Venus opposing Uranus | a conclusion with that financial/partnership situation, something unexpected, cleaning closets and inboxes, whatever we own owns us right back so dumping whatever we are not loving equals greater freedom

discodisco by gleymast

As Venus reaches 29 degrees Libra today she opposes Uranus at 29 degrees Aries.

Venus is still in her retrograde shadow - walking degrees she has walked before - and this is her third and final meeting with the future-leaning, freedom-loving, chaos and disorder providing Uranus.

This time she is strong in her home sign, although keep in mind she will be back in Scorpio on Monday (and a retrograde Mercury will be back in Scorpio tomorrow).

This aspect has been in play for awhile and now reaches an exact opposition. Squaring the North and South Nodes of Fate (Cancer/Capricorn) whatever we have going on is significant, even life-changing!

With Venus and Uranus at the powerful FINAL 29th degrees of the signs they occupy - this feels like the conclusion. They first opposed each other in mid-September and then again on Halloween - there could be a connection between those dates and what is happening now. Keep in mind though, both Venus and Uranus were in different signs then (Scorpio/Taurus), so the story has shifted.

Uranus is fast change and Venus rules our relationships, love, money, our values, resources, women and self-esteem. Something could wrap up now or change quickly on us. Oppositions appear to come from the outside and appear to be "outside" our control.

What houses do Libra and Aries rule in your natal chart?

EXAMPLE for Cancer/Cancer Rising - Venus in your 4th house vs Uranus in your 10th house speaks of a home/family/real estate/ home business situation. There could be an unexpected development or a conclusion regarding your living situation/people who live with you/your physical home/roots/mother possibly coming through authority/a public situation/you stepping into your own authority or greater responsibility. You have been back and forth with this situation. Your confidence is increased. You know your value now. You are making decisions/taking action from this stronger space. As Venus moves back into your 3rd house on Monday (and you may already be feeling this) you will be communicating, making decisions, signing contracts - from this stronger place. If you are doing this right - changes should offer greater freedom and have you leaning into your future. The North Node is in your sign Cancer - what can't you do?!

With the Moon in Virgo and making all kinds of aspects yesterday and today all of us could be stressed and BUSY.

Our focus might be on paperwork, getting organized, cleaning things up, our work, co-workers, our pets and our health. The Moon will be making nice with Pluto this afternoon - an especially good time to dump whatever is cluttering up our lives. Excellent energy to finish something, end an annoying or wasteful habit, cut the unnecessary crap from December's schedule because believe me we are going to be busy.

Tomorrow morning, after an early, short void, the Moon will move into Libra and Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio. We will be more diplomatic and cooperative. Our thinking will shift from "big-picture" back into the details.

Back tomorrow with more on that.

xo all

Mercury conjunct Jupiter, Mercury conjunct the Sun, Mars sextiles Saturn | magical ideas come knocking, the details join the big picture, news comes in, stable groundwork for our BIG, bodacious dreams

Exhale by Machihuahua

After a short void while we slept the Moon moved into fiery Leo early, early this morning EST. Our emotional focus could turn to children, our creative projects, romance, recreation, the things we take pride in, the drama we didn't save for our mama - for the next couple days.

Mercury (news, information, our thinking, communication, siblings, transportation issues) is UBER busy today, meeting first with expansive Jupiter and then our illuminating Sun.

Mercury's meeting with the Sun (4 degrees Sagittarius) marks the mid-way point of her retrograde journey. Our heart and our mind connect. News comes in that stretches us somehow.

We reach a space of greater clarity regarding whatever this retrograde has been about for us.

Happening at almost the same time Mercury meets Jupiter (strong and home in Sagittarius) and trines that Leo Moon - this could bring us news/clarity/information that makes us feel proud/generous/ready to roar.

Mercury is still retrograde so news probably doesn't bring things to a conclusion, but our next move becomes easier to see/feel.

BIG IDEAS are waiting, maybe for eons - maybe for seconds, for the right person (the person who can make them REAL) to grab hold of them. 

Open your mind. Open your eyes. What do you hear? What do you see? Thoughts are things. Think about what you are thinking about.

With Mercury retrograde this might be something we have previously thought about or connect us back to a person or situation we were previously aligned with. 

With Mars (in mystical Pisces) sextile (opportunity) Saturn (in stable Capricorn) - there is divine right timing with anything birthed now.

This is also good energy for working with authority figures and stepping into our own authority.

Excellent energy to sober up ... like, forever.

Grab that domain name you have been putzing around with in your head. Write that email. Apply for that scholarship. Plan that big trip. MAKE IT REAL.

Vesta (our devotion, our ability to keep the fires burning) is also conjunct the Capricorn South Node and opposing the Cancer North Node. There could be something we have to give up here to get something else. Maybe something we used to be devoted to, but no longer are. This could be the time we can either give it a proper burial or maybe it is the time we level it up. Does it nurture us? Does it strengthen our roots/home base? Does it make us feel safe? The gold here comes from allowing ourselves to be vulnerable - not from adding more bricks to the wall.

The details join the big picture today and things come into focus.

xo all

Jupiter conjunct the Sun, Mars square Mercury | that "luckiest" day of the year thing and this is how we get lucky

Crown-backstage by la-child

This is another important week.

If you have big things happening in your life, this is why. If you have big dreams and nothing appears to be happening with them (it only looks this way), this is why.

We'll talk about the story that is playing out and do some dailies this week.

SATURDAY - Neptune stations direct
MONDAY - Sun conjuncts Jupiter, Mercury squares Mars
TUESDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde), Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, Mars sextiles Saturn
FRIDAY - Venus opposes Uranus
SATURDAY - Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio, Venus squares North and South Nodes
MONDAY - Venus re-enters Scorpio (this time direct), Sun squares Mars

First, let's back up a couple days.

On Saturday, Neptune stationed direct at 13 degrees Pisces. He is strong and still this week. Remember that finger through a candle flame analogy - planets are strong at station.

Neptune went retrograde back on June 18th and has reworked 16-13 degrees of the sign he rules. He now moves forward for the final time over these degrees (in our lifetimes). A dream/mirage could dissolve now. The rose colored glasses come off. Wet weather, porous boundaries, the need for extra sleep, leaky everything. Neptune rules the 12th and final house - what we do last and the "end of the day" - situations/people "hanging on by a thread" might leave/end/finalize now. If you love someone working a recovery program check in with them - our boundaries are thin now - CONNECT.

The good news is whatever Neptune has been fogging up will start to clear up in the days ahead.

The other good news with Mars in Pisces until the end of the year and answering to imaginative and spiritual, but often foggy, escapist and 'sleepy' Neptune, Mars, as us, (our action, initiative, passion) is aided by a newly direct Neptune.

Mars is making his way to Neptune - he will get there on December 7th (at 13 degrees - yes, Neptune will still be at 13 degrees and Mars will have covered 8 degrees - we are starting to catch up with our dream!) this is just one day after Mercury will station direct.

There is divine perfect timing/fate at play as we make our way forward. This stuff can't be rushed - remember no pushing, but no totally avoiding either! 

We are working on faith here. 

No big moves just yet, but take the logical, grounded action that is required. Yes, we will need extra rest with Mars in Pisces, but we can't ONLY rest. God/the universe has our back, but we won't get very far if we don't also move our legs!  

TODAY is a big energetic. We have Jupiter meeting the Sun at 3 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter kicks off a new 12 year story AND we get a glimpse at what the next year's transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius (the first chapter) will be about for us.

Now we have time (Saturn) on our side AND we have luck (Jupiter) on our side. That powerful Neptune warns about blind faith, illusion and drifting into la-la land. This much Sagittarius warns about too much of anything. Yes, even those delicious toffee almond milk hot chocolates.

Today's Jupiter/Sun conjunction - that "luckiest day of the year" thing (according to astrologer Susan Miller and others) is a time for optimism and enthusiasm.

The caveat here, is, we also have Mercury (ideas, information, our thinking, communication, sibling issues, transportation) in big-picture Sagittarius - the space of the skies Jupiter and the Sun are meeting up - squaring Mars (our action, initiative, anger) - in that space of the skies Neptune is so strong right now.

And Mercury is retrograde and walking degrees he/she is going to be walking again in December. So, things are still in influx. Our attention could be scattered and we want our attention on that Sun/Jupiter - enthusiasm/optimism - something bold and new. But Mercury is reminding us of something old that needs re-looking, re-viewing, re-working first.

These squares to Mars are tension/frustration, yes, but they also bring us into contact with divine intervention now!

It's not the time to push - especially our ideas/beliefs on other people! With Mars in Neptune we have to go with the flow. We have to have faith and trust that things are falling together even if it looks like they are falling apart.

God/the Universe is moving mountains to get things to line up for all of us. There is divine timing here. Stuff is being shuffled around behind the scenes. She/he has got this thing. Relax. Take a breath.

It's time to read the writing on the wall (and the contract). Pay attention to what grabs your attention and think about what you are thinking about.

MONDAY and TUESDAY are very Mercurial days.

So we will be busy. There will be lots of information coming in. We might be letting go of things - good time to clean things out and you will likely have the urge for greater organization. It's a good time for commerce, for conversations, for writing, for caring for pets, for dealing with work and co-workers. We may be dealing with general Sag themes (or the theme of our natal Sag house could be crazy-active) - legal issues, foreign issues, a foreign person, travel, higher education, media, marketing, wedding, religion, our big-picture beliefs, taking something to a higher level/to the next step. With Pisces all lit up since the weekend issues around healing, addiction, water, wet weather, our imagination, art, hospitals, spirit, stuff from the past, things done behind our back or behind the scenes, secrets, our sabotaging habits, endings - could be in play. The Moon is in home and family oriented Cancer so toss a home/family/home business/real estate situation into the mix.

There is the potential for alot to be going on!

Tuesday is the better day for dealing with authority/a power play situation. With that beautiful sextile between Mars and Saturn - something very opportunistic and long-lasting can get firmed up then. Just keep in mind there are bigger hands on the wheel now AND you still need your feet on the gas.

We'll talk about this tomorrow. I have to go and make the donuts.

For today, for this week, keep your eyes and ears open. TRUST that you are on the right path and you will know what to do when the time is right. No pushing.

Don't be an idiot and stand in front of a moving train, praying for the train to stop.

Follow your intuition. This is how we get lucky now. That is your official play book.

"Hmm, I am thirsty and there is a coffee shop", she thinks to herself as she steps off the tracks, that were so overgrown with weeds she hadn't noticed them - and although she is oblivious, since she is in the Starbucks line ordering a delicious toffee almond milk hot chocolate - the train rumbles past her, leaving her head securely attached to her neck, her arms and legs in their proper places.

Unlike that missionary fellow, who although well-meaning, headed into indigenous tribal territory to "push" his beliefs on other people. The story doesn't end so well for him. Or them probably. Since they pushed back.

Don't push. Trust life. Venus is heading toward her final opposition with Uranus, so there are unexpected events coming. There is magic afoot people. Stay optimistic ... but not stupid.

xo all

Full Moon in Gemini | November 23, 2018 - looking before we leap, re-thinking something, taking a breath, something comes to light, to a culmination, to a conclusion ... sort of

At 12:39AM EST on November 23rd, the Gemini Moon meets the Sagittarius Sun at 0 degrees.

Full Moons are about culminations, but with this one coming at the very beginning of Gemini and with Gemini's ruler Mercury traveling retrograde through Sagittarius (the sign of the Sun since Thursday) this doesn't feel much like "culminating" to me.

Add to this the fact that Mercury (ruler of the Full Moon) is debilitated in Sagittarius and Mars, uber uncomfortable in Pisces, is squaring the whole thing.

Also the Sun is conjunct Jupiter, strong in his home sign, and heading toward their exact meeting in a couple days - that luckiest day of the year thing - and Mars is quickly approaching his exact meeting with Neptune - maybe that is the laziest day of the year! And Venus, still opposing Uranus, is moving toward another exact opposition with him (chaos, the unexpected).

Nothing here seems settled. At all.

But still something is culminating, coming to light, reaching a peak energy. It might be when Mercury stations direct on December 6th that we actually get to the finish line though.

Full Moons are always potentially stressful because we have the Sun (this month in Sagittarius) opposing the Moon (this month in Sagittarius's polarity sign of Gemini). Oppositions are exactly what they sound like.

Yes, you can imagine a boxing ring, some sweaty towels and bandages.

This Moon is about choices, decisions, options and endings - although the endings are maybe not really endings quite yet. Gemini is the natural ruler of our collective 3rd house of communication and language. It also rules siblings, neighbors, local travel, early education, transportation - movement. A spotlight is being thrown on a lot of information now. Almost too much to process. With Gemini, truth is shifty and it is hard to tell fact from fiction.

It's a time to speak clearly. This is not a time for babble or childish gossip. Let's not say one thing when we really mean something else - even habits like saying "this isn't bad" when we mean something is good dilute our energy. Just say, "this is good!".

Let's unpack the aspects.

Mars is squaring the Moon and the Sun, so it is likely the Full Moon will be a time of action. We could feel a great push to get something moving or to jump on whatever comes up. We could get mad.

BUT the rest of the Full Moon chart is encouraging patience because we are going to have a much clearer view of everything over the next couple weeks. Mars is also squaring Jupiter, so we are really going to feel the squeeze/pressure/tension that makes us want to make a move/release something. Know the gift of astrology is we can look ahead and backward - Mercury and the Sun are getting closer to Jupiter next week and the Moon will no longer be in opposition, so things will be clearer if we wait a bit. More info is coming in, especially around things we have done before or things already in process.

We are going to feel pressure to do something now via our action/anger/passion, but the timing is still off - the timing is not just now.

It will pay to keep in mind that Mars (our initiative, action, passion) is in watery Pisces. He just spent six months in Aquarius instead of his usual two and he is worn out.

He is half asleep right now!

(and yes, he snores and hogs the covers)

Although a sleepy Mars is probably actually a gift to us because he might keep us from jumping into something too fast, too soon. This is why our urge to escape (go back to bed, have another drink, watch another episode) is so strong right now. Our inner warrior is taking a siesta!

And look at that chart again and notice he is squaring Mercury -  

how are we going to make up our mind/get to the bottom of things/finish this "whatever this is" up! 

We aren't. Take a breath.

With Mars, Neptune (retrograde) and Chiron (retrograde) all in Pisces and being squared by all the Sagittarius energy - we are like batteries being drained!

It can feel depressing, but it is really our energy being drained.

Look at Mercury (our thinking, communications, ideas) - ruler of this Full Moon - could he/she look any more uncomfortable?! Squaring foggy Neptune and moving toward optimistic, but over-the-top Jupiter (who is conjunct that Sun) it is hard to tell fact from fiction now. We could be deluding ourselves or being lied to by someone else who may be deluding themselves!

Our thinking really can't be trusted right now. Keep this in mind.

If we do manage to come to some kind of conclusion/decision right now we can probably be assured it will change a couple times before December 6th when Mercury stations direct.

Jupiter, strong in his home sign of Sagittarius, is conjunct the Sun and opposing the Moon.

Jupiter rules legal issues, foreign issues, travel, higher education, our beliefs and higher thinking, religion, weddings, the media - maybe this is the kind of situation (or the theme of our natal Sagittarius house or, of course Gemini themes - listed a few paragraphs earlier or our Gemini house theme) that is reaching a conclusion/culmination - the Gemini Moon (Gemini always has another trick up his sleeve and is always playing multiple angles) and the retrograde position of the Moon's ruler indicate stuff is still in flux here.

We still have that Grand Trine we talked about the other day between the Sun (although out of sign now), the North Node in Cancer and Chiron in Pisces to help smooth things over - to take the edge off whatever is coming to light/concluding now. Keep in mind that North Node in Cancer - there is strength in vulnerability now.

Rereading this it feels like quite a mishmash, which feels appropriate to this Moon and this time, although not super helpful. I'm sorry. Jupiter is going to square Neptune for most of 2019 - three times exactly - this energy of uncertain optimism is something we will all be working with.

For now - let's take a breath. Let's look before we leap. If something can be pushed off until sometime after December 6th, push it off. Wait. Don't push

Coax it into December. If you can. Try some good cheddar or turkey jerky - it works with Olive.

If you must decide, if something must conclude, if something comes to light that requires action - at least give the information another go-over. Things will be clearer after Neptune stations direct this weekend - that's when the dream (Neptune) can start to move forward via our action (Mars in Pisces answering to Neptune).

Remember every ending has a fresh, new beginning built right into it and ours is going to be AMAZING!

xo all

We are at a collaborative turning point for our collective - we are all in this together. Grateful, generous hearts are needed. Grateful, generous words will open the hearts of others. Sometimes the less we say the more powerful our words are when we use them now. Our words will be remembered so let's make them memorable ... and kind.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the USA, a Happy Thursday otherwise - back in a few days ... don't forget to get out and walk in the beautiful Full Moon and if you can't see it, know it is still there working for you!

Sun trine Chiron and North Node, Sun inconjunct Moon | independent work favored, a wild card is tossed into the game, taking the edge off the pain, prioritizing home and family, doing the brave thing, allowing ourselves a place of refuge, go back to bed

cold morning by mrs-pinkeyes

The Moon is waxing (growing) as we head towards Friday's Full Moon in Gemini.

In Aries today, she moves into opposition with Venus (home in Libra) at 10:44AM EST - this indicates more can be accomplished through independent work and interactions with other people could be stressful. Watch any tendency to overspend or overeat now.

Later she inconjuncts (that rock and a hard place) the Sun (at the end of Scorpio) and finally at 5:46PM EST she hooks up with Uranus - her last aspect before the void, so expect the unexpected - and then goes Void for about an hour, until 6:43PM EST, when she moves into Taurus - where she is exalted. 

Today's waxing inconjunct indicates the possibility that something new or unproven (Aries) - maybe connected to an intimacy/financial/hidden issue or maybe just unexpected or chaotic - is tossed into the situation just as we are expecting to finish/close something out - that approaching Full Moon.

The good news - the Scorpio Sun is trining (brakes off) both Chiron and the North Node (in Cancer now and ruled by the Moon).  The energy is available - and yes, it could be emotional - to get us through this smoothly. To move us along on our best path forward.

The trine to Chiron should take the edge off the pain, this will happen naturally - there is alot of Pisces energy right now, please don't over-medicate, drink/drug/distract the pain away.  The trine to the North Node speaks of prioritizing our home base, our family, what makes us feel most stable and secure within ourselves. With the North Node in Cancer, looking to the outside world for validation isn't going to work/feel good. We have to know our own worth. We have to know what we really value - what we are really made of.

We have just been through a bloody Venus retrograde in Scorpio and she is still re-walking those degrees (!) - we know what we most value because it is what we are still feeling connected to.

Mercury is retrograde. And his/her square to Neptune is really fogging things up! Have you noticed it is hard to remember what time/day it is? Time is kind of drifty.

Do what needs to be done today. Take appropriate action. The Aries Moon can require bravery. So, yes, if something feels scary it could be the appropriate thing! But it might just seem scary because we are looking too far ahead. Don't look too far ahead. Mercury is retrograde! 

Once the Moon gets into Taurus this evening she makes all positive aspects tonight and tomorrow - making nice with Mars, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto! Our focus will naturally turn to Taurus themes for the next couple days - being comfortable, our money, our values, our resources, the important stuff that money can buy and the important stuff it can't, the stuff we already have.

xo all

Heads up - the Moon will be void all day on Thanksgiving so plans may get thrown off course. Maybe we cook a turkey and then find out most guests has gone vegan. Or maybe we forgot to defrost it. Maybe some people catch colds and don't show up - take some extra Vitamin C and D, so we aren't those people! Wet weather, plumbing issues, insect/rodent infestations all tend to happen when Pisces is activated as she is now.  Stuff gets released when boundaries thin. We'll need extra sleep now and to allow ourselves, and other people, to feel more emotional. We will need to escape a bit - go to the movies, read a new book, make some art, get into or near water. We need to stay grounded so we don't drift totally off-course AND we need to allow our Neptunian imagination/compassion/spirituality roam, too.

Mars Square Jupiter | avoid taking on too much, stay grounded, tension between the big picture and whatever action we are taking, allow, stop pushing, don't be preachy, being brave with our words and thinking, staying open to BIG possibilities without losing our shirt (unless it's the shirt that shrunk in the dryer and makes us feel like we have eaten too much pre-Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or maybe we HAVE eaten too much pie, either way that shirt, that one, we can lose)

Shirtless, Sheet-less and ... by Erin-boo

I didn't get to the weekly yesterday, so we will work with some dailies!

We start the week with the Moon in fiery, "let's get something started" Aries. Good for taking initiative and being brave, but we'll keep in mind that Aries ruler Mars is in Pisces - encouraging connection and the allowing of what is unfolding rather than any strong pushing for a specific agenda and discouraging Mars natural impulse to just "go it alone".

Mars (and with our Moon in Aries and answering to Mars we could feel this more acutely) squares Jupiter (in Sagittarius). Squares are tension/frustration.

A tired Mars cornered by a powerful (enthusiastic, but also possibly overly optimistic) Jupiter could result in us taking on more than we can handle or over-promising what we can actually do. With Mars in Pisces aggressive actions could seem to come out of nowhere and Jupiter will make things BIGGER - or to seem bigger, it's hard to say with Jupiter - than they would otherwise be.

Our negative Piscean tendencies - addiction, escape, shoving stuff into closets and under furniture - could get exaggerated now.

We might jump to a wrong conclusion and with Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius we are meant to be questioning our beliefs not yet concluding anything mentally - we just don't have all the facts yet.

We are going back and forth with something because it is time to be going back and forth with something. Two steps forward and one step backward is how life actually works. It only feels like a problem if we are pushing and it's not the time to be pushing. With the Moon trining (brakes off) that same retrograde Mercury we could be looking backward with regret about some prior action/inaction. The Sun's trine to Chiron tomorrow will likely help ease the sharp edges off any of that.

Looking ahead this week the major aspects I see are:

MONDAY - Mars squares Jupiter
TUESDAY - Sun trines Chiron
THURSDAY - Sun moves into Sagittarius and trines the Nodes
FRIDAY - Full Moon in Gemini
SATURDAY - Neptune stations direct
SUNDAY/MONDAY - Sun Conjunct Jupiter (and that luckiest day of the year thing)

For today - we have that trine between Mercury and the Moon encouraging courageous conversations/thinking and that square between Mars and Jupiter tempting us to overdo whatever it is we are doing. Warning us about any tendency to wander off-course and make mountains out of molehills and advising us to keep one eye on the rear-view mirror for things can seem to come out of "nowhere" now and are closer than they appear - and also bigger or smaller than they actually are depending on our natural inclination toward optimism or pessimism, so keep all of this in mind.

Our minds are stretchy with Mercury in Sagittarius so this will all surely fit in there somehow. We might have to ditch a few awful middle school memories to clear some space and that's a good thing, too. :)

The best use of today's square - instead of feeling cornered, let's allow ourselves to stay open to BIG POSSIBILITIES. Some things are outside our control now - which is probably the good news.

xo all

Weekend Astrology Forecast for Creatives | more flies with honey, the power of our imagination, the fine print, adventure, the Sunday night blues or inspired ambition

And suddenly it's evening 1X by Michela-Riva

We wake on SATURDAY morning having slept through our monthly Moon/Neptune conjunction. If you had any memorable dreams maybe write them down and give some thought to them. This energy should put us in a relaxed, dreamy state for the early part of the day. It could be hard to know where we begin and other people leave off though. Boundaries will be thin.

By 2: 10PM EST the Moon moves into a sextile (opportunity) with Pluto (at 19 degrees).

This is the energy for eliminating (Pluto) our delusions/illusions (Neptune), for deep/maybe dark (Pluto) magic (Neptune), for transformation/lasting change (Pluto) through compassion (Neptune), for using the power (Pluto) of our imagination (Neptune). Good for meditation, making art, healing. Stay sober. 

This is an opportunity between our Capricorn and Pisces houses. It's like Aquarius has gone to use the restroom and Cappy and Pisces are holding hands under the table.

How can we use this? For example in my chart this is an opportunity between my 3rd house (communication, conversations, siblings, neighborhood, transportation) and my 4th house (5th house if we are talking rulerships - but the Moon will still be in my 4th house) of home, family, property, my roots, mother/motherhood - so communicating about a home/family situation is favored. This energy is swift, but potent.

Also on Saturday - which could factor in or be about something else entirely - we have the Scorpio Sun (25 degrees) opposing Juno (in Taurus). Juno is about our relationships, our commitments and contracts involving partners, our marriages and in Taurus she is focused on stability; on keeping the relationship safe. Also, she is focused on the money, honey and on the relationship's resources. 

Remember Juno is Jupiter's long suffering wife and the part of us that will look the other way to keep our commitments and contracts intact.

So now along comes the Sun shining a bright light/bringing a conclusion (a solar opposition is like a Full Moon to the planet being opposed) to something that the Sun in Scorpio has dug up. The Sun is drilling into the fine print in that relationship contract and comes to Juno with a flashlight in one hand and the thing she (as we) maybe does not really want to look at in the other and she/we can't look away.

On SUNDAY, the Moon, in her final Piscean play, has trined the Sun in Scorpio, while we slept. This would be another good night for a dream analysis if we can remember any. The Moon moves into action-oriented Aries at 7:56AM EST. We'll wake up ready to GO and by mid-afternoon she moves into a nice trine with Jupiter (2:18PM EST), so the afternoon is ripe for any Jupiterian pursuit - an adventure, a focus on the big-picture, higher education, travel, anything/anyone foreign to us, weddings, the media, religion, etc. This aspect brings optimism. 

By late Sunday night, the Aries Moon will be squaring Saturn (in Capricorn), focusing us on our responsibilities - our goals and ambitions. Squares bring tension and stress, but are really the energy we need to get things done and there is no better energy to get things done than a square to Saturn.

We get what we want by following the rules now, yes, and yes, there are obstacles in our path, but an Aries Moon eats obstacles for breakfast! And getting this monthly aspect on a Sunday night instead of a Monday afternoon might make it go down easier.

The flies in the ointment with this one are - we could be dealing with cold emotional responses, fights with dad/authority, feelings of being caged in or lonely - just keep in mind the long-game we are playing. This is just one fast (fight?!) transit.

Avoid physical risks.

Tonight's energy could feel like a let down if the day felt especially good. It's like the guy with the good jokes and the good pot has left the party.

Don't let Sunday night ruin a perfectly good weekend. We know Monday morning is coming. It always comes.

Mercury is retrograde folks, expect delays, having to do things again and not knowing what we don't know. Roll with it.

xo all

Next week we have what astrologer Susan Miller calls the luckiest day of the year - are we ready for that? Yes, we are!

shifting sands ahead .....

Untitled by Irina Joanne

OK, let's take a breath before the next round of shifts starting tomorrow and see/feel where we are.

We are on a brave new quest with Jupiter's return to Sagittarius - just keep in mind this is a year-long quest. We don't have to do everything in the first week!

We have Mars - the planet of our action, our initiative, the way we go about getting what we want - leaving Aquarius after six MONTHS. The last time Mars was in Aquarius for this long was in 1971! He moves into Pisces on Thursday where he will stay for about six WEEKS.

Aquarius is not Mars favorite place (neither is Pisces!) - and he had to deal with the South Node there (what we are releasing) and because Aquarius is a fixed sign - this left Mars squaring Uranus in Taurus, opposing all the Leo energies (including the North Node of where are heading) and then squaring all the Scorpio we have been working through with Venus! This has been challenging us since May. Although Mars can still perform in Aquarius, he isn't fond of Aquarius penchant for - over-thinking, digging in too doggedly to a mental position, detaching - Mars wants to just go for it. And Aquarian energy does not work like this.

Now, he (as us) moves into Pisces. This would be a great time to rest if we can rest. If our life is not set up to rest for the next six weeks (Mars is going to really, really want to nap!) and I know mine isn't, and yours probably isn't either, we are going to have to be careful we don't slip up and sabotage ourselves by - zonking out, drifting off purpose, totally losing our boundaries, escaping with another glass of wine, going on a shopping marathon, taking action based on what we are seeing through our rose-colored glasses, vegging out with too many Netflix marathons, letting things slip away.

Maybe we should put a rubber-band on our wrist and snap ourselves awake every hour!

We are going to have to muster whatever reserves we have to stay on top of things for the next few weeks. AND we are going to have to prioritize rest and escape somehow, too.

We are NOT going to push because Mars in Pisces can't push. It will be like pushing jello up a hill - nice for the guy behind us who isn't pushing and gets a delicious strawberry dessert tossed at him that he didn't have to work for - but not so nice for us; the ones doing all the work. On the other hand Mars in Pisces is excellent energy to go within, to meditate, to make art, to heal, to work with our intuition, to work with our dreams - this is the energy of the spiritual warrior and having this compassionate energy during the holiday season is a very, very beautiful thing - a gift to us.

Mars in Pisces won't be squaring Uranus and Venus and the Nodes anymore, but he will be squaring Jupiter (freshly home to Sagittarius) and these are our two BIG unlimited energies. And Mercury is stationing retrograde in Sagittarius, too, so our thinking is surely going to be more optimistic, obviously a good thing, but also more unrealistic and more over-the-top.

This can get us so caught up in what is possible, some far-out-there dream that we toss the baby out with the bathwater - and it's pretty freakin' cold out there for babies, we jump from that plane (adventure!) without checking to see if our parachute is working or if we are even wearing a parachute.

We party like it's 1999 ... and it ain't 1999 no more folks.

Think rubberband. Think wrist.

#kidding #notkidding

The day after Mars finally moves out of Aquarius we have Venus stationing direct (25 Libra) and Mercury stationing retrograde (13 Sag). Now all three personal planets have changed sign or direction within just two days - how often does this happen?! Friday is a very big day, but big things don't always happen when energies are exact. Sometimes they happen as the energies wax or wane. I would still expect Friday to be a big day.

We have been going back and forth through Venus over relationship/financial/resources/self-esteem situations since early October. We have made decisions and had to deal with other people's decisions - maybe multiple times (!), we have weighed things out, we might have had to let something go (relationships, money, power). Things have been up and down and out of balance.

This energy will shift forward and we will regain some balance now. We are following up on decisions that we made a few weeks ago and again asking ourselves - What do I really value? What do I want? What do I need? Have I been too focused on what isn't mine?

And because Venus is STILL squaring the nodes - remember they moved into cardinal signs, too - we are STILL making decisions - and yes, some of this is out of our hands -  and these decisions are going to impact us for a long time. The North Node in Cancer - which I am going to write a big post about - is asking us to root ourselves in our new decisions and grow something from this stronger, smarter position.

Maybe we may have worked ourselves right around in a circle to the same place (maybe not)! Either way, we are different people now. If we haven't totally wasted the last few weeks and that would have been pretty much impossible - our decisions will be better, stronger and smarter than they were in October.

So now we have committed to something with relationships or money and we will know where we stand ... but we are not finished with our work here

because Venus will still be walking degrees she walked twice before until December and because Mercury - it is not a coincidence these stations happen at the same time - now takes some part of this story - the deepest part - remember he is headed back into Scorpio where much of the Venus retrograde took place - backward again.

Venus has shown us what we truly value. Now Mercury says, "hold that thought"..

Something needs a re-view, re-vision, a re-novation, a re-location - think "re" here - with our thinking, with the paperwork, with the information, with the idea, with the conversation. Squaring foggy Neptune it is going to be hard to tell what is real and what is bullsh*t.

And keep in mind Venus (because Uranus has changed signs, too) is moving toward another opposition with "anything-can-happen" Uranus - remember that opposition during the Kavanaugh hearings?! - and the North and South Nodes - because they moved into cardinal signs last week - are still squaring Uranus, only from new positions. We have to stay grounded.

By early to mid-December we will know what we are doing. By the end of December/early January we will be moving full-steam ahead.

(just keep in mind we will never totally know what we are doing and we are never totally full steam ahead plus I can't see your natal chart transit which could countermand all this stuff)

If we can't wait - if decisions must be made and strong decisive action taken, and this could certainly happen - what do we do?

Well, we work with what we have. We have a lifetime of experience that got us to this place. We already know what to do. We already know when something is too much. Just know it is likely, because Mercury is retrograde, we will have to go back over some things and revise them. It's not a time to bet the farm, but most decisions are not that big. Most decisions can be tweaked later and as we move through the remainder of 2018.

We need the time between now and the end of the year to get things right. But we can't just take a powder for the next six weeks or we will sabotage the whole damn thing.We'll wake up in December/January with nothing to move full steam ahead with.

We have to be smart and we are smart. We can make progress during Mercury retrograde and Mars in Pisces it just won't be progress in a straight line.

Straight lines are boring.

xo all

Also keep in mind that next spring Uranus is going to move back into Taurus (this time not just for a few months like he did from May through last week, but for a few YEARS) - so we can't do the Venus/Taurus stuff the same way for much longer anyway - the way we do relationships, the way we earn and spend money, the resources we value, the way our self-esteem connects to our wallet, the way we toss our old crap into a landfill, the way we disrespect the "mother" - this is all going to change. For all of us. Big time.

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 12th - Mars finally out of Aquarius after 6 months, Venus stations direct, Mercury stations retrograde - hold that thought!

The Involvement by 7oretta

OK guys, here we go again. We are moving through our second week of adjustments now as even more energies change course.

This week ALL our personal planets (except the Sun) change signs or directions so we will feel these shifts in our individual lives. Keep in mind some things will continue to be undecided - just like the mid-term election results!

Some situations move forward, others grind to a halt.

These are the important aspects I see for the week:

SUNDAY - Ceres enters Scorpio
THURSDAY - Mars sextiles Uranus and then enters Pisces (after 6 months in Aquarius!!)
FRIDAY -  Venus stations direct (25 Libra), Mercury stations retrograde (through December 7th)
SATURDAY - Mercury squares Neptune

On SUNDAY, Ceres (mother issues, nurturing, the seasonality of our lives, compromise, power sharing, division of resources) dives into Scorpio (death/rebirth, power, loss).

More and more I like thinking of Ceres as the ruler of Taurus (sorry Venus, but you will forever have Libra) - this would make Ceres in Scorpio (Taurus polarity sign) in her detriment now. A planet in its detriment - opposite its home sign - has an extremely narrow focus of expression.

What this stirs up will depend on what house (house's theme) Scorpio rules in your natal chart, but collectively, she will activate Scorpian situations/issues around shared finances, other people's money, taxes, loans, inheritances, shared resources, reproduction, sex, intimacy and death/rebirth.

We could face situations (and something could have hit us like a thunderbolt within the last few days as she opposed Uranus) that make us aware of the ways our own power is limited in any of these areas or the ways we are not as safe as we thought we were. Compromises will be made.

During her transit here we will uncover personal sources of resilience and power. Ceres will be in Scorpio until January 25th.

We start the work week with a serious Capricorn Moon on MONDAY. This is the time to focus on work, responsibilities, getting things done. A good day for career and working with authority figures and stepping into our own authority. Work on goals (especially long-term goals), within limits, do what needs to be done, yada yada.

The Moon will hook up with Pluto at 12:57PM EST - this speaks of intense experiences and passionate/deep emotions. Maybe power struggles with a woman/women or pressure from a woman. Obsession. Manipulation. Taboo stuff. Whatever we have going on - we are feeling it.

On TUESDAY, the Moon has a short void from 10:13AM EST to 10:43AM EST then moves into Aquarius focusing us on  - friendships, the goals that bring us into connection with other people, our future, whatever we are doing on the internet, our groups and causes and new experiences - for the next couple days.

A monkey wrench is tossed into that Capricorn situation - goals/authority/career/responsibility - in the afternoon/evening as the Moon squares Venus and then Uranus, although sometimes Uranian squares will resolve themselves almost as quickly as they appear - maybe they will drag the Venus tension (love/money) away with them!

Aquarius is fixed air and the Moon here wants what she wants, but we need to stay flexible.

The week starts to flip on us by THURSDAY when Mars, planet of initiative and action, FINALLY leaves Aquarius - yes, you can begin to exhale now Aquarius, Taurus, Scorpio and Leo - and heads into dreamy Pisces. But first he sextiles (opportunity) Uranus inviting us to try something new and different.

Action Mars is not a happy camper in the drifting Piscean waters, but maybe after six months in Aquarius, where he wasn't happy either - he can at least catch a nap once in a while!

Mars is our masculine energy - he (as us) wants to go out and make things happen. Pisces in where we allow things to happen; we go with the flow. With Mars in Pisces, there is just no way to "force things" - stuff will go or it won't.

Mars (our actions) will be working through our emotional intuition now. We'll need to use our inner guidance and work with divine timing.

Our natal Pisces house - is shaken awake and its theme (where is Pisces in your natal chart?) is activated. We are used to just going with the flow here, so Mars moving in could be just the kick in the a** we need to get moving.

Keep in mind Mars is still Mars even though he is wearing a toga and smoking some of those funny cigarettes Michigan just legalized. He (as us) can still get things done.

The key to working with Mars in Pisces (think spiritual warrrior now) - and he will be here through the end of the year -  is to continue to initiate, continue to take action, continue to move forward, but to avoid pushing.

And we will know we are pushing because whatever we are trying to do won't be working.  

Mars in Pisces is also a kind of perfect storm for self-sabotage, so stay moving and AWAKE.

Also on Thursday we have the First Quarter Moon as the Moon (in Aquarius) squares the Scorpio Sun. This is the first tension/challenge to whatever kicked off at the New Moon last week. Maybe Scorpio wants to go all-in and Aquarius wants to step back and detach. When we check to see what the Moon does next for our way through this challenge - we see the Moon moves into a trine with Venus (in Libra) so things will move forward through diplomacy, cooperation, balance, since Venus is retrograde - maybe taking a small step backward. Kindness matters. At 10:58PM EST the Moon will sextile (opportunity) Uranus (in Aries) opening us to change and trying new things. Then the Moon goes void until 11:41PM EST when she moves into Pisces.

This will naturally draw our focus to Piscean themes until Sunday - what is hidden or put away or done behind the scenes, secrets, the ethereal realms, imagination, hospitals, spirituality, addiction, healing, art, illusions and delusions, etc.

On FRIDAY we have the biggest energy shifts of the week as Venus stations direct and Mars stations retrograde on the same day!

Venus stationed retrograde on October 5th and since that time we have been going back and forth over what we want/what we really value. The ways we have been too focused on the things that aren't ours. HERE is a post about the retrograde.

Now Mercury (wait a minute Venus, hold that thought!) stations retrograde - and we know how strong planets are at station - and then immediately squares dreamy, fuzzy Neptune.

Venus's retrograde has made clear to us what we want; what we value. Mars into Pisces is giving us a new way of going about getting it (by allowing!) and Mercury - passed that retrograde hot potato from Venus - is charged with figuring this thing out (ideas, conversations, paperwork, daily actions). Mercury will start with the big-picture and then as she moves back into Scorpio - ironing out the intimate details, looking at the stuff that is under the hood, scrutinizing the numbers - then reversing course and moving over this stuff for a third and final time.

A retrograde Mercury brings the usual re-minders. We are doing the "re's" - re-thinking, re-doing, re-viewing, re-kindling, re-inventing, re-visiting whatever is happening in our Sagittarius/Scorpio houses. Collectively - our beliefs, the big picture, Sag themes like travel, higher education, weddings, politics, legal issues, the media, publishing, foreigners, everything outside your comfort zone, exploration, your beliefs and higher thinking and Scorpio themes such as other people's resources, other people's values, intimacy, other people's money, spouse's income, loans, debts, taxes, inheritance, sex, reproduction, life/death.

All of this pulls us into mid-December and right around the time Venus starts covering brand new territory.

For now, know that Mercury is going to square Neptune at the very start of her/his retrograde at the end of this week. This speaks of the possibility of a lie, an illusion, a delusion - and by this time we have Mars, the Moon and Neptune all in Pisces! Our rose colored glasses will be wearing rose colored glasses. And Mercury, retrograde in Sag is answering to Jupiter strong in his home sign - so everything will feel big and IMPORTANT.

And maybe it is, but maybe it isn't and either way -

the truth/facts will be hard to come by - whether our future is so bright it hurts our eyes or we are seeing the lights from the oncoming train, is hard to say - just know we will be going back over this stuff for a few weeks. 

We don't know what we don't know yet, but we will know later. Keep moving, Keep allowing. By mid-week, stop pushing so hard - life has your back. When it's over it's ready to begin. Trust this.

I will write more as we move through the week.

xo all

back up your files!

Jupiter into Sagittarius | galloping into our future, starting from an older wiser position, growing younger, shaping the energies for the quest ahead, the ducks start lining up, the dangers of too much too soon, that new door to the left where'd that door come from?

..... by Frozen-photo

At 7:38AM EST Jupiter glides up from the depths of Scorpio and soars into the clear blue skies of Sagittarius. The energy is rising within us. It can be disconcerting and toss us off balance. But it will feel good, too.

We are not the same people we were in October 2017 when Jupiter plunged off the high board into our subconscious - looking under the covers, into our past, behind closed doors, at our bank balances, in between the sofa cushions.

Every journey through Scorpio is a journey of death and rebirth.

After any Scorpio cycle there is a part of us that is NEW. We have transformed. We have explored the depths for the last year and now we are just wanting fresh air, new adventures ... and freedom. 

Sagittarius is a fun-loving sign (ruled by Jupiter and ruler of our collective 9th house) - Sag rules travel, freedom, adventure, foreigners and what is foreign to us, immigration, legal issues, the judicial system, higher education, politics, the media, good luck, faith, religion, the church, weddings, optimism, truth seekers, boldly going where no man has gone before, the quest  -

it also rules carelessness, taking shortcuts, thinking we are right, making assumptions, throwing pink paint on problems and hoping they will go away, overconfidence, impatience and superficial bullshit.

Many of these themes will expand in the collective consciousness throughout the next year. There is likely to be some big news event with these themes over the next few days.

Sagittarius is a fire sign like Aries and Leo.

Fire signs like action - their reasons for taking action are different though. Aries energy wants to climb the mountain, first because it's there and second because there is a competition going to see who can get there first.

Leo energy wants to climb the mountain because they have heard there is a film crew waiting at the summit :)

Sagittarius energy wants to climb the mountain to see what the hell it feels like to climb a mountain and how it feels to reach the top. They want the adventure; they want the quest.

(they could be unprepared and throw their back out 100 yards from the summit, too, then they will turn their convalescence into a party for the sherpas and make THAT the adventure)

Some part of our life can surely use a little adventure. The real gift of Sagittarius is the freedom to be who we really are - how are we going to use this gift?

Just keep in mind this is a year long transit (although with a powerful kick-off that many people could be already feeling) and we are only in the first few hours.

Our view broadens now.

Why didn't I see that thing/idea/solution/twenty dollar bill in my coat pocket before?

Overall this will be a wonderful transit of expansion - Jupiter, the Santa Claus of the zodiac, fat and happy in his home sign - and he hasn't been home in 12 years!

(what was happening in your life twelve years ago? how far have you come? in multiple ways through multiple aspects we are all going home now, too)

We will talk about this alot as we move through it.

Of course, I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't remind everyone that Jupiter - the kids should leave the room for this part - like Santa Claus, is entirely made up of hot air. 

It's why we overspend/overeat/over-everything during Sagittarius season.

It's why no matter how thoughtfully we have created that holiday wish list - and yes, I can see your totally adorable swirly thingamajigs, smiley faces and those hearts dotting your i's - we don't always get exactly what we want.

Santa doesn't always deliver.

(Saturn does though and he is home in Capricorn, so will help us ground this thing in something real and practical and tangible AND he will make us work for it)

With Jupiter things can look better than they actually are.

We could fly too high too fast.

Issues could seem bigger than they actually are now, too. Or maybe we are just expecting too much. Problems and delays may cut into our plans - remember Venus is still retrograde and about to pass that baton to Mercury for HIS retrograde IN SAGITTARIUS and SCORPIO (!), so maybe the plans were just too BIG to begin with? Things don't have to be all or nothing. It could feel like it though.

Keep in mind Vesta's seat at the table with Pluto in today's chart, so whatever we are doing - if it isn't something we can devote ourselves to - we are going to need to get up at night and keep the fires burning and if it isn't worth losing sleep over and adding a few gray hairs - if it isn't worth all of that, we are going to need to make an adjustment.  

Our time/resources are valuable. Treat them as such.

We are probably going to be back and forth for a few more weeks - we want this, no we want that or we just don't know what the hell we do want.

That's OK. That's what retrogrades are for!

xo all

If you didn't get those New Moon intentions set yesterday - fear not! After the Moon moves into Sagittarius this afternoon (the Moon is void until 1:59PM EST so not before then) she will conjunct Jupiter - Sag's ruler and the Moon will be waxing (growing) making today/tomorrow an excellent time also!

This is a powerful manifestation portal so set specific affirmations only if you are certain. You don't want to get what you want and then take a good look at it in the bright light of day and say, "what the hell was I thinking?".

I like to set mine with a trust that life has my back. Because life does.

Maybe try some of these:

1. I use the power of my thinking to inspire and delight my soul
2. I am always at the right place at the right time doing the right things
3. I let go and let God
4. The universe protects and inspires my strong and healthy foundation.
5. God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.
6. I spread my roots far and wide. I welcome the fruits of my labor and the sweet gifts of life.
7. Wealth. Success. I am a money magnet.
8. I am healthy. I am happy. I am grateful.

New Moon in Scorpio | using our power for good, how devoted are we, transformation, deep waters, restoration, huge portal for change, manifestation, what have we learned in the past year? what have we lost?

On Wednesday, November 7th at 11:02AM EST the Scorpio Moon meets the Scorpio Sun at 15 degrees giving us our annual New Moon in Scorpio.

The Moon is trine dreamy and imaginative Neptune (in Pisces) and sextile - opportunity! - the Scorpio Moon's ruler Pluto.

At the same time we have Jupiter trining the North Node (newly minted in Cancer) while both are trining Chiron and Pluto sitting with Vesta (in Capricorn).

Scorpio New Moon's are powerful portals for change and this one comes as we close out - Jupiter leaves Scorpio tomorrow - Jupiter's year long slog through Scorpio's deep waters (#metoo). What have we learned? What have we lost?

The New Moon's trine (brakes off) to Neptune is powerful energy for healing and creativity.

Whatever is birthed now - like one of those underwater births where the baby just slides out (or at least this is how I picture it in my head!) should glide right into place.

Keep in mind this is Scorpio (power/control) we are talking about so you want to be sure you know what you are doing with this energy! Nothing in Scorpio is without some risk and that trine to Neptune could also allow a fast descent. Boundaries dissolve.

The trines to Chiron suggest the potential for deep healing.

Pluto - the ruler of Scorpio and so the ruler of the New Moon - is sitting with devotional Vesta suggesting the power of this New Moon lies in our ability to devote ourselves - time/attention/resources - to what we are creating. It - whatever it is - a project, commitment, whatever we are taking on now -  will need to be honored.

We will have to be vigilant to keep the fire from burning out! We need to be sure it has worth because much is being asked of us to make it work. And of course Pluto is in Capricorn and answering to sober Saturn.

If it is worth it and we work it - this is the energy to move mountains.

With the North Node's move into lunar-ruled Cancer - we are surely going to be feeling everything more intensely for the next year. Here is the starting line.

A couple examples :

EXAMPLE for Virgo/Virgo Rising - this New Moon is happening in your 3rd house of communication, information, ideas, writing, siblings, transportation or your local neighborhood, so something here is BEGINNING/new. The trine to Neptune speaks of a smooth flow with your 7th house - partners/partnerships. This is powerful energy for life-changing conversations, contracts, communications - just keep in mind what is being asked of you in terms of commitment/devotion.

EXAMPLE for Aquarius/Aquarius Rising - this New Moon is happening in your 10th house of your career, your calling, your achievements, your achievement goals, dad, business, authority, responsibility, so something here is BEGINNING/new. The trine to Neptune speaks of a smooth flow with your 2nd house of your money, your values, your resources and self-esteem. Keep in mind this is a trine so things will not have to be forced, but will fall together. This is a kind of do what you love and the money will follow aspect. Again just keep in mind what is being asked of you in terms of commitment/devotion.

For everyone - the Scorpio New Moon is an uber POWERFUL portal for manifesting. This one is especially potent for attracting "rewards" based on what we have devoted ourselves to in the past and for those "rewards" to become the bedrock of whatever we are building now. If the thing sitting in front of us is not something we are wanting to continue to dedicate ourselves to (more ashes than rewards!) - THIS is a powerful time for a shift toward something more authentic.

The ladies in Libra at the top of the chart - and remember Venus is still retrograde so going to walk this eclipse degree AGAIN and opposing Uranus - make me think we need to be building something balanced, something attractive, something that creates win-wins, something nurturing that takes into consideration the seasonality of its timing (Ceres) - with Pallas there, something smart and strategic.

Scorpio is uber powerful, so be prepared to commit to what you start now.  Actually commit as if your life depends on it ... maybe it does.

We either do whatever it is we are doing 110% or we don't do it at all. There is no middle ground with a Scorpio New Moon.

And know that sometimes not doing it at all - especially with a trine to Neptune, the planet that rules endings - just letting it go (the idea, the plan, the thing that we used to be devoted to but just aren't anymore) is ok, too. 

It allows a creative void for the energy to fill. It may take some time for life to get us lined up with something else. And that is OK. Saturn is in Capricorn. Time is on our side. If it's not your jam anymore it's not your jam anymore.

You may have to release your place in line, so you can go get into the right line!

This is an important month to set New Moon intentions.

Scorpio is very powerful and this is the energy that rules our secrets. If we don't set this stuff consciously - our unconscious will attract what we already line up with - and this may be a good thing - especially if we have allowed Jupiter to do its job this past year, but could depend on what we have stuffed in there - we don't know what we don't know!

I vote for conscious intention setting now - we just have to be clear on what we want/need or really we have to be clear on what we want/need to FEEL. Because we are very likely to get it.

Set your intentions around that.

AFFIRMATION TIPS: get into a positive frame of mind - always make affirmations from a positive place (positive meaning both happy and certain) - write your affirmations down by hand in script, speak them out loud - then release your attention from them knowing that your intention is known.

Know these things are already yours.


Uranus backs into Aries, Sun trines Neptune, Uranus squares the Nodes | tossed off the fence, kicked onto a NEW path, is this a blue wave or are we drowning

Drowning by madelaines

I sat bolt upright in bed last night

(watching the Julia Roberts mini-series, WTH, can't decide if the Hitchcockian music and that oddball Colin character are great movie-making or what is making my head hurt)

and realized when Uranus backs into Aries today he will be in mutual reception with Mars. Meaning that Uranus will be in Aries, while Mars, ruler of Aries is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus - making both planets STRONGER.

So, that makes the real question - IS Trump Uranus anymore (his natal Uranus conjunct his Sun and North Node) - in which case he will be strengthened today, in some "disruptive, rebellious" way or is it impossible to BE Uranus when you are President of the United States and now part of the patriarchy

(ie Saturnian? and remember in Greek myth Saturn castrated his father Uranus just as our freedom to be/do anything - Uranus - has certain limits - Saturn).

My head hurts just thinking about this.

Although that could be my head cold ...

(or Julia Roberts).

I wrote about TUESDAY'S energy HERE, but let's see if we can add anything if we look again.

The voting today kicks off with a Void Moon - having gone into a short Void off a conjunction with Venus this morning

(women/the feminine playing a powerful role today and the results of the voting itself indicating that "nothing comes of it" - now we had a Void Moon in 2016 when "nothing came of it" for Hillary, despite having millions more votes, and we had a Void Moon in 2012 when "nothing came of it" for Obama, as Trump has been busy dismantling his entire second term).

In some sense nothing comes of this one either. (?)

The Balsamic Moon moves into dark Scorpio at 8:30AM EST, immediately moving into a opposition with Uranus (still in Taurus at this time). This is uncomfortable, confrontational - change and unexpected situations coming at us from the outside.

We are releasing as we move toward tomorrow's Scorpio New Moon. Let things go.

By 1PM EST, Uranus is squaring the Nodes of Fate in Leo/Aquarius (the king/the people). The Nodes move into Cancer/Capricorn (the mother/the patriarchy) 10 minutes later! Then Uranus moves back into Aries (1:59PM EST) and immediately begins squaring the Nodes of Fate AGAIN- now in Cancer/Capricorn. And at this point he is in mutual reception with, and strengthened by, Mars (exhausted I'm sure from his long journey through Aquarius, but still MARS nonetheless). And Uranus is now opposing Venus (women) and the other ladies (Ceres, Pallas) in Libra!

We can't make this stuff up.

Uranus squaring the Nodes (from two different positions within the same hour and during the United States mid-terms, wth!) adds firepower (and the hands of fate) to whatever is happening now - both in the collective and in our own lives.

It looks like a crossroads - and a chaotic, disruptive 'crisis' that kicks us onto a NEW path.

At the same time, the Sun (in watery Scorpio) is trining Neptune (in watery Pisces).

When trines are formed "the brakes are off" the energies of the planets connected - in this case the Sun and Neptune - there is nothing stopping the energies. This can be a good thing - we are trying to get somewhere and an obstacle is smoothly removed from our path and we can keep going or not such a good thing if that obstacle was the only thing standing between us and the side of a cliff.

Mostly a Scorpio/Pisces trine would be about intimacy and connection. The dissolving of any boundaries. We are IMMERSED.

Is this sounding like a blue wave or like we are drowning?

This is where the "free will" part comes in ....

xo all

Astrology Forecast for Creatives | Week of November 5th - the most activity of any week this year, transitions, more fate-train station stops, MEGA-IMPORTANT week, decisions, pivots, getting more flies with honey than vinegar (if we want more flies), Part l

Tattoo by Pr3t3nd3r

November is going to be a very busy month with lots of important shifts and transitions as major planetary players change signs!

The fate train reaches another station this week in what lines up to be the most important week of the year.

SUNDAY - Pallas enters Libra
MONDAY - Venus conjuncts Ceres
TUESDAY - Uranus retrogrades back into Aries, Sun trines Neptune, the North Node retrogrades from Leo into CANCER and the South Node from Aquarius into CAPRICORN
WEDNESDAY - New Moon at 15 degrees Scorpio
THURSDAY - Jupiter comes home to Sagittarius (first time in 12 years!)
FRIDAY - Jupiter trines the North and South Nodes (Cancer/Capricorn), Venus trines Mars

We are off! I have to write this post in two parts - let's unpack the energies leading up to the New Moon first. 

We start the week with a focus on our relationships. 

On SUNDAY, Pallas (warrior Goddess, strategy, tactics, problem solving) moves into diplomatic and balanced (although indecisive!) Libra - the sign Venus rules and recently backed into, and also home to Ceres right now.

Our interactions with other people/our relationships will benefit by applying the strategy of civility - we cooperate, we develop win-wins. In negotiations - it's time to listen. We'll want to make the other person feel that we are connecting with them. Kindness and politeness become tactics now. Contracts need to be fair.

Think about the difference between saying to someone, when you agree with them - "that's right" vs. "you're right". The second invites connection. This is what we want now. Note - this doesn't mean agreeing when we disagree, that pink-paint Libra likes to pour over problems, but it does mean seeking common ground if there is any!

As our relationship interactions/alliances/dealings with enemies (Libra rules our collective 7th house) become more strategic, the stuff that isn't working for us - the patterns that need to shift - will become more obvious and we will have to deal with them (Pallas is going to move through Libra three times!)

Pallas is going to get to the very end of Libra in mid-to-late February and then turn retrograde and reverse course, so these "relationship patterns/tactics" are something we are going to be back and forth over until August 26, 2019 when she moves on to Scorpio.

On MONDAY, the Moon (in Libra) squares Pluto (in Capricorn) and trines Mars. This is another week that kicks off with stressful Scorpio tension - life/death, taxes, banking, big money, other people's resources/money, loans, inheritances, insurance, sex, reproduction, intimacy, secrets, third party situations, power plays/struggles, obsessions, control, jealousy, manipulations, karmic situations. With the Moon in Libra this will be about relationships and other people. The trine to Mars tells us we are taking action to get what we want.

Venus retrograding through her home sign of Libra, bumps into Ceres, so issues around what and how we are "nurturing" are likely. Do we give too much? Do we give too little? In Libra, balance is the goal now.

We could also be dealing with situations that deal with the 'seasons of our life' - the proper timing of things. 

With Pallas, newly housed in Libra for a long stay, and trining the South Node (still in Aquarius for one more day -!- an Aquarian theme is likely - detachment, distraction, the ways we or someone else didn't show up fully, the ways someone didn't fit in) whatever we are dealing with has its roots in the past.

Trines are "brakes off" aspects. the energies work together smoothly - sometimes so smoothly we don't even notice. So, you won't have to push with this one. Employ a Libran strategy (Pallas in Libra) - we will probably do this naturally - try kindness, civility, diplomacy.

Develop something fair.

Tonight the Sun (in Scorpio) is trining Neptune (in Pisces).

This is 'brakes off' with the dream/healing as long as we are not in total lala-land with whatever we are dealing with. All this water will make whatever is happening now uber EMOTIONAL. Again we won't have to push with this - something just slides into place. Meditation/prayer for clarity is powerful now.

This is powerfully in play on Tuesday also.


Uranus (sudden change, chaos, disruption) retrogrades out of Taurus (our Taurus house that starting shaking back in May will temporarily stabilize!) and back into Aries for his final few months after which Uranus will not be back in Aries for 84 years.

We can expect the unexpected when Uranus changes signs - and today is the mid-term elections in the United States!

Our Aries house - some situation in our life - lulled into an uneasy slumber since May, is awake again. Keep in mind we have been here before so these won't be totally new issues. New situations could be triggered though. We have four months to finish the stuff we have been dealing with since Uranus first went into Aries in 2010. One way or another it's done for 84 years when Uranus gets back into Taurus again in March.

With Uranus in Aries issues around - initiative, fresh starts, our brand, anger management, what we are willing to do to get what we want, independence - are likely to play out. Uranus comes in like a lightning bolt and shakes things up.

Now with three planetary bodies (I am including Pallas and Ceres) in Libra and erratic Uranus now shaking up the masculine (Aries/Mars) and his exit stabilizing the feminine (Taurus/Venus) AND the North Node (collective way forward) moving into lunar-ruled Cancer - our collective feminine energy is setting up for a resurgence when Venus turns direct in a few days.

Uranus is going to continue to square the Nodes of Fate - they change signs on the same day, so they squared from Taurus to Leo/Aquarius and now will square from Aries to Cancer/Capricorn!

The Nodes of the Moon (always retrograding backward) move from Leo/Aquarius to Cancer/Capricorn TODAY. The Capricorn stuff that isn't working is ripe for release. Cancer is our way forward.

We are trying to start something new - the Nodes are moving into cardinal signs, so what are we starting? - but there is still something that needs to break loose/breakthrough/breakup - that square to future-oriented Uranus - before we can get going!

The South Node in Capricorn speaks of breaking away from a boundary, a limit, something that appears to stabilize us, an actual physical structure, the way we have always done it, the things we do in the outer world to stay safe, the way we move through our career/public life, a commitment, a responsibility, a rule, GUILT, the patriarchy (?) - we will talk about this more as we move through it.

The good news for everyone tired of reading - "follow your heart, take your center stage, make yourself proud, take care of the children/your inner child" - I won't be saying that anymore - at least not until the planets start moving through Leo next year!

If you have been reading my blog long enough you might remember when I was writing about - finding our flock (North Node Libra), doing the thing that is right in front of us, taking care of the details (North Node Virgo), following our heart, taking the center stage (North Node Leo) -

now with the North Node moving into sensitive Cancer (ruler of mothers, mothering, babies, home, family, real estate, home businesses) for the next 18 months we will be talking about being more sensitive, more vulnerable, "moving home", mother/mothering issues - our mother's body was our first "home", the home we carry within us, patriotism, history, the security that comes from inside us, needing/creating a space to feel safe.

This is a year and a half journey and we are only at the very first step! But what energetics in play for the mid-terms, huh?! Anyone who doubts astrology need only look up and then out at what is happening in the world.

So Tuesday features surprises and also opportunities.

On WEDNESDAY the Scorpio Moon meets the Scorpio Sun at 15 degrees (right on my ascendant) giving us our annual New Moon in Scorpio.

This one is mega-powerful - maybe the most powerful New Moon of the year. 

I will write a post tomorrow.

Scorpian energy is extremely effective at lining us up with what we are wanting to line up with - so you MUST set your monthly New Moon intentions this week. This needs to be a conscious thing.

With Pluto ruling this New Moon some things will be outside our control, but it won't be a good idea to let our course be determined by our random thoughts and desires. We need to get real with this because life really can make it real for us. And with Saturn in Capricorn whatever we take on now - we have signed on the dotted line - we own it.

Then, after the New Moon and exactly with his own perfect timing - Jupiter makes his move - the one we have all been waiting for - on Thursday coming home to Sagittarius and then trines the Nodes of Fate on Friday!

This week is HUGE. Underline that a few times.

Whatever you are dealing with now is important. Treat it as such.

Back tomorrow!

xo all