Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of February 10th - shocking change, volatility, take a chance NOT a risk, break-ups, breakdowns, break-throughs, liberation, then stuff starts to stabilize and slow down


The following are some of this week's big aspects:

SUNDAY - Mercury into Pisces, Moon/Mars/Uranus with Mars trine Galactic Center
WEDNESDAY - Mars conjunct Uranus (near Eris, 29 degrees Aries)
THURSDAY - Mars into Taurus
SUNDAY - Venus sextiles Neptune
MONDAY - Venus conjuncts Saturn (16 degrees Capricorn)

Mars - action, initiative, passion, anger - is uber active this week, still hanging out with angry sister Eris and set to meet anything-can-happen Uranus.

Expect sudden changes, shocking news, impulsive action, threats and counter threats - it's drama on the high seas folks, Captain Jack Sparrow time - aargh!

People with planets and points at the end of the cardinal signs - Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn - will be feeling this chaotic energy strongest. 

On SUNDAY, our Aries Moon is sandwiched between Mars and Uranus - this could activate Wednesday's volatile changes for some people. People are itchy and restless. Drive safely. No dark alleys. You know the drill.

The Moon goes void at 6:48PM EST dialing up the wonky, but then enters stabilizing Taurus (where the Moon is exalted) at 8:28PM EST which will calm the day down. She will sextile Mercury, freshly bedded in Pisces, making tonight a good time for Pisces progress via art, imagination, meditation, compassion, healing. Netflix marathon - ok, drinking yourself into oblivion - not such a great idea.

Mercury ingresses into imaginative and sometimes delusional Pisces where, due to her/his upcoming retrograde she will hang her hat until April 17th!

A retrograde Mercury in Pisces will be confusing at the very least.

We talked about this next part last week, but I'm tossing it in here again in case you missed it.

"Mercury rules our thinking, our communication, our ideas. He/she is considered in her fall/detriment in Pisces (because she rules Pisces polarity sign of Virgo). Virgo's Mercury likes things clear and concise - she wants B to follow A and is sure things would move more efficiently if everyone would just dot their i's and cross their t's.

Pisces (ruled by Neptune and ruler of our collective 12th house) is the space where rules/boundaries are more fluid. B might follow A. But just as easily A could drift right on past B.

It is the space of imagination, universal love, our dreams, spirituality, our connection to each other through the ethereal realms and our emotions, the ways we escape, the things we do last, the things we put away, addictions, delusions, hospitals, prisons, addicts, victims, saviors, martyrs.

You can see how fast-moving Mercury would be quite out-of-whack here.

So maybe our thinking slows down a bit. Our words drift off course. We started to say this and now we are saying that. The words that were so clear and crisp in airy Aquarius, don't come as easily because maybe we start feeling their impact on the other person now. Or maybe we start feeling like one of those old anti-drug commercials but instead of eggs - it is our brain frying on the sidewalk."

Whatever we have going on over the next few weeks keep in mind the story will be back and forth and all over the place!

Mercury in Pisces can be wonderful energy for artists, poets, musicians, meditation, spirituality, healing. With Mercury (ruler of Gemini) in this universal space our words can cast even more powerful S-P-E-L-L-S - keep this in mind, especially while Mercury is retrograde and things can back-fire!

The next few weeks might be the time to let our mental defenses down and just feel it. Or to guard against this very thing - depending on the situation!

On WEDNESDAY, and this is in play all week, but exact on Wednesday, we have Mars meeting Uranus in Aries.

These two meet every couple years and kick off a new chapter together. Happening at the powerful 29th degree, with Mars set to enter Taurus (blazing a trail for Uranus) the NEXT day (which should help things cool down a bit hopefully), with Eris nearby and opposing Pallas - this has a bit of a powder keg feel to it.

Sudden change. Unexpected (and liberating) news and action. 


With Pallas in Libra, ruling our partnerships/relationships - if this is a break-up there probably won't be any "we can still be friends", with this one. Compromise/cooperation = nope.

This is empowering energy to take a chance, especially with something LIBERATING/different/forward leaning - just not too big a risk, OK?

Breakthroughs are as possible as break-downs and break-ups. Take a different action. Try something else.

The next day, THURSDAY, Mars moves into Taurus.  

This will help stabilize the Mars/Uranus dis-order as we focus on our resources/values.

Keep in mind Mars is clearing the brush for Uranus, set to move back into Taurus next month. So whatever we have going on now (and while Mars is in Taurus) is going to connect to Uranus's long, upcoming transit - maybe not in specifics, but within a more general theme.

Take whatever is happening now seriously.

You want to stabilize whatever this is as much as possible with Mars (action, initiative, courage, passion) in Taurus, before Uranus gets in there! Taurus is that comfortable space in our chart we rely on to ALWAYS BE THE SAME - Uranus - think "bull in a china shop" here - is disruptive. Something is very likely to get broken. Better we deal with what we can for the next month, so we have somewhat of a handle on it before Uranus (no handle on this guy) gets in there for seven years!

With Mercury in Pisces and now Mars in Taurus - life will begin to slow down. Our actions will become more deliberate.

Mars in Taurus steadies our actions and requires we practice patience.

With Taurus it isn't so much about doing anything new (although yes, the Moon is waxing!)  - this is about building on and taking action with "what we already have".

Things won't move quickly, but the things we take action on now will be longer-lasting. 

Success comes to the turtle and not the hare. Whatever we are doing, we need to be prepared to keep on doing it. It may take some time. With Taurus this will be about our security and stability. Also the theme of your natal Taurus house!

People will have a tendency to be more stubborn and unmovable now - we will all be digging in our heels and refusing to change course (hence the slow down). Mercury's upcoming retrograde indicates some course corrections though. Remember the KISS acronym - keep it simple sista'.

That crazy, complicated thingamajig we were thinking about doing - nix it for now. That thing that looks just too basic to work - yeah do that thing. This is excellent energy to get out in nature and get our hands dirty, too

Mars will be in Taurus until March 31st.

On SUNDAY the 17th - and I am jumping ahead a bit because this all starts to get within orb on Sunday, the 10th, Venus sextiles (opportunity) Neptune and then the next day, MONDAY, conjuncts Saturn. This is going to re-activate the Neptune/Saturn sextile we are moving in and out of this year. See Thursday in THIS POST.

This is working for the dream, dissolving limits, a sacrifice that stabilizes a situation - maybe we have to give up what we want for what someone else needs or some kind of delay/denial/responsibility coming before the opportunity.

Venus steps into this story-line and when she conjuncts Saturn a new chapter starts with Venus/Saturn.

Venus (love, money, relationships, beauty, our values, our resources, women ) reaches a LIMIT. This transit can be hard on our relationships and our wallets. Karmic lessons/tests here with love and money. Some relationships will end. Others will reach a solid commitment.

(between this and the Mars/Uranus what a week for Valentine's Day?!)

Relationships that kick off with Venus/Saturn are often either business focused or May/December. Take love/money/resources seriously now. Start a budget. Venus/Saturn can be lonely - because with Saturn here we just can't feel the love!

We will talk about this during the week, but I wanted to toss it into this week's since it is a very different energy than the Mars/Uranus and some people may have this transit more in play than the explosive one.

I will pop back in and add the Moons tomorrow, out of time this afternoon!

xo all

On the day Saturn exactly conjuncted my natal Venus a year or so ago I had to renew my driver's license. I told this story back then, and thought maybe with this week's collective Venus/Saturn conjunction it might be a good time to dig it back out, so here goes -

I could have renewed by mail - this option is given out randomly in NJ and for years I complained that I was never selected and had to truck my butt down there to the Motor Vehicle Commission and get in line. This year I finally had the "just-mail-it-in" option, but had procrastinated the whole thing until the very last minute and had to truck my butt down there anyway.

It was pouring outside. I put on some waterproof eye make-up, spent extra time doing my hair, a crazy amount of time picking out just the right scarf, etc - I brought a mirror and an umbrella. You get the idea. Serious (Saturn) attention to appearance (Venus).

The rain and winds stopped just in time. The lines inside were very short. Everything was going my way. I get to the clerk's window and she says "remove the scarf", then "step back to the line and do not smile". Yes, New Jersey has a 'do not smile in driver's license' thing (somehow this is not hard for us here in N.J.). And, we also have a new 'your face fills the entire box' thing, so the license barely shows your hair, etc. WTH!

I remove my carefully selected scarf, relax my face and try to smile with my eyes. "Have a seat" she says, waving her hand toward the waiting area.

I leave 20 minutes later with what is surely the worst photo I have ever taken in my life.

Certainly the oldest looking photo.

It look me about 30 seconds to think about old man Saturn sitting on my precious Venus (!) - appearance (Venus) on official document (Saturn), bringing age (Saturn) to beauty (Venus). I tried to think about a fine wine and about the myriad experiences that I wouldn't change for a second that had produced these lines/spots on my face, but all I could see was this ghastly photo staring at me from my wallet.

This wasn't even my mother's photo.

I had skipped an entire generation and become my grandmother.

Hubs said, "not a bad photo - you just look serious and it's only for three years." Which depressed me even further - is this how I actually look and what the hell am I going to look like in three years?! - and why was he giving me even more sober Saturn! Ugh.

My Venus in Sagittarius doesn't want to hear this crap. I decided to purchase a new wallet that night - something Venusian to house my old man scowl.

Of course Venus/Saturn could have brought something else entirely. Something much more challenging. I tell myself it was actually pretty clever of me to give the energy this space to work itself out. Plus I have a new wallet.

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