Full Moon in Virgo | February 19, 2019 - the Moon for butchers and bakers and candlestick makers, an ending and a beginning rolled into one, keeping our eyes on the prize and our thinking flexible

On Tuesday morning at 10:53AM EST, the Sun (at 0 degrees Pisces) opposes the Moon (at 0 degrees Virgo) giving us our annual Full Moon in Virgo. This is the second month in a row we have had a 0 degree Full Moon bringing us a culmination point/ending and a beginning at the same time!

This Full Moon is going to spotlight work issues, quality issues, health issues and issues/situations involving our daily activities - the nuts and bolts of life, cleaning stuff up - it's excellent energy for working with all of them. 

Be mindful of what is coming to fruition now (this Moon is the culmination of September's New Moon) and also what we are keeping in motion regarding our work and health that it is time to release or withdraw our energies and attention from. 

Full Moons tend to show us what we are holding onto. Don't be fooled (Mercury conjunct Neptune) into wasting energy propping anything up that isn't working. 

Full Moons bring us to peak energy - things reach a culmination or a conclusion. Under the Moon's full power - things come to light, meaning to our attention or into the open. Usually a Full Moon in grounded, reality-based Virgo provides the facts. The fog lifts. The results are visible. Sanity prevails.

This year's energy is a bit trickier because we have Virgo's ruler Mercury conjunct Neptune (which brings the fog!) in Pisces - where Neptune is strong and Mercury is weak. The plot then thickens as BOTH Mercury and Neptune are sextiling sober and most decidedly un-foggy Saturn - strong in his home sign of Capricorn. And the Moon trines (brakes off) Mars plodding his way through Taurus and Uranus finishing up in Aries. The Moon inconjuncts Chiron, freshly minted in Aries, and at the powerful Aries Point, squares Juno (in Gemini) and sextiles Pallas (in Libra).

The Moon is conjunct fixed star Regulus (all of us were born with Regulus at 29 degrees Leo, but in 2011 he moved to 0 degrees Virgo - this is the star we talked about in the Trump posts, since it is conjunct his ascendant and it was most prominent during the Great American Eclipse of August 2017, that literally - and I mean literally - cut the country in half).

This powerful star is connected to "king-making" ie great and swift success, but just as swift a downfall if "revenge" is taken.

The star's move from Leo (the king) to Virgo (the servant) is another sign of the shifting "success potential" from the few to the many; of a shift away from hierarchical birthrights. Think about the way the internet has made "regular" people rich and famous and evened the playing field for many.

And, we have the Full Moon's ruler Mercury hitting the first degree he/she will re-walk during her upcoming retrograde today! So, we are going to be back here again at the end of March and even though mid-April.

Whatever story we have playing out is going to include some delays and revisions. We won't be going straight from point A to point B, passing GO and collecting $200.00.

What we learn now won't be the total story. The conversation will continue. Facts will need to be double-checked. Minds will change. In fitting with both Virgo and the Moon's 0 degree status - we are going to have to work/move through the process.

The opportunity (sextile) comes through sober Saturn, so keep your feet on the ground and your eyes on the prize - the long term goal here.

Know with Neptune/Saturn we either have the dissolving of a boundary/limit or the need for a sacrifice/release/ending to get to something more stable and lasting.

Let's say we want better health (and Virgo rules our health) - it will come through what we give up. Maybe we give up sugar or cigarettes or thirty minutes sleep a night to get up earlier and exercise. The sacrifice is necessary to get to the goal. And this may seem obvious with our health, but keep in mind success won't come through adding something (like a handful of vitamins) but through what we are releasing (like an addiction).

This is the way to think about how to reach goals and stabilize situations now - what do I need to give up to get it?

Or working the flipside of Neptune/Saturn (and even though this is only one aspect of this Full Moon, since it is a repeating aspect this year it packs more of a punch) - a limit/boundary is dissolved that creates greater stability/success. With the conjunction to Mercury - this would be a good time for a change in our thinking. Again it will be about what we release. Maybe a powerful thought about what isn't possible for us, that king-maker Regulus in Virgo reminds us is no longer "true". And maybe that thought that something isn't possible for us, that belief that is keeping us stuck, but used to keep us safe (an excuse to not venture too far from what is familiar) can be dissolved this year/this Full Moon/maybe right this instant.

Courage is required. We will have to give up one thing to get something else. We don't know what we don't know. Other people are needed. There is going to be a back and forth, two steps forward, one step back with whatever is going on. We will work the process. Things could get confusing.

Something could feel hard to hold onto. Lots of things could feel like they are slipping through our fingers. Maybe completions will still feel incomplete and unsatisfying somehow. Maybe we feel better - the symptoms clear up, but since we aren't sure what really happened or if it is going to happen again we still feel a certain unease with our health. We will have to see how this goes and work the process - do the daily stuff that keeps everything moving - with Neptune/Pisces there are always more questions than answers!

Keep in mind we are playing the long game. And this is the year we get lucky. Also that all the aspects we talked about in the weekly (other than the daily moons) are in play at this Full Moon.

xo all

don't forget to get out and walk in it and also to make some kind of symbolic release - a bag of clothes to Goodwill, a box of books to the library - free up some space for the good stuff to find you!

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