Jupiter conjunct the Sun, Mars square Mercury | that "luckiest" day of the year thing and this is how we get lucky

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This is another important week.

If you have big things happening in your life, this is why. If you have big dreams and nothing appears to be happening with them (it only looks this way), this is why.

We'll talk about the story that is playing out and do some dailies this week.

SATURDAY - Neptune stations direct
MONDAY - Sun conjuncts Jupiter, Mercury squares Mars
TUESDAY - Sun conjuncts Mercury (retrograde), Mercury conjuncts Jupiter, Mars sextiles Saturn
FRIDAY - Venus opposes Uranus
SATURDAY - Mercury retrogrades back into Scorpio, Venus squares North and South Nodes
MONDAY - Venus re-enters Scorpio (this time direct), Sun squares Mars

First, let's back up a couple days.

On Saturday, Neptune stationed direct at 13 degrees Pisces. He is strong and still this week. Remember that finger through a candle flame analogy - planets are strong at station.

Neptune went retrograde back on June 18th and has reworked 16-13 degrees of the sign he rules. He now moves forward for the final time over these degrees (in our lifetimes). A dream/mirage could dissolve now. The rose colored glasses come off. Wet weather, porous boundaries, the need for extra sleep, leaky everything. Neptune rules the 12th and final house - what we do last and the "end of the day" - situations/people "hanging on by a thread" might leave/end/finalize now. If you love someone working a recovery program check in with them - our boundaries are thin now - CONNECT.

The good news is whatever Neptune has been fogging up will start to clear up in the days ahead.

The other good news with Mars in Pisces until the end of the year and answering to imaginative and spiritual, but often foggy, escapist and 'sleepy' Neptune, Mars, as us, (our action, initiative, passion) is aided by a newly direct Neptune.

Mars is making his way to Neptune - he will get there on December 7th (at 13 degrees - yes, Neptune will still be at 13 degrees and Mars will have covered 8 degrees - we are starting to catch up with our dream!) this is just one day after Mercury will station direct.

There is divine perfect timing/fate at play as we make our way forward. This stuff can't be rushed - remember no pushing, but no totally avoiding either! 

We are working on faith here. 

No big moves just yet, but take the logical, grounded action that is required. Yes, we will need extra rest with Mars in Pisces, but we can't ONLY rest. God/the universe has our back, but we won't get very far if we don't also move our legs!  

TODAY is a big energetic. We have Jupiter meeting the Sun at 3 degrees Sagittarius. Jupiter kicks off a new 12 year story AND we get a glimpse at what the next year's transit of Jupiter through Sagittarius (the first chapter) will be about for us.

Now we have time (Saturn) on our side AND we have luck (Jupiter) on our side. That powerful Neptune warns about blind faith, illusion and drifting into la-la land. This much Sagittarius warns about too much of anything. Yes, even those delicious toffee almond milk hot chocolates.

Today's Jupiter/Sun conjunction - that "luckiest day of the year" thing (according to astrologer Susan Miller and others) is a time for optimism and enthusiasm.

The caveat here, is, we also have Mercury (ideas, information, our thinking, communication, sibling issues, transportation) in big-picture Sagittarius - the space of the skies Jupiter and the Sun are meeting up - squaring Mars (our action, initiative, anger) - in that space of the skies Neptune is so strong right now.

And Mercury is retrograde and walking degrees he/she is going to be walking again in December. So, things are still in influx. Our attention could be scattered and we want our attention on that Sun/Jupiter - enthusiasm/optimism - something bold and new. But Mercury is reminding us of something old that needs re-looking, re-viewing, re-working first.

These squares to Mars are tension/frustration, yes, but they also bring us into contact with divine intervention now!

It's not the time to push - especially our ideas/beliefs on other people! With Mars in Neptune we have to go with the flow. We have to have faith and trust that things are falling together even if it looks like they are falling apart.

God/the Universe is moving mountains to get things to line up for all of us. There is divine timing here. Stuff is being shuffled around behind the scenes. She/he has got this thing. Relax. Take a breath.

It's time to read the writing on the wall (and the contract). Pay attention to what grabs your attention and think about what you are thinking about.

MONDAY and TUESDAY are very Mercurial days.

So we will be busy. There will be lots of information coming in. We might be letting go of things - good time to clean things out and you will likely have the urge for greater organization. It's a good time for commerce, for conversations, for writing, for caring for pets, for dealing with work and co-workers. We may be dealing with general Sag themes (or the theme of our natal Sag house could be crazy-active) - legal issues, foreign issues, a foreign person, travel, higher education, media, marketing, wedding, religion, our big-picture beliefs, taking something to a higher level/to the next step. With Pisces all lit up since the weekend issues around healing, addiction, water, wet weather, our imagination, art, hospitals, spirit, stuff from the past, things done behind our back or behind the scenes, secrets, our sabotaging habits, endings - could be in play. The Moon is in home and family oriented Cancer so toss a home/family/home business/real estate situation into the mix.

There is the potential for alot to be going on!

Tuesday is the better day for dealing with authority/a power play situation. With that beautiful sextile between Mars and Saturn - something very opportunistic and long-lasting can get firmed up then. Just keep in mind there are bigger hands on the wheel now AND you still need your feet on the gas.

We'll talk about this tomorrow. I have to go and make the donuts.

For today, for this week, keep your eyes and ears open. TRUST that you are on the right path and you will know what to do when the time is right. No pushing.

Don't be an idiot and stand in front of a moving train, praying for the train to stop.

Follow your intuition. This is how we get lucky now. That is your official play book.

"Hmm, I am thirsty and there is a coffee shop", she thinks to herself as she steps off the tracks, that were so overgrown with weeds she hadn't noticed them - and although she is oblivious, since she is in the Starbucks line ordering a delicious toffee almond milk hot chocolate - the train rumbles past her, leaving her head securely attached to her neck, her arms and legs in their proper places.

Unlike that missionary fellow, who although well-meaning, headed into indigenous tribal territory to "push" his beliefs on other people. The story doesn't end so well for him. Or them probably. Since they pushed back.

Don't push. Trust life. Venus is heading toward her final opposition with Uranus, so there are unexpected events coming. There is magic afoot people. Stay optimistic ... but not stupid.

xo all

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