Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 11th - optimism, over-confidence, stretched to our limit, a moment of clarity, putting in the effort, making the dream REAL, moving in the right direction, coming home to ourselves


Some major aspects for the week ahead are:

WEDNESDAY - Sun square Jupiter, Sun sextile Pluto
THURSDAY - Sun conjunct Mercury (retrograde) and Mars trine Saturn, Mercury trine North Node
FRIDAY - Mercury (retrograde) square Jupiter
SATURDAY - Mercury sextile Pluto, Sun trine the North Node

Look at all the repeating patterns between the Sun and Mercury - there are REAL opportunities and a REAL need to not go too far over-the-top with anything!

Whatever this Mercury retrograde is for us, we are most certainly in the thick of it now.

On WEDNESDAY, the Sun (in Pisces) will square Jupiter (in Sagittarius)

- and then on Friday, a retrograde Mercury will follow in the Sun's footsteps and square Jupiter, too

(imagine Ginger Rogers following Fred Astaire, but doing it all backwards and in high heels - poor Mercury!).

There is optimism and hope here, but also the potential for something to be exaggerated. Things could seem better (or worse) than they actually are.

There could be CONFIDENCE that is out-of-proportion to the situation. There could be BIG potential here, but we are looking right into the light now and it is blinding us. Maybe we are stretched to our personal limit with something. Maybe we have taken on too much. It will pay to keep in mind that Mercury is retrograde. A situation is being re-worked. Let's think about what we are doing. Let's measure twice and cut once. Let's take our time.

At the same time the Sun is sextiling (opportunity) Pluto giving gravity and depth - maybe even a feeling of life and death - to whatever the Sun is bringing to light. This could be truth, something we have uncovered/researched. Issues of control/power can come to light, too. We are bringing something powerful up from the depths and out of the shadows.

Sextiles bring opportunity, but between earth and water - this isn't something that is going to fall into our laps - this will take effort. Think about the way plants bloom over time as they are irrigated with water. The payoff comes through an established routine. Sun/Pluto is a powerful creative force.

On THURSDAY, Mars is trining (brakes off) stable and sober Saturn (in Capricorn). This is solid efforts that pay off over time. Mars won't be rushed through Taurus and Saturn wants the job done right and the rules followed. Our efforts click things into place. Mars is going to trine Pluto at the Spring Equinox (March 20th, part of a very impactful Kite aspect at that time) on 2020's powerful 22 degrees.

So our action/initiative/passion (how much do you want it?) is laying the groundwork for next week (and the future!) this week.

At the same time the Sun meets a retrograde Mercury - here is CLARITY.

And although Mercury is retrograde - there is some kind of fresh start (that might connect back to January 29th- the last time these two met). At the same time Mercury is trining the North Node in Cancer - information, conversation, thinking - that slides us onto the path we have come here intending to travel. Pay attention to what you hear now. We might be feeling exposed and vulnerable now, but probably this very feeling is part of the process. We are moving toward something REAL. We are coming home to ourselves.

On FRIDAY, Mercury will square Jupiter - we talked about this on Wednesday with the Sun - news can be over-the-top. It will be too easy to over-promise or maybe someone else is promising us roses and chocolate when all they are really carrying are a few dried up poinsettias and that awful white-chocolate that tastes like nothing.

Someone could be doing too much TALKING/preaching. Let's make sure it isn't us.

The details could be glossed over and keep in mind Mercury is in Pisces for pete's sake. Things are not quite as they seem anyway and now she/he is squaring Jupiter. Meditate on it. Pray on it. Let things settle down. Appreciate the optimism/hope, just realize there might be rose-colored glasses involved now.

Mercury is retrograde. He/she (as us) is going to walk through these same aspects again when direct in April. There is no need to rush because we are going to do this all again anyway and next time we get to be Fred and not Ginger and we will be wearing sturdier shoes.

On SATURDAY, Mercury is going to sextile Pluto (just like the Sun did on Wednesday) and the Sun is going to trine the North Node (just like Mercury did on Thursday). Are you confused yet? I hope not, because I am going to need you to explain this to me or I am going to need another cup of coffee. And it's too late for coffee. With the Sun trining the North Node pay attention to what comes to your attention now/who you meet, etc - your future is calling - if someone invites you to go somewhere, this would be the time to GO.

One thing is certain - much energy is focused on our Pisces houses and our collective Pisces themes - our past, our ancestors, what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing. 

Maybe something we have been avoiding looking at will come into focus. Our self-sabotaging tendencies might be right in our face. Cords are being cut all over the place folks.

Keep in mind, with Mercury retrograde stuff is still in flux. If you can't put a "re" in front of what you are doing (revise, repair, renovate, release, revision) - it might not be the best time to be doing it!

Also keep in mind the IMPORTANT Mars/Saturn trine, because this energy pulls this week into our 2019 "building the dream/releasing one thing to get something else", we have been talking about - this is in play all week and taking us into the Libra Full Moon and the Spring Equinox.  

Mars in Taurus can get kind of lazy and we need to take some practical action this week.

And read MARCH 10TH-15TH in the monthly post HERE.

I think I was a little more clear headed then!

xo all

We will flesh the week out daily with the Moons - this will all start to make more sense! And I will have a post this week about my own previous heavy Neptune transits that might be helpful this month.

photo by Sea-of-ice (worth living for)

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