A Quick Sky Map | the Astrology of March 2019 | we don't know if we are coming or going because we are both coming AND going, the ground shifts, surrendering to a new way of communicating, mining spiritual gold, relationship issues, practical action, building the dream, releasing limits, releasing control, tuning into a new frequency, wait for it ...


I don't usually post a monthly, but I want to free up some time this month to do some big-picture Age of Aquarius posts and finish up that Trump series. This will be here in case I get behind with a weekly! It's rough, and much is excluded, but I think it covers the gist of things (along with the links).

The first week of March is a time of change. Courses shift. There could be sudden unexpected events and slowdowns. BUT, and this is a BIG BUT (not that kind of big butt, stay with me people!), there is real-deal manifestation energy here, too. Mega.

MARCH 1st through 6th : Venus moves into Aquarius (trining Chiron), coming off a disruptive square to Uranus. I write about that HERE. Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces. I write about that HERE. Uranus (after eight years) exits Aries for Taurus. I will write about that HERE and then we have the Sun and Moon meeting (on Neptune!) for the Pisces New Moon. I will write about it HERE. Most of this is happening on the 5th and 6th!

(a couple of the "HERES" are not up yet, but will pop to the top of the blog as posted and then I will fill in the links)

MARCH 10th through 15th : Mars - our action, initiative, passion and anger (plodding his way through the rich soil of Taurus which Uranus is now busy shaking up - hopefully Uranus is going to help Mars in the same way a rototiller helps the gardener - maybe not as much fun for the worm though) is going to sextile Neptune - bringing movement to this year's Neptune/Saturn dream building/limit releasing story. There is opportunity here - with earth/water it will probably not fall right into our lap, we are going to need to work/reach for it. Which is OK because soon after, Mars moves into trine (brakes off) with "the work" Saturn. The pilings are going in. Keep in mind Mars is in his detriment in (Venus-ruled) Taurus and can get pretty freakin' lazy, maybe wander off to smell the roses or take another bath, and these aspects are subtle. We can miss them. So let's not. The Moon is growing. We need to take some practical action here. Now, Mercury is retrograde, so we are still doing more listening than talking, we are still looking backward and within, we are doing the "re's" - but life isn't stopped, something is being built, too. We get the first Quarter Moon - a waxing square - between the Pisces Sun (answering to Neptune, strong in Pisces) and the Gemini Moon (not so strong and answering to a retrograde Mercury). This is tension/stress around whatever was kicked off at the New Moon the week before. There could be alot of questions now. Confusion. Revisions. Maybe we won't know what to do with something or most likely we don't know what to think. We could be running around like headless chickens if we get too out of touch with this month's more mystical energies. Slow down the pace. Sit with it. Meditate. Pray. Hydrate. Quiet your mind. Our intuition will be high (with some caveats). We are moving on faith, people.

MARCH 20th through 22nd : The Sun moves into Aries giving us the Spring Equinox and kicking off the astrological Solar Year. The Sun will conjunct hurting/healing Chiron, so something may not feel so good, but the Sun will also be trining deep, transformative Pluto. Change is healing and won't be stopped now. The Libra Moon moves into a fast opposition with the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon (a zero degree Full Moon, so another lunar ending and beginning rolled into one!). Full Moons bring things to light, to a culmination or to a conclusion. This is the Aries/Libra polarity. Too much Aries and we get selfishness, anger, foolish impulsivity, lots of fast starts and then nothing gets finished. Too much Libra and we get boundary issues, indecisive waffling, avoidance of conflict and co-dependency. Relationship imbalances will show up now. We need to really take a look at the disagreements/situations we are having with others - what are we projecting onto other people that we need to take ownership of? Full moons are about release - how can we let go of what isn't working? Diplomacy, cooperation and balance will be needed as well as action, courage and staying aware/taking care of our own self-interests. The Full Moon includes an auspicious kite formation - we'll talk about this as we move closer and I have more time to think about the energies as we approach it. We have another Libra Full Moon next month, so we will sort of get another crack at this - of course some of the other players will have moved on.

Then - EVERYTHING SHIFTS FORWARD .... (Mercury won't be covering totally new ground until mid-April)

MARCH 26th through 31st - Venus moves into Pisces where she is exalted. She can work her magic here. This is the spiritual/creative gold we have been mining by turning within this month, noticing synchronicities and affirming very deep and very old soul connections. Keep in mind, the lines between us and other people, between acceptance and avoidance, between our money and their money, between love and "what the hell was I thinking" - will blur now. The opportunities for financial gains (and losses) increase. Resistance dissolves. We could find those unusual Aquarian attractions from the last couple weeks drifting out to sea. Then we get the last quarter Moon as the serious and rule-abiding Capricorn Moon squares the impulsive and independent Aries Sun and at the same time Mercury, finished with his/her revisions and tired of swimming backwards, stations direct conjunct Pisces ruler Neptune - exactly where he/she stationed retrograde on March 6th and where we had the New Moon this month and there is a connection to around February 20th. Here is the reality of the situation. The month ends with Mars move into Gemini (answering to a newly direct Mercury, although he/she is still covering old ground).

What has changed? What have we learned? How can we put it to use?

The change in momentum will be very noticeable in April. Life speeds up.

So, that is a mini rundown for March. Dates will fluctuate a bit for your personal stuff as the aspects build and unwind. Keep in mind the big events are in the links (!), especially Mercury Retrograde in Pisces (with all those Neptune contacts, the last of which is April 2nd) and, of course, Uranus into Taurus, which sets up the outer planetary line-up for the next few years - Uranus in Taurus, Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces.

The final tumbler clicks into place ....

xo all

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