 5 degrees Aries by July 8th when he will station retrograde. He will get back to 1 degree Aries and then station direct on December 12th. Then we get to re-do the 1-5 degrees of Aries again for the third time (older and wiser). And this is kind of how it will go with the next few degrees every year until Chiron finishes up in Aries. In 2019, people with planets and points between 0 and 5 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn - will feel Chiron's energy strongest. Aries planets will get the conjunction, Libra the opposition and Cancer/Capricorn the squares. If you don't have any personal planets/points here, you might not feel personally impacted by Chiron's transit this year, but everyone will be impacted on a collective level.

The way things start is very important and the chart for February 19, 2019 reflects the importance of this transit - Chiron moves onto the hyper-sensitive world axis point of 0 degrees Aries. The Sun will be at 0 degrees Pisces and the Moon at 0 degrees Virgo, so this is happening on the Virgo Full Moon. Uranus will still be conjunct Mars (their exact conjunction is February 13th - a very powerful and combustible meeting). The Nodes will be squaring Uranus (this has been in play for a few months).

For the next few years as transitting planets interact with Chiron we will be dealing with certain collective (and personal) events. So, for example during Aries season, the Sun will meet Chiron and likely Mercury will meet Chiron and during Libra season, the Sun will oppose Chiron and likely Mercury will oppose Chiron. There will be squares during Cancer and Capricorn season. And times Chiron squares the Nodes. You get the idea. And with Chiron in Aries and answering to Mars we need to keep an eye on what Mars is doing. For example in May, Mars will be in Cancer and squaring Chiron. In early October 2020 - just a few weeks before the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is exact and with multiple planets in Capricorn - Mars will be in Libra opposing Chiron. In March 2020, Mars will be in Capricorn squaring Chiron.

This is the greatest opportunity we have had in 50 years to heal self-worth issues from our childhoods, from our ancestors and from our past lives.

We all have Chiron somewhere in our natal charts.

This is the Achille's heel/early wounding we try to avoid by building walls, staying busy, running away, hitting them before they can hit us, etc. With Chiron's move into Aries, two things happen to our individual charts. 1. Our Aries house gets the opportunity to heal via a visit from the wounded healer Chiron and 2. Chiron starts answering to Mars (Aries ruler) becoming more Martian - this is where the healing through action, through initiative, through courage part comes in.

By the time Chiron takes his leave for Taurus (2026) we are going to have a greater acceptance of ourselves (SELF-LOVE) and an understanding of how our uniquely individual energy is important for healing both our individual life and the entire collective.

Yes, we are that important. Every one of us.

No one is you and THAT is your super-power.

We'll talk more about this as we move through it. I will link to this (as well as other longer-term posts) on the front page of the site, for easier tracking and I'll add a "by house" section which gets more specific when I do that and post a heads-up. Note - some of this post is new and some is from an earlier post from last spring when Chiron ingressed into Aries before his retrograde.

xo all

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