Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 4th - the week when everything happened at once

This week's major aspects (and they are all SO major, they have their own posts) are:

TUESDAY - Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces (29 degrees) - that post is HERE
WEDNESDAY - New Moon in Pisces (15 degrees) - that post is HERE
WEDNESDAY - Uranus into Taurus - that post is HERE

We are in uncharted territory now!

By the end of this week, all the outer planets will have moved into their positions for the big game (or the pre-show, depending on how we look at this). The transpersonal planets (bridge between outer and inner) are both strong in their home signs - Saturn in Capricorn and Jupiter in Sagittarius.

On TUESDAY,  Mercury will station retrograde at 29 degrees Pisces (the end of the end of the end which we can now see isn't the end after all, go figure).

I wrote a post about that HERE.

It is our time to do the "re's" - re-think, re-vise, re-visit, re-view. You know the drill. In Pisces, this retrograde might include some re-grets and re-morse. Pisces is an emotional water sign - this is just part of the process we need to go through to complete this cycle.

Taking our time with important decisions, hesitating, being unsure of which direction to take, needing to think things through slowly and carefully and taking the time to listen and allow things to fall into place in their own right timing - are par for the course now.

Our thinking could seem more scattered, our memories less sharp, our thoughts might belong to that guy next to us (like why are we craving potato chips when we hate potato chips .. wait, does anybody hate potato chips?), we will need to wash our hands (and vegetables) more thoroughly because it will be easier to connect with everything. We will need more sleep.

Our guard is down, even when our guard is up. Keep this in mind.

We will talk about this more as we move through it.

We have just had Chiron through Pisces for the last few years. This is Mercury doing a quick back and forth cleaning things up. We have earned a breakthrough, let's not squander it on too much wine and Netflix marathons (although both will come in handy at some points during March). If you have a spiritual practice - this is the month it will pay off - and keep in mind, gathering information isn't a spiritual practice! Listening to Hay House radio isn't a spiritual practice.

To have a practice we have to be actually practicing something!

I have had some insane Neptune transits, which I am going to write about this month - some best practices I have found are 1. give Neptune his due - meditation, mindfulness exercises, long quiet walks, hot baths, prayer, knitting, ironing, coloring, drawing, painting, singing, dancing, listening to music, prayer - if you find yourself losing your keys, the word you were just about to say, getting to the store and not remember actually driving to the store - give Neptune his due. THEN 2. do something very hands on, think Virgo here because Virgo is the polarity sign of Neptune's Pisces - clean the floor, do yard work, scour the sink - and yes, I know it scratches these damn stainless steel sinks like the one I have in my kitchen, but I can't help myself,  I love to scour - or maybe I love to scowl's one or the other, maybe both.

Instead of holding space for our dreams as we go through our day to day reality-based life, we are going to have to be holding space for REALITY now.  

Our spiritual practice will keep us sane AND it is going to bring in a higher level of awareness - we will talk about this as we move through it and please read the Mercury Retrograde post! And yes, you can start this practice right now. Create a space for it - an actual physical space and a regular time/energy commitment. 

On WEDNESDAY, we have the New Moon in Pisces. I wrote a long post about that HERE. I like this New Moon. Alot. Our Piscean intentions are getting multiple avenues of support this year! Mercury is going to station direct here at the end of the month

and all this repetition is providing a means for something unconscious to come out in the open.

Also on Wednesday we have Uranus out of Aries and into Taurus for the NEXT SEVEN YEARS (sorry for all the screaming - I blame Uranus) - I wrote about that HERE BY SIGN - this is the biggest aspect of the month/maybe the year.

Changes, likely something that challenges our sense of security, could start off with a BANG.

We have Venus in Aquarius answering to Uranus (and Saturn), and now Uranus in Taurus answering to Venus - both Venus and Uranus will get an EXTRA BOOST by being in mutual reception (an energetic loop) for the next couple weeks.

Aries stabilizes - yay Aries! Taurus gets a shake-up. Aquarius (both of your rulers are now in earth signs) is more grounded - you will still have to deal with the squares though, so will Leo, and Scorpio will have the crazy oppositions. It's all in the Uranus post so don't miss it.

And keep in mind this is a seven year transit - it won't all be happening this week and it won't all be happening for the entire seven years!

The week could be cray-cray for many people though, so lighten your load as best you can. Expect to be more emotional.

Don't rush or over-schedule. Expect some shifts and backtracking, a quiet new beginning that might actually be kind of LOUD. Swift change as something stabilizes and something else starts to rock and roll.

Everything we need is here - and probably a couple things we aren't going to want.

xo all

I have been saying Trump is Uranus since the election (with Uranus on his Sun and North Node natally), so we'll see how Uranus's change of position - from fire to earth - will work for him. Will he stable out a bit? get stuck in the mud? or double down on his scorched Earth maneuverings until he (or we) burn out?

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