Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of March 18th - Happy New Year, exposure, action, courage, relationship imbalances, owning our projections, tension, unexpected opportunities, uncomfortable changes, thinking things through, keep our eyes on the skies


HUGE happenings in the week ahead as we shift into a BRAND NEW YEAR :

WEDNESDAY - Spring Equinox- Sun into Aries, Mars trines Pluto, Full Moon in Libra, Mercury sextiles Saturn
THURSDAY - Venus squares Mars and sextiles Jupiter
SUNDAY - Mercury retrograde conjuncts Neptune

The post for the Full Moon/Spring Equinox is HERE

The astrological New Year kicks off this week with a powerful, prosperous chart that sets up the year ahead.

With the rulers of the Full Moon (Libra/Venus and Aries/Mars) at odds with each other now (and part of the New Year chart) - we will face conflict and challenges as we try to balance what we want with what we have to do to get what we want. Growth will come through our relationships. Buckle up.

On WEDNESDAY, the Sun moves into Aries giving us the Spring Equinox and launching the astrological Solar Year. The illuminating Sun will conjunct hurting/healing Chiron, so a weakness could be exposed now or maybe we are feeling unsupported or all alone in whatever we have going on. It's a time to be brave.

The good news - Mars is trining deep, transformative Pluto. We have the available resources/self-esteem to power through this thing.

This transformation won't be stopped. It will be life-changing. We are either in the thick of it now or it is coming. We'll keep moving.

The Libra Moon moves into a fast opposition with the Aries Sun giving us this month's Full Moon (a zero degree Full Moon, so another lunar ending and beginning rolled into one!). Full Moons bring things to light, to a culmination or to a conclusion.

This is the Aries/Libra polarity. Too much Aries and we get selfishness, anger, foolish impulsivity, lots of fast starts and then nothing gets finished. Too much Libra and we get boundary issues, indecisive waffling, avoidance of conflict and co-dependency.  

Relationship imbalances will show up now.

We need to really take a look at the disagreements and challenging situations we are having with others - what are we projecting onto other people that we need to take ownership of? Full moons are about release - how can we let go of what isn't working? Diplomacy, cooperation and balance will be needed as well as action, courage and staying aware/taking care of our own self-interests. Some relationships and partnership agreements might end now.

The Moon's inconjunct to Uranus could make things uncomfortable as changes might come at us 'fast and furious' style. The ground might feel shaky. There are unexpected opportunities here, too. 

Mercury's sextile to Saturn could bring news/information that creates structure/stability. Maybe a sibling situation/local community issue or transportation issue stabilizes. Something REAL that was just a dream is being built. With Mercury in Pisces this brings 2019's best aspect - the Neptune/Saturn sextile (building the dream/the release of one thing to get something else) into the Equinox chart and again confirms its viability in the months ahead.

With Mercury still retrograde, we are re-viewing the stability of the dream, re-working our plans - giving something physical another look. Good energy for having a repeat conversation with an authority figure or stepping into your own authority via the written or spoken word. Challenging karma is dissolving. New neurological pathways are being created.

This sextile also gives us some space to THINK THINGS THROUGH.

We have a rare second Libra Full Moon next month in mid-April at 29 degrees, so there could be things started now that culminate then or maybe as we begin new partnerships/agreements now, others finish up in mid-April.

We'll see how this all shakes out. Keep moving forward.

On THURSDAY - and again this is part of the Full Moon chart and the chart of the Solar New Year so influencing the next 12 months - we have Venus squaring Mars and sextiling Jupiter.

Venus is what we want and Mars is how we get what we want. Sometimes they represent actual women and men. There is tension/frustration here. Relationship situations are testy. With Venus set up to win this one - being the ruler of Taurus (so Mars is answering to her) and with her moving through freedom-loving and future-leaning Aquarius - trying to fence someone else in or hold them back isn't going to work. Any effort to tap down on someone else's ability 'to just be themselves' will turn out equally poorly.

The sextile (opportunity) to Jupiter shows us the way through this - expanding our territory/reach/thinking, looking at the bigger picture, being more optimistic, embracing what is foreign to us, learning/teaching/travel. Stay flexible. Sagittarius is where the gold will be mined. There are real opportunities in this New Year chart.

This is collective energy and will affect all of us to a greater or lesser extent. You may find the themes more relatable to your own natal houses -

for example if you are a SCORPIO RISING - the challenge will be between your 4th house (Aquarius) home/family/real estate/mom/home business and your 7th house (Taurus) your partner's actions/maybe stubbornness/agreements. The opportunity/payoff comes through your 2nd house - positive progress with money/resources/values or self-esteem.

On SUNDAY, a retrograde Mercury will again meet Neptune - this time at 16 degrees Pisces, the degree Neptune met the Sun/Moon at the New Moon on March 6th, so more stuff this week connecting us back to early March when Mercury first stationed retrograde.

Mercury met Neptune back on February 19th - THIS WAS WHEN A MESSAGE CAME THROUGH - so something now connects us back to that.

We are going back over information/communications. Re-vising, re-kindling, re-leasing our dreams. Secrets are being talked about. We are communicating about the dream/spirituality/healing. Things could get confusing. It might be hard to know what is real. Words are slippery. It's not the best day to try and make sense of things .... this will all be much clearer in a couple weeks.

xo all

The week will really be fleshed out in the Full Moon post which will be up sometime Monday or Tuesday

photograph by the talented Ilona Shevchishina

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