New Moon in Pisces | March 6th, 2019 - a vision of what we hold sacred, concrete support for the dream, divine inspiration, letting go of attachments, releasing expectations, the present of staying present, resistance is futile, watering our own roots

On Wednesday at 11AM EST, we have the Pisces Moon meeting the Pisces Sun at 15 degrees.

This is a HUGE week because we also have Mercury stationing retrograde and Uranus ingressing into Taurus all within a few hours!

We have important (and tricky!) transits playing out this month, that will have an impact for a long time to come. How we use a transit - positively or negatively - will reverberate to other areas of our chart (and life) - CHANGING the experience of subsequent transits. With Pisces especially, this can all work backwards, too. Changes we experience now impact our past, past lives and previous generations. Can we water our own roots? Oh yes, we can!

What house does mid-degree Pisces reside in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

Let's unpack the New Moon chart.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces now, so this New Moon beginning might have a connection to something from the past.

The Sun and Moon are conjunct Neptune and Vesta and sextiling Saturn (activating this year's Saturn/Neptune sextile!).

Vesta is our devotional energy. She is considered (by astronomers) a dwarf planet, like Pluto - ack! We associate Vesta with the Vestal Virgins of ancient Rome. Charged from childhood (age 7-10) with keeping the sacred hearth of the temple burning, the Vestal Virgins were supposedly also required to remain chaste for their 30 year careers.

In recognition of their unending devotion to the flame (working round the clock if needed) that kept their civilization alive, and I assume their devotion to their own purity, they were given the unique freedom of being "un-owned" by men.

Vesta gives us a certain reverence and attachment to what we hold sacred. She is capable of sustaining incredible focus. Because she has no earthly attachments, her duty is to a higher authority.

What stays safe and protected is what she pays attention to.

At this New Moon she sits next to Neptune - the planet of our dreams and inspiration, but whose unbounded energy has been known to lack focus and drift off course.

Vesta will provide the focus as opposed to the usual Neptunian scatter. And at the same time Neptune (as us) will provide Vesta (as us) with something inspirational to focus on!

Neptune/Pisces rules our collective 12th house where there is no separation between us and everything else. There is no time. There is no space. This is where we find God/spirit/the Universe.

The positive expressions of Piscean energy include - connection, imagination, music, art, empathy, compassion, healing, spirituality, transcendence of the physical world. The negative expressions of any energy are really the positive expressions taken to an extreme. So imagination becomes delusion/lies, empathy become martyrdom, transcendence (lack of physical connection) becomes addiction, escapism, mental illness. Pisces is the last house - it rules endings and the things we do last. Because the 12th house is behind the 1st house (our physical self) - it rules what is behind us, what is done behind our back, what we have put away, our past, the things we have forgotten, memory, our ancestors, sleep, charities, prisons, hospitals, illness.

We operate through both positive and negative expressions of every placement in our charts, but each placement and aspect was designed for a specific purpose. It is perfect for that purpose and nothing else will do. It also has less desirable side effects. Sometimes we get so caught up in the side effects, which we usually label as problems, we can't see the good stuff which comes most naturally to us!

The New Moon's sextile to sober and serious Saturn (in Capricorn) again speaks of universal assistance with stabilizing/grounding Neptune's energy - something solid is being built now. Something lasting. The energy with which we start something - and in Pisces we might not even know we are starting something (!) - impacts the process and the outcome.

Pisces is our mutable water sign - stuff is intended to flow. Nothing is really stable in Pisces. A Pisces New Moon can carry us into lala-land, but not this one!

Now we might feel like we are in lala-land because Mercury is going to be retrograding in Pisces until the end of the month, but this is actually part of the process of this year's productive and bountiful Saturn/Neptune sextile.

We won't know whether we are coming or going because we are coming AND going!

Instead of holding space for our dreams as we go through our day to day reality-based life, we are going to have to be holding space for REALITY now.

The New Moon's Neptune/Saturn contact will stimulate our favorite repeating transit this year - Saturn sextile Neptune - (exact on January 3rd with both planets direct, on June 18th with Saturn retrograde and on November 8th with Neptune retrograde). Our dreams (Neptune) can be supported/grounded (sextile) in reality (Saturn). Limits can be eroded. Keep in mind Saturn stuff builds over time and Neptune erodes over time - so patience may be required here. And keep in mind Saturn/Neptune aspects often involve a sacrifice/release - we have to willingly give up this, to get that.

Because we have Uranus moving into Taurus on the same day - he will play a role here, too.

This might indicate situations from when Uranus originally moved into Taurus last May are reinvigorated at this New Moon and also that whatever starts from this New Moon could last throughout Uranus's journey through Taurus or longer, so at least until 2026!

It likely indicates change will be sudden and could feel chaotic/ungrounding.

Whichever way the wind is blowing for us, this is an important New Moon.

We are going to set our New Moon intentions (please write them this month), but it is obvious stuff here is not going to be within our control. Uranus is unpredictable and growth often comes through disruption and in Taurus he will be disrupting some pretty important stuff! Neptune/Pisces rules the ethereal realms/spirit - there is no way we are controlling that! This is stuff that has been set in motion within us anyway, the dice have been tossed - the universe/life/God is better at getting everything to fall into place than we are!

With Mercury stationing retrograde in Pisces, just hours before, we are going to have to go with the flow here.

We are going to have to have faith.

And when stuff looks like it is slip-sliding away, and it might be, we are going to have to resist the urge to cling to it for dear life. We know something better, more authentically in line with WHO WE ARE NOW AND WHO WE ARE NEEDED TO BE - is coming.

We are going to have to remain devoted (Vesta) and give our highest intention our attention. What is your highest intention with what you are seeking? For example if you want to move, but what you really want is the new friends that you think will come with the move. Keep your focus on the new friends.

There will be work required - sweat equity, time, patience, responsibility (Saturn).

There will probably be a sacrifice/release/letting go (Neptune). And we might have to let go of exactly what we thought something was going to look like - our expectation - in order to reach what actually BELONGS TO US.

But something very important is being birthed in the dark now. It is real. It is already in play and it is being built to last.


This moon is 15 degrees Pisces, affecting those born with planets at about 13-17 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most strongly, but everyone is impacted.

This is an excellent time for energetic support to make changes with things ruled by Pisces (and your Pisces natal house theme!) including our imagination, compassion, releasing victim-hood, spiritual healing, sensitivity, trust, addictions, our lymphatic system, colds, our feet, toxicity.

Some affirmations that I have used in previous years for a Pisces New Moon include:

1. I easily relax my mind and body deeply at night for a minimum of seven hours of restful sleep.
2. All debilitating sensitivity is easily lifted from me.
3. I trust that everything that occurs in my life is working for my higher good.
4. I easily attract, recognize and begin attending the right yoga class for me.
5. I easily release the habit of procrastination.

(notice I always like to toss in the word "easily"!)

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - meaning both happy and certain - a quiet, clean space where you can be alone - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - for a watery New Moon I will write my affirmations on strips of paper and burn them, releasing the ashes into moving water - then let's release our attention from these things knowing that our intention is known.

Know these things are already yours.

xo all

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