Full Moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox | March 20, 2019 - moving our relationships into the future, stand-offs, taking a good hard look in the mirror, balance is the new black, shifting values, kicking off a New Solar Year when we have both time and luck on our side

On Wednesday, March 20th, just hours after the Sun moves into Aries bringing the Spring Equinox and kicking off a New Solar Year - the Libra Moon meets the Aries Sun at 0 degrees bringing the rare FIRST OF TWO Full Moons in relationship-focused Libra this year.

Full Moons bring things to light, to a peak/culmination and to an END.

But with the powerful Spring Equinox happening on the same day and with the Moon at the very beginning degree of the sign (this is the 3rd Super Moon we've had in a row) there is also a BIG NEW BEGINNING now as we shift toward something that brings greater BALANCE/peace/justice/cooperation into our lives - this will play out over the next couple weeks (Full Moon) AND continue to play out over the next year as we live out the Solar New Year chart (transiting planets/points interacting with the Spring Equinox chart).

With unpredictable Uranus triggering life/death Pluto and the North Node of Fate as a retrograde Mercury conjuncts Neptune square Jupiter. And Mars opposes Venus. PLUS the Full Moon/Vernal Equinox energy. There is volatility here and we can see this playing out in the world and in our own lives.

Let's unpack the Full Moon.

The Sun and Moon are opposing each other from the "me vs we" signs of Aries and Libra. Challenges within our relationships are possible now.

The Sun and Moon are inconjunct "fast-change" Uranus in our Taurus house. So change comes from that area of our chart - collectively we are talking about Taurus themes - money, values, resources, self-esteem AND the change plays out through our Libra house - collectively through relationships/partnerships/agreements. Whatever this is for us it will require we make an adjustment.

Chiron - at 1 degree Aries - is conjunct the Sun and opposing the Full Moon. Maybe whatever is 'coming to light' or to a culmination/conclusion now is somehow painful. It could be a weakness/vulnerability is exposed in the Full Moon's bright light. Maybe whatever "me vs we" dynamic we have playing out now leaves us standing/feeling alone. Any distance between us and a partner/partnership could be more keenly felt now. Imbalances will tend to topple over. With Chiron in warrior Aries we are going to need to be brave. With Chiron in Aries there are time we will have to stand on our two feet over the next few years. For some people this will be one of those times. A contact to Chiron is another opportunity to work through wounds that are very old and very deep!

Mars (in Taurus) is trining Pluto and Saturn (in Capricorn). Practical action moves things forward now. This is stabilizing and adds strength and permanence. Change is supportive - even if it doesn't feel like that in the moment. Mars is sextiling (opportunity) the North Node of Fate. We can get there from here. Life can use whatever action we take to get us where we are needed. Actions taken at the time of this Full Moon receive celestial assistance. Keep in mind the long game we are playing now. This action doesn't have to be some big bold thing.

Venus (love, beauty, our resources, values, partnerships) is squaring Mars and these planets rule the Full Moon (Venus/Libra, Mars/Aries), so this square speaks of tension/frustration - conflict between our masculine and feminine energies that could play out within ourselves (what we want vs what we have to do to get what we want, our ability to be ourselves, to be liberated) or between us and those pesky other people in our lives.  

All kinds of important relationships and agreements/contracts with other people could be stressful now. 

Projections are ricocheted back to us at the Libra Full Moon anyway and with the rulers of the lunation squaring off, this will likely play out through tension/frustration, even crisis.

Alot of the stuff we thought was "them" will turn out to be "us". And alot of stuff "they" are thinking is "us", will turn out to be "them". Chiron in Aries tells us our healing now is dependent on how much of this we are willing to own. 

(meaning not owning what isn't ours - brush that stuff off - BUT taking responsibility for the energy we are bringing into the situation - the way our relationships mirror us will be easier to see now in the Moon's bright light)
Passive aggression. Sexual frustration. Conflicts between getting what we want and being able to get along/live in peace. Frustration as we assertively go after love or money. We want this. They want that. Part of us wants this. Part of us wants that. 

Our wants and needs within our relationships are being re-defined now. We can see where we are taking more than we are giving or vice versa.

Some relationships will end now. 

New partnerships can also begin - they might be volatile at times, but could be long lasting and prosperous/expansive.

(of course with Mercury retrograde some endings will not be quite so permanent when Mercury stations direct and some new relationships could dissolve then, too)

Remember Venus is running the show here and she is in Aquarius. Going backward, doing things the same old way, squeezing ourselves (or trying to squeeze someone else) into a tight little box isn't going to cut it anymore.

What is really happening is our relationships (which are living creations) are struggling to catch up to the changes within us! 

Jupiter (home in Sagittarius) is sextiling Venus, so here is our way through the Mars/Venus conflict. The theme of our Sagittarius house and/or our collective Sagittarius themes is our safe passage through these minefields - optimism, seeing the big picture, staying flexible, embracing whatever is foreign to us, learning something new, teaching something old, getting sage advice from an elder, expanding into new territory, traveling, publishing, media, the legal system. This is the road to greater FREEDOM.

A retrograde Mercury is conjunct Neptune at the time of the Full Moon/Vernal Equinox chart -this will be exact at the end of the week. So this is building at the time of the Full Moon. This connects us back to a message we received around February 19th. We need to re-member it now. We need to re-vise this. We are re-building, re-inventing, re-thinking this thing.

Keep in mind this is a zero degree Full Moon - we don't know what we don't know. By mid-April when Mercury is walking new degrees and we have the SECOND Libra Full Moon at the very end of Libra we will be much more certain with anything that is up in the air now (it's rare enough to have two Full Moons in the same sign in a year, even more rare to have one at the very beginning of a sign and the next at the very end).

We are still in the process of figuring this stuff out.We are trying to make things work. Maybe we are afraid to make a decision we could regret later. Maybe we are afraid to let go of this thing/situation/person before we have all our other ducks in a row

(note - our ducks will never be in a row for more than 30 seconds, which is a good reason to truly, truly appreciate things when they are and also a good reason to not sit around waiting for everything to get all lined up, because one of our ducklings will wander into the street, fall through a storm grate in the road and the next thing we know we are trying to coax our life back into balance with crackers and mommy duck calls - quack!).


Maybe we can't decide right now because right now isn't the time to decide. 

This Full Moon is in Libra, the sign of the scales - we are weighing things out. We get ANOTHER Libra Full Moon in a month and THEN we will know what we are doing because we will be doing it.

With Mercury in Pisces backing into Neptune we are listening to our inner voice. The guidance of our ancestors, our past lives, our intuition, our inner knowing. We are finding the spiritual perspective during these big endings.

With Venus (ruler of this Full Moon and remember Mars in Taurus is answering to her right now, too) in a sextile to expansive, lucky Jupiter - MORE is being offered to us than we could ever even imagine!

We are standing around with our hands full of what we wanted/needed YESTERDAY and can't figure out how to reach for what we want/need NOW.

Life is helping us work through all of this with these repeating transits!

There is nothing to worry about.

The big energetic shifts have already happened.

The aftershocks are, well, shocking, but we can handle them.

Moves made now can be extremely effective. So make one.

xo all

(symbolic moves work, too)

Change/need for adjustment and challenge is coming from your Taurus house - what house does Taurus rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

The change will play out in your Libra house - what house does Libra rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

The opportunity/ease will come through your Sagittarius house - what house does Sagittarius rule in your natal chart? What is the theme of that house?

I haven't had a chance to get to this for all the signs like I had hoped. If you want to know what houses/themes all this is impacting for you just leave a comment or email me and I will check for you (you will need to know your birth date, time and place). We ALL have the collective themes going on that I wrote about in this post, too. Collectively this Full Moon is all playing out through our relationships.

Be sure to get out and walk in the Full Moon!

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