Happy Almost 2012!

In the midst of much family drama here, so taking a blog break until next week to get my act together

(I guess my countdown to 2012 will be a countback which makes more sense for me anyway these days)

... hope everyone had a nice holiday! xo all

* 2012 calendar by alex wijnen

.. you get on my wall RIGHT THIS MINUTE ....

First, I'm alive - my limbs still move ... sort of ... my brain still works ... occasionally - I am almost caught up with my life which moves way too fast for a life that never actually ... goes anywhere.

My house is a disaster - my diet has consisted of the kind of cellophane wrapped mistakes only available in the messiest convenience stores in the Jersey suburbs - my back has spent the last couple weeks bent over one work table or another with an icepack jammed in my bra

(my apologies for the visual - I hope the kids have left the room)

I am counting down the days, minutes and seconds until that last order is on its way and crossing every part of my anatomy that every package makes it to its proper destination in its proper time frame

(and yes, it makes it a little harder to work with my eyes crossed, but that's what it's all about for me people - doing what it takes, whatever it takes to get the job done even if I risk permanent damage to my optic nerve, that's just how I roll)

I will be back this weekend with some giveaway winner announcements and a sneakpeak ahead to my 2nd Annual Countdown to 2012 series you will not want to miss.

(although I guess technically this cannot be a 2nd annual countdown to 2012 since last year was a countdown to 2011, but you know I like the idea of consistency with my blog postings .... not)

In the meantime, drink your milk boys and girls - it's time to finish this shipping season up with a little ass-kicking!

Order any item this weekend in Uncorked and Polarity and get an upgrade to U.S. priority shipping at no extra cost - guaranteed to arrive by Christmas!

(unless your mailman, my mailman or some mailman in between my mailman and your mailman mucks this up somehow)

* awesome print by modern styleographer

tastes like chicken ....

gotta make stuff - back in a few days - have a nice week everyone
don't forget to enter zJayne's giveaway HERE - which has been extended thru 12/16!!